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Thu, Feb 3rd - 4:32AM

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A Perspective on Same Sex Blessings

There is a continuing debate within the Anglican Communion about whether to bless same sex unions. This article argues that the debate is not about same sex blessings at all. It is entirely a debate about being Christians, Faithful to the Teachings that were given by God Himself.

by Allan Pearson is a member of the following WebRings:

Abiding in the Kingdom

The Holy Spirit works through us to fulfill God's goals for the kingdom while we are still in the body. We must enter through the "narrow gate" while still physically alive in the body. The reward of the peace that the world cannot give is the way in which we abide in the kingdom.

Anglican Christians Community

The Anglican Christians Community helps Anglicans, Episcopalians and members of the Church of England share the worldwide fellowship of the Anglican Communion by linking their church websites and their personal pages.

Christianity Webring

The Christianity Webring is comprised of a wide variety of websites developed by Christian organizations and individuals, the Christianity WebRing includes sites on art, books, bible studies, biographies, churches, health, ministries, music, prayer, scripture as well as personal pages, blogs and more.

Discernment Web Ring

The ring consists of Christian sites that discern whether the good spirit (the influence of God, the Church, one's soul) or the bad spirit (the influence of Satan, the world, the flesh) is at work. Subjects include: the Third Wave movement; oneness denominations; false leaders; false televangelists; Seventh-day Adventists; cults in general; false religions and their beliefs; problems within Roman Catholicism and Mormonism; how the evolution debate misuses science; and how atheism has warped world cultures.

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