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Thu, Feb 28th - 11:36AM

The Three Cantors

The Three Cantors are Rev. Canon Bill Cliff, Rev. Canon David Pickett and The Very Rev. Peter Wall with Angus Sinclair accompanying them on piano and organ. 100% of the proceeds from their CDs benefit the Primate's World Relief and Development Fund. Over the last 10 years, they have performed 150 concerts. Proceeds from the concerts have benefited the local church, project or charity where the Three Cantors were appearing.

The Three Cantors began in 1996 after Archdeacon Peter Townshend heard Bill Cliff, Peter Wall and David Pickett, then rectors in and around the London, Ontario area, and arranged for them to sing at a benefit concert at his church Grace Anglican, Brantford.

The Three Cantors
Since 2002, Rev. Canon Bill Cliff has been Rector of Chapel of St. John the Evangelist, Huron University College and Anglican Chaplain to University of Western Ontario. Rev. Canon David Pickett has been Rector of St. John's, Ancaster in the Diocese of Niagara since 2001. The Very Rev. Peter Wall has been Dean of the Diocese of Niagara and Rector of Christ's Church Cathedral, Hamilton since 1998.

Angus Sinclair is a freelance musician from London, Ontario who currently serves as Director of Music at the Anglican parish of Grace Ilderton and St George's Middlesex Centre.
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Thu, Feb 21st - 11:49AM

St. Thomas Anglican, Walkerton, Ontario
St. Thomas Anglican, Walkerton, Ontario
Walkerton, Ontario is in Bruce County in southwestern Ontario. It is now most widely known for the 2000 water contamination incident that caused seven deaths.

St. Thomas Anglican is part of the 5-point Circle of Faith Parish along with Church of the Messiah, Kincardine; St. Matthew's Church, Kingarf; Church of the Ascension, Kinlough and St. Lukes Church, Pine River.

St. Thomas Anglican is the oldest church within Grey and Bruce Counties and it's walls, along with its memories, are beginning to show its age. The historic church is in need of repair, but the repairs cost more than the church can obtain. Rev Rob Hiscox, Rev. Dennis Cluley and the congregation are looking for ways to keep the church alive.

Circle of Faith Anglican Parish
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Thu, Feb 14th - 11:23AM

Isaac Hellmuth, Second Bishop of Huron
Isaac Hellmuth
Isaac Hellmuth was born a Jew in Warsaw, Poland and educated at Breslau University. He joined the Anglican Church when he moved to England. He emigrated to Canada in 1844 and two years later joined the priesthood, becoming a professor at Lennoxville University and rector of St Peter's, Sherbrooke.

Dr Hellmuth moved to London, Ontario in 1863. Bishop Benjamin Cronyn appointed him Archdeacon of Huron and the first Principal of Huron College. In 1871, with Bishop Cronyn's health failing, Isaac Hellmuth was elected coadjuctor bishop then the Bishop of Huron with the death of Bishop Cronyn a few months later.

In 1877 the professors and alumni of Huron College, strongly supported by Hellmuth, proposed the establishment of the Western University of London. The university was founded the following year. It became nondenominational in 1908 and is now the University of Western Ontario.

Bishop Hellmuth suddenly resigned in 1883. He took up residence in England and was appointed Suffragan Bishop of Ripon. The office of Suffragan ceased with the death of the Bishop of Ripon and Isaac Hellmuth's subsequent career was a quiet one with a series of parish ministries.

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Thu, Feb 7th - 11:37AM

Christ Anglican Church, Newbury, Ontario

Christ Anglican Church, Newbury, Ontario Anglican services in Newbury (Mosa Township) began in 1845 when travelling missionary, Rev. John Gunne, performed services once a month. In 1863 Christ Anglican Church, Newbury, Ontario was built.

McNaughtonIn 1872, Newbury had a population of 750. Today Newbury is village of 400 with the largest employer a family business employing 60. McNaughton's sells building materials; appliances; auto parts; liquor and beer; meat and rents equipment. It brings visitors to the village from throughout the region.

Christ Church, Newbury has been aligned with other congregations throughout its history. It is currently in a 3-point parish with St John's, Glencoe and St Judes, Mount Brydges.

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