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Thu, Feb 28th - 12:42PM

Science and Faith

The four papers in this month's blog entries were published in one book in 1975 by the Zondervan Publishing Company. All four papers can be read at Science and Faith by Arthur Custance,

Spiritual vs. Materialistic

In the paper, The Medieval Synthesis and the Modern Fragmentation of Thought, Dr. Custance contrasts the spiritual atmosphere of medieval times with the present materialistic culture. He writes that while formerly there was a tendency to deny man's bodily rights, today there is a tendency to deny man's spiritual reality. The spiritual dogmatism which characterized the earlier age is being rapidly replaced by a materialistic dogmatism. And although we tend to be more acutely aware of the evils of our own times and to look more favorably upon the blessings of certain earlier periods in history, he believes it is essentially true that the spirit of man has greater importance than his body and that consequently a society which is more spiritual than material is to be preferred to one which is more material than spiritual.

Dr. Custance argues that a new synthesis is needed; one which recognizes not only man's physical and intellectual dimensions but also his spirtual dimension.

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Thu, Feb 21st - 12:09PM

The Universe: Designed for Man?

In the paper The Universe: Designed for Man?, Arthur Custance writes:

vega If man has been cast up accidentally as a by-product of purely materialistic forces in a universe which has no meaning or purpose except to burn itself out so that everything that charms or challenges will perish with it and all aspiration will be as though it had never been, then "nature" has played a tremendous and tragic joke upon us all and our strivings are ultimately meaningless. So the crucial question, really, is whether the universe does have meaning: and, in the final analysis, this meaning must be "meaning for man". Is it possible, then, to make sense out of such a gigantic display in terms of the time taken, the distances involved, and the inconceivable masses of material which compose it, to find in all this vastness that such a puny creature as man is the ultimate explanation?

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Thu, Feb 14th - 11:51AM

Intervention of God in Nature

In the paper, Scientific Determinism: Divine Intervention, Arthur Custance suggests that, in the question of evolution, God designed a mechanism with tremendous potential which could be used again and again in the subsequent creation of living forms.

The DNA code for each species or kind - whatever name seems most acceptable for un-mateable lines animals - was specifically created by God so that a confused message results when such lines are crossed, leading to a non-sense which defeats the attempt. Confusion of relationships in the animal world is thereby guarded against without the need to design thousands of different mechanisms.

This mechanism is so perfect that God need not as a rule intervene in it and will not therefore actually be discernible by any scientific research into its workings. But when man sinned, he introduced a disruptive element which has so upset the mechanism in certain areas that God must now intervene redemptively to maintain it against a total breakdown. In these areas natural science will find itself up against imponderables with which it is not equipped to deal, for here God is at work in a supernatural way.

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Thu, Feb 7th - 11:53AM

How Living Things Adapt to the Environment

In The Fitness of Living Things: Dauermodifications, Arthur Custance writes:

Red Salamander Those who live nearest to nature never cease to wonder at the fitness of living things. Until man intrudes, nature seems replete with evidences of wise design. Every creature is equipped with all the structures, all the skills, and all the instincts necessary for its own continuance as part of the web of life. Man alone appears to be an alien and a disturber.

The paper examines dauermodifications. They are the kind of modifications which are observed in living things in response to environmental pressures and which, when they occur in one generation, appear to be inherited by the next.

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