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Tue, Feb 26th - 8:26AM

York-Credit Valley Episcopal Area

St Mathias Anglican Church, Etobicoke, OntarioYork-Credit Valley is one of four episcopal areas of the Diocese of Toronto. Its 54 parishes are geographically grouped into 6 deaneries. The churches are in the western part of Toronto, Mississauga and Peel Region.

The Rt. Rev. Philip Poole is Bishop of York-Credit Valley, Suffragan of the Diocese of Toronto.
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Tue, Feb 19th - 5:22PM

St Stephen-in-the-Fields, Toronto, Ontario

St. Stephen-in-the-Fields was built in 1857 by Robert Brittain Denison, member of a prominent Toronto family, on his property and at his own expense. When it was built, Toronto had a population of 45,000 and the church was quite literally situated in the middle of fields, and across from military parade grounds.

St Stephen's Anglican, Toronto, OntarioThe organ, shown right, was built by George Ryder of Reading, Massachusetts for a Methodist Church in Toronto and sold to St. Stephen's in 1906. It contains over 1,700 pipes.

In its history, the original parish of Saint Stephen-in-the-Fields was sub-divided many times to create new parishes, including St. Philip, St. Matthias, St. Barnabas, St. Thomas, St. Mary Magdalene, St. Cyprian, and St. Anne.   St Stephen's is now in the Parkdale Deanery of the York-Credit Valley Episcopal Area of the Diocese of Toronto.

In the early 1980's all of the property surrounding the church, inluding the parish hall and rectory, were sold to generate enough money to repair a rapidly deteriorating building. The repairs were made and now one half of the building is the Sanctuary, in which worship is conducted, and the other half is now used as a parish hall.

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Tue, Feb 12th - 5:23PM

Church of St Stephen, Toronto, Ontario

Church of St Stephen, Downsview, OntarioThe Church of St Stephen is in the Downsview neighbourhood in North Toronto. A Sunday School was started in 1953. Services began in a portable church in 1954 with the current building constructed in 1956.

Their Mission Statement: To worship God, creating a caring Christian community, through growth and celebration using our gifts and talents to reach out in love to others.

St Stephen's is in the Humber Deanery of the York-Credit Valley Area of the Diocese of Toronto.

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Tue, Feb 5th - 5:30PM

St Peter's Anglican, Erindale, Ontario

Ten Commandments inscribed by Charlotte SchreiberTen Commandments inscribed by Charlotte SchreiberThe first priest of St Peter's Anglican, Erindale, Rev. James Magrath, was appointed to the Credit River area by the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel, and served at St. Peter's for 24 years until his death in 1851. Rev. Magrath acquired a 200-acre farm where he built his home he called Erindale. After 1890 the village, originally called Springfield, was named Erindale in honour of Magrath.

The original frame church, built in 1827, was replaced in 1887 with the current building. The 1887 Building Committee included Weymouth Schreiber whose wife, Charlotte, a noted artist, painted many pictures, and sold them to aid the Building Fund. Mrs. Schreiber also inscribed the panels of the Lord's Prayer, the Creed and the Ten Commandments now in the chancel.

Erindale is now part of the City of Mississauga.   St Peter's is in the Mississauga Deanery of the York-Credit Valley episcopal area of the Diocese of Toronto.

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Sat, Feb 2nd - 9:05AM

Anglican Network in Canada
In November 2007, the Province of the Southern Cone synod voted to welcome into membership on an emergency and pastoral basis, North American Anglicans needing godly episcopal oversight and wishing to remain in the mainstream of global Anglicanism and be faithful to its Biblical and historic teaching and witness.

In Canada, the Anglican Network in Canada is offering adequate episcopal oversight under Bishop Donald Harvey, formerly of the Diocese of Brandon and now a bishop within the Province of the Southern Cone under Archbishop Gregory Venables.

The Anglican Network in Canada was formed in 2005 after the Diocese of New Westminster became the first Anglican diocese in the world to formally authorize the blessing of same sex unions and no attempt was made by the Canadian General Synod to stop the Diocese of New Westminster, nor provide for "Adequate Episcopal Oversight" for dissenting minorities.

  The Anglican Network in Canada now has 17 member parishes, including the following 7 in Ontario:
Trinity Anglican Church, Bearbrook, Ontario
Church of the Good Shepherd, St Catharines
St Alban the Martyr Anglican Church, Ottawa
St Andrew's Anglican Church, Vars
St. Chad's Anglican Church, Toronto
St George's Anglican Church, Lowville
St Hilda's Anglican Church, Oakville
Trinity Anglican Church, Bearbrook

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