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Tue, Feb 2nd - 5:39AM


{b} Good Morning, WEB RING

Membership in Journalism & Writing Ring, #330 ... today figuring out all forgotten since last fall. Well, pretty busy winter ... still a blogger with a soul, a writer at heart.


Now ... how does one work this thing?

Where's a forum here on this site ... uh, like where lies a webring forum for new folks

... plus one for writers?

Hmmmm ... the search looms ahead.

So, THIS DAME (MOI) is also one of the crazies.

And very fed up of late. Yes, we are proud of online communication whenever conquered. Yet, that too is self praise. Some folks who are PC/ online/ over savvy --- priase themselves over the guy who is offline. The latter judged by sometimes, all the time, never or a dabbler.

No, we needen't outrule selling short stories other than e-publishing or ... we certainly should at least consider a public of intelligent folks not online. There's too damn much ... issue arising with privacy invading social sites. On eventually sees addiction stressful as this monster be ... for facebook, writing sites, gamers etc etc ...

To each his own. Shall be setting up a real snail mail venue and shall email short stories right to your house, your mail box, if you like. And can manage a few hours more to probably send your favorite Aunt Sally printed versions in memory of what they all went thru. Namely: Twain, Faulkner, Dickens et all. Then Aunt Sally can hold up her copy of a Paula LaRue story as she sits in her parlour reading on & on. Maybe one year by candlelight when the world runs out of nuke power, Appalachias as flat topped as crew cuts overseas. Where one day we enter a place and writing itself is not up for online technocratism, plagiarism or cheap, rotten read scenarios from self published author wannabeees.

Aunt Sal, .. here's a great story. Please buy it ... thanks ... Paula

Well, menu in prgress ... must conquer webspace.

Lovingly close to my heart exists the sheer fun of enjoying writing these things ... my short story anthology.

Au revoir ...
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