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Tue, Feb 11th - 12:18AM

Major Labels Want To Know If You Can Sell Songs Before They Invest In You!

Marketing The Gospel

  • Our Gospel Music Marketing And Advertising Bundle Includes A Custom Made Squeeze Page On WordPress That Focus On Sales By Targeting Fans Who Are More Likely To Eventually Make A Purchase! The Psychological Affect That it Presents Leaves Out The Added Distractions You Will Find On Major Distribution And Websites With Various Gadgets On Them.

  • While There Are Many Artists That Are Listed On Major Distribution Websites, The Problem is That it Poses More Competition And A Distraction Of Getting Your Song(s) Singled Out And Noticed! Not To Mention That These Websites Contain Multiple Links, Gadgets, Ads, And Some Even Play Other Artists Music in The Background To Further Lesson Your Chances For A Purchase!
  • We Eliminate Other Artists And Distractions On Your Primary Promotion Page So That You Are The Exclusive Artist That Fans Can Opt In To Find Out More About And Eventually Make A Purchase!

  • MINISTRIES ARE ALSO PROMOTED THROUGH 12 VARIOUS MARKETING APPROACHES THAT INCLUDES TWO LARGE BANNERS (600x320) and (575×420), Gospel Music Entertainment NEWS PUBLICATIONS, Songs Posted For Sale, Video Advertising, Blogs On WordPress And Blogger, LINKS Distributed On EAGLES ADS NETWORK, And Other Websites To Promote Your Ministry!

  • AS THOUGH THAT'S NOT ENOUGH, We Take It Up A Notch And Use Five (5) Different Websites To Use As A Hub To Attract Viewers Globally!

  • I can assure you that just marketing your banner on MANY SITES YOU WILL PAY AT LEAST $80 – $200 DOLLARS PER MONTH! However, We take a different stance! Our Objective is to get as many Gospel Artists as possible to minister the Gospel of Jesus with out the burden of wondering how you are going to come up with hundreds of dollars! We Only Ask For A One Time Love Donation of $150 Dollars To Market And Host Your Ministry For At Least 12 Months!

  • That's Right, You Read it Correct! We Let You Decide What Additional Amount You Are Capable Of Donating If You Would Like To Support Our Gospel Music Out Reach!

  • Our Purpose is To Help Win Souls Foremost And Not To Distract You From Doing The Same With Ridiculous High Price Marketing! Are There Better Services Out There, Yes of Course! If You Rather Spend The High Dollars To Get Your Message Out, That’s Your Choice! But, We Know That GOD IS THE AUTHOR Who Will Take Your Message Throughout All The Nations of The World!


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Premium Marketing And Advertising Bundle


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Tue, Feb 11th - 12:02AM

Gods Vessel Music

"Popular Model And Secular Hip Hop Artist Stripped Of Everything Only To Be Restored As God’s Vessel"


Get The Free Testimony Series mp3 download and watch the Video Series of how a thug life mentality in urban America was changed by God's irrevocable plan!

Gods Vessel

Antione T. Minor - Throughout the years, GOD has blessed and purposed me to live on this earth. I have learned, I have experienced, I have seen, I have heard, and I have discerned.

GOD has been faithful as only HE can be and brought me out of the various tests stronger, wiser, humbled, and more confident than ever before!

The word of GOD says GOD is Faithful; He will not let you be tried beyond what you can bear and with the trial HE will also give you a way out so that through it you will be able to endure it (1 Corinthians 10:13).

The Testimony Series is me, GODs Vessel; me (Antione Minor); I share some of my intimate testimonies I have been blessed and purposed to experience! Through the grace predestined and given by GOD, I'm able to share with you in my videos my life changing circumstances! No Test no Testimony, Right?



God’s Vessel

Get my Free Testimony Series mp3 download and watch the Video Series that reveals how a thug life mentality in urban America was changed by God's irrevocable plan!

The Testimony Series

Silverhook Studios - We had the pleasure of working with Christian Hip-Hop Artist, GODs Vessel and helping him formulate what he calls the “Testimony” series where he discusses his journey from secular music to more spiritual theme music and the concept behind the songs on the project.

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