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Sun, Jan 31st - 11:42PM

Spring/ Summer 2010
A maxi-kaftan should not be seen as a trendy point. It’s a timeless smart example that can and should be tattered for many living. Bring it out during hot summertime and you can successfully get inclined for the night lacking having to change. This is where you should spend just a little bit more to get the kaftan you very want, want and know will make you feel like a million money. A kaftan should preferably be in maxi-lenght but even a shorter variety will do. Go with a fun mold and insignia that become you well and that you feel certain and lovely when irksome. I’m wholly hooked on the Missoni kaftan. It’s Simply Perfect!! Second is from Max Azria, for the sexy wild-infant and the third one from Antik Batik is for the more relaxed and austere gal.

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Fri, Jan 29th - 12:46AM

How do you stopover on top of all the manner trends?
Like most buyers, I go to the trade shows in New York and Paris. I only buy if I have a triumph de Coeur, or an adoration-at-first-eyesight if you will, for the style, the design and the quality of the chunk. I also affection to fritter hours looking at blogs. It’s become the 21st century allusion library for fashion and lifestyle, becoming just as influential as magazines.
Nevertheless at the end of the day, as unadorned as it might be, I commonly wish pieces that I like, regardless of whether it’s trendy or not. I’m more about wholesale pieces that can be tatty throughout the seasons, pieces that are timeless but that still retain a tiptoe.

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Tue, Jan 19th - 8:44PM

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