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Sun, Jan 27th - 12:26PM

January 27th 2008 - The Sunday Edition

Letter from the Editor

It isn't very often the Lilith Gallery adds new artists, the curator Charles Moffat adds new people once/year and it is a strenuous screening process. The Lilith Gallery started back in the Summer of 2000 and has since grown to 15 artists. We therefore would like to invite you to browse our artists, both old and new.

Lilith Adler
Eliza Bathory
Jonathon Earl Bowser
Stefanie Lynn Evans
Caroline Folkenroth
Candice Raquel Lee
Jennifer Linton
Jasmine Maddock
Charles Alexander Moffat
Emilia Noris
Rachel Stone
Victoria Van Dyke
Judith Weratschnig

Our two new artists are:

Alicia DeBrincat
Annie Naseem

Suzanne MacNevin
Editor of the Lilith eZine

The Art History Archive

The History of Fantasy Art and Fantasy Artists.

The Artwork and Biography of feminist artist Barbara Kruger.

Underwater Condos: Ever wanted to live under the sea?

The Artwork and Biography of Symbolist artist Gustav Klimt, famous for "The Kiss".

The Artwork and Biography of German Symbolist artist Franz Von Stuck.

The Lilith Gallery

New Artist: Alicia DeBrincat

New Artist: Annie Naseem

The Automotive eZine

Fun and informative car trivia. Care to test your knowledge of automotive history?

The Fashion eZine

A History of the World's Greatest Fashion Designers, from A to Z

Tyson Ballou - Male Supermodel

Will Chalker - Male Supermodel

The Gothic eZine

The Gothic Fashion Directory has compiled a list of all the best gothic fashion shops:

The Health eZine

With scientific advances in genetics and cloning, will man become extinct?

The Politics eZine

We take a close look at this economic downturn and how we will be effected.

The Sex eZine

Sex, Money and the City: Are too many women marrying for money?

The Art History Archive, Feminist eZine and Lilith eZine are subsidiaries of the Lilith Gallery Network.

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Wed, Jan 23rd - 2:02PM

It is 2008 and we'd like to introduce you to the Lilith Gallery's new artists: Alicia DeBrincat and Annie Naseem.

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Mon, Jan 21st - 5:09PM

Citing Sources: Native Genocide
Someone commented on the issue of Native genocide, expressing disbelief at the number of Native Canadians/Americans who were killed during the "settling of North America" by Europeans and complaining that we did not cite sources.

It is a reasonably well-known fact that Natives were systematically massacred. I didn't feel it was necessary to cite specific sources of that info. Frankly, if you don't see us citing sources it is because we are stating things that are obvious FACTS. Don't like it or don't remember your history? Go research the topic yourself next time.

If you do a Google search for the words native genocide there is 491,000 websites on the topic. The number of 100 million is somewhat debated, including the causes of death, but according to anthropologists who have tracked numbers in Native burial grounds the estimate of 100 million is a relatively accurate and agreed upon number.

Quite a few Natives were killed by disease (Europeans deliberately traded Natives plague infested blankets). Whether it was disease or gunfire or gas chamber that killed them, I don't see a difference. It was still a deliberate act of mass murder.

Trying to deny that this was definitively genocide, in our opinion, is comparable to denying the holocaust or trying to claim the holocaust was not genocide.

EXAMPLE: When the British settled Newfoundland for example they placed a reward on Native Beothuk (Newfoundland's sole tribe) and their ears. The Beothuk were quite literally hunted to extinction for their ears. Their only remaining descendants is people with a small amount of Beothuk blood in them. Their culture was completely wiped out by 1829 when the last remaining Beothuk died.

Frankly, we question the morality of anyone who would attempt to deny a holocaust or a genocide. Historians and anthropologists do their field work and do it well. There is very little room for error. In the example of the Jewish Holocaust we can determine numbers quite easily because the Germans kept very detailed logs and records of all the people they killed (although it should be noted they killed other non-Jewish minorities and dissenters as well).

European settlers may not have kept records of all the Natives they killed, but large massacres are well-recorded in history books. It should be noted also that this genocide occurred over a period of many years as more and more settlers encroached on Native lands, with the systematic removal or murder of Native numbers.

And why were so many killed? Fear of the unknown. Safety and security. Racism and religious extremism. The same arguments governments today still make when they make preemptive attacks on other Nations for fear of WMD. We haven't changed much in the last few centuries. We may kill people with gas chambers/bombs and rifles, but how is that any different from using disease and muskets?

I fear we have barely tapped the barrel of destruction that humanity has the potential to unleash. Biological and chemical warfare/terrorism is becoming far too readily usable, and I have little doubt that this coming century will misuse such technology widely to destroy or decimate whole minority cultures.

Don't think for an instant that modern society has evolved beyond genocide. As creatures humans are still violent and afraid of their own shadow.

Suzanne MacNevin
Editor of the Lilith eZine

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Sun, Jan 20th - 8:56PM

January 20th 2008 - The Sunday Edition

Letter from the Editor

More art, fashion and sex stuff for you this week, but the one I am most interested in is the census of Native Canadians. Apparently they are the fastest growing minority group in Canada due to an extremely high birth rate. Their population has gone up 45% in the last 10 years alone. Approximately 1 in every 30 Canadians is Native or Metis (mixed).

For me it is difficult to think of Canada without thinking of our Native population. First we slaughtered them in the largest mass genocide in known history. Prior to Jacques Cartier arriving there was over an 100 million Natives living in North America and when we were done there was less than a couple million left. It is nice to see the population is growing back finally. (Incidentally it is our slaughter of Natives that apparently gave Hitler his inspiration for his final solution.)

Not a proud moment in Canadian or American history. Then again, neither was the slave trade, McCarthyism, the Vietnam War (which Canada didn't fight in) or America's choice to attack Iraq looking for WMD (which Canada wisely avoided again).

These days Native Canadian culture is all over the place. Inuit sculptures, Native art, not much for fashion unless you count my father wearing moccasins and Natives finally winning important diplomatic issues like Ipperwash being returned to Native hands. The political landscape has lots of room for Natives to grow I think. We need more Natives running for parliament and speaking up on issues like environment, health care and providing an unique perspective on international affairs.

I got a fan email a couple months ago from a Native woman who was concerned that we don't have much news or info about Native Canadians or Americans. Frankly, I agree. We only publish those things people send us and get past the scrutiny of my editorial eyes (that or things our staff writes).

So if anyone knows any Native writers out there who like to talk about controversial issues please tell them about us. We'd love to read what they have to say.

Suzanne MacNevin
Editor of the Lilith eZine

PS. We're getting a lot of hatemail from angry deadbeat dads. Check out the article from two weeks ago:

Dealing with Anti-feminism - Bigotry, deadbeat dads and ex-husbands.

The Art History Archive

Canadian abstract painter Jack Bush paved the way for colour field painting in Canada.

Canadian artist Ken Danby died in September 2007. Take a look at his life's work.

The Canada eZine

Canada's First Nations is undergoing a baby boom that may revolutionize Native culture.

The Fashion eZine

True Haute Couture is no more, according to designer Pierre Cardin (plus a biography on the designer).

Tila Tequila Nguyen - Female Supermodel

Travis Fimmel - Male Supermodel

The Sex eZine

YouTube has completed changed the way the porn industry does business, or lack thereof.

The Art History Archive, Feminist eZine and Lilith eZine are subsidiaries of the Lilith Gallery Network.

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Sun, Jan 13th - 7:05AM

January 13th 2008 - The Sunday Edition
Letter from the Editor

I think about fashion surprisingly a lot. Almost every day in fact.

I get dressed to work at a high school 5 days per week for 10 months of the year and I've become rather conscious of my fashion sense and what I am wearing. After all, I don't look much older than my students. I'm a good 10 years senior most of them, but I still get asked for ID when I order alcohol in a restaurant.

As a teacher we are expected to look professional and to some extent not stand out in the crowd. Depending on the school there are degrees of acceptability.

A few years back I was working at the first high school I was contracted to. It was in a snobbish neighborhood of Richmond Hill north of Toronto. One weekend I decided to spike my hair and dye it green.

My students of course loved it and I got the usual comments and jokes from fellow teachers.

No less than two days later I was called to the administrative offices where several school trustees, the principal and several "very concerned looking" parents were waiting.

Apparently they had problems with my hair and were trying to find a way to get rid of me (or at least convince me to dye it back to normal). The parents thought I was "a potential bad influence" and that their children or other people's children might try to emulate me and become involved in crime somehow.

I pointed out that numerous students and teachers in the school already had all sorts of unusual hairstyles. Spikey green hair was not that unusual.

Still the parents were adamant that their children might become suicidal, violent or outright crazy if they were influenced somehow by some "goth chemistry teacher". (For the most part I tried to keep my gothic aspect looking very professional.)

The principal, thankfully, was on my side. As was the contracts thankfully.

And the law for that matter.

I said that if they fired me I would sue the school board for sexual discrimination. On what grounds? I'm bisexual. My hair is part of my sexuality.

Well now... maybe I shouldn't mentioned that. That was one moment I wonder if I should have hid in the closet.

Several of the parents in question suddenly did an about turn and back peddled on the issue. Others took a turn for the worse: They didn't want a "flaming green lesbian" teaching their kids...

I'm not going to go into the details, but needless to say I stayed until the end of my contract and then promptly found work at a more liberally minded school that caters to more artsy students. I won the battle, but I decided that I didn't want to go through a confrontation like that again so I decided to pick a battlefield where my fashion statements would be more welcome.

So when I'm getting ready to go work I'm not so much worried about looking professional these days. I'm trying to make more outrageous fashion statements.

Suzanne MacNevin
Editor of the Lilith eZine

The Art History Archive

Abstract Expressionism: What is it, who was involved in it and what were the major art pieces?

What are the most popular artworks of all time? We reviewed several sources.

The Automotive eZine

General Motors announces they might start selling self-driving GPS cars by 2018.

Hitchhiker's Guide to getting a Ride and Hitchhiking stories.

The Canada eZine

How soon can we expect gas prices to skyrocket? Maybe this year.

The Fashion eZine

Want to do Yoga? Make sure you're equipped properly so you're comfortable.

Adriana Lima - Female Supermodel

Ajuma Nasenyana - Female Supermodel

Alex Lundqvist - Male Supermodel

Aline Nakashima - Female Supermodel

Carla Bruni - Female Supermodel

Chad White - Male Supermodel

Marcus Schenkenberg - Male Supermodel

Want a washboard stomach and nice pecs? Try Marcus Schenkenberg's Workout

Mario Lekkas - Male Supermodel

Selita Ebanks - Female Supermodel

The Sex eZine

A review of the top Topless Beaches from around the world.

The Art History Archive, Feminist eZine and Lilith eZine are subsidiaries of the Lilith Gallery Network.

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Sun, Jan 6th - 8:52AM

January 6th 2008 - The Sunday Edition

Letter from the Editor

2008 is here at last. Let us all take the time to reflect on 2007, laugh about our follies and imagine a better future in 2008.


Suzanne MacNevin
Editor of the Lilith eZine

The Automotive eZine

Automotive news of 2007

Carburetor Efficiency - Building a more efficient internal combustion engine.

The Canada eZine

Ontario's Untapped Oil Reserves - Is Ontario ignoring a huge source of income?

The Canadian Loonie in 2008 - Where will our dollar go?

Canadian News of 2007

The Entertainment eZine

Entertainment News of 2007

Sports News of 2007

Video Games News of 2007

The Environmental eZine

Weather News of 2007 - A Year of Climate Change

The Fashion eZine

Fashion News of 2007

Brand Name Fashion - Should you buy brand names? And if so, who can you trust to be quality?

The Feminist eZine

Dealing with Anti-feminism - Bigotry, deadbeat dads and ex-husbands.

Are Women Second Class Citizens? According to young women, yes, we are still not equal.

Globalization, Sex and Profits - What is the world doing (not doing) to stop prostitution and sex slavery?

Gender Trouble - Feminism and the Subversion of Identity, by Judith Butler

Twenty Biographies of Great Feminists

The Health eZine

Health News of 2007

How America Aids and Abets AIDS Worldwide

The Politics eZine

The Race for Arctic Oil

Hundred Dollar Oil - High oil prices are here to stay. It may drop down for the interim, but now that $100/barrel has been breached it is likely going to stay high.

Politics News of 2007

The Religion eZine

Religion News of 2007

Americans get 'F' in Religion

The Sex eZine

Sex News of 2007

The Technology eZine

Science News of 2007

Computer News of 2007

The Art History Archive, Feminist eZine and Lilith eZine are subsidiaries of the Lilith Gallery Network.

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Tue, Jan 1st - 9:13AM

How to Promote Your Website (on WebRing)

1. Make sure your site is easy to read.
2. Spellcheck your site. Bad spelling (or grammar) can annoy visitors.
3. Make sure all of your images work properly.
4. Size your images accordingly. Do not use images that are too big or too small for your site. (Download Paint Shop Pro 3.11 and resize your images if you don't already know how.)
5. Learn to use tables. Tables make everything "neater" when used properly.
6. Do not clutter your site up with TOO MANY images. It looks bad.
7. Actually have words on your site. If the entire thing is images, its very boring.
8. Do not use too many banners or advertisements on every page. Two or three is enough.
9. When using advertisements, I suggest Google Adsense (its the best).
10. Do not use images that are not compressed. IE. giant BMP files or uncompressed JPGs. A JPG should have a compression level of around 45 for good quality images.
11. Don't use large annoying gifs or visual javascripts (unless you have a site about such things, like a javascript gallery). Some visual javascripts are quite good looking, but many can be annoying.
12. Don't use annoying midi music. Most people like listening to mp3s while surfing, so a midi just messes up their music on them. So DON'T.
13. Avoid using pop-ups or having any form of advertising that uses pop-ups. Pop ups are evil.
14. Don't use sneaky javascripts/etc to find out a visitor's email and then spam them later. Spam is evil.
15. Read what you write. Sometimes people forget to write a word here and there, and then their sentences don't make sense.
16. Its a good idea to have your email listed on every site you make, but be wary of spam. My suggestion is an "antispam" email that you list on your websites, which only forwards good emails to your main email. Its also a good idea to add a blank in between the two halves of your email address (like I just did) just so that "web-spam-bots" can't find your email address and store it for sending spam to.
17. Don't use slang too much. Its okey dokey to do it once in awhile, but it just gets freaking annoying if the entire page is basically just slang after slang.
18. Don't swear too much. Same reason as #17. Use a warning sign if necessary.
19. Make love, not war.
20. Drink Jolt Cola and buy stocks in Enron.


1. Submit your site to a lot of webrings.
2. Build extra "thematic" sites that deal with topics you enjoy (art, feminism, politics, fashion, whatever), and submit them to webrings on those topics.
3. Submit your site(s) to large/popular "free for all" webrings like "I'm a Webring Whore" which let in anyone (except porn).
4. Talk in the webring forums in the webrings which you belong to. This is best for when its a popular forum.
5. Feature your site in a webring that has a popular forum.
6. Feature your site in a large/popular webring that gets a lot of hits.
7. Feature your site in webrings that are featured webrings that are large/popular. (This is often the best method.)
8. Feature your site in multiple large/popular webrings.
9. Feature your site in webrings that promote themselves in multiple categories.
10. Build your own webring(s) and invite many other similar sites to join it.
11. Feature your site(s) in your own webrings. (This only works if your webring is large/popular.)
12. Feature webrings that you made.
13. Adopt webrings that you like, fix them up and make them better (and feature your site in the adopted webring).
14. Feature adopted webrings.
15. Feature your webrings in multiple categories.
16. Submit the website of your webrings to search engines, in order to gain extra traffic.
17. Create webrings that cross-wire themes such as "art and writing" and feature it in both art and writing categories.
18. Create special homepages for your webrings to help promote one or more multiple rings.
19. Create a Ringmaster page that lists all of your websites, and all of your webrings.
20. Be nice to the other people in the webring community. Being rude never helps. Being helpful to people is a good idea. Sort of like being an honest businessman.
21. When writing a description for your site, DON'T USE CAPS ALL THE TIME.
22. Go to webring every day, just for fun.

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