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Sat, Feb 16th - 12:50AM

Poetic Thoughts

Surfing Urban Streets

By Marilyn Michael

A surf shop sits along an urban street hundreds of miles from the nearest wave.

Sipping a mocha outside the coffee shop next door, I stare at it through bushes, pink with roses.

Waves and tropical flowers adorn its oval sign hung on a weathered pole, possibly the one thing in the shop that’s seen an ocean beach.

With a busy street on one side and a freeway on the other, if I close my eyes the constant woosh of traffic sounds oddly resembles ocean waves.

 A surf shop on this urban street how odd, or is it really?

 Maybe it’s what this world, or at least this city needs.

Workers tired from the daily grind drive by it everyday. It’s so out of place they have to notice, diverting their minds from worry about their lives.

For just a moment, or maybe longer, they’re taken back to quiet, sun-drenched days on ocean beaches, to times when waves and sand, or darkened coffee houses and conversation, or sitar music in apartments draped in cloth from import stores or Stanyon Street and Other Sorrows filled their carefree minds.

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Sun, Feb 10th - 9:25AM

Sitting here with coffee trying to get a blogging page...

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Sat, Feb 9th - 9:39PM

My Lonely Little Blog
My friend, Vivian, said my blog seemed a little lonely. Ah, poor blog. You know, I'll bet there are hundreds of abandoned blogs out there. Have you ever started a blog? Is it sitting somewhere calling out for you to return? Now, I refuse to feel guilty, in fact, I've been pretty faithful to this little tome.

I think all of us who've started blogs should ascribe to no rules about blog maintenance. It's really ok to return and type a sentence or paragraph, even an insipid, poorly written sentence or paragraph. A blog should feed your soul; let you say anything you want to say in any way you want to say it. If it becomes another area of our lives emitting guilt, something is wrong. Don't abandon it. Change your expectations.

Maybe that's good advice about a lot of things we let cause guilt. Don't dispel them from your life; change how you think about them. That's sort of what the current popular model of psychology, cognitive psychology, is all about.

I can feel my blog perking up already. But, my blog must mature, though, I will not cotton a whiney tome.
If you know someone mourning the loss of a beloved pet, check out

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