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Fri, Jul 29th - 3:49AM

What is a Real Friend?
by Pastor Greg Baker

For most people having friends is having someone who likes them. And it is true, that a friend will certainly like you, but being popular-which is the goal of most people seeking friendship-is not the same as having a real friend.

If your goal is to be popular, be with the in crowd, be well known or well liked, most of your relationships will be shallow. They will come and go like a butterfly, flitting here and there without any real purpose or substance.

The need to be liked is very powerful. But it is often a shallow victory to be considered with the 'in crowd'. Seeking friendship for such a superficial reason will only end up breaking your heart or frustrating you to no end.

Real friendship is actually extremely rare. If I can be so bold to say, if you could have three real friends in your lifetime, you are a very fortunate person. The reason why true friendship is so rare is because of the depth of commitment necessary to be a true or real friend.

Friendship isn't a separate relationship. You don't have husband, wife, mom, dad, brothers, sisters, cousins, neighbors, co-workers, peers, and then friends. Friendship is the ultimate pinnacle of any other type of relationship. When your wife becomes your friend, or when your husband becomes your friend, or when a parent can become a friend then it has reached the highest evolution possible within that relationship.

I'm a Christian and the Bible tells me that there is no greater love than that a man lay down his life for his friends (John 15:13). True friendship is where you are willing to sacrifice important things for that friendship. When someone is willing to sacrifice a dream, or a hope, or something very important to their life for you and get nothing in return, you may have found a real friend.

Let me ask you, are you willing to sacrifice your popularity, the attention of others, your career, your ambitions, your needs, or your wants for anyone? If not, then you probably have no one who you consider a real friend.

I'm more than willing to do that for my wife. My wife is not separate from my friends. She is my best friend-outside of my God and Saviour, Jesus. I am willing to give up my life for her. I'll lay it down for her to use or abuse. She's my friend. Do you have anyone that you're willing to do that for? Is there anyone willing to do that for you?

That is what a true friend is.

It is a very rare, very special, and incredibly valuable thing.

Author Resource:-> Greg S. Baker is a Pastor, Counselor, and Author specializing in building and strengthening relationships.

Please visit our website at:

For more books and resources on how to communicate better, express yourself, and strengthen social skills. Check out our book, 'Fitly Spoken', a Christian based book that explores the intricacies of human communication and expression in relationships.

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Thu, Jul 21st - 10:14AM

What Kind Of Dad Did You Have?
by Steve Scheer

In my experience as a teacher, pastor, foster parent, and parent I realize that many have not had a dad to father them through life Ė even among those who had fathers there are many who felt they missed out on something important in their relationship.

I was privileged to grow up with a great father. Even though I came from a family of seven siblings, dad regularly took time to talk to me, teach me about life, and give me fatherly advice. I fondly remember Saturday morning chats during my teenage and college years. It really gave me a great start in life.

A dadís guidance of right from wrong, faith in God, the importance of family, is so important to the success of a childís life. Being a father is so much more than simply having a child with someone. If every dad really thought about the legacy he would leave behind, his life would be lived quite differently.

Proverbs 13:22 reads, "A good man leaves an inheritance for his children's children..." (NIV)

I found that the word father: Ďpaterí (in Greek) is from a root word signifying: "A Nourisher, Protector, and Upholder." The word father is not merely a title but a function.

Notice that the above verse from Proverbs defines who is a good man; it does not focus on the title or the fact that he is a biological father. Instead, the emphasis is on the inheritance. I believe the inheritance mentioned in this verse isnít about money, I believe itís talking about the legacy a man leaves in the lives of his children and others he has the privilege of affecting.

When you look back at your childhood, teen years and young adulthood, how do you feel about the legacy your father seeded into your life? If your father was less than ideal, if he was overstressed, worked too much or spent little time with you Ė do you feel a sense of loss? Itís perfectly normal.

What if your father was abusive, physically or emotionally? If he belittled you and caused you to doubt your value, you probably feel more than loss. Thereís a space in your heart that never knew the nourishment and protection you were supposed to receive. It isnít easy walking through life with a gaping void where a fatherís love was meant to dwell.

Hereís some good news. The loving support you missed early on has certainly influenced your life and caused you pain Ė but there is a way to fill the void. There is a father who longs to love and protect you Ė even now as an adult Ė even now as you may be a mother or father yourself.

Author Resource:-> Steve Scheer is a pastor and life coach. Husband and father to five grown children, he has a heart to reach those who need someone to talk to. Visit him at his blog,

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Wed, Jul 13th - 3:44AM

Romance at the Bookstore
by Tracy Nunes

A look of longing hides behind her eyes and there is a melancholy turn to her lips. She sits crossed-legged in the aisle facing the shelves of books. She pulls out one paperback after another, meticulously reading the back covers, looking for the right book. She begins a stack.

After a little while she shifts to her knees and continues her hunt. She is focused and seemingly unaware of her surroundings. One book after another receives her attention. She finally narrows it down to her choice of three and she looks satisfied, even hopeful.

She appears to mentally calculate the cost of the trio of books and as she does she notices that I am watching her. I felt drawn to her quest, but I never intended to stare. She looks at me and gives me that, "Do I know you?" look. You know, the one that isn't really about knowing you. Its more about "what is your problem?"

I turn away, realizing that I was being rude. She gets up off of her knees and grabs her precious load and prepares to purchase something that she hopes will fill the yearning in her heart, a romance novel. Three of them, to be exact.

Searching for something to fill that longing, that craving, even for a bit of the timeless and the beautiful. Something to stir her heart and satisfy her soul. I can almost hear the swish of Jesus' robes as He follows after her to the cashier, calling her to the True Romance as He whispers, "Come with me my Beloved. Only I have what you hunger and thirst for."

Tracy lives in Hawaii with Richard, her husband of 25 years. She has 2 daughters and 2 grandsons. Writing ministry came after homeschooling her girls and a career in real estate management.

Read her blog at: and find out why she is a self-described "Mess for Jesus."

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Tue, Jul 5th - 7:02AM

Fixing a Broken Friendship
by Pastor Greg Baker

Friendship isn't a unique relationship in addition to all the other ones. In fact, friendship is more than that. When any of your relationships can become friends, then it has reached the pinnacle of that relationship.

I don't have a wife, children, parents, and then friends. No, each of these other relationships has become friends too. I want to be a friend to my children, to my parents, and certainly to my wife. I married my best friend. She is my wife, but she is also my friend.

But how do you repair a damaged or broken friendship? I'll give you several ideas.


To begin with, a real friend is a treasure. You don't throw a friend away because your feelings got hurt or you are unwilling to discuss a misunderstanding. The friendship itself must become bigger than the sum of its parts. It must become bigger than you. It must become bigger than your friend.

Don't let the silly, often insignificant negatives destroy your friendship. The relationship itself is important. It is worth fighting for. It is worth sacrificing for. To me, if it's worth the fight, it is worth the sacrifice. If you can't sacrifice to maintain the friendship, then maybe it wasn't true friendship to begin with.

Be willing to apologize even if the problem isn't your fault. Again, the friendship is larger than who is at fault. If you can heal the friendship with an apology, then do so. Don't wait for them to realize how wrong they are, or even to admit their share of guilt. Focus on healing the friendship.

Go to them. Make the first move. Raise the white flag first. However you want to look at it, be willing to do what it may take to heal the relationship. Many friendships stay wounded or destroyed because both waited for the other to make the first move and neither did. Swallow your pride and be a friend.

Tell your friend how important his or her friendship is. Remind each other that the friendship is more important than the pain you may have inflicted. A simple reminder of how special the friendship is will go a long way to soften a hard heart.

Be willing to take the higher ground. I have a policy in my marriage that if there is a disagreement in morals or values, we always take the higher one. Always. This is for the sake of the relationship and friendship. If you can't come up to your friend's level, you will begin to drift apart. Though the higher ground may seem excessive to me, I feel that the friendship is more important than my personal stance. The higher ground is always safer anyway.

When repairing a friendship you must remember that together you can accomplish so much more than either can separately. A friendship is full of synergy-when together, you both are greater than the sum of your parts.

Author Resource:-> Greg S. Baker is a Pastor, Counselor, and Author specializing in building and strengthening relationships.

Please visit our website at:

For more books and resources on how to communicate better, express yourself, and strengthen social skills. Check out our book, 'Fitly Spoken', a Christian based book that explores the intricacies of human communication and expression in relationships.

See my article directory for more articles:

Article From Christian Baptist Articles

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Mon, Jul 4th - 3:44AM

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