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Fri, Jun 29th - 11:13AM

Updates: Kama Sutra, Courtship and Sex
Maybe its the summer months but we've gone a bit sex crazy recently.

We've added an exciting new sex section about Kama Sutra in an effort to make the best Kama Sutra site ever. It includes advice on courtship and marriage, as well as wives, courtesans and how to attract a mate. Kama Sutra wasn't just about "sexual positions", although the book does touch on that topic. Its more about love, courtship and maintaining a healthy sexual/romantic relationship.

If erotica is more your thing check out our sites on the History of Lovers in Art, 20th Century Nudes in Art, Erotic Art of Japan and Erotic Art of Europe. We've also built a Kama Sutra Art Gallery.

Meanwhile in the world prostitution and sex slavery (Sex + Money  = Slavery) has become a major problem in Thailand, Australia and other parts of South East Asia. AIDS in those regions have gone up due to lack of condom use and human rights violations are rampant. There will always be a downside to sex, just because of its nature as one of mankind's gluttonous ways. Its up to people to be responsible and explore a safe and healthy sex life.

Happy Loving.

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Wed, Jun 27th - 12:22PM

Updates: Art History
We've been hard at work adding artists of different nationalities. We find that in North America people tend to emphasize American/European artists too much. Therefore we're buiding biographies on artists from around the world that deserve more attention.

Check out A. Andrew Gonzalez, Abdul Qadir Al Rassam, Antoine Wiertz, Iba N'Diaye, Lawren Harris.

Much of our focus will be on African, Asian and Arabic artists.

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Tue, Jun 26th - 9:18AM

Updates: Topless Women
Not what you think it is.

Summer is here again and liberated women are stretching their wings of freedom and baring their breasts under that hot global warming sun. "Topfreedom" is a fundamental right of all women that all women deserve.

Religious fanatics don't really like it, but the United States government has relaxed on the issue of toplessness and is more worried about the Iraq war effort. Laws against toplessness are essentially laws against being a woman.

Meanwhile in Canada women are going topless at hockey games, topless at the Canadian Tire store,

The reason some women use the word "Topfree" is because the word topless is usually reserved for strippers. Topfree, its the way you want to be when its way too hot outside.

Lest we forget topfreedom is an important right also for breastfeeding women and prudes should just mind their own business instead of being rude about it. Breasts are not sex objects, their just areas which are centres of arousal. Think for yourself. Don't let prudes tell you what you can and cannot do with your breasts. Children don't care whether you bare your breasts.

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Mon, Jun 4th - 5:43PM

Updates: Fashion
Its wedding season again. Time to check out the latest in bridal fashion.


Also check out our history of bras, a quick look at eating disorders and how to avoid them, and an indepth look at fur in the fashion industry.

Plus check out our biographies on some of the hottest fashion models: Tyson Beckford, Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks.

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Mon, Jun 4th - 4:03PM

Where is Webring going?
We've been tracking Webring's progress over the past year and we've noticed a significant decline on (a website that measures internet popularity).

Webring's reach has been cut in half since June 2006, the rank has lost 4000 points and overall pageviews has dropped to one third of what it was a year ago.

So what happened? I think its the money. The biggest drop occurred after Webring started pushing the mandatory pay-for-your-membership idea. People love stuff to be free, and when a company suddenly wants people to pay for it they leave in droves.

I presume however that our money is going to a good cause. We've been long-time supporting members of Webring, and operate some of the biggest/most popular Webrings available.

The real question is: In a 2.0 world can Webring compete with the likes of YouTube, Facebook and other social networking sites?

Time will tell.

As members since 1997 we will be supporting Webring until the bitter end.

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Mon, Jun 4th - 3:40PM

Updates: Freakshows
Japan invents Umbrella TVs while MIT is preparing to release its $100 laptop.

American boy shoots 1060 lb wild boar: Check out Hogzilla.

Loch Ness caught on video camera in Scotland.

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Sun, Jun 3rd - 8:41AM

Who We Are
The Lilith Gallery Network is a group of people who promote art, culture, feminism and a liberal approach to politics. Our founders are:

Charles Moffat, the curator of the Lilith Gallery and the Art History Archive.

Suzanne MacNevin, the editor of the Lilith eZine and Feminist eZine.

We also have numerous writers who write for the eZines from time to time, some focusing on specific topics such as Automotives, America, Canada, Entertainment, the Environment, Fashion, Gothic Culture, Health, Politics, Sex and Religion/Philosophy.

Over the years we've become very popular, so if you're interested on writing on one of these topics and want your message to be heard by others we recommend submitting some samples of your writing to us.

From time to time we will be using this blog to update people with new articles available.

Right now we'd like to recommend the following articles:

We rarely hear about Iraqi artists in North America. We're too focused on ourselves and the war in Iraq to pay any attention to whats happening in the art world. We've constructed a special site which looks at the biographies of four historical Iraqi artists.

Likewise we tend to overlook Asian and African artists, especially those from small countries. Recently we've been building biographies on historical artists few people have heard of. Check out contemporary artist Iba N'Diaye from Senegal.

Toyota has been making a fuss about their hybrid cars again, but this time its the owners that are making changes. Owners have been converting the hybrid cars into pure electrics.

The Canadian dollar keeps going up in value thanks to the booming Canadian economy. Its gone up roughly 50% in the last 3 years alone and is almost on par with the American dollar. How far up will it continue to grow?

For 75 years a series of books and short stories have chronicled the adventures of a barbarian with the brains to match (Arnold's version was dumbed down). Take a look at our review of Conan the Barbarian. That makes Conan older than the Lord of the Rings.

The Australian years long drought is getting worse. Vast parts of the country has already turned to desert and yet Australia's leaders are refusing to take climate change seriously.

Japanese women are becoming more curvy, bustier and aggressive in their clothing. Surely this is a sign that fashion in Asia is about to change dramatically? Check out Japanese Women Busting Out.

Are feminists funny? Check out all our great quotes at 1001 Feminist Quotes.

Charles Moffat is currently directing a documentary on zombies and zombie movies. What other zombie movies have been made in the past?

Explore 10 ways to exercise with your family, tone up those muscles and fight cancer in our Health eZine.

What is happening in Zimbabwe with Robert Mugabe? Will he be dictator for life?

Do old people have sex? Ewww yuck! Check out the Fountain of Youth as seniors are popping pills to get their groove on.

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