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Tue, Jan 29th - 5:19PM

Deanery of Perth
UPDATE: September 1, 2013, the Deanery of Perth and the Deanery of Huron were amalgamated into one deanery known as the Deanery of Huron/Perth.
St. Paul's Church, Stratford, Ontario
Deanery of Perth in southwestern Ontario consists of 12 congregations formed into 6 parishes. The area is mostly rural with the largest communites being Stratford, Listowel and St Marys.

Regional dean is the Rev Tanya Phibbs, rector of St. Paul's, Stratford (left). St Paul's was founded in 1877 as the Home Memorial Church and was renamed St Paul's when the current building was constructed in 1905.
Stratford, Saintsbury and Kirkton, Ontario Anglican Churches
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Tue, Jan 22nd - 5:21PM

St James' Anglican, St Marys, Ontario

St James' Anglican, St Marys, Ontario
St Marys, Ontario was established when a sawmill and a grist-mill were erected in 1841-43. Anglicans first meetings were at the mill.

One account of the naming of St Marys is that during a visit in 1845 Bishop John Strachan's daughter Mary proposed a donation of £10 for a new school if St Marys were adopted as the official name of the settlement. The school was built and the Anglican congregation met regularly there. Anglican Church Window, St Marys, Ontario

St James' Anglican, St Marys, Ontario was built in 1858 of local limestone. Originally a simple rectangular building, the roof was raised and the tower and chancel built in 1885.

In 1907, the parish hall was built next to the church. Shown is a window in the parish hall in memory of William Veal Hutton who had died the previous year and was the second owner of the grist-mill.

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Tue, Jan 15th - 5:27PM

Christ Anglican Church, Listowel, Ontario

Christ Church, Listowel, OntarioThe first permanent resident in Listowel, Ontario arrived in 1852. The first denomination represented in Listowel were Congregationalists.

Anglicans erected a small frame church in 1862 that was eventually moved to the current site. That building was destroyed by fire and the present stone building constructed in 1897.

Christ Church, Listowel is the largest congregation in a 6-point parish along with St. Alban's and St. David's, Atwood, St. George's, Harriston, St. Paul's, Palmerston, St. Stephen's, Gorrie and Trinity Church, Fordwich.
Anglican Parish of the Resurrection
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Tue, Jan 8th - 5:23PM

St James' Anglican, Stratford, Ontario

St James' Anglican Church was built in 1870 on the west bank of the Avon River. It is the third Anglican church on the site with the first being built in 1849. Many pioneer grave markers can still be found just south of the church entrance.

St James' Anglican, Stratford, Ontario In 1909, the tower was built and the chime of bells installed. The chime consists of eleven bells, the largest of the bells weighs 2100 lbs.

The blue carpet in the chancel is a section from that of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth in Westminster Abbey in 1953.

Ontario's Anglican Bishops attended the triennial Provincial Synod in October 2006 at St. James Church.

Rector is the Ven. Dr. Lorne Mitchell, Archdeacon of Huron/Perth and the Rev. Lynn Mitchell is Associate Priest. The Archdeaconery consists of the Deanery of Huron and Deanery of Perth containing 25 churches in 12 parishes.

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