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Tue, Jul 31st - 4:51PM

Old St Paul's, Woodstock, Ontario

Woodstock (2006 pop. 35,480) was named after Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England by British Admiral Henry VanSittart who bought 700 acres in the area and donated the land for the church and cemetery. Admiral VanSittart died in 1843 after falling off his horse and is buried in a vault in the cemetery.

Old St Paul's, Woodstock was built in 1834 with the sanctuary added in 1843 and the transepts in 1851.

In the mid 1870’s, it was decided to build a new, larger building to replace St. Paul’s, and with the opening of New St. Paul’s, and what was supposed to be the final service was held in what was now Old St. Paul’s in December of 1879.

Discontentment with new arrangements was strong among many of the parishioners who had moved out of the old building, and by Whitsunday, 1882, a portion of the congregation moved back into the old building. Old St. Paul’s became a new parish, starting from scratch.

Old St Paul's has stained glass windows illustrating the scriptural texts. Shown are Jesus calms the sea and Road to Damascus.
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Tue, Jul 24th - 4:37PM

Same Sex Blessings
After June's General Synod vote the Anglican Church of Canada's prohibition on same sex blessings is still in effect. What is allowed is in the Statement from the House of Bishops to the Members of General Synod. In part it reads:

When a civilly married gay or lesbian couple seeks our church's reception of their civil marriage and asks their parish's recognition, it may be possible, with their bishop's knowledge and permission, to celebrate a Eucharist with the couple, including appropriate intercessory prayers but not including a nuptial blessing.

When a gay or lesbian married or committed couple seeks to hold a reception or celebration in a church for their life in Christ, again intercessory prayers for their mutual fidelity, the deepening of their discipleship and for their baptismal ministry may be offered, not including the exchange of vows and/or nuptial blessing.

The Bishop must be contacted regarding the exercising of this pastoral ministry each and every time.

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Tue, Jul 17th - 4:50PM

Grace Brantford Advertising Campaign
Earlier this year, Grace Anglican Church, Brantford launched a billboard advertising campaign. The billboard shows a family and speaks of the power of God’s love. In addition, ten bus shelter posters were put up around town. The ads invite people to check out the parish website to learn more about life at Grace Church. All Grace materials from business cards to letterhead to promotional bulletins and advertising had the landmark Grace tower in them as the tower is being used as the key to branding the parish in peoples' minds. The entire campaign cost the parish more than $2,000.

The 176 year old parish has been a fixture in the downtown core of Brantford. The advertising is part of the parish Growth and Renewal plan. The plan is intended to rebuild the congregation, restore financial stability and create a healthy, vibrant outward-looking community of faith where spirituality, excellence in worship, and social justice is in the forefront.

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Tue, Jul 10th - 5:38PM

St Paul's, Beaverton, Ontario

The first regular Anglican services in Beaverton were held in 1866 in the Orange Hall. Land was bought for a church in 1871 and services were held in the unfinished church building the following year.

The bell tower at the front of the building was for many years a tall structure topped by a crenellated battlement. The height of the bell tower was later reduced and finished with the low-pitched peak of today.

Dedicated on December 6, 1961 a Parish Hall was built to the south and joined to the church building by an enclosed ambulatory across the front.

From the start St. Paul's, Beaverton was always associated in a multi-point charge. In January 1999, the congregation of St. Paul's moved for a permanent full-time incumbent. In what was supposed to be a 3 year trial it separated from All Saints in Cannington and St. Mary's in Sunderland but after only 2 years it officially become a single point parish.

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Tue, Jul 3rd - 4:39PM

Diocese of Huron Sesquicentennial
The Anglican Diocese of Huron is 150 years old in 2007. The diocese was separated from the Diocese of Toronto in 1857. The election of the first bishop was held in St. Paul's Church, London on July 9th, 1857, with John Strachan, Bishop of Toronto presiding. On the first ballot Benjamin Cronyn, rector of St. Paul's Church, London was elected bishop receiving 22 clerical votes and 24 lay votes, winning over Alexander Neil Bethune, Archdeacon of York, who received 20 clerical and 10 lay votes. Archdeacon Bethune shared Bishop Strachan's 'high church' views while Dr Cronyn held a 'low church' evangelical view.

Pictured is 'We Have An Election' by Cliff Kearns. The painting was commisioned by the diocese for the sesquicentennial and shows (l to r) John Strachan, Benjamin Cronyn and Alexander Bethune.

On Sunday, October 28th 2007, exactly 150 years to the day of Benjamin Cronyn's consecration as the first Synodically elected Bishop in the Anglican world, Anglicans from Huron will worship in the John Labatt Centre in downtown London. About 10,000 are expected to attend the event.

Previous month: Archbishop Fred Hiltz Installed as Primate Canadian Anglican WebRing Blog

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