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Tue, Jan 19th - 12:09AM

Key Reasons to Go to Home Buying Seminars
Mortgage lenders, banks, libraries and real estate firms often host home buying seminars to educate the community about the home buying process. Whether you're a first time homebuyer or are thinking about moving to a new neighborhood, the home buying seminar in your area is a great place to have your questions about home buying answered by local professionals.

Home buying seminars typically take place in a meeting room in a local library, at a community center, or even in a banquet room of a local restaurant. The presenter may create a PowerPoint presentation or slideshow to highlight key points about the home purchasing process, or conduct the seminar ina lecture style format with a Q&A session. These group sessions are usually free, and you'll be leaving with a wealth of information about homes and purchasing options.

Home buying seminars that are conducted by mortgage lenders will also focus on the financial aspects of home buying, usually explain the different loan packages and programs that may suit your needs, and sometimes even prequalify attendees immediately. These seminars will give you an opening to establish a relationship with a lender and they can help you to get the right start for your loan document process.

One of the key benefits of going to home buying seminars is that you will get to meet in person several local realtors and agents. It will give you a chance to personally interact with them, rather than going about it online or through the phone. It is also an excellent way to establish new relationships and get in-depth information about the realtor themselves or the firm that they work with.

Some lender and realtors give discounts or incentives away during their branded seminars. Though local libraries and educators host such seminars, they may not be able facilitate you meeting the professional local realtors. You can get leads and referrals by going to one that is given by a mortgage lender or realty firm. Mortgage lenders sometimes even waiver closing costs during these home buying seminars, and realtors often give away gift cards and the like to their attendees.

"1,200 Great Sales Tips for Real Estate Pros" book authors, Christina Spira and Mariwyn Evans, stated that realtors who go the extra mile by creating videos to introduce their services and offer free gift bags go these things to establish a relationship with their prospects. These seminars can be used by you to get a closer look on how the company and the agents treat their valued and prospective clients.

Attending a home buying seminar offers several benefits and can help you get some of the tough questions about home buying answered by real estate professionals in your area. Consider signing up for at least one or two events in your preferred neighborhoods for an insider's view of the market, and to learn more about seasoned realtors in your area.

Alexandria P. Anderson is a licensed Minnesota Realtor that uses the Minnesota MLS to help her clients to find and purchase Minnesota Homes for Sale

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