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Tue, Dec 6th - 10:29AM

Where do they get these guys?
What is it with being republican office holders and gay escort services? No judgment on straight vs gay or anywhere in between, but if you're going to run on "family values" and then sneak around in your personal closet you're just begging for trouble:

It's getting to the point where when a GOP says "family values" it gets you assuming they've got a closet that needs cleaning. The only question is when?

And all the while regular citizens are being persecuted and abused because idiots like this won't change public policy.
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Thu, Dec 1st - 12:24PM

Have we devolved this much?
This is going on in America in 2011, not 1951 or some "radical islamist" third world country:

Kentucky church votes to ban interracial couples

This is disturbing on many levels, but let's just take the "christian" aspect.  There isn't one.  This in no way dovetails with anything even remotely christian.  And what's more, YOU and I are paying to allow these sick bigoted idiots to behave this way.

This church needs to be disavowed by any higher organization it is associated with and have it's tax exempt status revoked.  Otherwise, we as a society are sponsoring bigotry.  Period.

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