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Wed, Jul 30th - 1:26PM

Contest — Webster on the Web
Webster is a cute little black bear, but it needs some personality. Here’s a chance for all you designers to create Webster’s home on the Web.

Announcing the “Webster on the Web” contest!

The Specs
Write a back story for Webster — Who is this bear? Is Webster a girl or a boy? Why did Webster come to WebRing?

Then design a single Web page with these specifications:
  1. Use simple HTML and submit it as a .txt file.
  2. Set max page width at 900px or less.
  3. Include your byline.
  4. Insert a comment tag labeled "webster" in the "body" portion of your HTML. Centered at the bottom is preferred. This is for the NavBar.
  5. Format additional graphics as .jpg, .gif, or .png and each no larger than 80 kb.
The Images
Feel free to use and/or alter these images in ways that enhance or illustrate your Webster story:
The Deadline
September 15, 2008 12:00 AM

The Submissions
Email your entry to with the following:
  1. Attach your .txt file. (Note: Do not paste your entry into the email.)
  2. Attach any additional images you have used.
  3. Include “Webster Entry” in the subject line of your email.
  4. Include your WebRing User ID in the body of your email, as well as your first and last name.
The winner of the Webster on the Web contest will receive the complete WebRing Gear package!The Rules
  1. Contestants must be WebRing members to qualify for entry. Contestants can only submit once per WebRing User ID.
  2. All entries must be original creations of the contestant.
  3. All entries must be submitted by 12:00 AM PST September 15, 2008.
The Prizes
If your entry wins, you will win the complete WebRing Gear package:
  • 1 Webster
  • 1 Month 2.0
  • 1 Cap
  • 1 T-shirt
  • 1 Water Bottle
  • 1 Messenger Bag
  • 1 Mouse Pad
  • 5 Pens

The Ideas
Want to join in the contest, but your creative side is on hiatus? Consider these ideas:
  • Collaborate with an author or illustrator
  • Incorporate a blog
  • RSS feed from Teddy Bear WebRings
Remember, you have until September 15, 2008, to submit your entry!

Powered by WebRing.
Congratulations biloxibeachboy! You can view the winning entry here.
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Mon, Jul 28th - 11:18AM

New Profile Pages Now Live
You might have noticed that we have added yet one more way for you to connect with your fellow WebRing members. The new system profile page!

What’s a system profile?
A system profile is the default profile page that all WebRing members receive. Wherever you find a user ID, click on it to open that member’s profile page. Until now, the system profile page only displayed the last time the member was active, a brief introduction/ message, and a way to contact them.

What’s New?
You can take a peek into who members are and what they do on WebRing. You will find the following info about the member:
  • Their Recent Activity
  • The Rings They Manage
  • Their Memberships
  • Their Shoutbox (2.0 only)
  • Their Icon (2.0 only)
Additionally, each item is linked to the place they were active. So, if you want to visit the ring they visited or read the blog they commented on, just click the link.

System profile – Is there any other kind?
Yes! As contributing members, WebRing 2.0 members get their very own custom profile page. If activated, the WebRing 2.0 member’s system profile page will display a link to their custom profile page. Want 2.0?

What’s Next?
Now, don’t hold us to what we’ve presented in this post. We have more changes ahead, including an enhanced communications tool to replace the Shoutbox on system profile pages.

You can help! Let us know what changes, additions or improvements you would like to see made to the system profile page:*

* To ensure your feedback isn’t filtered out as spam, please include “Profile Change Feedback” in your subject line.

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Wed, Jul 23rd - 12:03PM

Introducing Webster the WebRing Bear!
We have a winner! WebRing member Susan Finelli submitted the exceedingly popular and fitting name for the WebRing teddy bear — Webster!

Introducing Webster the WebRing Bear!In our final poll, "Webster" took 99% of the votes. Way to go Susan!

For her winning entry, Susan wins a Webster of her own and one month of WebRing 2.0 membership.

A special thanks to those who also submitted backstories for Webster. To read the submissions, click here.

You too can have Webster!
Simply redeem your well-earned activity points in our newly launched Rewards Room. Look for the "Redeem" link next to your activity points on your account page. Or, you can click here.

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Thu, Jul 17th - 4:10PM

Activity Points Update — Shoutbox & Blogs
Now that the Rewards Room is up and running, we have added more ways for you to earn activity points. We focused on the social activities of WebRing.

Shoutbox Posts

Start chatting with other WebRing members in the infamous Shoutbox. That's right! Whether you contribute wise words or spout out silly-yet-classic text messages, you can earn points.

WebRing 2.0
2.0 members reap another perk of the premium membership level — double the activity points!

Whether you have a support question or can answer them, you'll earn points when you utilize the Support area of the Shoutbox. We are working on refining this area to reward greater points to those who demonstrate their WebRing expertise.


Write about your day, your product, your beliefs, your advice. Post photos, keep a travelogue, share recipes. Whatever it is that gets you blogging, post to your WebRing blog and boost your points.

Have you talked with your fellow WebRing bloggers today? Go read some of the many blogs and let the author know what you think via the comments feature.

What are waiting for? Go start some conversations with your fellow WebRing members and earn activity points while you're at it. Just make sure to sign in before you start.

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Wed, Jul 16th - 11:39AM

Final Round for Name The Bear Contest
What will we name the WebRing Teddy Bear?Thank you to all who have submitted names for the WebRing "Name The Bear" contest. We received some duplicate entries, which has helped us narrow down the list.

Poll Now Closed!

Thanks to all who voted. For archival purposes, the choice was between "Ringer" and "Webster."

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Mon, Jul 14th - 11:57AM

WebRing Blogs Forum Now Available
We have made the forum for the WebRing Blogs Community active. You can now use that forum to discuss improvements to the WebRing blog system, report issues and find/provide advice on how to use the system. You can find the forum at

We value your feedback and this forum is the place to provide it! Thanks!

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Mon, Jul 14th - 11:47AM

How to Delete Blog Comments
Occasionally, an unscrupulous spammer will desecrate your blog via the comment features. However, you have the power to purge your WebRing blog of the offending comment. To delete comments on your blog:
  1. Sign in to your blog via the "Blog" tab on your My Account page. (Note: This is not the same sign in as when you sign in to the general WebRing system.)
  2. Open the comments for the post with the spam. You should now find a "Delete" link below each comment.
  3. Click the "Delete" link to remove the comment.
That's all there is to to deleting blog comments!
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Wed, Jul 9th - 4:22PM

Name The Bear Contest Extended
With the delay in this month's newsletter, we have decided to extend our "Name The Bear" contest for an extra week. You now have until the July 22, 2008 at 12:00 PST to submit a name for the WebRing Teddy Bear. For complete contest rules, click here.

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Wed, Jul 9th - 4:09PM

The Rewards Room Is Now Open!
"What can I do with my Activity Points?" The question comes up many times throughout a week here at WebRing, and we now have an answer for you — Redeem them in the Rewards Room!

We've filled the Rewards Room with some nifty items that you can purchase with your hard-earned activity points.

Need More Activity Points?
If you've caught some of the conversations in the WebRing Shoutbox, you may have noticed some members comparing their Activity Scores. You can score a few points every time you sign in and use the WebRing system, but active members earn the most points.

What is an active member? An active member is one who posts to forums, one who writes and comments on blogs, one who rates and comments on sites within the thousands of WebRing Communities.

The members who have scored tens of thousands of Activity Points are those who invite new people on a weekly, if not daily basis. And we're not talking about spamming here. These members have taken the time to find quality sites that will add value to their WebRing Communities.

Future Additions
We will continue to build the Rewards Room over time. Some ideas include an "inexpensive" e-wards center and a way for you to "sell" your Activity Points to other members. What physical or virtual items would you add to the Rewards Room? We would love to hear from you.

Promotional Opportunity
Do you have a product or service you would like to promote? The Rewards Room presents an excellent advertising opportunity. Contact WebRing Marketing for details.

To visit the Rewards Room, click here.

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Thu, Jul 3rd - 2:47PM

The Merit of Charity
Occasionally, we are overcome with a moment of bliss. While poring over our daily RSS feeds, we ran across a post from Seth Godin in regards to an order he placed with

Customer service rep Lori had emailed him to ask if the t-shirts he ordered were intended for a charity event. "If that’s the case," Lori wrote, "CustomInk would love to make a small donation to your team or to the charity itself on your behalf."

Anyone familiar with the guy who pioneered the concept of "permission marketing" can probably guess Seth's response: "That's it. No policy, no standard operating procedure, no promise in advance. Just plain generosity."

Why would we bring this to your attention?
This last spring, when we ran the first Iron WebMaster competition, CustomInk gladly contributed merchandise to help promote the competition. After reading Seth's post, we received confirmation of how great CustomInk is to their customers and the community at large.

With the Grand Opening of the WebRing Rewards Room just around the corner, we thought you might like to know that most of the physical items offered there come from CustomInk.

Thanks, CustomInk, for your support of WebRing, Iron WebMaster, and the hundreds of charitable organizations that you have donated to in the past.

The item we are most excited to offer in the Rewards Room is the WebRing Teddy Bear. S/he needs a name, though. Remember to submit a name to our "Name The Bear" contest. The last day to submit is July 15, 2008, so see the post today!
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