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Mon, Jul 23rd - 3:10PM

Web Ring Spam

Hi Web Ring Blog Members.

Are you getting spammed in your comments every day?

I was and deleted the one message I created in May which is spammed all the time ( a/cs?)Now getting a/c holders leaving spam!!

Even though the offensive & porn links that keep getting added as comments no longer actually get listed on my blog, I keep getting emails sometimes 10+ a day saying a comment has been added. So far my deleted message has 30 comments all in a similar vane "Nice Site" then about 30 links to various sites. There is now no way to delete these comments and the list just gets bigger!

I have raised this with Web Ring who say they are hoping to sort it but its now getting so bad that I had to see if others are getting similar problems?

Let us know.

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Mon, Jul 23rd - 3:02PM

Maximilian Genealogy Database - FREE TRIAL OFFER

The Maximilian Genealogy Database is now at Version 7 with over 147000 people.

The one-off subscription price has been maintained @ £19.95 for over 3 years and due to the recent enhancements it is now been made available with a FREE TRIAL option, so many more people can see what its all about and hopefully sign up!

There is more information on the site but if you want to register for a 7 day Free Trial with no obligation and no payment details taken before, then click this link:

You can also goto the main page for additional info:

You can of course sign up and pay your one off lifetime use fee straight away if you want to.

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Thu, Jul 12th - 4:37AM

Maximilian Genealogy Topsites

I have just upgraded my Genealogy & History Topsite list which has had to be re-populated with over 70 existing members, who are in the process of re-applying as we speak.

My Toplist has been very popular to many genealogy & history site owners, as it is not hosted by a 3rd party provider, like the ones who are inundated with pop up ads and are reliable.

If you are reading this and have a suitable site please do consider joining and reap the benefit of the over 1000 daily unique visitors to my site.


Good Luck

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