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Mon, Jan 28th - 10:03AM

A Scene To Inspire Poets

Good morning. Seattle snow is almost an oxymoron, but we have some this morning. Marinas always look rather romantic with a covering of snow on the boats and cold, gray water stretching out beyond. I once described it in an article: "Looking out over the marina on a winter’s day, the snow-covered boats resting on steel gray water against billowy clouds, is a scene to inspire poets."

There are downsides to living aboard in the winter. One year it stayed frozen for a couple weeks. For several days it was stormy, churning the water. Splash - freeze, splash - freeze, you've got it. We had a 4" thickness of ice lining the dock and nobody could get out. We wouldn't just slip, we could slip into icy water, a very dangerous thing to do.

Generally it stays warm on boats unless it freezes for several days then the cold begins to seep in through the uninsulated hull and you end up hunkering down under an electric blanket with a good book. Not bad really. One year I read two Fritof Capra classics in a row: The Turning Point and Conversation With Extraordinary People. What an inspiring few days. I highly recommend The Turning Point if you are trying to understand how the systems of society can evolve in more healthy ways.

Much to do today, on the computer thankfully - Yeah Internet! Try blogging, it's fun.

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Tue, Jan 15th - 4:53PM

Fajitas and Poker in Seattle

If you've lost a beloved pet recently or have a friend who has, please look at our program,               Miss You So Much A Pathway To Healing

Wow, it's halfway into January. It's chilly in Seattle, Abby is curled up on the couch after having her only "human food" treat. When we make Irish Coffee's she gets to lick a tiny bit of whip cream. Boy, those sugar molecules must really light up in the brain's pleasure centers. 

Husband is making fajitas, YUM. Flour tortillas, fresh salsa, gucamole, and the greatest marinated Flank Steak (part of a bottle of Italian Dressing and some lime juice for two days) red pepper, green pepper and sweet onion.

I'm a little tired of politics (a bit of a CNN junkie - I know, I know) There was a great story about the Greyhound adoption program at a racetrack in Oregon.

Husband (a poker player who once played the World Series of Poker) is starting classes locally and is very popular. From Therapy to magazine food columns to poker he's an interesting guy, and he cooks!

I'll try to be more regular here in the new year.

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