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Fri, Jul 31st - 12:16PM

Genealogy Webspaces Twitter
Genealogy Webspaces on WebRing - Twitter!

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Fri, Jul 31st - 8:54AM

Google search genealogy webspaces results
Results 1 - 10 of about 693 from for genealogy
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Thu, Jul 30th - 1:30PM

Genealogy Webspaces Google Results
And today's survey.... says....Google search results are up to 703 from for genealogy from 593 on July 18, 2009

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Wed, Jul 29th - 1:52PM

The genealogy of
The closest match that I can find concerning the "genealogy" of is on James Huggins Refrigerator Door website. He has information on and something of its "genealogy", if you will of and webrings in general.'s Genealogy?

You may also visit this WR User Guide webpage concerning's roots.

And then, of course [ Big Grins and a hat tip to anon. ], there is also the Wikipedia article on Webrings.

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Wed, Jul 29th - 12:56PM

NEW Genealogy Webspaces on WebRing
Welcome new ring member, peterwesternuk!

A  new member blog was added today from  peterwesternuk
View peterwesternuk's Custom Profile Page

He lays claim to have Web Ring's 1st Genealogy Blog!
(last updated May 23, 2009)

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Wed, Jul 29th - 12:46PM

What's New in Family Home & Genealogy
I don't recommend the website that was submitted to the Scottish genealogy ring.  That is a bit off topic, isn't it?

The Lonestar Genealogy Webring - Texas genealogy and Texas history was a nice website to visit! Tickled pink to see it.

How does trout fishing relate to the Genealogy, History and Heraldry ring?  It doesnt'!

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Fri, Jul 24th - 12:58PM

Powered by WebRing.

Welcome to the new Genealogy Webspaces on WebRing Ring and Blog! I hope that you will join this *NEW* WebRing and add your WebRing Genealogy site. If you have any questions, please email: genealogynetwork AT gmail DOT com. Watch this space for more on WebRing Webspace Genealogy later.

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Fri, Jul 24th - 12:48PM

Genealogy Forums
It would be great if WebRing made their forums a tad bit easier to access by placing links to them that fit the appropriate catagory. In order to post to a forum, you must first become a member of that particular forum. Forum links are available at the bottom of the WebRing Home page, but there is not a listing of all genealogy forum's per se nor is there a way to access a search of all genealogy forums.

The question was posed to WebRing forum.... We'll see.

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Fri, Jul 24th - 12:09PM

Today's Google Search of Genealogy on
Here are today's results from Google.
"Results 1 - 10 of about 628 from for genealogy"

Home > Family & Home > Genealogy
You can also try these more specific topics:

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Fri, Jul 24th - 12:05PM

A message from WebRing
We have made an importsant change to the way pending submissions are being handled, effective immediately.

First, all approvals will be conditional. That is, if the site has PASSing navigation code it will be made active in the ring. If not, it will be placed in suspended status. If you believe it has passing code but the system still says it fails after you test it, then contact support to have a look. Otherwise, the site should be suspended.

Second, and most important, all sites will be automatically approved (as above, conditionally) after a period of 7, 14 or 30 days, which you can select via your management settings. Sites will no longer auto-expire if you fail to process them. This action has been taken to better serve the interests of members who simetimes wait for months before being approved or denied membership. The pending process is intended to allow the manager to determine whether a site has content suited to the ring, and very little else. The activate/suspend management functions are designed to give managers more latitude to interact with members to address issues such as navigability.

WebRing Member Services
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Mon, Jul 20th - 12:37PM

Approved: The Genealogy Box
I'd like to welcome new member multiply_genealogy to Genealogy Webspaces on WebRing.

The Genealogy Box - Genealogy Network owned by: multiply_genealogy new site
Genealogy Network, Twitter, Facebook, genealogy blogs, more and more genealogy.
A member of Genealogy Webspaces on WebRing since 07/20/2009.

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Mon, Jul 20th - 12:33PM

Google search of genealogy on webspaces
The July 18th search yeilded 593 hits of the term "genealogy" on webspaces. Today there was a misc. hit of under 400 webpages with the term genealogy and then another search yeilded a hit of 588 pages with the term "genealogy" on webspaces. This is slightly less than the 593 just a few short days ago. Is there an information loss? Just an observation.

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Mon, Jul 20th - 11:43AM

Pending: Ohio Crossroads
This site is pending approval, but is listed as a member of Genealogy Webspaces on WebRing since 7/20/2009, according to the WebRing Hub Page. I am looking forward to approving Ohio Crossroads, as soon as Genealogy Webspaces code is inserted properly.

From the webring Hub page, a preview of Ohio Crossroads is available, however, upon placeing the above review: " Sorry, the site specified isn't on file??? Return to WebRing Home. Need Help?" appears. In addition, under the preview: "Ohio Crossroads owned by: kinderkid  new site
A member of Genealogy Webspaces on WebRing since 07/20/2009."

This somewhat misidentifies this site as a "member" when it is only "pending".  Also the webring mail suggests that this member is *New* to webring in general or *New* to Genealogy Webspaces on WebRing?
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Sat, Jul 18th - 12:28PM

Genealogy Webspaces on WebRing
Powered by WebRing.

Welcome to the new Genealogy Webspaces on WebRing Ring and Blog! I hope that you will join this *NEW* WebRing and add your WebRing Genealogy site. If you have any questions, please email: genealogywebspaces AT gmail DOT com. Watch this space for more on WebRing Webspace Genealogy later.

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Sat, Jul 18th - 9:48AM


For your visitors, here's the URL of your blog's home page:

To edit your blog, you can either use the "Blog" tab on your general WebRing My Account page or visit this page:

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