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Wed, Dec 5th - 9:07PM

December 5, 2012 Bandon

Sunshine!  Awoke to blue skies, calm seas and no wind!  We went for a long beach walk but I didn't have my boots could either ford the small streams and get my sneakers soaked, or go back and get my boots, or...take my shoes off.  Ok...been there...done that...sort of...years ago, by myself...but that's another story. to today...took the shoes off!  Froze my friggin' feet, but got a beach walk in.  The day was gorgeous, I couldn't keep whining about my feet.

We came back, I defrosted the digits, put on warm socks and we went to Old Town for a little shopping.  Came back with yummy sweets, books and a better attitude! 

After a relaxing afternoon of reading, more walking and just chillin', we went over to Bandon Bill's again for dinner and had some ribs and wine.  There was someone playing piano, so we even got live music!

No storm on the least yet.  Another peaceful night of falling asleep to the sounds of the sea and waking to the bliss of being at the beach!

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Tue, Dec 4th - 8:15PM

Bandon December 4, 2012

All night the wind roared and it rained off and on.  We awoke to grayness and dampness...not unusual for the beach.  The wind had died down, but was still howling pretty good down by the water, so we chose the upper Beach Loop walk this morning.

Fun to check out the neighborhood.  The Dunshee house has been torn down!  We'll have to see what goes up - I'm sure something new and big - hopefully tasteful.  We were wondering if the owners sold it or stayed and are re-building.  My guess is they sold and went to Idaho or wherever their relatives were.  That house was about to fall off the cliff when we stayed there several years ago, so it was not a big surprise to us to see it gone.

Nice, lazy, cozy inside beach day today!  Read, napped, - perfect!  Then, tonight - an amazing dinner at Alloro!  Yum does not begin to describe it!  I had the pappardelle with lamb ragu - outstanding!  Tim had a chili-pork dish that was incredibly delectable!  Both of us started with lovely pear salads and crusty bread.  A couple delish glasses of Raymond Cabernet and we were blissfully satisfied.  We brought a chocolate mousse home (to the room) for dessert...ahh...the anticipation!

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Tue, Dec 4th - 8:07PM

Bandon! December 2012
December 3, 2012
Just arrived in Bandon - to our 'home away from home' - Windermere on the beach. The weather is stormy but we have a break and are heading for the beach first off!

We called Sky our little 'dune doggy' because he was so happy to run free through the sand and up into the dunes. We had to put his leash back on for the walk up to the room or he would have heading deep into the dune grass following who-knows-what smells.

But...back to the beach - AHHHH - so good to be back! The salt air, the crashing waves, the sifting, silvery sand. We walked to the river and back. It was getting pretty windy so we didn't get a super long walk, but enough to breathe in the sea air and get that peaceful beachy feeling going.

Dinner at Bandon Bills across the street. Shared a juicy steak and munched a couple of good northwest salads, along with some tasty wine. The service this time was very good - kicked up at least a couple notches over the 4th of July.

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