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Mon, Jul 26th - 7:53AM

John Thomas Mullock (1807-69)
John Thomas Mullock
John Thomas Mullock was Roman Catholic Bishop in Newfoundland for 20 years.

Eldest of 13 children of a wood-carver, Mullock was sent at age 16 to study at St Bonaventure's Convent, Seville, Spain. He joined the Franciscan order in 1825 and completed his education in Rome. He was ordained priest at age 22 and returned to Ireland in 1829 to serve for 14 years as pastor. In 1843, he became father guardian of the Franciscan convent in Dublin, where he served until he was offered the position of coadjutor bishop of Newfoundland with right of succession. Consecrated in Rome, Mullock arrived in Newfoundland on 6 May 1848.

In Newfoundland, Mullock completed the cathedral, built a new palace, founded an Episcopal library, established St Bonaventure's College and 11 new convents, and increased the number of priests. In 1856, he secured the division of the island into 2 dioceses, continuing as the Bishop of the new Diocese of St John.

Involved in early attempts to develop steam, sail and cable communication, he originated the idea of a transatlantic telegraph link from North America to Europe.

He used boycotts, excommunications, and clerical sponsorship of candidates to advance the cause of the Liberal party. Mullock's interventions were successful until the 1861 election. His outbursts led to Methodists who had previously voted for the Liberals turning to the Conservatives, and many Roman Catholics refused to accept his leadership. After that,Mullock's political influence suffered a sharp decline.

Mullock was also a scholar, publishing many lectures and pamphlets. When confederation with the other British North American colonies became a political issue, he gave no guidance to his people, beyond a few ambiguous observations. His death after a long illness came in 1869, well before the crucial election of that year which decided that Newfoundland should not join Canada.

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