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Sat, Feb 20th - 7:39AM

Jean-Marie-Rodrigue Villeneuve (1883-1947)

Jean-Marie-Rodrigue VilleneuveJean-Marie-Rodrigue Villeneuve was Roman Catholic archbishop of Québec. Son of a hatmaker, he joined the Oblate order in 1902 and was ordained in 1907. After taking a doctorate in philosophy and theology, he served as dean of theology at U. of Ottawa. In 1930 he was named first bishop of Gravelbourg (Sask) and 2 years later became the 20th bishop of Québec. In 1933, the pope appointed him the fourth Canadian cardinal.

Rodrigue Cardinal Villeneuve took command of the Quebec church during the depths of the Depression. He continued to teach, using his homilies, talks and academic presentations, and spread his ideas through brochures and books. At the same time he also gave new impetus to the church's urban social work, liturgical renewal and Marist piety; he ran his diocese firmly and was the uncontested leader of Québec and Canadian bishops. Despite his taste for grandeur and a certain stubbornness, he liked to mingle with the crowds that greeted him.

When the Second World War came he threw his support behind the war effort convinced that 'Hitler and Nazism are a catastrophic threat to our Christianity and our rights.' He suffered a heart attack in 1946 after a gruelling inspection of Oblate missions in the north and died a year later in a church rest home in California.

Sainte-Marie Among the Hurons

Sainte-Marie Among the Hurons
French Jesuit settlement near Midland, Ontario, from 1634 to 1649. It was Ontario's first European settlement. Eight missionaries were martyred and were made saints.

Visit Sainte-Marie Among the Hurons
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