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Tue, Jan 27th - 11:21AM

St. George's of Forest Hill, Kitchener, Ontario
St. George's Anglican, Kitchener, OntarioThe Parish of St. George's of Forest Hill was founded in 1957 on the edge of Kitchener, Ontario with 42 families. It began in a house converted for use as a church. In 1962 a building was purchased from a Lutheran congregation and transported to the present site, which was then just a mud lane. The present building was completed and dedicated in 1983. The Bishop of Huron consecrated the building on 19 October 1997, after the mortgage was cleared.

St. George's, Kitchener SanctuarySt. George's is a vital, engaged congregation. It supports Habitat for Humanity; St. John's Soup Kitchen; holds Waterloo Region's only annual AIDS Requiem; supports ROOF (Reaching Our Outdoor Friends), an organization that helps street kids; Anselma House (a shelter for women escaping abusive relationships); and St. Monica House (unwed mothers). Two children are sponsored - one in Africa and one in Eastern Europe. December sees the Angel Tree providing gifts of toys, clothing and food to needy families in the St. George's community. The people of St. George's of Forest Hill also continue to contribute to the PWRDF/Huron Hunger Fund. And finally, a very successful day camp - Little Dragon - is run for the months of July and August, and the congregation provides numerous bursaries so that those who cannot afford the weekly cost will not be deprived of the opportunities the camp provides.

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Tue, Jan 13th - 4:16PM

Anglican Churches of Ontario

In 2001, the last census that counted religious denominations, 985,110 or 8.6% of Ontarians identified themselves as Anglican. 48% of Canada's Anglicans live in Ontario.

The ecclesiastical Province of Ontario, which roughly covers the civil province, has 7 dioceses: Algoma, Huron, Moosonee, Niagara, Ontario, Ottawa and Toronto.

The first resident Anglican clergyman in what is now Ontario was Rev. John Stuart who settled in Cataraqui (Kingston) in 1785. There were 46 parishes when the Diocese of Toronto, covering all of Upper Canada (Ontario), was established in 1839. The diocese has became smaller as the other dioceses were set up but remains the most populous of the dioceses in the Anglican Church of Canada and has some 270 churches.

More on Ontario Churches is at the Anglican Churches of Ontario Webring Blog.

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