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Fri, Jul 23rd - 5:30AM

Economic Slowdown To Continue

The slowdown in economic expansion is set to continue according to the OECD Composite Leading Indicators for May 2010. The deceleration continued into the 10th month with an increase of 0.1% point.

France, Italy China and India seem to have reached a peak in the growth cycle and signs of a peak are emerging in Canada the UK and Brazil. Ongoing expansion is still taking place in Germany, Japan, the US and Russia but at a slower pace. The ASEAN coutries are generally gaining momentum of recovery.

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Fri, Jul 2nd - 6:56AM

Europe Not Decisive Enough On Monetary Union, IMF
The IMF have said that Europe's policy makers should to be more decisive in pursuing monetary union. The response to the immediate crisis was bold they said and proved the euro area has the capability to act together when required. They suggest that the operation of European Financial Stability Facility is imperative and should be secured as quickly as possible. They say crisis management is no substitute to the corrective policy actions and fundamental reforms are necessary to reinforce the EMU foundations. In the euro area fiscal responses should be adapted to the individual circumstances of each country. Fiscal sustainability is an important aim that all countries not only European countries have to take into account.
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Fri, Jul 2nd - 6:55AM

Environmental Protection Expenditure
Data regarding Environmental Protection Expenditure (EPE) from Eurostat shows the efforts being made to combat the pollution that is the result of the production and consumption of goods and services. EPE is the total investment and expenditure for industry, the public services and specialised producers. The data refer to 2006.

The EPE for the EU25 in 2006 was 1.8% of GDP. Industry spent about 50bn euros in 2006, about 0.4% of GDP, in protecting against environmental pressures. The public sector's share was 0.5% and specialised producers 0.9% of GDP.

In terms of gross fixed capital formation (GFCF) in the EU27, investments in environmental protection were fairly steady at around 1.4% for specialised producers between 2001-6, 0.6% for the public sector and 0.5% in industry, from 0.7%.

Total per capita EPE was highest in Austria in 2005 and the Netherlands in 2001 with around 800 euros per year per person. Italy spend around 600 euros per year per person in 2005. The least was spent by Latvia in 2005 with 36 euros.
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