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Sun, Feb 24th - 6:09PM

Join the WebRing Blogs Community Today!
If you have a WebRing blog and haven't joined the WebRing Blogs Community, you're missing out!

Joining the Community is easier than submitting any other site. Why? We've already done the work of adding the NavBar on your WebRing blog for you. This is all you need to do to join:
  1. Visit the WebRing Blog Community (click here).
  2. Click on the "Add Your Web Site Here" icon.
  3. Follow the application steps to submit your site to the ring.
That's it! After your application is approved, you'll be a member of one of the hottest Communities on WebRing. 
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Sun, Feb 24th - 6:02PM

You Have The Power: Community Rings
Community  a group of people with a common characteristic or interest interacting within a particular area.

This defines the WebRing experience, and we now offer even more options for you to interact, most notably with the introduction of Community Rings. What does this mean to you as a member of a WebRing Community? Put simply, you now have the power to help build the Communities you belong to.

When you visit one of your Communities, you will note some management functions just below the title bar: Member Helper Tools and Membership/tools.

If you see the Member Helper Tools functions, there is a submission to process. Click on “Process New Submissions” to open the pending submissions page, and then you can usher in a terrific new member to the WebRing Community.

However, you will want to show some discretion in who you approve. Here is a short list of things you should do before approving a pending submission:
  1. Click on “Test” to see if the submission currently contains the correct and properly functioning NavBar.
  2. Click on the site title to visit and verify that the site contains the WebRing NavBar. If you can’t find the NavBar on the site yet the site passed the “Test” in step 1 above, report it by clicking on the “Navigation” flag link.
  3. Make sure the submitted site’s content matches the topic of the ring. If the site's content matches the topic of the ring, approve them regardless of whether the code is present or not.
  4. If the submitted URL is a "links" page, ask the applicant to consider changing it to a page with the most relevant content when you send the “Submission Approved” email. In addition, you can mention any glaring grammatical issues you notice in their site title or description.
The new Community Rings feature puts the power in your hands, as well as alleviates the Ring Manager’s workload. Your efforts will result in even better WebRing Communities that are well-focused and high-quality.
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Sun, Feb 24th - 5:54PM

Expand Your Niche Awareness
Among the many terms that define this current internet boom called Web 2.0, it's "The Long Tail."

The Long Tail is a term first coined by Chris Anderson in an October 2004 Wired Magazine article. The concept is quite simple, really: The internet has created a marketplace for normally overlooked, niche products and services. But, the Long Tail actually works beyond the consumer realm.

Did you know that WebRing was one of the original niche-oriented sites?

That's right! Since 1994, WebRing has offered anyone on the internet the opportunity to create Communities (a.k.a. Rings) that are highly specialized. From Christian Furries to Single Panel Comics to PIC Programmers to Chile Peppers, WebRing members have helped to create some of the most niche Communities on the web.

Want to expand your niche awareness? Check out these pages to see the most popular and newest niches on WebRing:
Whether you want to find a niche as a launching point for a new internet-based business or just want to expand your awareness of what others are doing, you're sure to expand your niche awareness if you check out these pages.

Oh, and don't forget to go down the rabbit hole that we call the WebRing Directory. You'll be amazed at the stuff people focus on.
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Sun, Feb 24th - 5:33PM

How to Keep Communities All-Ages Appropriate
Have you visited a family-friendly WebRing Community only to see ads for adult sites? You were probably confused as to why that would happen. This post should cut through the confusion for you.

Quite often, the Ring Manager will have some note in the description about how they don't control the ads that appear. Although true, they do have substantial influence over what ads appear in the Community.

As a Ring Manager, you should choose positive words. If you include references to "no p*rn sites" in your Community description, then you will likely generate adult ads. A positive alternative is something like, "must be all-ages appropriate." As a member, you can contact your Community's manager and suggest that they change the description.

In addition, both managers and members can check out the sites that belong to their Communities. If the sites contain references or links to adult (or even anti-adult) content or sites, then they are the likely source of the adult ads that show in the overall Community. If the site contains these issues, make sure to flag them.

With due diligence, everyone can keep all-ages appropriate communities... well, all-ages appropriate!
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Tue, Feb 5th - 2:52PM

The Shoutbox: Connect with Others
Most all of you have noticed the WebRing Shoutbox by now. Whether logging in to your account or checking the homepage, there is a gray box that says, "Let your words be heard."

We've received several questions and comments via the Shoutbox that we would like to address:

Q: "What's the point of this thing?"
A: The Shoutbox is your way to quickly connect with other WebRing members and users. Just post a question or idea, and someone is sure to provide an answer.

Q: "Why do people keep putting their rings on here?"
A: The Shoutbox is an excellent way for WebRing Community Managers (RMs) to promote their rings. Also if you scroll down a few "shouts," you may find that the ring was posted in response to someone's query (i.e. "Anyone know where to find some free paper model printouts?")

Q: "How do I get rid of this thing?"
A: With exception to the WebRing homepage, you will find three options for the Shoutbox - bigger, hide, float. If you click on the "hide" option, the Shoutbox will stay hidden for as long as you remain signed in to WebRing.

Q: "How do I know if someone responds to what I write without staring and waiting?"
A: Click on the "float" option, and you'll open a separate window that you can then monitor for activity while surfing other sites in your main web browser window.

Q: "How do I get that funny bunny emoticon to show?"
A: Click on the "bigger" option, and a series of emoticons will display. The "float" option will also show the emoticons.

Coming Soon:
Plans are in the works to add the Shoutbox to the WebRing Support system, effectively enabling nearly immediate peer-to-peer guidance for some of the more common issues.

We are also considering offering the Shoutbox as a feature that can be added to WebRing Communities. If you're an RM, would you like to have such a tool at your disposal?

Ultimately, the Shoutbox is your ticket to having fun on the WebRing system and to connecting with other members. If things get too childish or rude for your taste, either hide the Shoutbox or start a different conversation.

Remember to check out the thousands of WebRing Community forums, where you can find post more specific and permanent questions and comments.
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