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Tue, Jul 28th - 2:58PM

July 27: Monday, Monday

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 577
192.8 miles
over 104

Where do the weeks go?

111 recordings of 30 types, and we're on the cusp again.

I had three things to do today: 1. Get my referral again to have this wisdom tooth looked at. I'm older than they like to do the oral surgery, but on the other hand, I'm in good health and don't have any medical allergies. Now I have the referral in hand, I'll have to call for an appointment. Babysitting may get in the way.

2. Refill my blood pressure prescription. Oh, look, I actually have 6 months of refills so I don't have to see the Dr. at McClellan after all. So I cancelled the appointment again. I will have to get a new doctor in October. I'm hoping to succeed with the Mercy clinics, since it's fairly close. My ideal would be a woman, but it all depends on who takes Medicare. Fewer and fewer do, because they don't get paid much, and 0bamacare would cut it even more. I mentioned this to someone who's favoring gummint-run health care, and they raved about how great Medicare is. Money from the money trees, I guess. With the baby coming most of the next two weeks, I'll have to plan this carefully.

3. Reserve a  Safari tour. This will be Alex's birthday present this year. (Thereby neatly sidestepping the birthday party.) I started by trying the 800 number. It was busy and busy.  Finally, it picked up.  With what sounded like a radio ad, and then a hangup. When that happened twice I called the regular number. I reported that their 800 number was blorfed. She tried it and said "oh, my goodness" and reported it. Then I made the reservation.  This should be fun. 

Something is dead on the porch. I noticed the smell yesterday but Rich didn't agree... today he agrees. I looked around a little, but it's HOT outside.

I forgot to send off my Netflix. The new project is "Torchwood." I saw one and decided I want to see the whole series, which is in Netflix. Should take a couple of months. I kept one "story behind the scenes" that I recorded. I've got a few programs that I keep: mostly exercise shows.

I did have to go out later. I wanted to fix a Rachael Ray meal, but I didn't have green olives or lemons. Or a rice pilaf to go with. I'm beginning to get used to the car. It's easier to turn around to look back when you're backing out. I do still find myself thinking about shifting gears, though so far the feet haven't tried for the clutch. I'm so glad I don't have to do that any more!

There was a glitch at Facebook and it wouldn't load up Farmville, so I lost two lime trees and a rabbit that were given me, and a patch of strawberries. Grumble.

Scott Ott EXCERPT: “When you have a terrible mess, it is unlikely that those who try to alleviate the danger of that mess will come out looking clean,” said Representative Barney Frank"
SCOTT OTT NOTES: It's also "unlikely", that those who created this mess will "come out looking clean"...and yet, Rep. Frank, you're still employed in a high-paying government job, rather than incarcerated.

Five Reasons Why Gates Gate Matters.

Something Must be Done.

0bamacare by the numbers.

Don Surber: "The refusal of some American newspapers to call Evil evil — in some weird sense of journalistic relativism — is straining Indo-American relations."

So 0bama was on the Today show: has he gone One Single Day without being on the tube?  He was defending his "mom jeans", but he and Meredith agreed that Michelle is a fashion plate.  WHO ARE THEY KIDDING?? She's no Jackie Kennedy!  Half the time she looks OK, but the other half she looks awful. Laura Bush never had these fashion disasters.

Willie Brown column.  I like him a lot better now than I did when he was here in town. One of the comments:

cyberian7/26/2009 1:50:45 AM:

Henry Gates acted in a rude and abusive way.
Just a few weeks ago The President of the United
States was frightened into several days of complete
silence while brave men and women in Iran went into
the streets and faced death to stand up for Liberty.
The World looked to The President of The United
States of America to speak out against Iranian
Fascism in defense of those who would brave torture
and execution to seek Freedom. Instead, our President
hid out and finally said he didn't want to comment
because he didn't have all the facts. The fact is that
he is a coward. He is afraid of Islamic Tyrants,
but he's perfectly willing to jump right in and
smear an American Police Officer who was
doing his job in a polite, professional manner.
All the witnesses have come forward on Cable
News and reported that Gates was a complete
jerk and the Cop was an officer and a gentleman.
This isn't about race, it's about a disturbed upper
class snob and a coward in High Office.

0bama's worst week (comment)

SpideyTerry Says:

July 26th, 2009 at 12:51 pm
Hmm, in retrospect, electing someone with no job experience, racist tendencies, an extremely thin skin and an inability to deal with criticism probably wasn’t the best idea. Who could’ve seen that coming… y’know, besides me, you, you over there, you in the back, the hermit living under a rock in a cave, etc.?

Victor Davis Hanson asks "Whatever Happened to the Post-Racial President?"

Ouch.  "Come on, we’re talking about Obama. He almost makes Bill Clinton look classy. And honest."

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Mon, Jul 27th - 10:38PM

July 26: Small But MIghty

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 577
192.8 miles
101. Argh

103 recordings of 28 types.

We had Father Eduino again. He's great fun. And he's definitely putting his own stamp on the Mass already. We reached the "Lord Have Mercy" where Father H. always said "please remain standing." I didn't like that, and have been kneeling like I'm used to at this point. Last week it was about half and half, but this week most people remained standing. Father Eduino stopped and looked out at us:
"All over the world people kneel down at this point of the Mass. They knelt down at 7.  Is there some reason you don't kneel at this Mass?" (because Father H. is weird?) Heh. The congregation, rather sheepishly, sank to their knees and I was really pleased. He said later that he was little, but he had strong opinions.

Afterwards we went to the bromeliad and carniverous plant show. I wasn't going to get anything, but there was a droesena in a pretty pot, and I just had to. I still have a nepenthe hanging on.

To Trader Joe's, where I bought a basil bush.  Maybe this one will hang on and grow. The car smelled wonderful (ah-choo!) coming home. Rich got white balsalmic vinegar. I got a vietnamese wrap of chicken. Yum.

I had planned to go to a concert in the afternoon, but decided to stay home.

We've Figured Him Out.

Joltin' Joe.

Goodbye to the way we were.


RWSparkle BARF ALERT! Gates says that, if Crowley apologizes, the prof will agree 2 "educate him about the history of racism in America."

@AKGovSarahPalin Democracy depends on you. So how about in honor of the American soldier, ya quit makin' things up!?

">YouTube link.)

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Mon, Jul 27th - 2:37PM

July 25: Reading Glasses

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 577
192.8 miles
low 90s

101 recordings of 29 types.

I stopped using magnifying glasses to read with last year and started getting reading glasses. I had a pair but would lose it, then at the beginning of the year I got a pair, #1, that I actually liked.  Then we went to a thrift shop and they had a sale. I got three pair, and discovered that one of them was completely useless because it had no nose piece. I kept #2. and, it would seem, lost the other two. So I had two pair that were nice and useful. And, before we left for the road trip, I misplaced them both. Argh.

So. Rich got tired of me saying "I can't see it" as I tried to read something, and in Texas we stopped at a Walmart and I got another pair. A pair I really liked, in fact. The only problem was the line between the bottom and reality. It didn't show and I kept thinking I was going up a step. I was getting used to this, just about the time I left them in Laramie. ARGH.

So, when we got back to Sacramento, I got pair #3. When we were looking at cars, I stuck it in my pocket in the heat and bent the earpiece a bit, but it's still good. Puttering around a couple of weeks ago, I found pair #1! It was on a shelf in the playroom. OK! Then I ran across pair #2 on the piano.  I had all three! And immediately lost #1 again.

OK, so I have been using #3 and it's been OK. Then today, Rich found #1, outside on the ground. I've cleaned them up, and at least for the moment, I have three pair of reading glasses.

I went to the library book swap today. I took 6 books and came home with 4, (one of which is for the playroom, so it doesn't count.) Yay.

Rich brought out his laser pointer (that had been Gerhard's) and Pharaoh surprised us by reacting to it. He's totally enthralled. I've never seen a dog care before, just the cats. Sailor certainly couldn't be bothered. Then Rich took it outside but Pharaoh figured out where it was coming from and was only interested in getting in, anyway. I hope he hasn't spoiled it for the dog. (Update: nope. Dog is totally fascinated by the red dot.)

Jupiter's Black Spot.

One of my pictures was used in this blog. I followed some links and discovered that they're reopening the museum on a part-time basis.  The main page is here.

Sorry seems to be the hardest word, especially for 0bama.

He said, VIP said.

I was following some links and found this commenter, who's downright scary.  He's an example of why I wouldn't get involved with Birthers. Too many loons.

I'm not american, but I would not focus on such small things as a his citizenship or whatever like that. It can, and probably it is just a distraction from much more important things of his office... Don't forget, that Obama's office is mainly administrated by jews.
Yes, Obama is just a peak of the whole thing, simply the icon of whole multicultural ideology, person so distinctive that you don't see the real origin of problems. And that problem are jews in our governments. Obama is just consequence, not cause.

North Korea Executes Christian Woman.

Don Surber is not impressed with 0bama's health pep talks.

My God. What a bore.

Jack Kennedy gave us the moon — “we choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard, because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one which we intend to win, and the others, too.”

This guy offers us health insurance that’s so easy, a caveman can do it.
What a dull people we have become.

Then kids dream of growing up to be astronauts.

Now kids dream of growing up to have cheap, quality health insurance.


Jeffrey Anderson:

the president’s plan is water-tight. It will heavily regulate private insurers without involving government. It will cost over a trillion dollars while cutting costs. It will help our economic recovery while raising taxes on small businesses and job-creators. It will promote choice while capping the percentage of care that consumers can choose to pay directly to their doctors rather than through a middleman (an insurer or the government). It will lower our deficits while the Congressional Budget Office says that it will increase them by hundreds of billions of dollars.

And if that weren’t enough, it will stop doctors from reaping windfall profits through unprincipled tonsil-theft.


Hillary Surprised to Discover Would-be Honduran Dictator is Reckless.

Finally, a palate cleanser:

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Sun, Jul 26th - 7:28AM

July 24: Guys and Dolls

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 577
192.8 miles
low 90s

105 recordings of 33 types.

Sadly, I think they dumped the recycling in the garbage. This because I got it wrong and thought it was recycling week, so that was the can outside. We didn't have enough garbage to take it to the curb.

In other neighborhood news, I am not the only person speculating about the widower and the real estate agent, and the new heater and new windows. Our next door neighbors turn out to be gossips, who knew?

Tonight's Music Circus production was "Guys and Dolls." I saw so much of this play the year Bernadette was in it at Jesuit.  Besides the high school, it was also at Music Circus that year. And I'm pretty sure it's been in Davis, too. I need to sort the old programs and see when I saw what.  Anyway, I wasn't really too interested in seeing this one tonight, but oh my it was fun.  They did it like Damon Runyon must have intended, really hammed up. Sarah Brown was Aida last year: a fabulous voice, and Sky Masterson was the actor who played Jack Devereaux in Days of our Lives, and I'm pretty sure I used to see him in General Hospital.  But the fun thing is, I always thought they were the main characters, with Nathan Detroit and Adelaide as the secondary plot.  However, in this performance, it was the other way around. John Schuck (going as Conrad John Schuck) from "MacMillan and Wife" was the old guy in the Salvation Army. I believe he was in "Twelve Angry Men" a couple of years ago, too.  He's got a nice voice.

Afterwards we had the champagne reception for season ticket holders.  A couple of the guys from "Forever Plaid" sang.  They pulled up one gal for "Heart and Soul" and she enjoyed it, but I couldn't believe how she was dressed. You don't dress way up for theater in Sacramento, but the torn jeans look is a bit downscale even for us. Anyway, it was a nice reception: we had nothing to actually say to the actors but they were pleasant enough, one more chore for playing in Sacramento. I suppose they don't really mind.  Sarah Tattersall is now one of my Facebook friends. (ObGOE for sure. One time at one of these receptions I passed her a printout of all his ravings about her.) I thought maybe Adelaide was the lady who went caching at our cache last year, but she didn't have a clue what I was talking about.

Setting race relations back 50 years. And there's more on President Stupidly. Sister Toldjah wishes he'd shut up now.  In slightly unrelated news, Gateway Pundit says he's bungled history.  Krauthammer says the whole theme of the 0bama presidency is a  contest between his intelligence and his arrogance.

Reading: Rousseau and Revolution, What If? edited by Robert Cowley, the Bible (Sophonia), Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg, Don Quixote, N is for Noose, Sue Grafton, Low-Carb Dieting for Dummies, Katherine B. Chauncey.

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Sat, Jul 25th - 5:21PM

July 23: We'll be Fine

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 576
192.8 miles
91 degrees

I'm 2 pounds down, though I can't trust the scale any more, since Vince broke it. It's varying 10 whole pounds from hour to hour. My BP is low.

101 recordings of 33 types.

I went out to the Retreat Center for Mass. The first reading was from Exodus and Father David had us all going "Oooooh!" and "Wow!" at the appearance of God. Then his homily was about seeing with the eye of the soul.

Recharging Then later in the morning we went to see Gareth and Bernadette. There was a box of clothes, some of which are the right size but winter, some of which he's grown past already, and a few things that probably fit. I also dug out some books from Roni and a puzzle that I had given Teddy when he was this age. Gareth was taking a nap when we arrived, but when he woke up he liked the puzzle. Mostly he took the items out and threw them on the floor, but after I demonstrated putting the ship in its hole a few times he got it and (almost) put it in himself. Applause!

Tonight we went over to Jesuit and saw their musical review ("We'll be Fine") produced by a couple of graduated seniors. There were 4 singers who sang all these songs from recent musicals I've never heard of.  There was just one song, "No More", from Into the Woods, that I recognized. They were about facing one's fears. That's very appropriate for a bunch of kids about to go to college. The band (which included two singers) was good. On the whole, it was an enjoyable performance. 

0bama sticks his foot in it: Jules Crittenden and  Sister Toldjah comment.  Ouch! (Heh.)

Vocabulary. I thought of "jigaboo" myself.

"Hundreds and hundreds." I've seen a wider shot, and it's more like a couple hundred -- of hundreds.

Is 0bama overexposed?  (You have to ask??) Allahpundit comments:

Let me answer that question this way. Not only have The One’s rhetorical tics infested my brain — half my tweets start with “let me be clear” or “as I have consistently said” nowadays — but when I saw him on cable news this afternoon at that townhall, my thought was actually formulated this way:
Let me be clear: I can’t believe this f***ing guy is on TV again.
 if not for The One’s omnipresence, there might have been a lot more viewers for last night’s pep rally. Why tune in if you know you’ll see him somewhere else in the next three hours, throwing out the first pitch somewhere or making buffalo wings on the Food Network or talking to Matt Lauer about mom jeans or whatever? Further proof of his economic ignorance: The scarcer a resource is, the more precious it is. Make yourself scarce and people will pay more attention, Barry.

Mother Knows Best.  I got an appointment to get my blood pressure meds renewed.  Abortions v. tonsillectomies.

Well, well, well, what a shocker.  Wonder why we bought a Ford?

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Fri, Jul 24th - 6:04PM

July 22: Waiting for Godot, I mean JJ

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 576
192.8 miles

107 recordings of 33 types.

My niece was supposed to be driving from Fresno to Redding today and was going to stop by, so we waited all day long.  Turns out she missed a day so she started in LA, and while it would have made sense to stop here and then make another long day of it to Eugene, she didn't do that.  She went all the way to Redding.  That's a really long trip especially with a dog. Oh, well. More Sloughhouse corn for us!

I got some more postcards from Alex, who is going as Lexi these days.

June 17, 18
Dear Nana,
I saw lightning from the plane. When we landed, it was raining hard. I got wet. Our hotel is next to the bildings. I saw a lot of crads. They scared me.
Love, Lexi

June 19
Dear Nana,
We took are car on this fairy. Carlos was our giede and we saw mayans. I got to clime in them.
Love, Lexi

June 19
Dear Nana,
I forgot to tell you I ate termites! There were a lot of horses. There was a tree that had spicy leaves. The flowers had miqsito repelent in them. I got bitten.
Love, Lexi

June 25
Dear Nana,
We're staying on a island.
I've been snorkaling for the fisrt time. I've seen koatis, bunnys, hermet crabs, agoutis, Max a spider monkey, liserds, and armadilos.
Love, Lexi and Teddy

June 27,
Dear Nana,
I went snorkling and saw a baracoota. I saw many schools of fish. I went cayaking and saw starfish. I saw 3 stinray sofar. I love Belize.
Love, Lexi (Teddy signed it too.)

How beautiful! A cosmic hand!

What is WRONG with these people?

"Destroy his presidency" ... we can but hope.  Again, not the color of his skin, it's the thickness. Or rather, thinness.

Seniors, Drop Dead.

Ed Morrissey:  "The first clip is self-explanatory but reminds me why, in spite of everything, I can’t help liking Rahm Emanuel just a tiny bit. Imagine the elephant balls you’d need to blow $800 billion on a failed stimulus and then turn around and tell the New York Times you’re a big success. Unemployment at 9.5 percent and climbing, $23 trillion potentially spent to fix the economy, and this galactic tool has the stones to raise the “Mission Accomplished” banner over the U.S.S. Hopenchange. You’re welcome, America."

I have no hope that anything of substance will be asked. I won't be watching.

The Terrorism Act?  You can't take pictures of policemen in England?

0bama Poll (comment):

it totally works. let me sum it up since my long comment fell off the page:

eisenhower ends korean war
1960: naiive young dem JFK, immediately tries to invade cuba, comes within inches of nuclear war, starts vietnam. LBJ overreaches with great society, loses congress, screws up vietnam

nixon to the rescue, ends vietnam, peace with china
1976: naiive young dem carter, ruins economy, beclowned by iran

reagon to the rescue, gets hostages back, stands up to ussr, hw defeats saddam, sees communism fall
1992: naiive yound dem clinton, overreaches, health care, gays in military, waco; survives only by acting “republican” thanks to his advisor dick morris

w bush elected, after 911 keeps up safe(unlike london, madrid, etc.), takes out saddam, has democracy in middle east, death toll at lowest ever by end of term
2008: naiive young obama, immediately overreaching, screwed up on iran, supported tyrants in honduras, death counts in afghanistan near highest ever, ruining economy with ’stimulus’, attempting with cap & tax and health care to take control of your ENTIRE LIFE.

….the 16-year-naiive-young-democrat-cycle…. bad news for future pres marco rubio (who, after vp under 2 terms of palin, will only get 1 term of his own before losing to a young dem — i said on the last page — chelsea clinton??)

(another) '5:33PM “The American people are understandably queasy about the deficit… trillions here, trillions there…” and then more talk about the Republicans. You know what? Last weekend, Obama explicitly said “give it to me” on responsibility for the economy. I know his promises have an expiration date, but couldn’t that one have made it until, I don’t know, Friday?'

The 0bama Depression.

Chris Matthews is an Idiot, says R.S.McCain: "Of course, we all remember the tragic HMO riots of 1999, the deadly terrorist attacks by the pharmaceutical lobby, the ongoing carnage in urban America caused by rival gangs of health-insurance lobbyists. The prospect of more such violent turmoil is surely what Matthews had in mind."

Hide your tonsils, here come the doctors!! (comment):
we don’t need a government grocery store to keep grocery proces competitve. And we don’t need a government airline, or a government hair salon or a government clothing company to keep those industries competitive.


Tweets and quotes:

isfullofcrap"Hope (he doesn't fuck up even more) and Change (left in the sofa cushions)"
JTlolTonight he insulted doctors, cops... who else? Well, besides every single person who watched.
JTlol"I'm not blaming the Republicans, although I do wish they'd stop being such lying obstructionists with no alternatives."
RWSparkleShorter Obama tonight: "Stupid Cops and Greedy Docs."
 @ExurbanJon Americans should stop clinging to their tonsils.
IMAO_We're all forgetting the real victims here: the tonsils.
mkhammerMy presser headline: Obama touts his ground-breaking transparency practice of... appearing on C-SPAN.
IMAO_I still have my tonsils. Should I be scared next time I get a check up from my doctor?
@andylevy Dr. Obama: Maybe you don't need your tonsils removed. Maybe you have allergies. Let's check with a bureaucrat!
Andrew Malcolm: “The economy is so bad that Nigerians are complaining about e-mail scams from Americans.”
Scott Ott says RT this! RU < 30yrs? mandated health ins. forces U 2 buy 2 cut overall risk, save $ for ppl 30+. U fund USA #healthcare

Sigh: “There is almost no doubt that the Chinese will be on the moon within a decade, while we will still be earthbound and potentially bankrupt as a nation with our economy, our technology, and our industrial might in ruins because of uncontrolled government spending, borrowing, and taxing. I had an exciting childhood living in the midst of the space race, but it saddens me to think that time, 40 years ago, may end up being the historical high point of our going out into space, the final frontier.”

Maybe he IS unravelling.

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Thu, Jul 23rd - 9:39PM

July 21: Health Argument

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 576
192.8 miles
cooling down

112 recordings of 33 types.

Monica answered one of Facebook's silly polls on Universal Health Care. (Actually, Glenna did it first, and said "no" and I commented that there should be a "HELL no!" option.) She said "yes." I said "thanks a lot" because I don't want to be told I should sign a DNR for the sake of the country. And we got into it.  Monica thinks Canada's health care is wonderful. I sure hope I (or my ghost, more likely) never gets to tell her "I told you so." I'm concerned that in 10 years or so I'd get the "counselling" that basically says "get out of the way." And I worry that Genevieve and Charlotte will be slaves of the state to pay for these programs that do less and less for more and more. I finally shut up: knowing that I'm still a bit annoyed with her over the Baptism v. cabin thing, I figured I'd better get out of it before we have a real feud going. I did send her Crowder's video.

I heard that St. Malachy's prophecy only gives us one more Pope till the end of the world. I wouldn't mind for myself, so much, but I want my grandchildren to enjoy long happy lives (which doesn't appear to be 0bama's plan) and the world ending would spoil that.  On the other hand, if 0bama's world view becomes the thing, maybe they'd be better off. I go to bed scared every day, wake up scared, go through the day scared. "Be not afraid" is just beyond me.

I spent the day at the computer. I discovered my priest in Montana (on the Reservation) has just retired, and I got a fairly current address. I started thinking about the 2011 road trip: a dash (a two-week dash, I would like) across the top of the country, getting more state capitals and wonderful sights.

Robert belongs on Biggest Loser, not Hell's Kitchen.

I think we'll be going to Redding in August.  There's a tea party caravan from Redding to Sacramento, to see off the bus going to the 9/12 march, and we could go up the previous day and drive down with them.  There are a couple of things I'd like to do in Redding... a challenge cache we can pick up any time, and the dinosaur Sue is at Turtle Bay. Of course, it's Redding. In August. Possibly not the world's smartest idea.

McCaskill seems rattled.

Yay, get that bastard.

0bama doesn't know the details of "his" plan.

Barack will never let you return to your lives as usual.  And THAT is what I'm afraid of.

Yes, we CAN still help Honduras.

The Obama administration should have told Chávez to stay out of Honduran affairs at the beginning; it did not. Although Chávez — perhaps with justification — views Obama as a joke or an ignoramus, nothing would have been lost by trying and something might have been gained.

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Wed, Jul 22nd - 12:33PM

July 20: Moon Landing

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 569
192.8 miles
high 90s

112 recordings of 36 types. I'm gonna lose some again. I caught up with the Burn Notice that was going to be taken off Video on Demand.

I had the windows open. The dog barked, it was someone at the door. I talked through the window till I recognized Sean from the heater/air conditioner people. He's the only installer employed now, and was confused, thought we had an airflow problem. He did, again, measure the back registers for the two we need. 

The Homestead National Monument sent their survey again.  I have already filled it out and sent it in, but I will do it again.

We were in England for the moon landing, and watched on TV in the middle of the night. SO exciting. I thought it was the beginning of a wonderful time exploring the universe, but instead we've built a porch in orbit. There's a SF song about giving my children wings. I resent the slowdown.

The Couch Potato List

18 Kids and Counting (on two networks)
24 (for whenever)
After the Catch
Brothers and Sisters
Burn Notice (2, because they'll have a marathon on August 1 and I should be able to get the one I missed. I really like this series.)
Cold Case
Criminal Minds
CSI: all three kinds
Deadliest Catch
Desperate Housewives
Diners, Drive-ins and Dives
Dollhouse (I can hardly wait till the next season)
Food Detectives
Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace
Glenn Beck
Gordon Ramsay's F Word (new series, at last)
Great American Road Trip
Grey's Anatomy
Hell's Kitchen
Homicide: Life on the Street (3 networks, because you never know where it'll pop up again)
I Survived a Japanese Game Show (I missed the first couple of episodes, this year)
Ice Road Truckers
Law & Order: Criminal Intent (3 networks)
Law & Order: SVU
Law & Order is currently not on NBC, and I can't start looking at TNT reruns till I get caught up with Third Watch and/or Homicide.
Masterpiece (2 different times)
Private Practice
Rescue Me
The O'Reilly Factor
Third Watch
Top Chef Masters
Ugly Betty
Whale Wars
Without a Trace

I did have Torchwood on, but have decided to catch up on Netflix and watch it that way.  It'll only take a couple of months or so. But the one I did see was confusing without the backstory (like Burn Notice) so I want to do it right.

Scott Ott: "If you pay 56 percent of your income to the government, for whom do you toil? Why would you continue to do so. How is this not indentured servitude? Why would a free people tolerate it?"

Tim Thornton: "Indentured servitude was actually *better* than this, isn't it? Indentured service was for a *fixed* period of time, after which the servant was unconditionally freed from service.

Only death can free the tax slave from his service."

Kennedy: Let's Ration Health Care

Ed Morrissey:  "In fairness to The One, sure, he’s third from the bottom, but how many of his predecessors had done as much damage by this point as he has?"

Comment on a video: "How can the same people who will riot in the street chanting that they don’t want the government deciding if they can have an abortion, now see it as a great idea for the government to decide if they can have an appendectomy?"

ROFL! Yeah, right.

The King is a Fink! 

0bamacare and the tea party effect

Scott Ott EXCERPT: “We wanted to get this right,” said the official. “We wanted to do this carefully.”
SCOTT OTT NOTES: Some things must be done immediately: auto bailouts, $787B stimulus plans, cap-and-trade bills and health care reform. Other things can wait 6 months: shuttering Gitmo.
So, here's the litmus. If it radically transforms capitalism, WE MUST ACT! If it's ostensibly about 'justice', relax.

0bama misses Gitmo Deadline.

Reading: Rousseau and Revolution, What If? edited by Robert Cowley, the Bible (Habakuk), Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg, Don Quixote, N is for Noose, Sue Grafton, Low-Carb Dieting for Dummies, Katherine B. Chauncey.

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Wed, Jul 22nd - 11:39AM

July 19: Peach Festival

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 564
196.0 miles
102 degrees

103 recordings of 33 types.

We had our new pastor at Mass today. He's fun. He's moved the ambo (rostrum) to the left, and he sits in back like most priests instead of coming out into the congregation for the readings. He starts his homily by seeing who's visiting and chatting with them. He has the collection going while he's setting up for the Eucharist instead of waiting. One of my personal peeves was that Father H. told us to stand at the "Lord I am not worthy" and I want to kneel.  Father Eduino doesn't say that so the church was about half standing and half kneeling. AND he likes and encourages the Knights of Columbus.  Father H. started charging them rent for their meeting room, even though they provide a lot of support for the church.  The Knights are planning a pancake breakfast and the Hispanic group will do it after 10, yum, I'm looking forward to that!!

After Mass we went to the Peach Festival in Marysville. We thus missed a big farewell to Father H. that involved all the churches he's been in.  The lady organizing it left our parish when he did the first time, came back when he did, and I note she's gone again. (Don't judge, Jan, don't judge...) Anyway, I'm sure he didn't miss us.

The Peach Festival is long established.  There's about 6 blocks of booths. I got a new hat, like the one that got stolen a couple of years ago. It has a neck flap. I've seen them for about $30, and this was $15.  The geocaching hat is now retired till the next GeoWoodstock! We walked the length of the festival then went up on the levee to get an Earth Cache.  Rich and I didn't agree on the details, but it's fairly easy.  Then we went back to look for another in town. Too many people around to look really thoroughly. I was hungry and Rich was narky. Finally we went for food.  He had a turkey crepe and I had a California crepe.  Then I went back farther for a peach colada.

After lunch, I checked out a bookstore and then we bought some nectarines (the peaches are beautiful and so big compared to ours, but our other tree will come in pretty soon) and then it was back to the car (GREAT cupholders!!) and on to do some caching. 

We picked up one just outside the car, then took a walk.


Was it legal?  Who knows?  There's a "no motor vehicle" sign which is fairly obscured, and the last time we were along this trail we missed one cache because of the two truckloads of people there. I assume this sign is for the freeway, but whatever.

It was HOT.  We walked about half a mile in for the two caches that we hadn't gotten before (the other one was put in a week after we were here). I was panting like mad when we got there. (Another symptom of magnesium deficiency, but everything seems to be a symptom of that!) I hurried back to the car for some nice ICE water. Nice car!!

We did a couple more caches on the other side of the freeway, and called it a day. Back home to the computer, television, and AIR CONDITIONING.

Rats, I missed the local tea party protest against Boxer. 

Remembering Walter Cronkite.  My grandparents always watched Huntley and Brinkley. Or "Hinkly-Dinkly" as my granddaddy occasionally said.

Lib Hater wrote:
The Kenyan Kommunist and the Delaware Dolt have put this country on the verge of extinction. Toss in Queen Pelosi, Dingy Harry Reid and the rest of the anointed one's appointed radicals and czars and this country may not survive before we get to 2012 to kick his azz back to the slums where he and his racist ghetto trash wife belong.

(Tell us how you really feel!)

Scott Ott Call it the 'American Dream Tax'…If you endure years of sacrifice, provide jobs for, and make life better for, others, you owe the government and the unproductive citizens more than you ever repay.

10 Endearing Habits of a Geeky Spouse.

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Tue, Jul 21st - 8:11PM

July 18: Baptism by Dust

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 564
192.8 miles
105 degrees

102 recordings of 31 types.

My dreams last night involved a Facebook friend staying with us. He rearranged our bedroom furniture. Grrrr.

Today we went to the Corn Festival in Sloughhouse, then went caching along Latrobe Road.  On the way we saw something was going on in Carmichael Park, but we don't know what. We did recognize Eppie's Great Race as we crossed the American River.

The corn festival is in its first year, so it wasn't too surprising that there weren't all that many vendors.  I was disappointed, though, that there was no roasted corn. I'd been all set to have it for lunch. (I've been told since that there was roasted corn in front by the vegetable stand. We didn't see it.) We bought two bags of corn and left. Sulking.

OK, then we went looking for caches. Latrobe road is dirt and impassible in the winter for 7 miles. There are ruts and rocks. The caches were along the road, off in the stickers. We watched carefully for snakes, fortunately not seeing any.

IMG_4229My feet got really dirty. So did the car. More to the point, however, it went over the bumps and rocks without problems. There was one spot we would never have tackled with the little car, but we had no trouble getting over it in Hi-Yo. Yay!

We got 10 caches and decided it was quite enough in this heat. We stopped at Maui Tacos (!) in El Dorado Hills for lunch. I saw they have Mexican sushi(!) but I settled for a Hana Burrito. Pulled Hawaiian pork and other luau flavors.(Gotta love this country!) Yum. I picked up one of the frequent visitor cards, because I can picture coming back.

Promises, promises. Not that he lies or anything.  Though this video may show he's a bit confused.

"Representing the people."  Something she seems to have forgotten.

RIP Mary Jo Kopechne...


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Mon, Jul 20th - 8:50PM

July 17: AltarBoyz

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 564
191.9 miles
over 100

107 recordings of 37 types. 

When I woke up this morning, I had a terrible leg cramp. I got up and that helped a little, but lying down again made it bad again. This went on for about 5 minutes. Ow ow ow. It's been suggested that it's magnesium deficiency. Sigh.

Tonight we went to AltarBoyz.  I'd read a review that said it was a 60 minute show that was 30 minutes too long.  I think I'd say 45/45... at least I looked at my watch at 45 minutes. The cast was engaging, and there were some good songs and dances, but on the whole it didn't seem to jell. Jennifer Smith, a channel 10 anchor, was in the row behind us and agrees with me.

It's sad, too, to see so many empty seats in the theater. The unfortunate thing is, the ladies who have sat next to us for the last 22 years are no longer ticket holders. Had we but known, we'd have asked for those seats, as they are on the aisle. SMUD has the seats now.

We saw some geocaching friends in the theater, too. Nice! And it was especially nice to go into the garage to our New Car!!!

What, 0bama lied? (Isn't lying to a Pope a mortal sin?)

Here's a video of 0bama vs. 0bama on the stimulus.  Oh, goodie, 0bama talked today. For a change.

budswisr1 tells a tale:

The class had insisted that Obama's socialism worked and that no one would be poor and no one would be rich, a great equalizer.
The professor then said, "OK, we will have an experiment in this class on Obama's plan".
All grades would be averaged and everyone would receive the same grade so no one would fail and no one would receive an A.
After the first test, the grades were averaged and everyone got a B.
The students who studied hard were upset and the students who studied little were happy.
As the second test rolled around, the students who studied little had studied even less and the ones who studied hard decided they wanted a free ride too so they studied little.
The second test average was a D!
No one was happy.
When the 3rd test rolled around, the average was an F.
The scores never increased as bickering, blame and name-calling all resulted in hard feelings and no one would study for the benefit of anyone else.
All failed, to their great surprise, and the professor told them that socialism would also ultimately fail because when the reward is great, the effort to succeed is great but when government takes all the reward away, no one will try or want to succeed.

Could not be any simpler than that.

Why they're afraid of Sarah Palin.

A Plea from Van Buren Indiana

Massachusetts to Ration Health Care.  Romneycare doesn't work.

AIDS is not the great killer of blacks in America, abortion is the great killer of blacks in America.
Mychal Massie

Disneyland opened 54 years ago today. I have learned the neighbors also honeymooned at D'land.

What a weird man.

Heh. (Weinermobile crashes into home.)

Stimulus Money.

Hot air...

Reading: Rousseau and Revolution, What If? edited by Robert Cowley, the Bible (Habakuk),  Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg, Don Quixote, The World According to Bertie, Alexander McCall Smith, Low-Carb Dieting for Dummies, Katherine B. Chauncey.

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Sun, Jul 19th - 11:19PM

July 16: Testing the Baby Seat

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 563
191.8 miles
over 100

110 recordings of 42 types and I'm getting threats to erase some again. I'm one pound up and at low borderline blood pressure.

The baby woke up at 2 and needed some gas medicine, right back to sleep after I held him for about 5 minutes. I woke at 5 and warmed his milk, and right on schedule at 5:30 he was up. After his bottle and a cuddle, I stuck him in his chair long enough to bring the playpen back into the living room. (I use it to block off space and to hide the wiring for the entertainment center.) I made him some oatmeal... he didn't eat much and he wasn't at all interested in the banana.

I went to Mass at the retreat house.  Afterwards I saw some turkeys right by the door. Meanwhile, Rich had Gareth outside and he filled the camera's memory card with movies.  They're all fun, but this is the best.

If you don't get the above video, go to Flickr for it.

When I got back we took Gareth (using the carseat, which Robert had made sure was installed correctly) over to Seeley Park because they have a waterplay feature. He wasn't interested, just wanted to walk and walk. So I put his shirt, shoes and socks back on, and he walked and walked till he came over and planted himself in front of me and held up his hands. Time to go home. 

He had Tahiti Sweetie (and yogurt) for lunch, and then took a nap (watching some Yo Gabba Gabba!) He slept for 75 minutes and Bernarob arrived just as he was waking. 

Rich went to get the floor mats.  Heavy duty rubber that will be great when we're out in the mud. Then, after Mass and the Park I'd told Rich I didn't want to leave the house again today.  So when he asked "are we going to go?" (after a mat for the dog in the car) I was less than pleased. It turned out there wasn't a satisfactory mat after all, so it was a waste of time.

Ouch! "The question is not whether Sotomayor will get through, but why the president felt so compelled to select her. If he was desperate to find a Latina, he should have found a wise one."

Apparently she's in the Harriet Myers league. I listened to Rush some today and he quoted an answer to a question about precedent that she completely didn't answer with a lot of evasion or missing the point.

Boxer is a Racist. And gets called on it, too. What a stupid woman she is.

Finally, it's my Mom's birthday. She would have been 94. I miss her.

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Sat, Jul 18th - 11:17PM

July 15: Babysitting

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 563
191.8 miles
over 100

112 recordings of 42 types. Mostly these are kids' shows, since I didn't know what Gareth might like. Turns out he really likes Yo Gabba Gabba!

Bernadette and Robert were invited to a Tears For Fears concert in Los Gatos and yes, I was happy to keep Gareth overnight. They came by about noon to drop him off.  The baby was cheerful all day, but he didn't actually go to sleep for his nap. Therefore I ended up feeding him dinner early and putting him to bed early. He did cry, but went to sleep.

He didn't eat that much, either, during the day. I gave him a little mushed up peach which was fine. He had "Baby Dal" (TASTY!) for dinner and then yogurt. I discovered that moths like formula, and since the Similac had been sitting since April, it was useless. They also had at the rice cereal.  So all I had to offer for drink was apple juice and water. He didn't seem to be interested.

Bernadette forgot the jammies, no problem. 

The baby walked around and played and played in the living room. He can climb on the couch. He discovered he could make the red light go on on our tape deck, and look, he can make the "copy tape" one blink... and I couldn't figure out how to make it STOP copying except by pulling the plug! I put him in the playroom so I could go to the bathroom, and he screamed. He was OK while I was in there with him, though. He was good in the playpen, but as I said, he didn't sleep, just watched TV. Yo Gabba Gabba really got his attention. I'll make sure I have some tapes for him next time he comes. He likes the dog. (Pharaoh also likes him!)

After his dinner we took him across the street and he walked and walked all over the neighbor's back yard.  When I took him back across the street, I decided his hair smelled, and so even though I'd not planned on giving him a bath, he had one, in the sink. He didn't think much of that. I had Rich hold him while I moved the playpen into the playroom, and then I put him in and read him a story. He cried, as promised, for about 10 minutes, then went to sleep with the little sob hiccups. When I checked him at 11 the sobs were gone... he was so quiet and still I felt him to be sure he was warm.

Oh, and I found the best pair of reading glasses that I lost before our trip, in the playroom.

Well, duh.

Good, I hope somebody nails that bastard...

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Fri, Jul 17th - 5:54PM

July 14: Happy Anniversary!

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 563
191.8 miles
over 100

Happy 13th Anniversary to Monica and Mark!

100 recordings of 33 types.

To our utter surprise, our car insurance is going down. That's because the new car has a lot of safety features. I really like being higher up and I do think we'd stand a better chance of surviving a collision.

Our neighbor, the recent widower, is putting in new windows. He also improved his heater-air conditioner a little before we did.  With his new girl friend a realtor, I wonder if he's getting ready to sell. I'd miss him.

Janean Guy at 5:38am July 14: "Well, I suppose other presidents hav done similar things. But it does seem to me that Obama, especially during a time of economic crisis, is spending a lot of taxpayer money unnecessarily and allowing the unemployed to watch him flaunting his wealth while they're have to do without! And I hate to sound nasty, but it appears that he enjoys this!"

I decided I needed to do some proofing, instead of spending all my time on Facebook. I needed to get back into the proper rank v. pages proofed position in P1. I started in 856th place with 848 pages proofed. I decided to go with a Mammals of Washington book that had 326 pages left. I did 10 pages, one an hour, and ended up in 848th place.

0bama Comes to Michigan Tea party.  Well, not exactly.

0bama is not only throwing out the first pitch, he's commenting on the all-star game?  Can't he just SHUT UP one single day??

Sotomayor's nose grows longer.

Another reason to buy a Ford, and to buy it NOW.

Hoss Says at July 14th, 2009 at 9:30 am: "Obama can’t spend this country into third-world status quick enough."

45 years ago I was on Rocky Boy Indian Reservation.  Health care was  a nightmare, they had to go 190 miles to a different reservation for care, so there were lots of birth defects.  It appears that nothing has changed with this Government run program.

@PoliticalMath Best argument against health care reform: Congress is rewriting it faster than CBO can analyze it

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Fri, Jul 17th - 11:58AM

July 13: Hi-Yo

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 563
191.8 miles
high 90s

100 recordings of 33 types.

First thing this morning, I got a call from the Ford dealership checking what size trailer hitch we wanted. I decided a medium, not a small.  This gives us more options. Then Rich went bowling and then we waited. Finally we called, are they ready, and yes they were!

The Old and the New     Hi-Yo

Rich had said I could drive it home, but I looked at the traffic and decided no, I didn't need to. He says I drove Edgar home first. That I don't remember but I do remember being the first to drive our big white van home to Blytheville from the Missouri bootheel where we bought it. I'll drive it tomorrow.

We took it to Elk Grove to show off to Bernarob. They park their car in the garage, which is quite unamerican of them, so we weren't sure they were home.  Then they were lying low because they thought we were salesmen, but eventually we smoked them out and showed off Hi-Yo.  In turn, they showed off what's going on in their back yard. *Sniff* they've lost the Secret Garden. 

We stopped at Carl's Jr. (I tried the Teriyaki $6 Burger) and then came home. The neighbors like the new car, too.


michellemalkinRT @jimmiebjr: Graham's going to roll like a log under a lumberjack. | Yep
BOTeleprompterBig Guy asking why Sens told Sotomayor to read Constitution, like it has anything to do with job balancing Scalia.
michellemalkinSchumer: Sotomayor's record bespeaks "judicial modesty." Schumer being the expert on modesty...
IMAO_"Harry Potter and the Lengthy Confirmation Hearings"
IMAO_"Harry Potter and the New Pointless, Broom-Based Sport"
@andylevy: If the purpose of #Sotomayor hearing is to remind me how much I hate the Senate, it's working perfectly.
isfullofcrapInstead of renewing your driver's license, it's less hassle just to witness a Mafia hit and enter Witness Protection Program.
MajoratWHWH also says "it is possible that consumers" will soon buy cars and appliances "they have put off buying since the recession began."
(yeah, but not for the reason they think. I'm worried about inflation, myself.

A few thoughts on the Encyclical. I really have to read this.

Wow. Jaw-dropper.

How Hillary Thanks New York.

Aw, the staffers are tired.

"Justice" Department.


PALIN-BASHING IS WOMEN-BASHING? Don’t be silly. She’s not a woman, she’s a Republican.

Comment at Michelle Malkin's site:
And I said that I wouldn’t be watching the game after all. Yes, that man’s ego is pretty much out of control, isn’t it. For the love of God, mr president, get out of my face!!! He can’t let a single day go by. Of course, he is just playing at being POTUS. He has czars to actually run the  country. 

Another: "It’s also occurring to me with his “sorry about that, guys” apology and, oh, bumping his head on Marine One, trying to re-enter the White House from a window instead of a door, not knowing how many states there are during the campaign, naming Bill Gates his Secretary of Defense and other grand Obamateurisms (hat top: Hot Air), we have apparently elected Maxwell Smart as President of these United States." 

Green Choice Fails in Austin 

Ben Stein:
"When I think about the economy I think about a plump man who has just been hit by a truck while crossing a street and is in severely critical condition with internal bleeding. Instead of just stabilizing his hemorrhaging, the doctor decides that while the patient is unconscious, he might as well also do a face lift, some coronary bypasses and a stomach-stapling to keep him from gaining weight while he is recovering (if he does recover). After all, a crisis is not to be wasted. . . . Maybe we should just concentrate on ending the recession and talk about the other plans later. Let’s consider just how much uncertainty is good for the economy."

Rich Galen: "One or all will see this as further evidence that America's leaders are more focused on scoring cheap domestic political points than protecting the nation from outside attacks. I don't believe that to be true,"

*I* do. Instapundit says it looks like clowns all the way down.

Tigerhawk: “Call me a cynic, but I am not in the least surprised that a couple of weeks after Barack Obama’s strong approval/disapproval ratings took a turn to the unfavorable and Obamacare is looking less like a lead pipe cinch it is suddenly time to investigate the Bush administration.”

Facebook censorship

Reading: Rousseau and Revolution, What If? edited by Robert Cowley, the Bible (Nahum), Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg, Don Quixote, The World According to Bertie, Alexander McCall Smith, Low-Carb Dieting for Dummies, Katherine B. Chauncey.

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Thu, Jul 16th - 8:01PM

July 12: At Home

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 560
191.8 miles
heating up

101 recordings of 35 types.

I've been feeling a little wonky, a little digestive trouble (or a heart attack, but I doubt it) for a couple of days, so I stayed home from church. I didn't miss the new pastor, anyway, as we had our half-a-priest. He's nice, but not a great speaker. I spent all day on the 'net. By the end of the day, I was feeling better.

Oh, geeze. You want volunteers? This is not the way to get them.

"When media organs fail to fulfill their basic responsibilities, they degenerate quickly into democracy's undertaker." Caroline Glick.    

Who wrote 0bama's second book?
"I would argue that Ayers played Cyrano to Obama's Christian.  His personal history was too ugly for him to woo Roxane/America himself.  But Obama -- "articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy," as Joe Biden reminded us -- could and did make America's heart melt."

[Will Roxane learn the truth?]

Friday Night Document Dump

Typical 9th Circus 

Ed Morrissey:
"When a candidate offers platitudes on the stump and avoids specifics, most people consider it smart politics — keeping options open and offending few.  When a President continues to offer the same platitudes after more than five months in office and in the middle of a deepening economic crisis, it becomes clear that the Oval Office has nothing but platitudes to offer."


Holder on prosecuting Bush, not prosecuting Black Panthers.

The San Jose Tea Party

Reading lists.  (a lot more grownup than mine).  More.

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Wed, Jul 15th - 9:42AM

July 11: Geocaching Party in Folsom

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 560
191.8 miles

100 recordings of 36 types.

We decided that the car would be OK going to Folsom. Our neighbor came over to make sure that we didn't need a car, since she read the one Facebook entry about the car leaking. It turned out we were fine, and out to Folsom we went.

We found an unbelievably close parking place.  Pharaoh was delightful. We hooked him to a table and he was just happy to be there. No barking, not too much trouble.  Here he's playing with a mini-sheltie Tavvie.  There was a dalmation who was a bit more aggressive, but these two just played. Tavvie has a playpen to stay in when he's tired.

I went over to get the library cache which was nice, and went to the zoo, which I also enjoyed. The bears at the Folsom Zoo are employed by the U.S. Government to test bear-proofing.  This saves other bears' lives... if they don't get food from people, they won't bother people.  There's also a feral cat exhibit.  The cats look happy.  Poor things.

Rich won a raffle prize, a cache that's a bit of log.  Nice. We had a chance to go for some other caches, but Rich didn't feel like it.  Didn't bother me! And so home.

Tea Party Sign of the Week.

San Diego Protest.

Roger L. Simon: I like the first comment... "he also probably does not know how to respond to tough challenges. After all, Obama has essentially had everything given to him on a silver platter since his late teen years. Failure may be too much to endure. There is at least a 50/50 chance that he will resign before the end of his term."

He had a bad week, but I wouldn't count him out yet. I like all the "he's insane" posts, though.

Fingers crossed.

Rex Murphy:

that had he run on (a) transforming the U.S. economy by massive federal government intervention, (b) taking an owner’s stake in the automobile industry, (c) transforming the rules of America’s energy economy, (d) instituting a national health-care system - all of these simultaneously and in the centre of a financial meltdown - Barack Obama wouldn’t merely have lost the election, he wouldn’t have got as many votes as gnarly old Ross Perot did in an election long past.

Practice what you preach!

At Facebook: "Robert Rummel-Hudson Northwest Airlines has a very innovative approach to even the smallest customer service requests, a philosophy best summed up as 'Fuck you.'"


Instapundit: "I’m beginning to feel that this business of shoveling money out to cronies isn’t really helping the economy as much as was promised."

Yeah, the Stimulus is working like we intended. The Bush Stimulus v. 0bama's

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Wed, Jul 15th - 7:15AM

The only comments I get are from ads.  Is anyone other than Rich here?
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Tue, Jul 14th - 7:21PM

July 10: Committed

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 560
191.0 miles

93 recordings of 31 types.

"What are we going to do about the car?" "I don't know, are we ready?" And so we called for an appointment back at Ford. When we went down, at 1:30, Ray was dealing with a group of City Suits.  He sent them off to another room and in the next two hours we decided what we wanted: a silver Escape with a tow hitch, a paint-and-fabric coating (which has been on Edgar), 4 cylinder, and DECENT CUPHOLDERS! 0% financing, and nothing down, not even the registration and other State stuff, which we thought would be about $3000. In a separate transaction, they are buying Edgar for less than we hoped, but it's OK. We signed papers and papers and more papers, and got out about 2 hours later. We explained to the finance person that if Ray did anything wrong, we'd tell his mommy.  We also totally cracked her up with another comment.  There are 49 payments of $4xx.25 and a final payment of $4xx.40 which we referred to as a "balloon payment."

The car is coming up from Rio Vista, and the trailer hitch and coating will go on on Monday, and we can have it Monday afternoon!

Tonight Rich had a Sharing God's Bounty meeting and we had the first play of our Music Circus season. So I drove him down to the meeting and drove a further two blocks to the parking. I backed into the parking place (I had some trouble with it and revved the engine at one place.) Then, when I got out of the car, I saw water coming out. A lot of water, a lot more than the usual A/C condensation. It made a rivulet along the parking floor. It was a light green, oh my, what have I done?  Obviously, Edgar was expressing his displeasure with being replaced.

I walked to the meeting and told Rich, then we ate and talked, and then when the meeting was over, we walked back to the garage and I showed him. He decided we could probably get home. The radiator overflow jug was empty, so that's where it came from. It was a relief knowing we'd probably get home in one piece, so we could enjoy "Thoroughly Modern Millie" at Music Circus.

I thought I'd seen this before, but it was entirely new to me. Rich recognized the "Modern Major General*" song on three notes (Ruddigore a month ago didn't hurt) and I didn't agree till they got to "matter, matter, matter..." Oh, yeah. Then I recognized the Waltz of the Flowers, way slowed down. There were subtitles when the "Chinese" people sang (my favorite actor was Ching Ho) that changed into Chinese when they were singing in English. This was all very funny, though I felt sorry for the Alabama orphan sold into white slavery at the very beginning.  The lead is a Sacramento native. They were great, and I really enjoyed the musical.
*Actually the really similar one with the different ending from Ruddigore.

We made it home in one piece. I had left three Facebook status postings that got buried fairly soon, so that Bernadette didn't actually know about the new car.

Jan Yarnot reports that the Codgermobile is a silver Ford Escape: coming up from Rio Vista, going to have a tow package installed (we don't have anything in mind, but we want to have the option), and paint and fabric protection: pick it up Monday. The dealer is a family friend, and if he messes with us we'll tell his mommy.
Jan Yarnot 0% down, 0% APR. Edgar resented this deal, and when I parked downtown after dropping Rich off at a meeting, liquid poured out. I thought it was coolant but apparently it was just water from the A/C. A lot more than the normal condensation. It has sprung a leak. However, Edgar, you're still getting traded off on Monday! I'll semi-miss the car, but a stick shift and the low profile ...
Jan Yarnot low profile (have to lever myself up out of it) plus the little things that are beginning to go wrong with the 7-yr-old car, meant it was time to change. Especially while $$ are still worth something. We got the car 6 months before we started geocaching, and it certainly isn't a caching vehicle. Besides, Edgar's cupholders are awful.

Sigh. And Michelle O. carries her nice expensive alligator purse.

Scrappleface: Popularity Stimulus Bill Deems 0bama Too Big to Fail.

Pelosi said the crisis of the president's sagging popularity demands immediate action because "if we don't act quickly, people will think this is a matter for careful analysis and sober reflection, and by the time all of that mulling and stewing is done, the opportunity to push through a huge spending bill may have passed."

The bill, which has "very nearly been written", she said, runs roughly 1,700 pages and should be available in printed form for review by legislators within 60 to 90 days of its passage.

Heh. Ann Coulter was right, they can't let her go.

Public Option car. The trouble with Scrappleface is that they are too close to reality. The real thing doesn't work, either.

Illinois politicians.


Hahahahaha!! The perfect title is "The 0bama Doctrine"

Attack from the left.  The comments in the quoted article are jaw-dropping. Glenn adds "He’s neglecting the superb opportunities for graft, though, in his assessment. Those make it very valuable indeed."


Reading: Rousseau and Revolution, What If? edited by Robert Cowley, the Bible (Nahum), Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg, Don Quixote, The World According to Bertie, Alexander McCall Smith, Low-Carb Dieting for Dummies, Katherine B. Chauncey

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Mon, Jul 13th - 11:34PM


The "war was declared on the US" script doesn't work, but I can get this one up, anyway.

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Mon, Jul 13th - 4:34PM

July 9: Codgermobile Shopping

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 555
190.3 miles

96 recordings of 31 types.

My weight is the same as last week, and blood pressure low.

Bernadette has started sleep training Gareth, and reports on day 3 he's sleeping!!

I went out to the Retreat Center, and Father David preached on Jesus trying to introduce a different economy.  It's what I've always called "God Math."  If you give love away, for instance, you have more. If you try to hoard it, you have nothing.

There was a lady who used to be at St. Philomene, who stopped to talk to me. She's now in Rocklin so goes up there most days, though she's been around to see Father H. leave and the new pastor.

When I got back, I took my marriage certificate over to the Social Security office. It was remarkably painless... I didn't have to wait very long and the lady made a few computer moves and photocopied the certificate and let me go. The last time I was at SS was with my Mom, and it was long and painful, thank you. So now I guess I'll get my Medicare card in October. Then the fun of getting a doctor comes up. And I have to see the current one after all, just to be sure I get my blood pressure meds renewed.

Edgar, our little car, has been getting on my nerves more and more. Driving a stick isn't as much fun as it used to be. It's really hard to get out of the car. It hasn't much clearance which means there are very few dirt roads we feel comfortable on, and that's not good for caching.  We started geocaching after we'd had the car 6 months, so we didn't know that we'd want something higher. The thing that really was the last straw, though, was the stupid cupholder. The electric plug is right over mine. With the GPSr plugged in, I have to use a wire thing Rich made. It's all right... except for when I knock against it and it falls off and drops liquid all over the floor. The last time it happened I cussed the car out till the air was blue all around it. We've been talking about getting a new one, a small SUV, for awhile, and with the car registration coming up, it seemed like time. There's 156K miles on this car. We had the clutch problem last year, and now there are little things falling apart, like 2 of the doors don't work on the electronic key, for instance.  Usually our cars go longer than 7 years, but another consideration is the economy: best to spend now while we still can.

So, yesterday was the day to start looking. Rich had done some internet research and had three models in mind: the Ford Escape, Honda CRV, and Mazda Tribute. Our first stop was at Downtown Ford, where the owner, whose family is at St. Philomene, knows us. He's been nagging at Rich to buy one of his cars for years. Every time I've gone to a Ford dealership before, they've been rude or dismissive, but we haven't tried these people. (And we aren't going to buy a Government Motors car.) We were greeted by Julian, who happily showed us an Escape and took us for a test drive.  Hmm. It's really nice. And I was reminded that we are going to want a trailer hitch!

I found a baby praying mantis on the car so missed some of the discussion while I was taking it to some vegetation. I needed both hands for the bug, so couldn't take a picture.  Then, when we got back from the drive, I stopped for a minute to take some notes on price. Meanwhile, the owner/friend had spied Rich and pretty well whisked us off.  We shrugged goodbye to Julian.  Ray talked to us about cars and financing, promising to do right by us. He mentioned a very appealing 0%.

Then we left and went to the Honda place. I started out prejudiced immediately because they are where the trap-shooting club used to be. I shouldn't blame the car dealership, since it's the City that sold off the public land at Del Paso Park for this business. Then we had a salesman who was rather bored with the whole thing, showed us a CRV (it had one feature I liked, the parabolic mirror so you can watch the kids in the back seat, but the cupholders weren't all that great.)  I didn't like it as much... it seems smaller side to side. I want a little more room.

Because I had the Social Security thing to do today, I wanted to go to Mazda today.  OUt in Roseville, where we bought Edgar, we talked to Tony.  He took us to see the Tribute (which is pretty much the Escape) but he was really pushing the Subaru Forester. It's a very nice car. We test-drove it, too... and drove it up on a curb, which is something we do far too often in the little car. I liked the Forester a lot, too.  Rich, however, was convinced by the financing. At the Mazda store we would get a bonus for coming back to the same place, but they don't have the 0% financing.  Besides, it's nice to stick with friends, all else being equal.

Then after the "hurry up" of yesterday, today nothing happened. We did get a call from Honda... I think a different salesman since this one actually sounded interested. But Rich had been going to check options on the Escape, but didn't.

I fixed a Thai-style chicken in lettuce wrap today, and needed honey. Exploring through the pantry, I found stuff that has to be at least 20 years old. It had the USDA stamp on it, so we must have picked it up at a food drive, which we used to go to for my Mom. It's very dark, but probably OK. However, I threw it out. I ended up using a KFC package of honey, not enough but it was good. I used sate sauce rather than what Rachael Ray said, anyway. Good meal!

BOTeleprompterBig Guy is asking Berlusconi about his secret with the ladies, because fewer women have been fainting at our events lately.
JTlolAt 12:34:56 on 7/8/9, I'm going to do 10 shots. It's my last day as a school bus driver anyway.
IMAO_A penny saved will just clutter up your pocket.
IMAO_A bird in the hand will screech and peck a lot more than two in the bush.

Putin's Patsy

Piddling Away Greatness:

Alas, Obama is probably the most impulsive man ever to sit in the big chair in la Casa Blanca; he appears allergic to debate, discussion, deliberation, contemplation, thinking things through, weighing consequences, examining the pros and cons, hearing from all sides before making a decision — and of course retrospection.
(A comment)
Supreme self-confidence on top of an utter lack of experience, knowledge and competence. It’s a combination that you often see in college freshman. It’s terrifying when you see it in POTUS.

Cicero43 on July 8, 2009 at 1:39 PM

junyo: "In a lot of cities, deer are basically large rats. And the populations are out of control thanks to blissninnies and the lack of hunters."
"blissninnies".  I love it.

What our California government is doing.

Don Surber writes about Iran: "All that it takes for evil to succeed is for an American president to refuse to meddle."

Another Bad Report:

Reports show the government is doing a terrible job on roads and bridges, schools and VA hospitals — and yet President Obama wants to expand the government’s role in health care.

It is like asking for second helpings when one has not finished the meal.

There is some thought that the HuffPo planted question made the press corps coverage a little less worshipful of the 0bamessiah ... don't diss Helen. Also reporters have 401Ks too.

Health Care Counterprotest.

Andrew Breitbart:

Every single American, regardless of their politics, should be frightened by what’s happened to Sarah Palin. I truly believe that if they knew just how false the impression of her is they’ve been spoon fed for the sake of ratings, political agenda and, as she herself said, “blood sport,” there would be an uprising.

Claudia Rosett

Iran. (0. did a better job with his fly.)


 He ran as different kind of politician than he’s governing as. He hopes to ram through stuff that will cement his position before the rubes catch on. It’ll be close.

New York legislators fire nearly 200 workers over race.

The Pedodent?  Frankly, I don't want him looking at me, either.

 Eric asks: Why does 0bama hate us?

Michelle has a beautiful alligator purse (!) "The First Lady, who has impressed with her chic, affordable style sense," Blech.

Interesting video.

Reading: Rousseau and Revolution, What If? edited by Robert Cowley, the Bible (Micheah), Beyond the Biography of Jesus: The Journey of Quadratos by Alexander J. Shaia, Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg, Don Quixote, The World According to Bertie, Alexander McCall Smith, Low-Carb Dieting for Dummies, Katherine B. Chauncey.

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Sun, Jul 12th - 7:50AM

July 8: The Squeeze Inn and the ADA

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 552
190.3 miles
warming up, 88

I was kind of looking forward to 12:34:56 7/8/9... our former neighbor loved this sort of thing and must have been ecstatic today. Of course, when the time came, I completely forgot.

99 recordings of 34 types.

Yesterday my last link was "ARGH"!! Sometimes it seems like we're cursed... we go to special spots in Northern California and the next month there's a fire. We go to the Squeeze Inn, and now it might have to close for a lawsuit.

Now I agree the ADA has its good points. Paul, in Texas, took a picture of some trees and poles right in the middle of the sidewalk with no room for a wheelchair. Accessible codes are needed. But the Squeeze Inn is small, and should be grandfathered. They make accommodations, do have a patio in back and will take an order to the car.

Some people are professional plaintiffs. Safetyville nearly closed, which would have been sad. They did succeed in closing down a gym in Rancho Cordova.  Sometimes it seems it's not only for the money, but it's  jealousy --- "if I can't do it, neither can anyone else!"

 Kimberly Block has sued a lot of people, and it's hardly surprising that people suspect she's in it for the money. The lawyer has quite a reputation, as well. It's probably a good thing they aren't in it for the popularity! 

A couple of other stories, and a Forum.

Apparently the SI is going to move.  The lawyer and the plaintiff will get what they want, but everyone else is a loser. The charm of the Squeeze Inn is squeezing in, lost.  Other disabled people lose, too.  They are regarded with suspicion anywhere they go. California is big on ADA suits. And this is a preview of what will happen with all the nanny laws and nuisance laws coming down the pike.

It just makes me mad.  Where's my country?

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Sat, Jul 11th - 7:54AM

I was going to be caught up yesterday. If you're busy, there's no time to write. If you have time to write, there's nothing to write about.

Is anyone other than Rich here? Please leave a comment. I had one comment, but it was spam.
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Thu, Jul 9th - 11:17PM

July 7: Brrrrrrrr....

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 547
190.3 miles
80s, cold at night

102 recordings of 34 types.

Today the air conditioner expert came by to make sure our new unit was working.
The house was at 72 when he arrived, since we had the windows open. And then, in order to check the ducts, he t-t-t-turned it on.  Brrrrr.

Tonight I watched (and enjoyed) the new reality show, The Great American Road Trip.  So far they haven't gone to the part of Rte. 66 we were on most recently (though it was fun to see Lincoln's home in Springfield.) Looks like a fun summer series.

I went out to watch the space station again, just as the full moon was rising.

Eric :"If I didn't know any better, I'd almost think we had a president who liked socialist dictators."

Victor Davis Hanson, Our Chrysalis Stage

We are being run now by film critics not directors, book reviewers not writers, music columnists, not musicians.
The irony is that the muscular classes carry the regulating and talking classes on their backs. They don’t mind being whipped occasionally and even bridled, but like any good mule will suddenly stop and no longer move when they feel the rider either does not know where he is going, or is going to kill the mule with his switch, spurs, and yanking on the bit.


And on Michael Jackson: @allahpundit: "Nothing says taste and class like Mariah Carey caterwauling in a plunging neckline onstage with a corpse."

The Other McCain:

Michael Jackson's death is not a "tragedy," as the idiots on TV insist on calling it.He died like a plastic-surgery addled pedophile freak.

No to IOUs : The financial sector has just delivered a message to California, roughly translated as, “Quit working on cow tails and apologies to long-dead people.”

Who put Joe in Charge of the Lights? "let’s recall why Obama picked Biden.  After Obama fumbled his response to the Russian invasion of Georgia, Obama needed someone to give him foreign policy credibility."

Ace :

 He is a naif who still believes in the fantasies he and his fellow lefties bandied about in coffee houses. The world simply needs to listen to them and the milk of human kindness will flow and Gaia will shine forth sweetness and light. This unfortunately fails to take into account the "complete bastard" factor, i.e. in any society whoever acts as the most "complete bastard" will trample all the bunnies and unicorns on the way to power.

How's the cake? (As in Marie Antoinette).

The Pope wrote a new encyclical. Faith, Hope, and now he's done "Charity."  No, actually, he did charity and hope, and now it's charity again. This one, what I've read of it, is fairly challenging so far... I kinda wish he'd done faith instead!

The Anchoress on 0bama in Russia:

Our “sophisticated” and “world-traveled” president is, in fact, coming from a very provincial, self-satisfied and narrow place. The depths of his introspection leads Obama to conclude about himself that he doesn’t like his golf game.

Putin managed to diss The Won. Heh.


There were lots of tea parties on the weekend, and there are reports from Atlanta, and a video of  Washington, and Chicago.

ARGH !!!

Reading: Rousseau and Revolution, What If? edited by Robert Cowley, the Bible (Micheah), Beyond the Biography of Jesus: The Journey of Quadratos by Alexander J. Shaia, Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg, Don Quixote, And No Birds Sang, Farley Mowat, Low-Carb Dieting for Dummies, Katherine B. Chauncey.

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Thu, Jul 9th - 7:29AM

July 6: Paperless Office

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 547
190.3 miles

108 recordings of 44 types.

It was c-c-c-cold last night, and Rich kept moving over, a fact I didn't notice till I went to turn over, and there he was. I tried moving him gently, I tried kicking him over, and no way, so I came out and kipped out on the couch. I'd put the dog out, and put the cat out, and so had a lot of peace interrupted by little whines and scratches at the door.

Today was the day I had the phone interview with the Social Security people to apply for Medicare. It was supposed to be at 1, but the phone rang at 12:30.  The woman introduced herself, and in about 15 minutes we determined that I don't want my SS benefits till next year (at 66 I'm eligible for 50% of Rich's) and I do want Medicare. I have to take in my wedding certificate. No problem. OK, that was moderately simple.

Then the phone rang at 1:20, and the young man was calling from Social Security. I had a few moments of panic till he found that yes, indeed, they'd already talked to me. The only thing I think I mentioned to the woman that would have been sensitive was my mother's name, but I was picturing ID theft and all kinds of hassles.  He said not to take the certificate in today, first of the month lines.

How nice they've gone paperless. I got Yet Another Letter from them in the mail. This was to tell me that they've denied SSI to me.  The reason, I indicated I didn't want SSI. 

These are the people I want in charge of my health care, yeah right.

I did see the space station go across the sky (so FAST!) tonight.  For some reason, that's exciting.

Somehow I lost all the links: Here's an attempt to recover them.

A Picture Worth a Thousand Words

Very funny! I'm not sure, but I think I just went on a date.

Bill Whittle: When Politicians Go Bad. (video)

California legislature, how they spend their time. Not that the guys in Congress are any better.

A Tale of Two Circuses.

Heh.  Should the Government Keep Throwing Money Down a Hole?

You thought it was about science, Dr. Aldrin?

37000 at Dallas Tea Party?

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Wed, Jul 8th - 2:02PM

July 5: Music Man

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 547
190.3 miles

104 recordings of 40 types.

We got the new priest at Mass this morning.  So far so good. He seems very friendly, very reverent, and happy to be with us.

Then this afternoon we went over to Davis for "The Music Man."  Traffic was a bear, and we didn't actually get in till the first song. These folks just get better and better. They had someone I've never seen (experienced director and choreographer, apparently) for Harold Hill, and instead of the owner playing the Mayor (he's great) someone else did who is equally good, and Mrs. Paroo hasn't been there before either.  All were good and the dancing was terrific.

We saw somebody wearing a  "you have died of dysentery" t-shirt.  We rightly figured it was related to the Oregon Trail, but I thought it was one of the activities at a historic site, forgetting the computer game (which I believe I had for awhile.)

GoE's named chair was missing, the one they took out for the wheelchair people. Grumble.  I'm sure it's there when they don't have someone in a wheelchair.

Then we went to babysit so Rob could do some testing and a teleconference. Rich took a look at the sprinkler system while I played with the baby. He's learning so much!  (The baby, I mean, though Rich learned some things too.) I played putting the word blocks in a box, and I stacked the fabric blocks and put the yogurt cups on them, and kept giving him words, and played "thank you" again and again.  I fed him, and took him outside a little, and all of a sudden he was ready to sleep.  By which I mean he was tired, but he has a real hard time getting to sleep.  He really needed and wanted his mommy.  Eventually, after a number of tries and cries, he fell asleep and we carried him to bed. We got home about 8:30.

A Palin roundup, and more about the Inspector General mess, and When Vice Presidents Attack (video).

August 8 is "Sneak some Zucchini Onto Your Neighbor's Porch" Night, but we have so much we may have to celebrate early!

The National Debt roadtrip. This is a great video, but I can't find the "embed" code, so you gotta click it. 

Tea Party roundup.

Did 0bama score a Victory?
"So the Obama administration has not won a victory by forcing the Kang Nam to head back to North Korea. It has merely come out on top in the first episode of a multi-round game. And Obama’s Washington is perfectly capable of turning what should be a triumph into an unsatisfactory result or even a defeat."  (Voting "present" worked here.)

It's all Bush's Fault:

the stimulus failed because the trillion or so borrowed panicked the public and spooked the money men.
 It was high stakes poker and Obama went for an inside straight.

In February, Biden said: “If we do everything right, if we do it with absolute certainty, there’s still a 30 percent chance we’re going to get it wrong.”

The truth is, Obama is not up to the task at hand. He broke the bank with his borrowing.

And he does not know it.

He should have done absolutely nothing. Not a damned thing. Instead, he made the mess bigger.


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Tue, Jul 7th - 10:24PM

Fourth of July

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 547
190.3 miles
80s, breezy

98 recordings of 38 types.

We went to Novato for the parade. R.J. is on crutches from twisting his ankle in Belize (probably playing golf, he says.) Teddy was in a vile mood till Rich threatened to sit on him. When Bernarob arrived we got organized so that I went down to the parade with them. We parked about a half-mile away and walked to Grant Avenue. Meanwhile, Roni had driven the kids and men-folk down and dropped them off. She took Alex to wherever she had to be for the parade. Rich took Teddy and walked down to meet us, and then we walked the 4-5 blocks to where R.J. was sitting with the chairs. Once I was sure where everybody was, I left and checked out the tea party parade marchers. I thought there were only about 50, but when they passed I saw there were over 100, at least. (And a lot of people were clapping and cheering with me.) A woman gave me a blue Bay Area Patriot bracelet. Then I re-joined the family.

This is the Pini Hardware Plunger Drill Team. That's one of the standard things in this parade, along with the Bassett Waddle and the Nave Patrola, and then the tanks from the military vehicles collector. (Oh, and the druids and the Peace Doves, but I don't miss them when I don't see them) Teddy got lots of candy, and Gareth walked around a bit.

He was beginning to fade, and I'd seen what I wanted (Pini Hardware, Nave Patrola, Bassett Waddle and the Tea Party people) so we went on back to the house. The rest of the family came about a half hour later. By this time the playpen was set up, but Gareth was not ready to sleep. He got passed back and forth, and finally he was really ready. I put him into the playpen and eventually left him. He was standing, alone... and would have gone down except that Rob went in and talked to him. Of course, then he cried, and Rob picked him up and it was all over. I was annoyed: he keeps sabotaging any efforts to get Gareth to sleep through the night, and while it was understandable (both parents are the babies of the family and haven't been around them, so every cry is a heart-tug) it's irritating.

I had to get out, so this was the time Rich and I went to get our cache-of-the-day. (Not for a streak, this time, but because it's the Fourth.) I'd done a puzzle that involved reading numbers and using a phone pad to change them into words. It didn't give coordinates but a phone number, and said it was a pay phone in West Novato. It helped that the first-to-finders had attracted the attention of the cops so there was an entry in the Novato Advance last November, that said where they were. So we went off to the 2000 block of Novato Boulevard, and yes there's a pay phone there with yes! the right number. Then it took us quite awhile to actually find the cache, but finally we had it in hand. We also went for another one, also a goodie.

Back at the house, the baby was still not asleep. He was playing on the deck with a box of sticks and a watering can, putting the sticks in the can and taking them out. He's also stacking them. I got left with him, and when he decided he really wanted to taste the jade plant, I gave him back to his mother, who was finally getting the house tour.

He finally went to sleep, in the play pen, and that, of course, is when all the company came. There were lots of them, old friends from work and also neighbors, as well as family. A nice gathering. Robert took over the barbeque-ing as R.J. is crippled up. He made absolutely terrific tri-tip. Then there were ribs after most of the dinner was eaten. I ate too much, too many carbs, too much fat, too much cholesterol. But it was Sooooo good.

R.J.'s brother has a big contract in SoCal, and R.J.'s mother has upcoming eye surgery which is scaring her. Actually, I think her husband's death is finally really getting to her. I'll have to call next week and see how she's doing.

Bay Area Patriots     IMG_3969

Gareth     Alex

The party broke up about 5-5:30 and we headed home. We walked with Pharaoh over to the golf course to watch their fireworks again, and he was quite calm about them. It was a good show, and we could also see some of CalExpo's show low on the horizon.

Scrappleface on Iran.

Video: National debt road trip.

North Korea Pops Off Another Missile.

Barry needs to apologize TO America, not FOR America.

Happy Independence Day to all!
I’m sure Obama is very concerned. I’m also sure he’s completely clueless.

Mr. President, this is what the critics really say!

News from Iran.

Tea Party news.

Storm Clouds on the Fourth of July.

The Brilliant Strategery of Sarah Palin.

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Tue, Jul 7th - 4:00PM

Pixar's Partly Cloudy

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Tue, Jul 7th - 2:36PM

July 3: Exercise Machine

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 547
184.5 miles

100 recordings of 39 types.

I felt the need to actually get out of the house and away from the computer and to exercise Pharaoh, too. Back before Rich retired, I used to take Sailor out almost every day, then I walked with him and Sailor most days, but eventually it was their daily trip to the softball complex and I only came along sometimes.  Then both of them got old, somehow, and now Rich only bikes over. Pharaoh, however, a young dog, needs more exercise.  So do I, of course.

We saw mockingbirds, recycling scroungers (this is illegal, but I'm not going to turn them in), a new shade at the Renfree Field playground (but still nowhere to park for it) and a new backstop at Arcade Junior High's baseball field. And I walked a little over 2 miles. I used to do a lot more with Sailor, so must do more than that.  But I'll break in gradually.


Stunner! Palin resigns! I'm totally gobsmacked. Tweets:

  1. IMAO_My guess is a scandal. Those wolves she was shooting from a helicopter - they were actually Eskimos.
  2. JTlolShe's resigning to join the writing staff on the Late Show with David Letterman.
  3. JTlolWow, Huckabee just threw McCain under that bus: "There was absolutely no enthusiasm for the ticket until Sarah Palin was announced." Truth.

The Anchoress did a big summary:

Howard Kurtz, who had no issue with Obama resigning from his first term as Senator, declares that Palin’s resignation destroys her political career and forever keeps the WH out of her reach.
CNN dragged kicking and screaming into coverage; had initially stayed with the Jackson story! 4:23 PM
"Every one - all 15 of the ethics complaints have been dismissed. We've won! But it hasn't been cheap - the State has wasted THOUSANDS of hours of YOUR time and shelled out some two million of YOUR dollars to respond to "opposition research" - that's money NOT going to fund teachers or ... Read Moretroopers - or safer roads. And this political absurdity, the "politics of personal destruction" ... Todd and I are looking at more than half a million dollars in legal bills in order to set the record straight. And what about the people who offer up these silly accusations? It doesn't cost them a dime so they're not going to stop draining public resources - spending other peoples' money in their game."

 Rich was out selling fireworks and at home the Internet suddenly stopped working. It took me some time to realize I'd accidently turned it off myself. Oops.

Rich put the old Boy Scout flagpole up. Then today he flew the flags. We probably should have California's flag upside down.

There were fireworks tonight at the Rivercats game (they won). We could hear them,  and Pharaoh wasn't bothered.

Hunter Smith:
They cannot understand why the US is condemning the actions of their government, claiming that democratic procedures must be followed, even though they have followed their constitutional process.

(I wonder where the Honduras military is when we need them...)

Number of Protesters for the New Government:

Tegucigalpa - 55,000
Choluteca - 25,000
San Pedro Sula - 50,000

Number of Protesters against the New Government:

Tegucigalpa - 3,000

Oh, yeah, these are the people I want in charge of my health care. (As a side note, "Killing Time" was the great bookstore near my sister that Barnes&Noble chased out..)

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Mon, Jul 6th - 10:52PM

July 2: Squeeze Inn

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 547
182.4 miles

91 recordings of 42 types.

Mass out at the Retreat House had a theme of "trust"... something I'd already thought about on my way out there. I'm not sleeping well, partly because I'm so upset about the country.  Gotta leave it in God's hands and trust He knows what he's doing.  The first reading at Mass was about Abraham being asked to sacrifice
Isaac.  I started to think what their life must have been like after this event.  Surely Isaac regarded his father with a lot more suspicion for the rest of his life.  Then his wife betrayed him when he was old and blind, so that his second son got the inheritance instead of his favorite.  What a life.

Then we went down to see Bernadette and Gareth for a little while. I was going to get a wading pool to them, but then I remembered that Rob's mother brought one down.  We did get swim diapers and a pump for the pool, and a couple of rubber duckies.  We stayed for about an hour (the baby is such fun, he's always happy to see me and comes to play with me) and then went to lunch at the  Squeeze Inn.  We've known about it since long before "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives" mentioned it, but have never had the occasion to go. Today was the day. We had to wait in line about a half hour (during which time Rich went and moved the car because McDonald's will tow it. There's a resident tow truck there! Oops!) Then we were lucky enough to find a place at the (8-stool) counter instead of having to go on the patio.  Squeezing in is part of the experience.

We both ordered the Squeeze/cheese. Good thing we didn't order a double!  They set up with the bun and fixings, and when he turns the burger, he sticks 3 (three!) big handsful of shredded cheese on top, then puts the grill cover over them.  The patty comes out with this shell of baked cheese all over it with a frill extending out from the bun... it is SO GOOD, a coronary on the hoof. Loved it. The whole experience was great fun.

I posted this with the comment "well, OK, then.  The recession's over. Whew." and got this comment:

Money to save jobs - what BS. Stockton had hoped to get $5.5M (just $5.5M out of $787B = .0007%) of those funds to save the jobs of 55 uniformed police officers that just got dismissed. Guess what, not a single dollar made it. Stockton, with the 2nd. highest violent crime rate in the state, shouldn't have laid off police. They should have found something else. It all came down to a pissing contest between the city manager/mayor and the police union.

The "stimulus" program has wasted a whole lot more than $5.5M flying OB around to town hall meetings to LIE to the people by telling them it's working.

I was watching "Pitchmen", which I never would have done except for Billy Mays' death. Ooooh, look, it's San Jose!  With Leonardo's horse! (That was the Tool Bandit) Yesterday I saw it in Granite Bay (for Green Now.) I'm sure I saw the Plater Grater last year... I'm guessing I didn't buy it.  I was really tempted, though.

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Sun, Jul 5th - 8:27AM

July 1: Second Half of the Year

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 547
182.4 miles
cooling, high 90s

90 recordings of 43 types.

Rich's totals for June and 2009:



























And: McDonald's toy, string of beads, Ice age mammoth toy, 2 small magnets, 2 tokens,. 2 pencils, pair of scissors, earring, 2 plastic bead bracelets, string clip, lego block, ID clip, barette, jumping half-ball, plastic fairy, cell phone, Mickey Mouse antenna ball, watchband, superball, pendant, lighter, pair of hinges, chain, 2 lug nuts, 3 glass drops, 8 mm combination wrench, 2 tire stem caps, 2 large, 7 small bolts for inset in concrete.

For me, 14 miles (OUCH!) in June, 2 pounds down (but this is a one-day anomaly, unfortunately), 16 pages, 2 books, 2 movies, 1 play, 8 Masses, including 2 funerals.

We found 86 caches (total 6326). We're 154th in the world, and 11th  locally. (Our last 30-day average has gone way down, but while we were doing the 100-day streak it was really high.)

I'm in 849th (out of 25,378 proofers) place in the first proofing round, with 848  pages proofed (5 in May)--this must not stand!, 10th (out of 2919) in P2 with 23494 pages, (1 last month), 430th of 736 in P3 with 469 (0 added) pages, and formatting 434th place (2364) with 1020 pages, (0 last month).

And in Flickr stats, there are about 72,140 views of my photostream.

I'm further behind in Flickr (the road trip didn't help here) and in proofing and I'm a few days behind on the journal again, but catching up. In Netflix, I watched Mrs. Miniver, The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, Mr. Deeds Goes to Town, Georgia Rule, and the first disk of Burn Notice.

The Price of U.S. Silence. And here's more.

There are lots of stories about cheap Mexico vacations, so that's good for Monica.  Roni is home from Belize. R.J. injured his knee, but it sounds like overall she had fun. The fact that their rental car's fuel line was cut sounds scary, though. It might have been the prelude to a robbery. They lucked out, however.

A "herd" of crab? (That's from Deadliest Catch.)

Here's a Schoolhouse Rock video: Tyrannosaurus Debt. One commenter says: "Did you see that itsy bitsy little? ole $5 Trillion debt? How cute! It's all grown up now though!"

Instapundit:  "Caligula sent a horse to the Senate. Minnesota is just sending part of the horse."

“When you take deadbeats and give them a free opportunity to get out of contractual obligations they willingly signed before God and country, a fairly reliable majority of them — and often a fillibuster-proof 60+ percent — end up deadbeating again. . . . So if these borrowers really are honest citizens who just need help getting back on their feet, the percentage of redefaulting loans should be going down, not up. That’s not the case, because they are not honest citizens. They’re deadbeats, and it’s time to stop pretending they can be anything else.”

Oy vey. 0bama says the stimulus has succeeded.  Well, all righty then.
Not so much. A couple of signs:

  1. "Impeach 0bama. I can think of a trillion reasons."
  2. "Your wallet: the one place Democrats are willing to drill"

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Fri, Jul 3rd - 9:16PM

Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Independence Day!

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Fri, Jul 3rd - 7:15PM

June 30: A Disappointment

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 547
182.4 miles
102 degrees

91 recordings of 43 types.

I dreamt a bit about the Mass and Liturgy service this morning, Father H.'s last official one. I was of two minds as to whether I would do. My dreams included my Birkenstocks, which I wore to Mass, even driving in them. (No I wouldn't do that.) I had decided to go. Then when I got into the car, the "check engine" light was on. In this heat, I really didn't want to take a chance of blowing the engine out 3 miles away, so I came home. I knew it could be just the gas cap, because I heard Rich say that... but I've also heard, recently, Rich worrying about the oil level. Hmmm. I didn't want to check the oil myself.

Later, after he was gone in the morning, gone to give blood, gone gone gone, Rich came home, and slept, but then he was purportedly awake. I wanted him to remove a wolf spider from the garden window and put it up, and he just sat there. The dog made trouble, and he just sat there. I was hungry, and I snapped, and I went out and got myself some lunch at Carl's Jr.

Webring is offering to download Geocities sites. Now they tell me. I messed around with it some, but I think I was in the wrong place. I uploaded 15 files, but then they had to be uploaded one at a time and the navigation is bad and the window won't expand, and I was having a terrible time with it.

In the mail, a scam letter, purportedly from Pepsi and Reader's Digest, and I'm a  "big winner." It's a version of a pigeon drop. Tomorrow it goes to the postmaster.

It's Iraqi takeover day.  Dictator 0bama is taking credit.  As Sarahww tweets:
Never well-wished freedom there. Never used the word "liberty". But Gibbs is right. It takes a strong man to eat softserve.
The Anchoress: "America was never supposed to be an adolescent-run, over-managed nanny state giving support to despots while backhanding democratic allies and treating elected officials (and their wives) like royalty. But that seems to be where we are headed."

Heh.  It's the Bulwer-Lytton Contest again.

I'm watching Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, and note in Santa Fe that we passed the Tecolote Cafe heading to the Tuneup!  Obviously we gotta go back!!


  1. jimgeraghty Right now on Drudge, there's exactly 1 link about Iran, about the regime's support for Iraq attacks. Regime outlasted the media's interest.
  2. allahpundit I think Franken getting elected is our modern American decadent equivalent to Caligula putting his horse in the Roman senate.
  3. JTlol Keep in mind that Franken actually made money on the radio. Okay, it was stolen from kids in the Bronx, but still.

Cap-n-trade flunks math.
Comment on an Allahpundit post about Limbaugh's assertion that 0bama would try a third term:

Stranger things have happened, AP. We did after all just elect a socialist who has quickly revealed his fascist dictatorial tendencies we were shouting about throughout the election. This is a guy who spent 20 years listening to an anti-white, anti-Semitic, anti-American loon who thinks the government created AIDs to kill blacks. He hung around with Hamas spokespeople. He launched his political career in the home of a terrorist. He told us he wants to spread the wealth and an uncovered interview revealed he’s disappointed that the civil rights movement didn’t get the courts involved in wealth redistribution. He vote “present” except when it came to saving the lives of babies who survived abortions.

This guy is a liar, and I’m sorry, but pure evil. It’s sad that so many still can’t see that.

My point is, it seems unthinkable that we would even elect a person like this. But we did. I don’t see the term limit being removed as any less likely.

Jim Treacher:

Defame a polite, soft-spoken beauty pageant contestant who holds the same opinion as the President of the United States and most of the voters in her own state: Hero.

Defame a hideously self-deformed pedophile who went insane and died of a self-induced drug overdose: Villain.

Al-jazeera slams 0bama?

Benefit Fairy!

Barney Frank and the Complicit Media.

Flagrant Con

Jimmy Fallon: “Barack Obama will be at the All-Star Game to throw out the first pitch, and Joe Biden will be on hand to commit the first error.”

Comment at Don Surber's blog:

Merkel knows socialist flim flam when she sees it, she grew up in East Germany for crying out loud. She has been struggiling for the last 4 years to get her country out of the socialist rut Germany had driven itself into. She’ll be damned if she is going to cripple germany’s economy with worthless stimulus lard so obama doesn’t look like a fool for destroying america’s economy. I don’t think Merkel loses a wink of sleep this silk wearing, wimp is giving her dirty looks, that’s the least of her worries.

It's Worse Than We are Being Told.
"It's interesting that while the economy was booming under Bush, the MSM kept telling us we were in a recession.  Now, when we really are in dire financial straits, the MSM is silent.  It's almost as if they have an agenda or something..

0bama picks the best friends.

Roger Simon asks  "Is 0bama Pro-Fascist?"

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Fri, Jul 3rd - 1:45PM

Great video....

Click it, you know you want to!

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Fri, Jul 3rd - 12:07AM



Playing with the image editor.  This is at Flickr, of course.

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Thu, Jul 2nd - 7:52PM

June 29: Happy Birthday, Gabe!

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 547
182.4 miles
102 degrees

When we went up to see him (we were supposed to be there to babysit so Niki's mom could be with her, but he came ahead of time and luckily Nick was there instead!) we fell in love with the house and I stopped agitating for them to move here. The place is just too perfect for them.

It's also the feast of Sts. Peter and Paul.

95 recordings of 44 types.

I had a long time with the computer today: Rich went bowling and then stayed forever at the fireworks stand.


  1. allahpundit First the A-list celebrities start dying, and naturally the D-listers follow the trend
  2. guypbenson Obama Energy Czar Carol 'Brownout' Browner still hasn't read the CapnTrade bill.
  3. allahpundit Isn't Texas famous for gun ownership? Where are all the dudes lining up at the side of the road to take potshots at this guy?

I wish.

Moe Lane says

You know, this is one of those times that I almost feel sorry for hyper-partisan Democrats. Can you imagine having to go through life having to pretend that this administration has any idea what it’s doing?

Does Barak 0bama Like Democracy?

The world revolves around his thoughts and opinions - the rest of us are just spear carriers in the opera of his life.

Amy Welborn is in Italy, and this  is a fun post.  Not quite Mt. Etna!

Nashville tea party

There are 867 sex offenders in this zip code?  There are things I might have been happier not knowing.

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Thu, Jul 2nd - 6:35PM

June 28: Farewell

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 540
182.4 miles
108 degrees

88 recordings of 35 types. (Somebody went a little mad with the old movies yesterday, and since they're 2 hours apiece, my other shows have been threatened, too.)

I've finished all the archiving.  Now to find somewhere to stick this stuff.

Argh. In a just world, he'd be in jail.

Today was Father H's last Sunday. There was a neat ceremony at the end when we made him stand in the middle of the church and circled around him and said what he'd meant to us. I didn't say anything: my best memories are from his first stay here. I liked going camping with him and the youth group to Malakoff Diggins. After that I introduced the place to Rich and we camped there, and he took Boy Scouts, etc.  It was there that I realized Father H. would fall off a cliff and say "look! isn't God wonderful!  There's a flower, there's a beautiful tree!" all the way down.  He was really lax about permission slips and the other adults had to watch out for that. I particularly remember a loooooong hike along the Bear River which I finally finished. (I'm a better walker now or at least a year ago than I was then!)
He also took the Eighth grade to San Francisco to see the Cathedral, St. Mary Maytag: I've been back since but this was the first time, and it's a beautiful place. We also went to the Jewish synagogue: big beautiful building, first one west of the Mississippi, and we all wondered what those lumps on the floor were... heaters!

He was one of the founders of Sharing God's Bounty, and it's still going strong. He spoke up when we were planning it, as someone thought we should say grace with the guests before serving, and Father said no. I'd thought it was a terrible idea to make them sing for their supper, but I was shy to say so in front of the priest.  The workers pray before the doors open, for the guests, for our dinner, etc., but we don't make the guests pray. One of the best things about the program.

He was only with us three years, either time, but he really made his mark, both times. I'm glad he's going, but I am also a little annoyed that he yearned for this for so long, got it at the expense of Father Pastor (who's still hanging about in limbo), finally was named the parish pastor only a year ago, and now chooses to leave. I'm thinking there are others who are as ambivalent as I am about him. I like him, but I won't miss him.

Of course, today was one of the special Masses that are why people love him. Marvellous voice, good sermon, true reverence. And no politics.

False information on health care.  And more on the Canadian one. They've gotta hope we don't go for socialized medicine, because then where would they go?

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Thu, Jul 2nd - 6:27PM

June 27: Too D**N Hot!

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 540
182.4 miles
104 degrees

72 recordings of 25 types.

I spent the day archiving: I turn on the timer for an hour, and every hour archive a month. Why did I have all the files for 2003 except for April and August? There are a number of mysteries in here.

Pictures from the Space Station. The Anchoress looked at these and tweeted: "Looking at these pics it's maddening to think anyone believes puny man can affect the climate or "save" the planet."

This man thinks you’ve got $4000 too much in the bank, and he intends to take it.

Read what Nancy Pelosi said about how the Congressmen “withstood” the multitudes of phone calls and cries for their representatives to vote against the Cap-n-Trade bill…they withstood representing their constituents…rather than listen to their constituents, they were willing to vote ‘yes’ on a bill they never even read, it is so sad.

Iran/Honduras: It’s a shameful performance, and the measure of the man in charge.

My Big Celebrity Life.

Reading: Rousseau and Revolution, What If? edited by Robert Cowley, the Bible (Micheah), Beyond the Biography of Jesus: The Journey of Quadratos by Alexander J. Shaia, Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg, Don Quixote, And No Birds Sang, Farley Mowat, Low-Carb Dieting for Dummies, Katherine B. Chauncey.

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Thu, Jul 2nd - 12:22AM

Not as Quick as I'd Hoped...

Well, I thought I'd have had two more days up, but the WSYIWYG is hard (!) after the years of HTML. I was partway through the June 26th posting when Rich came in, because he couldn't get here. I helped him out, but in the process was looking at Geocities and logged out of it: which also logged out of this. So I started off and the phone rang, it was Roni, who had a lot of news about Belize. (Really? Alex ate termites? Someone cut their fuel line?) That took quite awhile.

So I finally managed the list and the links on the 26th posting, and should go back and do the links right on the 25th, but not tonight, not tonight. The 27th and 28th were all ready (well, in HTML so I'll have to clean them up) to go, so will go tomorrow (later today, I suppose) and maybe I can sneak another day in as well. I am trying to catch up.

(No, I'm not going to talk about Word Hunt on Facebook!)

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Wed, Jul 1st - 10:46PM

June 26: An Adventure from 2000

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 540
182.4 miles

78 recordings of 29 types.

About the closing of the UW Geology Museum, someone at Facebook said:
"Totally Unnecessary. Wyoming is one of the best funded states when it comes to education. With natural resource tax, there should be no reason that state appropriations should drop this program. How Ironic! Geology and Mineralogy is the reason we have so many educational resources, and they want to cut the Geology Museum. If they cut this museum, it is due to fiscal irresponsibility, not lack of funding."

Oh, Ghu, he's talking AGAIN!  Fox broke from Michael Jackson 24/7 for 0bama 24/7.

I discovered in the archiving that we got the windows 9 years ago. Love them.
Father H. was at our lawyer's enrobement. I was wishing he was our pastor: be careful what you wish for.
There was R.J.'s graduation.  I read book 1 of the Durant series in only 4 months. I have taken 4 months to read _this chapter_ in book 10!
Then, 9 years ago, we had an adventure.  (If it doesn't kill you, it's an adventure, something like our experience with the weather in the Texas panhandle!) This was in St. George, Utah, on a Sunday...

June 25: Trackless Waste
I wanted to "dress up" for church, so I wore cotton slacks and my Bloomsday Run t-shirt, which is sort of a green.  The outfit is wrinkled, but better than shorts!  Already, at 7:30 (their time) it was getting hot. 
It's a big church.  After Mass they had coffee and donuts, and I wanted to meet some of the locals, so we went.  Nobody talked to us, so I went to a nearby table and asked about the parish.  We wound up talking to a lady from Ohio who has retired there.  (Rich reminds me that she grew up near Pittsburgh and lived in Ohio later in her married life.) St. George is a rapidly-growing retirement community.  Too dry to suit us!  We really like being able to grow fresh fruits and veggies.

I knew from reading these stories:

  1.  Salt Lake Tribune, 4/18/00, page B1
  2. and 3/28/00, page C2
  3. The Nation, April 22
  4. KSL-TV News, April 24

that Sheldon Johnson had found dinosaur tracks in his back yard.  I knew where he lived, and we went to see the house, but it was Sunday and I was reluctant to call and intrude.  So, I had pretty-good directions in the Utah Handbook  for the Warner Valley tracks near St. George, and other instructions from the Internet for some in Washington, so we started off to locate these.

Well, as already noted, St. George is a rapidly-growing retirement community. We went out 700S as instructed, and turned right, but we never crossed the Virgin River.  We were on something called "Riverside", though, so we figured that the new housing had messed up the roads.  We turned back a couple of times, but didn't catch up to the original route, so we kept going on Riverside in the hopes that it would eventually cross some other landmark.  I was busy cussing myself out that I hadn't called the BLM from Sacramento for better directions.
We drove through the town of Washington, paralleling I15, and followed a rutty dirt road to Hurricane.  Well, never fear, there are other directions from Hurricane.

You go south on 700E (for some reason, Rich later confused this with the St. George directions to go east on 700S!) and start taking dirt roads.  The problem is that Hurricane is a rapidly-growing retirement community, and 700E ends in a housing development. We took turns here,
turns there, and finally found the road out of town.  It went past the Hurricane airport, and ended at a fence with two dirt roads.  This wasn't as far as it was expected to be, so Rich drove straight ahead, first.  This track went up a hill and just kept going, so we finally turned around and took the other one.  We came to a fork and I thought it was the branch to the left, and as it turned out, the other branch met up with us later.  We were bouncing along, with no indication that we were anywhere near the right place, three miles out of town with at least three miles farther to go, when we encountered a little sand.  Rich thought "I wonder if I can get through it?" and I said "Wait, isn't that SOFT?" when all of a sudden, we were well and truly stuck in it.

Did I mention it was 100 degrees out?  There were some sheets of plywood, so obviously we were not the first people to have this happen to them.  Rich got out the shovel, and dug behind the wheels.  Then he pushed while I tried to drive it backwards.  I'd get maybe 3-4 inches, and get stuck again.  Rich would dig, then push. As the back wheels spun for purchase, they would make a hill of sand the front wheels couldn't get over.  Rich dug, then pushed.  He was puffing and panting and sweating.  Dig, push, dig, push, dig, push. I was worried what would happen if he got  heat stroke or a heart attack. I would drag him into the van, soak a towel and cover him, leave it all open and slog off the three miles for help.  He'd grab a couple of swigs of water, but he wouldn't rest. Dig, push, dig, push, dig, push.  Finally, I was able to get a little more purchase, and get a little farther, but I was having trouble steering with the mirror and would get stuck again.  I was getting feet instead of inches, though, and was ready to go as far as it took to get out of the sand.  Finally I was free! We were lucky that there was a water tank on a pad not too far away, so I could get turned around.  I drove back to the town of Hurricane, where Rich wanted to take over again.  He had an idea that maybe the freeway split the road, so we tried in a different direction, in St. George, no, then we thought maybe the new housing had caused a new road.  We located the right road to Fort Pierce, made four or five wrong turns, and we were finally  on the right road, signs and all, about 2 miles from Ft. Pierce (and four from the tracks) and there was
more sand.  We were not about to push our luck.  We dug out once, that was enough.

I SHOULD have called the BLM.

By this time, it was 3:30, and we'd been on the road for four hours looking for dinosaur tracks.  So back to town we went, to lunch.  Rich saw "local dino tracks info" sign, at the McDonald's.  We ate at Pizza Hut and then went to Mickey D's to read the info. 

This was the bunch of tracks I had read about in the spring that made me want to come
to St. George in the first place. We looked, I wrote the directions, and we made a wrong turn and drove entirely around St. George! We stopped at Mickey D's again, and got it right...
we'd driven out past them first thing this morning.

As it happened, being a Sunday, they had only just opened.  There were plenty of people there. Dr. Johnson had been leveling his land in order to attract the developers,
when he found the dino tracks.  That was in February.  There are LOTS out
there now, and a lot of people visiting, too.  We told the docents of our experience in the sand, and they claimed it was unusual, that the sand must have been blown over the road the day before.  They also told us that there are only two tracks at the Washington site.

Then we took one last try, at the Washington tracks, which are under the water tower.
We made one wrong try at it (through a new housing development).  When we looked at the right track, there was a group of men pushing a truck out. This was a bit offputting, and we looked at it, decided what the odds were of finding only two tracks in this land, and decided to pass.  I got to see tracks, after all. 
But while we were at the construction site, we saw a roadrunner!

I went swimming, and Rich took a nap.  Then we went a couple of blocks to a Shoney's for dinner.
Six hours, we never got more than 20 miles away from St. George, and we did finally see some tracks.  It's a good thing I didn't plan much for the day!

Angela Merkel "agrees with 0bama" about Iran?? She said it first.  TWO WEEKS AGO!!

Monica's off taking my vacation. Remember, we wanted to go to the Yucatan peninsula in January and decided to wait till the economy improved. (Hmmm. Or maybe not, maybe we better just spend our money now, quick, while we still have some.) I'm a little jealous of Monica's trip, but not so much of the itinerary ... there's too much snorkeling. Monica ordered me to try that in Hawai'i, and I hated it. And they aren't doing enough ruins, and maybe no Chichen Itza at all, and it's too damn hot. January would be a lot better. But I can indulge in a little Schadenfreude, since I'm a little annoyed with her.

SissyWillis: RT @VodkaPundit Never have so few stolen so much from so many to achieve so little. The Anchoress asks "Is New Zealand full of Zealous people? Is Ireland full of annoyed people? Is Finland full of old Chevys?"

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Wed, Jul 1st - 8:24PM

June 25: Maybe I Better Not Leave the House Again...

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 540
182.4 miles
97 degrees

77 recordings of 30 types.
My weight is the same. 10 years ago when I was complaining about a plateau, it was 5-6 pounds more, if I remember correctly.  Then I ballooned up another 20 pounds till last year, but it was gradual. I really want to lose another 5 to 10 pounds. My BP is low borderline, no complaints here.  I even forgot my pills yesterday.

Ed Morrissey  :   "If ObamaCare isn’t good enough for Sasha, Malia, or Michelle, then it’s not good enough for America. Instead of fighting that impulse, Obama should be working to boost the private sector to encourage more care providers, less red tape and expense, and better care for everyone."

High Wallabies (sounds like a band!)  

Multiple IG investigations.

I went out to the retreat house for Mass.  Father talked about how we sing "come renew the face of the earth", but do we really mean it? When it's renewing our family, or our job?  He also said that EGO stands for Easing God Out.
So I heard on the way home that Farrah Fawcett died.  Undoubtedly a blessing, she looked so awful and felt so bad.

Then we went to see Star Trek. We'd thought we were going to do that yesterday, but the Bee had the wrong showtimes. I liked the movie, though there was a silly thing at the beginning. Come on, in 250 years they aren't going to ask the sex of the baby after it's born.  Also, the product placement was annoying.  But it was a lot of fun. I thought I wouldn't believe Sylar as Spock, but I adjusted immediately.
Then, on the way home, we learned Michael Jackson had died. I better not leave the house again!

guypbenson: This media coverage is already totally out of control. Newsflash to MSM--Still happening: Iran, Healthcare "reform," Cap & Trade, etc
IMAO_ How long until someone says if we only had Obama's health plan, MJ would be with us now? Or has that already happened?
IMAO_ Of course, do you want to make the argument that national healthcare means more pedophiles walking the streets.
RT @amba12 Iranians filled streets to demand freedom; Americans fill streets 2 mourn pop star. Aren't we a little embarrassed??

It's already ridiculous.

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