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Wed, Jan 23rd - 6:47AM

NQ Mobile Vault for Android

Vault (Secret Box) by NQ Mobile allows you to hide from prying your personal data to the Android-device: messages, contacts, photos and videos. All personal information will be password protected and stored in encrypted form.

NQ Mobile Vault - is an application for Android, which is there to protect your privacy! Application hides your personal information - messages, contacts, photos and videos. It gives you complete control and confidence in their privacy and security.

Key features NQ Mobile Vault for Android:

- In addition to messages and contacts, you can hide your photos and videos (the records are stored on the memory card.) They are encrypted and can be viewed only by entering the correct password;

- Move your personal messages in Secret Box; password protection ensures that they will be available to anyone but you.

- Make your personal contacts visible, adding a phone number to Secrete Box. All calls and messages from those numbers will only be displayed in the application;

- Protect your real NQ Mobile Vault by creating one or more 'false'. If someone forces you to give your password to access your account, you can show a "fake" warehouse. And the problem is solved! - You can find out who is trying to access hidden files and photograph attacker during this action. (This feature requires the use of Android 2.3 or higher, a device with a front camera).

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