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Fri, Jan 15th - 12:58PM

Counters and Guestbooks Now Available
This week, we added two new highly requested widgets that you can add to your Webspace pages here on WebRing or on your site located elsewhere.


All Premium members now have the ability to create multiple guestbooks.
  1. Go here  or visit the "Widgets" screen on your My Account page. (Can't find it? Click "More Options.")
  2. Click the "Add New" button.
  3. Configure your guestbook as you wish, then click the "Save Settings" button.

Now you're ready to add the guestbook to your site:
  1. Click the "Links Wizard" button.
  2. Click the "Grab" button found beside your preferred code and copy all the code contained in the large text field. In most cases, you should choose the JavaScript version.
  3. Paste the code on the page of your choice.

Changing the look and size of your guestbook requires some HTML skills. We'll simplify the process in the future to give you greater ease in customizing the look of your guestbook.

To manage your guestbooks, go the same starting page and switch between the guestbooks you've created. The page will refresh and display all the posts your visitors have left. From there, you can Un-Hide (approve), Hide, and delete the individual posts.

If you need help with your guestbooks, make sure you are on one of the guestbook screens and click the "Help" link found in the top menu.

Guestbooks are available to Premium members only. Want to upgrade?


All members regardless of membership level can create and add counters to their webpages.
  1. Open the "Counter" tab of your Widgets screen found on your My Account page.
  2. Enter a "Counter Name." (We recommend entering the name of the page you plan to add the counter to. For example, for your /index.html page, name the counter "index".)
  3. Enter a "Counter Value" if you wish to start your counter at a count greater than 0.
  4. Click the "change" button.

After you've created the counter, you will be presented with a piece of code. Simply copy the code and add it to your webpage's HTML.

You can alter the counter's functionality using the "Append" codes found on the same page.

The counter is as simple as they come. When you add it to your site, you will only see a number. If you chose to show your counter to the public, we recommend that you format the code in the same way you would any text via your site's source code.  

If you appended the code to remain hidden, you can view your total hits by clicking the related "view" link from the Counters tab of your Widgets screen.  

Both these features will transform over the coming months, so don't hold us to what we've posted here today. ;)

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Wed, Jan 13th - 12:51PM

Attention Yahoo Mail Users
Are  you one of the thousands of members who have a Yahoo email address on file with us? Have you received our correspondence weeks after it was sent, or worse, not at all? Did you get booted out of a ring or lose one because you  didn't get our emails regarding a need for action on your part?

Chances are you are yet another victim of Yahoo's exceptionally strict email filters.

Nobody likes spam. Most of us are grateful for the great depths our email providers go to protect us from unsolicited emails. Sometimes, though, the filters go too far. (Ever find an email from your friend or family in the junk folder?)

Say what you will about Yahoo Mail, but it is a pretty smart email service. For example, if you continue to delete emails from a particular sender without reading it, Yahoo Mail takes the hint and begins to deliver that sender's emails to your junk folder.

Inversely, Yahoo Mail will follow your lead if you mark an email in your junk folder as "Not Spam" and begin to deliver them to your inbox.

We have two requests

Mark our emails as "Not Spam" if you receive them in your Yahoo Mail junk folder. The theory is that the more of our members who mark our correspondence as "Not Spam," the less likely it is that Yahoo will continue to view our correspondence as spam.

Open our emails even if you don't plan to read them. This should keep your Yahoo Mail account from thinking that you consider all our emails spam.

We understand that most of you lead a busy life and are committed to limiting our contact with you to only the essentials. 

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Tue, Jan 12th - 9:13AM

Why Did You Join WebRing?
This just in...
Super-helper and long-time WebRing member genealogy1 submitted an excellent response to the "Why Did You Join WebRing?" contest. You can read his answer here.

We've noticed of genealogy1's tremendous level of activity for enthusiasm here on WebRing for some time. We're pleased to hear that he has found it to be a great place for genealogy enthusiasts to connect.

The contest is not yet concluded, but we wanted to thank genealogy1 for his exemplary response and have awarded him 300 AP for his submission.

We'd like to hear why you joined WebRing. You can let us know here.

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Mon, Jan 4th - 11:52AM

2009 - The Year in Review

In one year, we made greater strides than in all years combined. Check out all the stuff that happened at WebRing this year.

What a perfect month for a new start, as we turned over some major support functions to knowledgeable members willing to lend others a hand. We launched the Super-Helpers program to empower those with the knowledge to share it with others.
Expanding on last month's theme of member-based help, we launched the FAQ Submission page. On this page, any member could ask or answer questions about the use of WebRing, all with the goal of creating a user-generated FAQ.
This month, we focused on enhancing alerts. No more excuses for not getting the memo. Now, if you have an alert, it will appear in your Shoutbox until you click it away. Don't like the alerts, or would like to keep some but not others? Perhaps you'd like to be alerted via a text message or email? You can do all that, now that we have given you full control over your alerts!

Also in March, Premium members got another benefit added to their membership - a URL image. From the URLs page, Premium members can upload a small image to serve as an icon for their site wherever its listed.

Premium members got yet another function added to their rings. Managers can now create contests that are sponsored by one or more of their rings. Imagine running your own American Idol style ring-based contest, in which you can choose to open up judging to everyone or stay the sole judge.

Speaking of contests, we started our own contest that is still running and everyone is invited to participate - Why Did You Join WebRing?

This was a big month for us here at WebRing. We launched Webspace and Personal Storage, enabling members to share and even edit files with other members and to upload webpages. And did the launch ever happen at just the right time, as GeoCities announces it will close in the fall. More on that next month...

Also in May, we enable personal invitation landing pages to help you make your invitations to join WebRing more, well, personal. Plus, we finally answered the cries of so many bloggers and programmed a vertical NavBar that fit perfectly in sidebars.

This month we offer to transfer members' GeoCities sites to their Webspaces on WebRing for absolutely no charge. The response is overwhelming, and our staff transfers tens of thousands of soon-to-be extinct GeoCities sites by the time GeoCities closes on October 26.

Also in June, we offer the creative members of WebRing a chance to create seasonal logos to appear in the WebRing masthead.

Mostly, our staff charges onward with GeoCities site transfers. Along the way, though, we put together a Webspace directory and watch it grow daily. We also put out the call for widgets and apps that can be used on Webspace pages.
As our staff drives forward with site transfers, the members work toward making sure their other GeoCities friends don't lose their sites. Taking advantage of the new custom GeoCities landing page, members successfully save scores of their friends' sites.
We unveil the all-new look for WebRing. With its contemporary and cleaner look, site traffic starts to make an upturn.
As we wound down to the October 26 closure of GeoCities, our staff works overtime to complete the transfer of all requests. Our programmers managed to find some time to make some neat changes to the My Account page.

We added an Account Setup list to help you identify things you can do to maximize your account. Also, we made the main toolbar on the My Account page collapsible. Plus, we also made it possible for you to re-order the view of their My Account page, and gave Premium members even greater control of the individual elements.

Things got cloudy around WebRing this month. Unlike most, though, these clouds appear to clear the confusion. In many places throughout the system, we have added these help clouds. Just click a link or a question mark icon and you're likely to find easy answers to your questions.

We also added the ability to add a title, description and rating for your Webspace. The result is greater visibility in the Webspace directory, as those Webspaces with such information appears at the top of each list.

We introduced the easy-to-use, template-based webpage creator - Publisher. Not only can you quickly create a new page, but we automatically add the NavBar and register your URL for you. If you created the new page while joining a ring, we'll even complete the submission process for you.

We also made some much needed adjustments to your Personal Shoutbox, namely segmenting each section onto its own page and adding a menu to help you navigate quickly and easily between each section.

And finally, we crept in an even greater tool than Publisher - Say It! From this one bubble you can post something to your WebRing profile, the Shoutbox, or the general WebRing forum. You can also email people from Say It!

For details on any of these additions, visit the What's New? and find the associated newsletter.

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