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Fri, Jan 15th - 1:48PM

Ancestry Magazine Last Issue March/April 2010
For those of you who have enjoyed reading The Ancestry Magazine, it will cease to be available after its final issue March/April 2010.  h/t Footnote Maven Facebook
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Thu, Jan 14th - 7:41AM

WebRing members
Please look for your invitation to friend me on Facebook. If you already have a Facebook account, search for on Facebook and add me as a friend.

I have sent out invites to all of my WebRing members today.

Rings genealogy1 manages
American Civil War Prisons
America's Civil War
Australian Tree
The Cajun Ring
Canadian Heritage
Canadian Connection!
Canadian Genealogy
County Cork GenRing
Emerald Isle Genealogy and History
Genealogy Web Site Awards
Genealogy Chat
Genealogy Webspaces on WebRing
The Louisiana Native Web Ring
Mississippi Civil War - AHGP
Missouri Civil War Reenactors and Associations WebRing
Mississippi Civil War
New York in the Civil War Ring
Pommerian and Prussian History
A Step Back In Time
South Australian WebSites
The War Between The States

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Mon, Jan 11th - 12:20PM

Todays genealogy Google moving to a monthly post
There have been very few additions to genealogy webspaces. The regular posting of "Today's genealogy Google." will be on a monthly or bi-monthly basis from now on. This will free the blog up for bigger and better things!

2,780 from for genealogy

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Fri, Jan 8th - 10:57AM

Watch for me on Cyndi's List!
Cyndi's List just might post a link to
 A Genealogy WebRing Blog
 on her "What's New on Cyndi's List?" .

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Fri, Jan 8th - 7:28AM

Surnames found in groups
Have you looked at the  Search for Surnames in Genealogy Groups page, yet?  There are many surnames listed in several genealogy groups on the net. 
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Fri, Jan 1st - 7:18AM

Happy New Year!

I hope that everyone has and has had  in other parts of the world, a great New Year's.  I managed to stay awake while the New Year was ringing in the state of New York and saw the wonderful fireworks in Australia and New Zealand and even the lighting of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.  Those lights really zazzle!

I haven't seriously considered my New Years resolutions.  This one makes the list each year. Exercise more regularly. I have yet to consider my genealogy resolutions, too.  I should probably find more information about each of my ancestors - or at least one item on every ancestor.  This should be quite a task!

This year I hope to add members to each of my webrings and improve or create the webring homepages.  I begin the year managing twenty-two rings:
  1.     Steamboats    
  2.     American Civil War Prisons    
  3.     America's Civil War    
  4.     AustraliaGenWeb    
  5.     Australian Tree    
  6.     The Cajun Ring    
  7.     Canadian Heritage    
  8.     Canadian Connection!    
  9.     Canadian Genealogy     
  10.     County Cork GenRing    
  11.     Emerald Isle Genealogy and History    
  12.     Genealogy Web Site Awards    
  13.     Genealogy Chat     
  14.     Genealogy Webspaces on WebRing    
  15.     The Louisiana Native Web Ring    
  16.     Mississippi Civil War - AHGP    
  17.     Missouri Civil War Reenactors and Associations WebRing    
  18.     Mississippi Civil War     
  19.     New York in the Civil War Ring    
  20.     Pommerian and Prussian History    
  21.     A Step Back In Time    
  22.     The War Between The States

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