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Tue, Jan 29th - 5:51PM

The Virgin Birth and the Incarnation

Virgin Birth and the IncarnationThe four papers in this month's blog entries and five other papers were published in one book in 1975 by the Zondervan Publishing Company. All nine papers can be read at The Virgin Birth and the Incarnation.

The title paper states that the Virgin Birth and the Incarnation are miracles and beyond scientific analysis, yet not wholly so. Such analysis as is now possible only increases our wonder without decreasing the miracle. If there is now within our reach some added light upon certain aspects of the subject we should not refuse it. The Paper deals with some of this new light. It does not reduce the need for the exercise of faith. Faith is still the basis of understanding, though this faith is largely to be exercised in the matter of those premises which involve super-natural agencies at work. But what we now know shows that no element of our belief is random or arbitrary. The Plan of Redemption is a perfect plan, perfectly in harmony with what is now known from genetics and embryology. The Christian need never apologize for his faith. It has merely placed him in the position of being far ahead of current scientific knowledge in this particular respect.

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Tue, Jan 15th - 6:02PM

What If We Could Not Die

Juan Ponce de León and the fountain of youth
In his paper If Adam Had Not Died, Arthur Custance gives some thought to what would have happened to Adam and his descendants if physical immortality had never been surrendered and if they had gone on multiplying indefinitely.

Dr. Custance then shows that it was absolutely necessary for Adam to have been created immortal in the first place, even if only for a few hours, otherwise the redemption of fallen man would never have been possible.

Longevity in Antiquity

In the paper Longevity in Antiquity and its Bearing on Chronology Dr. Custance argues that that men probably did live for centuries at the very beginning and that their life span dropped steadily for reasons which were possibly genetic. He continues that there is no biological reason for doubting that men might have lived for centuries at one time or might survive for centuries in time to come.

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Tue, Jan 1st - 5:52AM

Did Eve Give Adam an Apple?

It is Arthur Custance's contention in The Nature of the Forbidden Fruit that Adam and Eve were real people.   They were placed in a Garden which contained a variety of trees providing them with shade and with food.   Presumably their diet consisted not merely of fruits, but also of herbs, berries, and probably nuts.   Two trees were singled out, the one a kind of medicine tree to keep them in perfect health, the other a forbidden tree by which their obedience and faith was to be tested.

The forbidden fruit was either a grape or something similar, from which could be derived a poisonous juice whose action on the body was similar to that of alcohol. It is possible that Adam and Eve might have been unharmed by the forbidden fruit if they had eaten it without hesitation.   The delay, occasioned by their doubts, allowed time for fermentation to begin, illustrating unexpectedly the truth that whatsoever is not of faith is sin.   The poison entered their bodies and made them self-conscious physiologically for the first time. This poison reached the male seed whence it is passed on to all mankind at the time of conception, so that we all die.   But the seed of the woman is not affected by it except through the seed of the man, thereby leaving the way open for the re-appearance by a supernatural generation of One Arthur Custance WebRing Blog who truly represented in His Body a second Adam.   To make this completely possible, the woman was taken out of the man while Adam was yet unfallen, and her body distinguished from his by this one feature, namely, that she became a vessel capable of carrying the seed from generation to generation without corrupting it.
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