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Fri, Jul 29th - 10:24PM

Washington Out of State Car Purchase: 3 Points to Use to Your Advantage

Purchasing a car out of state is only a means to widen the currently available opportunities. The research and shopping around for models should of course be parallel to efforts you would take to purchase a car in your own state. However, navigating through different laws of different states can get tricky. Fortunately, for residents of Washington, there are only a few things to keep in mind before they make an out of state car purchase.

With over seven million people, Washington ranks as the thirteenth most populous state, among the 50 states of America. Also, being the 11th richest state in terms of income, sixty percent of Washington’s population resides in the metropolitan areas of Seattle. Therefore, having a heavy population and a large portion of that population earning comfortably, it is easy to run out of options when one goes to purchase a car within Washington.

When you are on the lookout for purchasing a car, it is always a good idea to branch out your search limit and cast a wider net by considering cars that are out of state. In the state of Washington, out of state car purchase is always beneficial option. Consider the following points that you can use to your advantage as you cross the Washington State boundaries and make an out of state car purchase.

Be Aware of the State Specific Certifications

California Air Resources Board

Different states have different safety requirements for approving a car purchase; while some of them might be stringent, others may be lenient. For instance, California Air Resources Board (CARB) took the initiative of reducing emissions of cars by adopting a few set standards. The ‘CARB States’ that follow these standards include California, Arizona, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington – to name a few. Therefore, having complete knowledge of the state specific certifications becomes a prerequisite for an out of state car purchase.

Check Registration Information

California Emissions Standards

Always make it a point to cross check with your auto dealership whether the car that you wish to purchase, can be legally registered in Washington. Some cars are designed to be used only in certain states, thereby, limiting their purchase. Only cars that are eligible to be sold in the 50 states of America and which have been certified by the Californian emissions standards can be registered in Washington. Asking your auto dealership in advance about the details of car registration can surely help you stay on the right side of the law.

Keep a Record of Sales Tax

Sales Tax on Cars in Washington

Even though it is an out of state car purchase, you will be entitled to pay the sales tax that is prevalent in your native state, since that is the state that the car is registered in. Washington requires you to pay 6.8 percentage of sales tax on the purchase of a car. Therefore, if you happen to buy a car from California, the sales tax of which is 7.5 percentage, you will still pay 6.8 percentage of sales tax that is prevalent in Washington. Additionally, you should maintain a copy of all the sales tax receipts that are paid to show the Title and Registration office, if required.

Purchasing your dream car is a personal and expensive decision. Settling for another car, simply because of the unavailability of your dream car is no more a limiting boundary. Widen your options beyond Washington and keep the above points in mind as you set out to make an out of state car purchase.

A Washington bad credit auto loan is a necessity for every bad credit car buyer of the state. If you have decided to buy a car out of Washington State, take help of The favorite online auto financing company will provide you with guaranteed auto loans in Seattle.

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Wed, Jul 27th - 11:45PM

Low Rate Auto Loans – It is a Bad Decision to only consider Monthly Payments

Buying a new car is never easy. A lot of information is required while searching for the best auto loan deals. Auto loans can be difficult to understand, but with a little homework, you can grab the best deal with low interest rates.

Do not be a Careless Car Buyer

When you enter the automobile market to buy a new car, you should look for auto lenders that provide quick approval, dedicated customer support and low interest rate. It is important to clarify your doubts before signing the loan contract. If you sign the loan contract without asking enough questions, you will have to accept whatever terms the lender offers to you.

Usually, car buyers look at the monthly payment amount and if it’s low, they sign the loan contract. They do not even take note of the loan terms, interest rates or the actual price of the car. Remember that if you behave like a careless car buyer, you will end up with a high interest rate on the auto loan.

Beware of Loan Sharks

A loan shark is always looking for a victim. Usually, loan sharks are unlicensed money lenders. They provide little or no paperwork to car buyers. They don’t even provide clarity to you about the interest rates on the auto loan.

On-Hand Advice for Finding Low Rate Auto Loans

Crucial Advice for obtaining Low Rate Auto Loans

1. Take your time to understand the different types of interest rates.

2. It’s important to know the monthly payments towards your car.

3. Calculate how much you're actually paying for the car.

4. Explore other auto loan deals.

5. Watch out for a loan shark. They may seem friendly at first, but borrowing from them is never a good idea.

6. Compare interest rates from other sources such as banks, credit unions and online auto financing companies.

7. Always know your credit score because a good credit score will fetch you a better interest rate.

8. Don’t sign up for a longer auto loan term. It is because you will end up paying more money towards interest.

9. Be aware of the add-ons such as chrome plating wheels, wheel locks, seat-warmers, etc. When you purchase add-ons from the dealer, it gets added in the auto loan amount which means you have to pay more interest in the long run.

When you apply for an auto loan, you must consider several factors carefully and then, make a decision. It is important know the monthly payments as well as the interest rates before signing the loan contract. Remember that if you are careless car buyer, you will not be able to get a low rate auto loan deal.

With, you can enjoy low rate auto loans and make car buying affordable. Do not worry if your credit score is not good. You can opt for guaranteed bad credit auto loans and buy the car of your choice today.

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Tue, Jul 5th - 10:00PM

Cosigner for your Auto Loan - Complete Interpretation of the Term to help you make a Wise Decision

Many a times while you are looking at your car loan contract, you may come across the term ‘cosigner’. A cosigner can be anyone. He/she can be someone from your family or your group of friends. Basically, a cosigner is someone who guarantees that if you cannot pay back the loan, they will be legally responsible to pay back the debt.

Key Requirements:

There are a few requirements which are essential if you plan to get a cosigner for your loan.

1. Mutual Consent

Mutual Consent and Willingness

The cosigner must be willing to sign the contract and pledge that he/she will pay the due amount as per the agreement, in case you are not able to make the payments. The guarantee is always taken in writing and the lender will not accept a verbal commitment.

2. Proof of an Income Source

Proof of Income

provide his pay-stubs. If he/she is self- employed, then income tax return slips will become necessary. In case of failing to provide the proof of an income source, the lender may disapprove your bad credit auto loan application.

3. Stability

Financial Stability

Sometimes, potential lenders may dig deep to cross check your cosigner’s stability. They might want to check the cosigner’s reputation in the community along with his/her work tenure with the employer. They consider the cosigner as a part of your ‘team’ while approving the loan.

The Risk Factor

Apart from the requirements, you must consider the following risks before involving a cosigner:

• The major risk is the risk of financial setback to the cosigner. By agreeing to lend you a helping hand, the cosigner risks lowering his/her own credit score.

• The lender will sue the cosigner if he/she fails to repay the loan. So, it is advisable to pay off the loan on your own and not depend entirely on the cosigner.

• A cosigner cannot shy away from his/her responsibility after signing the contract. Hence, he/she is liable for your auto loan. It might lead to disagreements between you and the cosigner.

In the end, it is a personal decision to opt for a cosigner. The agreement between you and your cosigner must be clear from the beginning. It will ensure that there is no scope for confusion in the future. Remember a mature car buyer will not make others liable for his/her expenses and make monthly payments responsibly.

Finding a cosigner and convincing him/her takes a lot of your time. Instead, you can opt for no cosigner auto loans with the help of Car Destination. The company will help you obtain bad credit no down payment car loans in no time.

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Fri, Jul 1st - 10:29PM

Guaranteed Approval on Auto Loans: Guaranteed Benefits for a Bad Credit Car Buyer

Guaranteed Auto Loan Approval with Bad Credit

The initial process of financing a car is ideally established. You approach your local car dealership, select your desired car and apply for the auto loan. However, in case of a car buyer with bad credit history, obtaining an auto loan might get difficult due to the absence of a co-signer, amongst other things. Despite a damaged credit history and significantly low credit score, a guaranteed approval on your auto loan can be an essential medium to get you closer to the car that you wish to buy.

A guaranteed approval on your auto loan ensures that there will be a fixed amount of money that you will receive for the car that you purchase. If you do not have a perfect credit history, a guaranteed approval on your auto loan should be the first thing on your mind. A guaranteed approval helps in the sense that even when you have bad credit, you can still get finance for your car; while at the same time determine the exact amount of approval. The approved figure can come in handy when you set out to look for cars in a dealership lot as you can estimate the car that fits your range. For those of you still contemplating whether a guaranteed approval on your auto loan can help your bad credit situation, here are a few benefits for you to consider.

• Instant Credit Approval

Instant Auto Loan Approval

The whole procedure of acquiring an auto loan can get cumbersome at times. The key advantage of a guaranteed approval on your auto loan is that the process becomes swift. In some cases, it may even take as short as one day to get your auto loan approved. That way, the next day you may have the funds required to make the purchase for your car. Therefore, a guaranteed approval on your auto loan can help you bargain a better deal as you have already received the cash to buy your car.

• Assistance in Advanced Planning

Planning for Future Investment

There are a number of auto lenders who provide various options to get you a car that falls under your budget. Once you have knowledge of the approved loan amount, you can know where you stand with your payments. If you want to make a future investment, you can know the exact amount that you will need to put aside for the auto loan and accordingly plan where to spend. Thus, a guaranteed approval on your auto loan will give you a heads up on your future spends and savings.

• Enhance your Credit Rating

Improve Cedit Rating

A guaranteed approval on an auto loan can be a great means of enhancing your credit rating, especially when you have suffered from a bad credit record, low credit rating or zero credit score. The ‘guaranteed’ in the guaranteed approval of an auto loan is an indicator of the fact that obtaining the loan is accessible to all, regardless of your current financial situation. Therefore, if you keep up with your regular payments for the auto loan, you can substantially improve your credit rating over a long period of time.

Stumbling upon bad credit and getting rejected for an auto loan can be avoided with the help of a guaranteed approval on your auto loan. A smooth and swift credit approval and improving your credit rating are few of the benefits that come along with a guaranteed approval auto loan. So next time you are refraining from entering a dealership because of bad credit history, get a guaranteed approval on your auto loan so that you can make your next car purchase a lot easier.

If you are looking for guaranteed approval on your auto loan, Car Destination can help you. The loan expert works with several reputed subprime auto lenders who will approve your loan application instantly. Apply now to obtain finance for your car.

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