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Mon, Jan 28th - 2:48PM

What Is an Activity Score?
If you've logged into your WebRing account lately, you probably noticed a new stat on your account page: Activity Score!

What exactly is an Activity Score?

Your WebRing activity score gauges your level of involvement on the overall WebRing system. Put simply: low scores reflect low use, while high scores reflect super-users. And, it's easier than you think to earn activity points:

  • Access WebRing at least once a day.
  • Manage your Community(ies).
  • Help manage a community ring.
  • Add sites and edit sites.
  • Tell friends.
  • Invite friends. Earn more points if they click the link.
  • Preview and rate sites in rings...

For more details, click here.

In short, nearly every thing you do on WebRing will earn you points. So start using WebRing today and raise your Activity Score!
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Mon, Jan 21st - 6:10PM

Multiple URLs Require Multiple NavBars
In our last Tech Tip, we shared some strategies for joining multiple WebRing Communities using only 1 NavBar. In that post, we told you that "when it comes to placing SSNB NavBars on your web page (URL), once is enough!" In this post, we're going to explain and guide you through the exception to that rule.

You must add the NavBar to each new URL you register.

Here's an example of what we mean:
Sandra runs an ecommerce site that sells a wide variety of products, from t-shirts to candles to posters of rock stars. She has dedicated a page to each type of item she sells, as reflected in her site menu.

To gain maximum site exposure, we recommend that Sandra add 4 NavBars to her site, one to her front page and one on each of her various product pages. There are two approaches she can take to adding the SSNB NavBar to the URLs she registers. She can either:

Place the "default" NavBar on each page she registers from her "My Account>URLs" page. To do this, she scrolls down to find the hyperlinked text that reads "enter web site information," then fills out the form pages that follow. When she’s completed, the system will present her with the code for the default NavBar, which she should place on the URL she just added to her account. Now as soon as she finds a WebRing Community she wants to join, the NavBar will automatically convert that Community's NavBar.


Search first for an appropriate WebRing Community, fill out the "Join Now" application, then copy the Community-specific NavBar code and place it on the URL she just submitted.

To keep it simple:
You need one SSNB NavBar on each and every URL you have registered in your WebRing account.
Each NavBar is specific to a URL. If you copy the NavBar from one page on your overall site onto another page of your site, the NavBar will not work correctly.

That's all for this WebRing blog post. If you're growing weary of reading about NavBars, you'll be glad to know that we will unveil a new WebRing feature in our next post.

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Fri, Jan 18th - 9:53AM

1 NavBar, Multiple Rings

When it comes to placing SSNB NavBars on your web page (URL), ONCE IS ENOUGH!

The SSNB is the version of the NavBar that we at WebRing prefer you to use. It is built with JavaScript, a dynamic programming language that allows us to update and track Web traffic from a distance. That means that once you've placed the SSNB NavBar on your site, you're done dealing with that infernal "code."

Once you've placed the SSNB NavBar on your URL, you'll just need to find some appropriate WebRing Communities to join. The following is an example of how one URL can effectively join multiple rings:

- | Title - Montana Fly Fishing Co.
Description - Reeling up an assortment of fly fishing tours, guidebooks and gear in Montana since 1923.
  • 1st Ring - Montana Connection because the URL is from a Montana-based business [link this:]
  • 2nd Ring - Fly Fishing WebRing because the URL focuses on fly fishing [link this:]
  • 3rd Ring - American Outdoors because both Montana and fly fishing resonate with the spirit of the American outdoors[link this:]

Notice how one NavBar does the work of several rings. That's the way the SSNB is meant to work. So if you've already placed the NavBar on your URL, you only need to submit your URL and wait for approval.

Here are a few common mistakes you'll want to avoid:

  • Placing new NavBars for each Community membership - Most Ring Managers will instruct you to place their Community-specific NavBar on your URL in order for your submission to be approved. If you have already placed the SSNB NavBar on your URL, disregard their instruction and do NOT place any more code on your site. They will see their banner when they check out your site before approving your URL.
  • Creating a new WebRing Account - It's not uncommon for someone to create a new account every time they want to join a different Community. This generally creates confusion for all involved, typically in the form of system-generated emails that claim your URL is "missing navigation code."
  • Joining WebRing Communities that are too similar - When choosing additional WebRing Communities to join, ask yourself if the Community in question is different enough from the ones you already belong to.

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Fri, Jan 11th - 10:11AM

WebRing's Announcement Makes the News!
Have you heard about the hottest new web design competition on the web?

Heavyweights like Forbes and Street Insider have. They immediately picked up our press release announcing the inaugural Iron WebMaster competition. Additionally, graphic DESIGN basics was so enthusiastic about helping spread the news, that they took the extra step to include the Iron WebMaster logo. Thanks, gDb!

If you like shows like "Iron Chef" or "American Idol," you're going to love Iron WebMaster. Each competitor is presented with a unique design challenge which they must incorporate into their website design, and they must complete each round in a limited amount of time.

Even if you don't aspire to be a web designer, you'll want to participate and keep an eye on this competition.
After all, it's YOUR VOTES that help determine the winner of the competition.

We've teamed up with Iron WebMaster to make it extremely easy for you to participate, and stand a chance at winning some great prizes. Simply use your WebRing user ID and password to sign in at Iron WebMaster. Voting isn't set to start until later in January, but the coding phase starts January 15, 2008.

Iron WebMaster has reported that they've "already had scores of eager competitors sign up."

If you're an aspiring web designer and want to take the title of Iron WebMaster, then you'll definitely want to sign up today!

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