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Thu, Jun 26th - 5:49AM

Diocese of Ottawa

Christ Church Cathedral, Ottawa, Ontario

Diocese of Ottawa LogoChrist Church Cathedral, Ottawa, Ontario
The Anglican Diocese of Ottawa, straddles the Ottawa River and includes the eastern counties of Ontario and the western counties of Quebec and consists of 142 congregations organized as 84 parishes.

It was formed in 1896 when the Diocese of Ontario was divided in two. Bishop Charles Hamilton, second Bishop of Niagara, was elected its first Bishop. The Rev'd Canon Dr. John Chapman was consecrated the current Bishop of Ottawa in Christ Church Cathedral on Ascension Day, May 17, 2007.
Anglican Cathedral, Ottawa, Ontario
The first Christ Church in what was then known as Bytown was completed in 1833. The land had been donated by Nicholas Sparks the previous year. Sparks had purchased 200 acres on the Ontario side of the Ottawa River in 1823 that covered much of what is today downtown Ottawa and also donated the land for St. Andrew's Presbyterian.

The present Christ Church built 1872-3 replaced the original building. Easter Day, 1897, it was formally announced that Christ Church would become the Cathedral of the new Diocese. Christ Church took on its present appearance in 1932 when the old chancel was demolished and the present expanded chancel was built that extended the building to the street line.

A number of state funerals have been held here, including those of governor general Vincent Massey, prime minister John Diefenbaker, and prime minister Lester B. Pearson.

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Sat, Jun 21st - 7:18AM

St John the Evangelist Church, Ottawa, Ontario
St John the Evangelist Anglican, Ottawa, Ontario
St John's traces its history back to 1861 when a chapel for Anglican soldiers stationed in Bytown was built as a mission of Christ Church. In 1871, Bishop John Lewis wished to establish it as the pro-cathedral of the Diocese of Ontario and it became known as The Bishop's Chapel. In 1874, the Parish Church of St John the Evangelist was consecrated and people continued to worship there until January 12, 1912, when fire destroyed the building.

The present building was completed and consecrated as Grace Church in March 1891. When fire destroyed St John's, the congregations of Grace Church and St John's merged, and on November 3, 1913, a new parish of St John the Evangelist was constituted.

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Tue, Jun 17th - 4:13PM

St. Alban's Anglican, Ottawa, Ontario
St Margaret and the Serpent, Ottawa, Ontario
St Alban's Anglican is Ottawa's oldest surviving church building. Construction of the church began in 1867 and it was completed in 1877. The church was attended by many of Canada's early political leaders, including Sir John A. Macdonald.

Shown is a window in the church of the apocryphal St Margaret of Antioch and the dragon. St Margaret was martyred in 305 A.D. when she refused to renounce her faith to marry. The church is named after St Alban who was the first English Martyr also killed around 305 A.D.

On 16 February 2008, parishioners of St. Alban the Martyr voted overwhelmingly in favour of leaving the Diocese of Ottawa over the issues of same-sex marriage and gay clergy. 74 voted for the decision, 1 opposed and 1 abstained. The congregation will remain a part of the Anglican Communion but will align with the Anglican Network in Canada.

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Tue, Jun 10th - 4:28PM

Christ Church, Burritts Rapids, Ontario
Christ Church, Burritts Rapids, Ontario
Christ Church, Burritts Rapids was begun in 1831 and completed the following year. The Gothic Revival style of this frame church was customarily used in churches of that period. The Anglican congregation had been formed about 1822. It was ministered to by the Rev. Robert Blakey, Rector of Prescott, until 1829 when the Rev. Henry Patton was appointed missionary to the region. Under his guidance plans were made to erect a house of worship. In 1830 David Burritt donated land for a church and a burying ground at the rapids bearing his name. In 1834 the church was consecrated as Christ Church by the Rt. Rev. Charles James Stewart, Bishop of Quebec.

With Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Merrickville it makes up the Parish of Merrickville. The first Holy Trinity was also built under the guidance of Rev. Henry Patton although that building was replaced by a larger one in 1908.

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Tue, Jun 3rd - 4:34PM

St James the Apostle, Perth, Ontario
St James Anglican, Perth, Ontario
Perth, Ontario's first Anglican church was built on this site in 1822. The sandstone replacement was first designed by William Thomas of Toronto in 1856 and built to his plans up to the window arches; at that point, around 1860, his design was completed by the architects of Parliament's Centre Block, Thomas Fuller and Chilion Jones. A tunnel connected the church with the Court House. The tower and spire of stone, copper and wood were completed in 1888.
St Augustine, Canterbury, Ontario
St James seats 400 people and at present the congregation has about 300 families.

The other church in the parish is St Augustine's 7km north-east of Perth in Canterbury. The rural church was established in 1898. Today, about 30 attend the twice a month services.

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