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Fri, Dec 31st - 9:27PM

December 30: Deathly Hallows

The Age of Napoleon, p. 164
271.5 miles

79 recordings of 47 types.

Rasmussen: -13: 46/53.

California's Central Valley: Zimbabwe West.

He should just pronounce the winner and really vote for the runner-up.

This has been a common thread through out his time as dear leader. Can’t I just eat my waffle, we’re buying shrimp here, we’re eating our ice cream, or hamburger, gotta go to the party, etc, more and more of the me, me, me theme.
Kissmygrits on December 30, 2010 at 8:16 AM

Why so odd?  Obama enjoyed a Senate majority larger than any President since Jimmy Carter, with an 18-seat advantage for most of the last two years, and for at least a few months, a filibuster-proof 20-seat majority.   Harry Reid could have pushed hard to get confirmation hearings for these nominees, or the Obama administration could have helped by nominating people with less baggage.  Either way, a President who has to make recess appointments while holding an 18-seat majority is either an incompetent or selecting radical nominees so far out of the mainstream as to lose members of his own party — or perhaps both.

(so, you know, I can't sleep after all, can I?)

Jennifer Rubin: the lesson for the GOP here may be to refrain from offering too many open hands to an administration only too eager to slap them and demonstrate disdain for a co-equal branch of government.

Frost! Frost on the windows!  I had to scrape the windows on the car before I went out to the Retreat House.

Then this afternoon we went to see Harry Potter. (I wish I'd caught up with the re-reading. I only read the last book once, and that was 2 years ago, and I'm unclear on many details.)  The show was sold out. At one point I dropped my popcorn bucket, fortunately not full, on my neighbor's lap. I apologized afterwards.  The movie is very intense, very dark.  But gripping. 

So, in the "saint lottery" this year I got St. Acca, whose feast day is  Oct. 20.  He is the patron of learning. I don't think I did this last year, but two years ago I got St. Gertrude.

The Constitution is Very Important.

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Fri, Dec 31st - 7:28AM

December 29: Pagan Visits

The Age of Napoleon, p. 164
271.5 miles

78 recordings of 47 types.

Rasmussen: -11: 48/51. He is SO AWFUL!!!

    Scolding the Supreme Court over ruling that he got completely wrong during SOTU

Shows clearly that he does not a) understand the constitution and b) could not be bothered to read the decision himself (however easy it was to obtain – many of us read it on line).

    Obama off by $868 billion on CBO deficit savings projection of ObamaCare

Shows his lack of understanding of the subject he so vehemently pushes upon a nation that clearly does not want it.

    “Whether we like it or not, we remain a dominant military superpower”

Demonstrates his disdain for the greatest fighting force in human history – the very same military that he commands.

    “I mean, I do think at a certain point you’ve made enough money.”

Speaks to his core belief in Marxism. ‘nuf said.

    “We talk to these folks because they potentially have the best answers so I know whose ass to kick“

Demonstrates, contrary to the “cool” persona that was projected during the ’08 campaign, that he is a petty tyrant.

In the end, all of the above eclipse anything that Bush did or for that matter Clinton.

And to think that Dan Quayle was ridiculed into obscurity for misspelling tomato.

turfmann on December 29, 2010 at 8:52 AM

Obama scolding the SCOTUS, incorrectly, about the Citizen’s United decision reminded me of that article I read recently (in American Spectator?) about how some of Barry’s Harvard Law classmates developed an “Obamanism” scale that they’d use to rate the pretentiousness of his pontifications in class.

I wonder if any of his old classmates were watching the speech that night, laughing at the sight of their pompous former classmate lecturing the SCOTUS, and thinking: now you guys know how we felt!

AZCoyote on December 29, 2010 at 8:55 AM

Scolding another branch which represents its own sovereign powers in government. Stick to your own powers, Barry… you are incompetent enough in those to cover for your lack of competence in the rest of them.

ajacksonian on December 29, 2010 at 9:56 AM

We went to lunch at Espanola (an Italian ! restaurant) with Pagan and to a couple of downtown shops. I got a Golden Book Farm treasury... the first story is, ick, "The Shy Little Kitten" but it also includes a story by Margaret Wise Brown and Edith Hurd.  I wonder if Gareth will like it.  There were a couple of nice Christmas books including one that plays the carols.

At a downtown bookstore I saw a number of books I would like, but seriously, I have enough books!  There are Lemony Snickets, but I need to know what B. has.  I saw lots of Anthony Trolloppe, but I need to check which ones I already have before I buy any more.

Harry Bell quoting NRO predictions.
?"4. When Democratic efforts to eliminate the Senate filibuster fail, a new surprise cause will emerge — repeal of the 22nd Amendment, so that Bill Clinton can run for a third term in 2012 and save the party from Obama. Why shouldn’t Democrats turn to the hyper-competent first black president to save us from the hyper-incompetent second black president?

Harry Bell
To the Lame Duck GOP
"To me, consensus seems to be: the process of abandoning all beliefs, principles, values, and policies in search of something in which no one believes, but to which no one objects; the process of avoiding the very issues that need to be solved, merely because you cannot get agreement on the way ahead. What great ca...use would have been fought and won under the banner ‘I stand for consensus’?"  --Margaret Thatcher

Surprise! London arrests are connected to US

This is not really an issue of Clapper’s competence, at least not directly.  It is, however, a matter of whether we have organized our intelligence community in a manner that facilitates rather than impedes communication, and whether the structure is manned by effective leaders.

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Fri, Dec 31st - 6:54AM

December 28: Funeral

The Age of Napoleon, p. 164
271.3 miles

73 recordings of 46 types.

Rasmussen: -11: 47/51.

I keep forgetting to take my cholesterol pill. Mustn't do that!

We had a funeral to attend this morning. One of my Girl Scout's dad died. I never met him, but his wife was my assistant leader for a year.  He was a tailor and Rich had him alter his Mess Dress for Monica's wedding (and the other kids, as well.)  Anyway, seemed we should go.  It was at Presentation, but about half the congregation (total approx. 200) was from St. Philomene.  A nice job: each of the kids and grandkids had a role.

Afterwards we didn't go to the cemetery, but home for a half-hour to let the dog in. Then back for the reception.  We sat with some ladies from Switzerland who married US Airmen and have been here since the 50s.  Very nice chatting.  The food was excellent, and then we had to leave just as the mourners were returning. Rich had some pre-op medical tests.

Death Panels: All Bush's fault?

Jayne Meske: I thought that the bill passed without this. So now O can just write up any old thing he wants with this bill? Isn't that what a dictator does?

[Actually, Bush vetoed it, and was overridden.]

Global Warming hysteria reminds me of pagan sacrifices to ensure the sun will rise again.
The flea on the Pomeranian stamps its feet and the rain comes. We aren't that important.
That big evil glowing day ball is the important thing.  But it's a religion to these folks.

From Venomous Kate: It takes 7 seconds for food to pass from mouth to stomach. A human hair can hold 3kg. The length of a penis is 3 times the length of the thumb. The femur is as hard as concrete. A woman's heart beats faster then a man's. Women blink 2x as much as men. We use 300 muscles just to keep our balance when we stand. The woman has read this entire text. The man is still looking at his thumb.


SO difficult to choose.

Rich was watching Sunday Night Football this Tuesday night, and I was in the kitchen watching "The Colour of Magic."  He put Pharaoh out and told me to let him know when the dog wanted in again. I said I couldn't hear him in there, but Rich went back to the game, and when the game was over, back to the back of the house. My poor dog was out in the cold and rain for a couple of hours! When I came back to the living room I wondered where he was, and rescued him. Talk about "muddy paws!"  He was practically encased in mud. Poor thing!

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Thu, Dec 30th - 9:39PM

December 27: Playing with the New Camera/December 26

The Age of Napoleon, p. 164
271.3 miles

62 recordings of 41 types.

Rasmussen: -10: He does much better when he's out of town.  Congress, not so much. 13% (obviously ill-informed) think they were good or excellent.  48/51.

My nose is killing me. It feels swollen, almost broken.  Putting my glasses on is torture. And I don't know what happened. Maybe I fell asleep with them on and hit myself, though I don't remember doing that. Ow.

Kate is my whiner of the year.  And the emotional blackmail!  "Who's a Palin and who's a Gosselin? If you want to stay, you're a Palin." So the kids all wanted to stay, but Alexis cracked first.

We went back to Woodbridge to test out the videocam.  I'm jerky, especially when turning it off.  But I learned quite a bit even in this time.  I didn't have any success with telephoto pictures, though.

Then we picked up one cache, and then went to Bernadette's.

Joanna is very proud of herself, that she's standing, and Gareth says "what about me?"

Rich got this one of me reading, yes, The Very Hungry Caterpillar to Gareth.  (sadly, Flickr only takes 90 seconds.)

The camera's fun!

Napolitano says patdowns will continue.

So we’ll continue to molest our own women and children rather than risk offending an enemy that is already offended by our very existence.
CurtZHP on December 27, 2010 at 12:00 PM

Valerie Jarrett says 0bama spent all his time in Washington working on the crisis, not connecting with the people, and will now be spending more time outside of Washington. (How is that possible?)

Reading: The Age of Napoleon, Will and Ariel Durant, The Bible (Zachariah), The Read-Aloud Handbook, Jim Trelease, Forever in Blue, Ann Brashares, Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand, Blue Highways, William Least Heat Moon, Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg, Don Quixote, The Life of Man with God, Thomas Verner Moore, Low-Carb Dieting for Dummies, Katherine B. Chauncey.

(How did I forget to post this?)

December 26: Tangled

The Age of Napoleon, p. 164
271.3 miles

65 recordings of 47 types. (there you go.  Two weeks!)

At Mass, the guy I thought wasn't speaking to me, seems to be friends again.

Then this afternoon we went to see "Tangled."  SO funny!  We really enjoyed it.  Rich was
especially taken by the horse, and I liked seeing GoE in the movie.  The cashier did a double-take when we wanted this movie, but it's great for adults!  Loved it.

Magma in Hawaii closer to surface than they'd thought.

adamappel  1:14 PM on December 24, 2010
My place is about 30 miles from the Pu'u O'o vent. Hawaii does have the highest electricity cost in the US. However everyone near me is off grid, so we have some of the lowest energy costs and a really cool volcano to go watch anytime we are bored.

LOOK WHO'S TALKING. This man [Specter] is the crown prince of disloyalty, the grand vizier of betrayal, the court jester of duplicity and the town crier of perfidy.
Bob Cotten| 12.23.10 @ 7:02AM

RINO appreciation day.
Had this creature [Specter] crawled out from under his rock in Hungary in 1944, he would have followed the example of the the jewish superstar, George Soros, and fingered Jews for the Nazis, taking their property and weaseling out of any responsibility with the claim "had it not been me it would have been someone else. I felt no guilt." This is perfidy at the cellular, nay, even the mitochondrial level and, sadly, will always be around in such stuffed shirts as Arlen Specter.

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Wed, Dec 29th - 3:14PM

Christmastime Linkage

Fooled me Once, Fooled me Twice, but NO MORE!


Who's getting rich from the backscatter machines?

Tom Tipsword We're just a revolving door ATM to these people.

0bama the Great if he Does Say so Himself.  And he does.

Here's a question related to START treaty. The Russian Duma just tabled ratification until January 11 which can be taken as an insult to Obama. You would think that they would ratify this treaty ASAP before we change our minds with a new Congress that might not have ratified it. Can the new Congress withdraw the previous Congress's ratification?

It is important to recognize that but for us Tea Partiers "melting the phones", the GOP would have approved ALL of Obama's bills in the lame duck Congress. MOST of these Republicans are coming back. Given the unknowns about the true breadth of the Gangs Of McCain, is it wise to assume that we have made any progress at all?

Put me in the "highly skeptical" category. I just don't trust politicians. Any politicians.

0bama has Lost the World.

In less than two years, the White House has gone from being the center of world leadership to being irrelevant, from protecting world freedom to serving as a global party planning committee.

Even the Bush Administration's harshest critics could never have credibly claimed that George W. Bush was irrelevant. He might have been hated, pilloried and shouted about-- but he couldn't be ignored. However Obama can be safely ignored.
From the first, this administration has curried favor with America's enemies by betraying and humiliating its allies. But these hideous acts of moral cowardice have not won Obama the approval of America's enemies. Only their contempt. And a Nobel Peace Prize from a committee of elderly left wing Swedes, awarded not for any accomplishment, but for the lack thereof. For being a man without a country, a leader without a spine and a representative of America who gives no thought for the interests of that country.

Now that the Koreas stand on the brink of war, Iran continues its drive toward a nuclear bomb, Al Qaeda is going global, Hezbollah is on the verge of taking Lebanon and Mexico is on the verge of imploding-- the impact of America's absence on the global stage is all too clear.
America's enemies do not fear him. Only our allies do. Kim Jong Il does not sit up nights worrying what Obama will do. Because the consensus in North Korea, Iran and the rest of the world is that the sea will rise, the sun will set and Obama will do nothing. Except maybe write a strongly worded letter, offset by some quiet backchannel diplomacy from his coterie of international left wing stooges reassuring the offender that, "No, Barry really isn't mad at you. He's just concerned. Really, really concerned."
...any attempt to show strength gets shouted down by the liberal punditocracy as treason and undermining the White House. As if anyone, anywhere could undermine Obama internationally as much as he undermines himself.

Iowahawk has a re-education class for those who lost the election. Dave Mullins says it's "like rehabbing circus animals back into the wild."

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Wed, Dec 29th - 8:29AM

December 25: Grownup Christmas

The Age of Napoleon, p. 164
271.3 miles
mild, then rain

50 recordings of 41 types. After today that goes down. (or not, actually.)

A lovely, adult, Christmas day.  After Rich got up, we put on Christmas music, had cinnamon rolls, and opened our presents.  I got a little puzzle (and a certificate to join and buy the Bookworm game I've been holding onto), then a small terrabyte external drive that will go on trips with us... and THEN a videocam.  Irony!  Movie cam and not seeing the kids for a month!

Rich is, no surprise, having a hard time making his "juice pack" (battery booster case for the iTouch) work.

The rest of the goodies are: A kit for Curried Lentil Soup, two packs of wine brittle (I don't taste wine in there at all), a ceramic bowl and wall hanging from Monica's girls, wine-chocolate sauce (I wonder if it wouldn't make good cocoa), and a bottle of Two Lab Cab wine, a pretty necklace, picture frames, M&Ms, and a good cinnamon bread loaf. 

Then we took the dog geocaching with us.  We walked along Arcade Creek, on a trail we haven't done for years (the last time was with Sailor, before geocaching. He jumped off a cliff into the creek and we had quite a time getting him back.) They've improved the way over the creek, which used to involve walking atop a big pipe.  Now, we didn't find two of the four caches along the way, but it was a nice walk.  We picked up one other, but we hadn't prepared properly for the others, and it began to rain anyway, so we came home.

A cosy fire in the fireplace.  Rich cut a piece of scrap carpet to protect the real carpet.  And I made a pork roast, potatoes, and my candied apple rings for dinner and we actually ate at the dining table. It was just a great day!

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Tue, Dec 28th - 5:54PM

December 24: Christmas Eve at Monica's

The Age of Napoleon, p. 164
268.9 miles

44 recordings of 35 types.

Rasmussen: -12: (he's improving because he rolled us) 46/53.

This week I'm up 3.1 pounds. ARGH! My blood pressure is high/borderline.

Oh, I didn't mention yesterday that I started the day at Mass at the Retreat House.

It was time for the annual family get-together at Monica's. Charlotte greeted us. In the past, she's been fairly distant, so this was nice.

Gareth started to look at stuff (they've outgrown babyproofing) and Charlotte got him some cars to play with. He kept getting kicked out of the girls' room and cried, but he enjoyed the cars and later the music.

DSC02101     DSC02107

Note how the knickknacks have migrated up.

Once all the kids arrived, we had brunch. Oh my goodness, it was SO good.  Monica had fixed pastry appetizers and veggies/dip, then we had potato soup, egg and fish, ham, green beans, so good so good.  And then it was time to open presents!

DSC02122     DSC02117

Mark is having a hernia operation 3 weeks after Rich has his own surgery.  M. has lost 20 pounds and apparently has his diabetes under control. Roni and family are going to the Rose Parade as R.J.'s brother now works and lives in Pasadena.  How thrilling!

Then it was time to walk downtown to Christmas in the Park.  Gaareth had a new car he was really thrilled with, which he brought with him. Rich had a few caches loaded up so we abandoned them when we were at San Jose State University.  Of course, we couldn't find the caches.  Then we went on and caught up to them while Bernarob were chatting with a college friend. It was nice to see him again.

DSC02156     DSC02160

The big kids had two rides each, then we went to throw coins at the reindeer's mouth (I actually hit one!) and have churros and chocolate, and look at the displays, before starting home.  At this point Gareth was having a great time. He followed the big kids, chasing squirrels and running, with sheer joy. He didn't really notice them at Thanksgiving, but now he's interested in being in the gang.

Back at the house, we had pie (LOTS of pie, due to a miscommunication.  Both Roni and I provided pies) and Christmas crackers, and got ready for the Children's Mass. We split up food.  Next time I make cookies, I'll pre-box them so the split is easy.

DSC02189     Dressed Up Cousins

So pretty!  They start with the church dark and as candle-carriers process in, the tree lights slowly come up.  At Communion, Rob pleased me by going up and standing next to Bernadette, even though he didn't receive.  Teddy was sick to his stomach all over his chair, so he and Roni spent Mass in the doorway where he could get fresh air. The children all got little packages with a star and a dove. (Gareth is enthralled by the "star on top" of Christmas trees.) This time Gareth made it to the end, and Bernadette took him out and changed him to jammies, so they were ready to go after Mass. We all said goodbye and went to our respective homes. Another great family event!

Groundspeak Christmas card.

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Mon, Dec 27th - 6:55PM

December 23: Making Gareth Cry

The Age of Napoleon, p. 164
265.1 miles

43 recordings of 35 types.

Rasmussen: -13: 47/51

Nana Makes Gareth Cry

I yelled at Rich, made Gareth cry, and was driven mad by Joanna... oh, yes, a great day.

Bernadette had her potluck at work, so dropped Rob off and came to spend the morning with us.  And we played music. I really wanted to hear Wizards in Winter, which was on a CD we added to the rotation this year, so I went off shuffle and onto continuous play... but the disc wasn't coming up. Rich came into the family room to tinker with it, and couldn't get it, and suddenly he slammed his fist on the wall and shouted "DAMMIT!"  We've been trying to clean up our language for the babies, and I reacted "STOP YELLING!" Like that was helpful. "I'M PISSED!" "YOU'RE ALWAYS PISSED!"  By this time Gareth was crying (and that's not the time pictured above, either.)

Rich eventually found that we'd put the discs in backwards, and all was well.

When Bernadette went off, we watched the Yo Gabba Gabba Christmas episode again, because it has the characters making presents and giving them to each other. Then we went to make a present for Mommy. I'd cut out a Christmas tree from construction paper and glued a star to it. I had red and green glittery stickers for ornaments and gave them to the boy one at a time to put on.  He was a bit uneven with them, but put them all on.  Then I wanted a picture, with him. I was trying to get him to hold it up so I could see it... and hence, the tears, because he didn't understand. Eventually I got the picture (I held the tree).

When Mommy got back, I told him to give the present to her.  She oohed and ahhed over it, and he was really happy. An early lesson on the fun of giving. I think kids should learn that Christmas is some "give" not all "get get get get."

Joanna just can NOT get to sleep without Mommy.  She thought the baby was asleep but those eyes popped open as B. was still in the driveway.  And it was fuss, fuss, feed her, fuss, jump chair, fuss, fuss, fuss, and I was holding her when Mommy got back. I was really willing to hand the child back!

Debra J. Saunders

For two years, the Dems ran the White House, the House and the Senate -- and a bill never passed because they never really pushed it. Clearly, the leadership figured out that immigration is an issue that works best for them if left hanging.

Murkowski goes Rogue.

"My singular focus from now on will be economic growth."

[Yeah, right.]

we should have made that pivot at the time the White House first started talking about it a year ago. Instead, Obama spent the year pushing through ObamaCare and an expansion of Wall Street regulation rather than decrease regulatory burdens.

And what did Obama and the Democrats do in the lame-duck session? Their major efforts were:

    * DREAM Act
    * Omnibus spending bill
    * DADT Repeal
    * START treaty
    * 9/11 responder treatment bill
    * Expansion of FDA regulation
    * School lunch regulation
    * Tax deal

Of these, the only issue that even remotely related to jobs was the pending tax increases — which Democrats had roundly ignored until after the election. Of these, the only issue that required action before the end of the year was the tax hikes. And of these, it was only on the tax hikes that Obama had to be dragged, kicking and screaming about “hostage takers,” to an eventual deal.

The 0bamateurism poll just gets harder and harder.  (I went for talking about him like a dog.)

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Mon, Dec 27th - 10:29AM

December 22: Kitchen Projects

The Age of Napoleon, p. 164
265.1 miles

43 recordings of 37 types.

Rasmussen: -16: 48/51. Look who's on TV! This never gets easier.

A day in the kitchen, though I kept getting interrupted or interrupting myself.  I toasted pumpkin seeds, but wasn't ready to keep the oven heated for the gingerbread people.  I candied apples. (Yum.) Then it wasn't till after dinner I was actually ready to cook the gingerbread.  "Stay out of the kitchen if you know what's good for you!" I told Rich.

With the storebought dough, though, making the little folk isn't really all that hard.

PUBLIC SCHOOLS ARE OUR FUTURE: “They said the candy canes are weapons because you can sharpen them with your mouth and stab people with them.”

That's a relief. (The horse is OK.)

Michelle Bachman: "This bill will create an expensive new federal program without proper oversight to ensure that taxpayer funds are spent correctly." Duh.

Can't take credit for it -think it was Michael Yon who said it...
"Obama and his Administration is like watching High School Student Council with nuclear weapons."

At last at last, the 111th Congress is over! Some people seem to think this last flurry of activity was good, I think the Republicans rolled over and played dead.  They better damwell be better in the 112th, though we'll have to really watch them. It'll take years and years to undo all this damage, if they ever even can.

Well, finally the 111th is OVER.  And with 0bama out of town, maybe I can get some sleep.

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Sun, Dec 26th - 5:53AM

December 21: Beware the Baby! !

The Age of Napoleon, p. 164
265.1 miles
rain, overcast.

 (Of course not at night when the eclipse happened. I figured it wouldn't be there so didn't even try.)

41 recordings of 37 types.

Rasmussen: -13: 50/49 (!)

Joanna has taken one of those developmental leaps... she's crawling on hands and knees instead of commando style. She's kneeling unsupported, and I don't mean sitting on her heels kneeling, either.  And I looked over at the crib and I don't know how she did it, but there she was, standing.  Rich was in the living room with her while I was giving Gareth his breakfast, and she tried to get up on an incidental table and knocked it over (fortunately not hurting herself).  When she comes back in February it's back to move the furniture, bring in the toy box, full babyproofing mode.


And EAT!  Baby birds could learn from her, that mouth is WIDE open demanding the next bite of worm applesauce/cereal/banana.

Meanwhile, Gareth wants to play the Goodnight Moon Game. He's learning to take turns. The game has no winners and losers, which makes it ideal.


Ok, I’ve ranted! but knowing we won the election and having to sit here and wait for some sanity to return to congress while being forced to watch these fools continue to kick dirt in our faces everyday is,… well, it’s a great exercise in patience!
JellyToast on December 20, 2010 at 10:33 PM

One thing you can say about Janet… she is the Energizer bunny of incompetence. She just keeps going and going…
petunia on December 21, 2010 at 1:29 AM

Next time you fly, take a look at your fellow passengers in the cabin. These will be the people you’ll be counting on if the crap hits the fan. Janet will be down at the border looking at a thermometer to see if more Mexicans cross over on hot days.
tpitman on December 21, 2010 at 6:50 AM

Lest we forget. I chose #2, priorities.

Only thing is, contrary to what Charles Krauthammer says, Captain Kick-Ass has suddenly transformed into Private Wussy-Pants, mostly due in part to what happened with the Midterms.
Not saying this is a bad thing, of course.
pilamaye on December 21, 2010 at 8:18 AM

All these polls do is raise my blood pressure…I am reminded how utterly stupid this “president” is, I am so ashamed, so embarrassed, so angry, at how weak and ineffectual this guy is.
right2bright on December 21, 2010 at 8:27 AM

London Bombers?  What London Bombers? Could they BE more incompetent? OMG.

Christmas Tree Rocketry

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Sat, Dec 25th - 12:10AM

The Baby! The Baby is Here!

Ed asks what are the essential Christmas carols to bring out the season: the ones I thought of on the top of my head were:

Jesu Bambino

Silent Night

Adeste Fidelis

Wizards in Winter. 

I'm sure there are more...

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Fri, Dec 24th - 7:12AM

December 20: Pre-Surgery Class

The budget should be balanced, the Treasury should be refilled, public debt should be reduced, the arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and controlled, and the assistance to foreign lands should be curtailed lest Rome become bankrupt. People must again learn to work, instead of living on public assistance. ---Cicero - 55 BC

The Age of Napoleon, p. 164
265.1 miles
cloudy and gray

37 recordings of 33 types

Rasmussen: -14: 49/50.

I heard about Over Fifty is Nifty on television so I went to check it out.  Server overload. Eventually I got to it (though it's no Facebook) and read the rules:

10.You will not do anything that could disable,
overburden, or impair the proper working of OFIN.

Heh.  Such as advertising it?

We went to the hospital for the pre-surgery class.  They had hot chocolate! Rich was pleased to learn where to go and that he got to pre-register today, so all he'll have to do is go straight to the surgery wing. He feels a little less nervous.

Then he went bowling and I went looking for spiced apple rings. To Raley's. To Trader Joe's.  Grumble.  I went to Michael's to get stickers for a project for Gareth (making a Christmas Tree picture for Mommy) and saw a lot of things I'm lusting after, but I settled for the stickers.  The line was really long but also really fast.  After Rich's bowling, we looked at Whole Foods. No spiced apple rings---I'll have to make my own.

ARGH!  What the heck is their problem??

Waterboard congress!Every last one of them.
ohiobabe on December 20, 2010 at 8:56 AM

Are Lame Duck Sessions of Congress Unconstitutional?

Here are a Few of Reid's Favorite Things
Another thing apparently didn’t happen was Reid introducing the treaty during the regular session.  It’s been over eight months since Obama signed the treaty.  Under Reid’s direction, the Senate never bothered to produce a budget, even with an 18-seat majority.  What exactly has the Senate produced since then?  The Wall Street regulation expansion, and … and … and …

The meat dress is just a red herring to distract from Reid’s incompetence.

DADT, Why I Don't Care

How awful.

(So, this should make you feel better!)

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Thu, Dec 23rd - 11:14PM

December 19: Unpleasant Day at Home

The Age of Napoleon, p. 164
264.8 miles

38 recordings of 33 types. In one week! Of course, there are a lot of Christmas specials.

Rich went to church and I stayed home.  I did head out between rainstorms to pick up palm fronds from the street and driveway. 

When Rich got home he put the chandelier up again.  It looks beautiful.  Unfortunately, it still doesn't dim.  He got more and more frustrated with this.

Then I thought I'd be companionable and stay in the room while he watched the Steelers. This was a mistake. Usually I go into the other room and watch Netflix (currently Stephen Fry in America) while he watches. And believe me, I was right NOT to stay in the room when the game is on.  He rather forcefully pushed Pharaoh with his foot, yelled, screamed at the television, and I was SO close to yelling WILL YOU SIT STILL?!?! at him. My Laz-E-Boy chair has been rumpsprung for a year or more and his hasn't, which seems grossly unfair since he weighs more than me.  However, that's changed, and every time he moves, there's this "sproing!" noise, which was driving me nuts as he shifted back and forth and side to side with every play.

I stuffed dates, and he took them to the Christmas party.  He had a good time. At least, my sore throat is better.

PFC Manning's Shameful Treatment.

Jim Dunmire

If YOU cross the Mexican Border Illegally, you will end up in a Mexican Federal Jail for a very long stay that is NOT very nice! Believe me, you do NOT want to end up in a Mexican Jail!!!!!

1 - A JOB,

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Wed, Dec 22nd - 9:40PM

December 18: Sick

(Not THAT sick, I just donwanna get that sick.)

The Age of Napoleon, p. 164
264.8 miles
rain, STORM!!

39 recordings of 35 types.

-17: 44/55.  Forty-six percent (46%) of voters believe that Tea Party candidates elected in November will sell out and become just like other politicians. Only 34% disagree.

[feet, meet fire]

I'm staying in today. Not doing anything... I want to be healthy for Monica's party.  And yesterday, when I really did feel crummy, I took notes:

Gareth seems to respond to his Polish roots. I'm playing Christmas music and he really lit up when the Christmas Polka came up.

I already mentioned that he was actually making "people" and playing with the Duplo bricks.

He did help me get a diaper: after I yelled at him ("get me a diaper." "OK." he says, and lies down. "GARETH!") which made him cry. He's going to learn to be helpful if it kills him.

Meanwhile, Joanna learned how to batter Brobee so he'd talk to her. 

She's kneeling: actually sitting on her feet.

She knocked over an occasional table by trying to climb up with it.  Rich was watching at that point, and fortunately Joanna was unhurt.

And I think her little hitting one hand with the other thing is "pattycake." 

Switching Gears as Christmas nears.

A cheerful note for the day! 
You know who Moore should discuss this with, when he gets the chance?  Julian Assange, and the rest of Assange’s apologists who have been insisting that Assange has been telling Truth to Power, and that he’s acting as a journalist in an era of radical transparency.  After all, Moore just paid $20,000 to help bail out the man who published all of these cables, including the Sicko report that apparently was incorrect.  Assange isn’t a journalist; he’s no better than a fence peddling stolen materials.

Now that Assange supporter Moore has learned that first-hand, he can dial back the sanctimony a bit, too.

Another hard one.

I voted for the Netanyahu one. As I recall, a week later the Dali lama had to leave the White House by the back door (and put-out garbage bags)
Marcus on December 18, 2010 at 8:36 AM

the insanity of Janet Napolitano's request for people to be a snitch of suspicion activity at Wal-Mart. Just the act of shopping at Wal-Mart is suspicious itself. Geez, even the strange people gets one to take notice.

Not only 0bamacare but the process and the gloating.

A California Bankruptcy.

Porkypine Says:
December 17th, 2010 at 1:13 pm

Both New York and Illinois would benefit from being divided into two – in both cases, splitting off the major metro area from the rest of the state.

California, well, I’d want to see the Bay Area and greater LA combined in one Cal urban state, to keep each from getting two Senators, and for the entertainment value of the intercity brawls that’d result. That’d almost by itself be worth the price of the bailout…

Lame duck sessions were supposed to end.  More.

Meanwhile, keep an eye on them.

This just goes to show how unserious these @$$hats are about their job. With any luck there’ll be a storm of biblical proportions that strikes Washington on Tuesday and shuts this dysfunctional social club down.
In this case, nothing is better than something!
mossberg500 on December 18, 2010 at 11:15 AM

Shut them down!  Shut them down! 

Death Panels.



Happy dance!

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Mon, Dec 20th - 7:53PM

December 17: More Babysitting

The Age of Napoleon, p. 162
264.8 miles
rain, storm

35 recordings of 30 types.

Rasmussen: -19: 44/55

I'm .5 pounds down with a borderline blood pressure.  I have a sore throat.

More babysitting.  The littles were both good.  I got a video of Joanna in the jump chair, not in full jump mode but still cute.  Then I turned around to get Gareth, who was working with Duplo.  Joanna didn't like that, I was supposed to pay attention to HER!

Gareth is beginning to pretend. He had some of his Duplo constructions as Djadja, talking to the others.

TSA Checkpoints not effective.
Why are we not moving in the direction of demonstrated success rather than trying to reinvent the wheel?

I was watching Huell Howell in Gilroy and now I want to see Chitactac-Adams Heritage County Park. And yes, there's a geocache there.

Heh. Obamas Not Invited To Royal Wedding; Brides's Desire To Not Be Outshined By Ms. Obama Cited.


Oh, praise the Lord! I was cringing at just the thought of FLINO showing up in some tacky, ugly, unflattering, & tasteless dress, probably in white just to show she has absolutely no ettiquette. Now, I can rest easy and enjoy the wedding when it’s televised. Whew!
-Aslans Girl on December 17, 2010 at 7:08 PM

I’m sure they will send him a DVD of the event!

Maybe a highlights dvd of some of the ‘best of British Royal Weddings’! Plus an extra special ‘Best of Winston Churchill’ MP3 player…
ajacksonian on December 17, 2010 at 7:19 PM

Besides Mochelle don’t look good with her hands all over the Royals and “Cousin Eddie” Barrack might offer up a toast to himself and his fab first two years, ad infinitum!
dhunter on December 17, 2010 at 9:37 PM

They really do give crappy gifts. My money is on that being the primary reason for the non-invite. That and the fact that Michelle is now wearing thrift store clothes to complement the curtains and bed spreads she usually wears to formal events.

The “me me me” man would also attempt to shift the focus of the event to himself because he’s “pushy” and inexplicably controversial and the day should be about the happy couple – not President Petulant and the dime-store dame he hooked up with. It’s just one strike too many.
BrideOfRove on December 17, 2010 at 10:14 PM

I wouldn’t invite him either. He has been rude to them at every turn. First thing he did was return a gift they had given us, then he gives them an Ipod full of his biggest hits! Who needs his classless butt. Plus they know he won’t be the president in 2 years. I bet they are counting the days….I know I am.
SgtRed on December 17, 2010 at 5:04 PM

Maybe the happy couple just want the day to be about them…

… and not be lectured on what to serve, eat, or hear another story told by Obowma starting with the letter “I”.
Seven Percent Solution on December 17, 2010 at 5:06 PM

Barry’s toast: “Just thirty years ago the whole world united in the joy of a Royal Wedding, as Prince William’s parents said their vows. Who would have thought back then that today a black man would be president of the United States and invited to the wedding?”
Ted Torgerson on December 17, 2010 at 5:20 PM

You better believe it’s an intentional snub. If it had anything to do with being outshined, Carla Bruni would not be invited.
JavelinaBomb on December 17, 2010 at 5:32 PM

It’s just as well. The taffeta that would have been needed to cover FLOTUS’ well-toned arms and bountiful hindquarters will be available for Christo to use on his next art installation, like wrapping Guam or something.
Cicero43 on December 17, 2010 at 6:17 PM

Hahaha!  I keep wishing that when Moore is taken ill he'd go to Cuba for his care.

Exit question one: If, as expected, Moore’s supporters claim this report isn’t accurate, where does that leave us vis-a-vis Wikileaks? Any second thoughts among Assange’s defenders about doing a mass document dump of cables into the news stream when not all of them might be true?

Michael Moore banned in Cuba
Obama pleads with Congress to extends Bush Tax Cuts
Silence from the AGW crowd
No Clinton or Kennedy is running for national office

Have the Earth’s magnetic poles reversed?
pedestrian on December 17, 2010 at 9:40 PM

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Mon, Dec 20th - 7:43PM

December 16: Day 1 Babysitting

The Age of Napoleon, p. 162
264.8 miles

29 recordings of 28 types.

Rasmussen: -17: 47/53.

Impossible to choose! I dithered over the last three.

Notice how the DHS is asking for Americans to rat on each other but they won’t deputize flight passengers to kick the living snot out of any Muslim that looks crosseyed and sports a “large package” if you will?
ted c

I’ve already picked the winner: Leaving the podium while Clinton talked to the press.
There is not a more simple yet blazingly bright example of just how bad PBHO is at being POTUS.
Bishop on December 16, 2010 at 8:15 AM

Babysitting today!  The most interesting thing was that I took Gareth to Country Club Plaza to look at the decorations there.  Santa was there but they didn't see each other. He surprised me by being a little afraid of the ride trucks. I thought maybe after the Zoo he'd want to sit in these, and since no one was around, we could have done that. Nope.  We dashed through the mall (which is comatose, not quite dead though the Gottschalks wing is dark) and back outside, so back to the car and to the store. Where I really lucked out with a parking place close to the door with a grocery cart right there. We went in and I bought broccoli and some salad dressing.  Gareth and I talked about the veggies a little bit. And so home, where Joanna was just waking up.

I've pretty well given up on attempting a formal nap with Gareth.  They should have started a lot sooner.  In any case, he seems happy to have some quiet time in my lap (when *I* tend to doze off) and then sleep in the car when Bernadette is taking him home.

Gareth is obsessed obsessed obsessed with The Very Hungry Caterpillar. I must have read it 20 times, and talked about it the rest of the time. On the way back from the store he was reciting it.

Good grief. @clairecmc upset about "scoring cheap political points"? All the Democrats have done is screwed the American people w/glee. 10 minutes ago via TweetDeck

Dear @clairecmc One word: #Obamacare Remember that? Remember the thrill at sticking to everyone? Cheap political points?

The wheels on the Omnibus came off!!! Yes!!!!

YESSSSS!!! RT @JimDeMint: Reid finally admitted he didn't have the votes to pass it and is withdrawing Dem pork-filled omnibus.

big political oppty missed for WH: it might as well have opposed the omni if it was doomed anyway.


politicsoffear: California is in desperate need for a second political party. The Republicans should try.

In Wisconsin: Democrats give up attempt to approve state labor contracts.

Leno: Intelligence reports indicate possible alQaeda Christmas attacks. The US govt warns alQaeda the correct term is 'holiday attacks.'

Conan: Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is out on bail now. At a press conference, he said he refused to be silenced, and then revealed everyone's Secret Santa.

We can thank Meghan McCain for the Person of the Year stupidity.

Reading: The Age of Napoleon, Will and Ariel Durant, The Bible (Zachariah), The Read-Aloud Handbook, Jim Trelease, Mysteries of Pittsburgh, Michael Chabon, Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand, Blue Highways, William Least Heat Moon, Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg, Don Quixote, The Life of Man with God, Thomas Verner Moore, Low-Carb Dieting for Dummies, Katherine B. Chauncey.

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Sun, Dec 19th - 9:12PM

December 15: Gang Aft Agley

The Age of Napoleon, p. 162
264.8 miles

23 recordings of 22 types.

Rasmussen: -19: 45/54.

I'd been counting on having catch-up time today. Best laid plans, and all that. Bernadette had a dental appointment, so we went down to watch the littles while she was gone. This was moderately uneventful.  The weather was dry enough so I could take Gareth for a walk, but as the monkey leash was in their car, I had to hold his hand and stayed on the court.  The garbage truck came and I picked him up to watch, but I guess the guy is new, as he was down the street and in and out and lifting the bed, and on and on for what seemed like forever till he drove down our way.  G. and I looked at the Christmas decorations.  I showed him Santa and wreaths and reindeer and elves.

DSC01975     DSC01977
When Bernadette came back Rich and I went to Woodbridge (with a stop in Lodi at the Omelet House) and looked at birds, sandhill cranes and tundra swans. We also picked up one geocache which was all by itself, and then saw a kingfisher!

Of course, Rich scared them enough to make them fly. Fortunately, the guy with the HUGE camera lens in the car down the road was concentrating on sandhill cranes, which didn't fly.

Then in the evening, we went over to the Retreat House for Las Posadas.  A little girl and boy dressed as Mary and Joseph led us all around the buildings knocking on doors to be turned away till at the end there's a lot of food, a pinata (two, actually), and singing.  I loved the Mexican-style hot chocolate. Some sheep and goats walked with us, as well. 

A full day, and I didn't get much catching up done! Rich decorated the tree, which had been my plan for the day, so I didn't feel as stressed.

My Top Words of 2010
Here are top words from my Facebook status messages!
1:Gareth - used 50 times
2:Happy - used 36 times
3:Rich - used 31 times
4:Went - used 29 times
5:Great - used 28 times
6:Caches - used 27 times
7:Fun - used 25 times
8:Morning - used 25 times
9:Babysitting - used 24 times
10:Birthday - used 22 times

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Sun, Dec 19th - 12:12PM

Midweek Linkage

Mostly about the Omnibus bill (which was later pulled.)

Terry Pukajlo No we don't. But it's always a freaking crisis with you politicians. Sit on your asses all year and the last few days of the year push out massive spending bills that nobody knows whats in them. All liars.

I say it sounds like tar, feathers, and rail time.  Go home!

Seriously, if voting doesn't make a difference, not even when it's a gullywasher like November's election, what option do we have?

The Dims are trying their best to make this Christmas season worse than last year’s Deathcare debacle, and they may succeed. I really despise all these politicians–D and R–who think this is a game and they can get away with giving us the finger. Our vote doesn’t matter. Our phone calls, letters, emails, office visits mean nothing. What can we do? Seriously, what?
conservative pilgrim on December 15, 2010 at 10:55 PM

Every time I see Harry Reid I find myself wishing him dead.  Will no one rid me of this pestilant senator?

Like anyone cares any more. (TIME's person of the year.)

Letterman: So now this WikiLeaks Julian Assange guy has leaked 200,000 letters to Santa. And Barbara Walters wants to know if he's lesbian.


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Sun, Dec 19th - 7:15AM

December 14: Pre-Op Visit

The Age of Napoleon, p. 162
264.8 miles

20 recordings of 18 types. It doesn't take long!

Rasmussen: -18: 45/54.

Today we went to talk to the surgeon who will be doing Rich's prostatectomy.  Rich was nervous.  I remember how scared I was to set up the caterer for the party in October, and that was silly. It's not so silly to be nervous talking to a doctor, but he has every right to ask questions and make sure he's informed as to what will go on.

The doctor seems nice. I felt like Rich would be in good hands. They will poke 6 holes into him and do the surgery with robots, unless there's too much fat in the way. I find it interesting that the organ will come out in a hole over his navel. There's a 70% chance of no nerve damage. The operation should take about 3 hours. I asked one question about recovery. (He can walk, but nothing else.)

The 0bamateurism is just what I expected.


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Sun, Dec 19th - 7:12AM

December 13: Frosting Cookies!

The Age of Napoleon, p. 159
264.7 miles

13 recordings of 12 types.

Rasmussen: -17: 44/55.

Library day!  Gareth was eager. He was entirely different this time.  He spent a lot of time with Miss Barbara at the table working with Play-doh, then later with me drawing circles.  Then after lunch we decorated cookies. He really surprised me by doing 5 and a half. I thought he'd probably stop after 1. He needed help stirring up the colors, but was interested, and mostly he liked the Christmas trees.  He now knows what one is, unlike last week when he was a bit scared by ours.

DSC01956     DSC01960


I Love It When PDS Sufferers Get Humiliated, William Jacobson.

how about apologizing for this sentence in your post:  "the multiple shots of Sarah sanitizing and washing her hands suggests the former Gov is primarily concerned, above all humanitarian else, about catching something."

Unless you, of course, want to visit a Cholera camp and not wash your hands.  That I'd like to see.

Legal Insurrection on the tax deal

I don't begrudge the original "deal" although there were very good arguments against it.

But did we really need to buy off Chuck Grassley (R-IA) with ethanol subsidies?  Of course not, this was all just pork barrel politics of the type which infuriated the electorate when Democrats were buying off Ben Nelson and Mary Landrieu when it came to Obamacare.

We may not be able to stop it this time, but we should hold the Republican leadership to account for failing to provide courage and leadership on these payoffs.

This type of conduct has to stop, or the Republican leadership will rip the momentum out of the emerging Republican majority.

Whiskey Jim:
Either you are less infuriated than me, or you hide it better.

After an historic election, the first big bill ignores every message sent.

The main course is a gob-smacking gruel of increased spending on UI with NO corresponding spending cuts to pay for it.

Van Halen said...
    I am infuriated by this bill and by the tools on the Right who are supporting it. There's nothing to be done now, they're going to hand the Left a HUGE victory in the version of another Porkulus bill. So now we wait and see what the new bunch does in a few weeks. I see we already lost one - Kristy Noem came out and gave this craptastic bill her blessing. So she's been bought off already.

I think I know what tomorrow's 0bamateurism of the Day will be.  And if SENATOR 0bama had ever actually, you know, DONE that job, he might have known Mitch McConnell's name.

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Sat, Dec 18th - 10:10AM

December 12: Nuts and Berries

The Age of Napoleon, p. 159
264.7 miles

37 recordings of 13 types. I did manage to view Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters before losing them.

Rasmussen: -15: 45/53. Marist College has 42/50

It took the technician about an hour, but it seems the new DVR is working. Of course, I should have realized that I wouldn't have to reset the programs, because they are in the system, not in the box.  That's going to make life a lot easier.

Then this evening we went to Nuts and Berries, the Wildlife Care Association's event. So many beautiful boxes and goodies to bid on.  The best, $2500, was a photo safari, though if I went all the way to South Africa, I'd want to spend more than 5 days... I'd certainly want to see Botswana!  There were other things, but Rich, who is a little depressed these days, didn't like anything. I did manage to score a "chick" basket (by which I mean little chicken, not girl) for Joanna's first birthday, and another basket with a bear and tickets to the Folsom Zoo.  I just missed on a basket with a throw in it I admired. (There were a few. I have three throws in this house, so it wasn't necessary, just comfy.) We saw some owls and lizards and snakes, and ONE person we knew.  (He's from Davis Musical Theater and ran for Governor back in the day. He's a flaming liberal, but since he's not married to a Kennedy, he probably wouldn't have been worse.  Ahnold caved after the fight with the Unions.  I blame the California Nurses and the Prison Guards for the mess we're in now.)

DSC01945     DSC01947

Obama abdicates to Bill Clinton, lunacy ---John Podhoretz

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Fri, Dec 17th - 6:26PM

December 11: Woodland

(I swear I posted this this morning, though I'd messed up one of the pictures so I said I'd get back to it later...)

The Age of Napoleon, p. 159
264.7 miles
cool, gray

43 recordings of 15 types. We're getting the DVR replaced tomorrow, so I'm losing all the Ice Road Truckers and the Great Migrations, as well as the kiddie shows and health shows. Grumble.

Rasmussen: -12: 46/53.

We started the day by heading over to the Discovery Museum for their Christmas party. It was nice to see the decorations. Chick-Fil-A provided some of the food, and gave out cows to the kids (and to me, since I begged. Now if I could only locate the rest of my mascot collection.)

We left before the History of Santa presentation. It's always fun, but we've seen it, and wanted to get to Woodland in time for the parade. I do believe this is the parade I took the older girls to 30-some years ago, while they were in the Catholic School Band. It was foggy and I white-knuckled the drive, and it was COLD, so cold that eventually they matched their blue uniforms.  Fortunately, today was not that foggy (a little, but decent visibility) nor that cold.

We found a parking place a block away from the parade and our geocaching event, and as we were going to the corner, some caching friends honked their horn and parked behind us.  So we walked over to the parade.

We were talking geocaching. I started to tell a story about a clever cache in Galt last week, which I forgot I hadn't actually read. I tend to hear stuff and "see" it like I'd read it.  So the hint was, I thought, "C1" which translates to "cone."  It's nowhere near as clever when it's "C ONE", which is the actual hint as read to me by Rich.  But it still doesn't mean he should interrupt and correct me, and I really got mad.  Told him to finish the story himself, and stopped talking to him for a few hours.

The parade was nice.  At 11 we went on in to the geocaching event. I'd given two items to the raffle... unfortunately, one of them was the last thing and we won it, so instead the book "Dave Barry in Cyberspace" will go to the library.  The GOOD thing was, we also won the first prize and chose a nice geocoin.

Afterwards we went caching, and also visited a thrift shop.  Both successful, to a point.
There were a couple of no-finds, and I didn't get any of the books I was looking for, but it was good.

DSC01867     DSC01916

Reading: The Age of Napoleon, Will and Ariel Durant, Atlas ShruggedThe Bible (Zachariah), The Read-Aloud Handbook, Jim Trelease, Girls in Pants, Ann Brashares, Atlas Shrugged , Ayn Rand, Blue Highways, William Least Heat Moon, Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg, Don Quixote, The Life of Man with God, Thomas Verner Moore, Low-Carb Dieting for Dummies, Katherine B. Chauncey.

Some miscellaneous stuff from the Internet:

I've been looking for a good opportunity to bring this up, and I hope I'm not hijacking the thread here, but I think it is a point worth making. The most interesting documents in the WL cache are the documents that don't exist. Like the documents describing the explosives planted in the Twin Towers on September 10th. Or the documents expressing a need to build a gas pipe-line across Afghanistan. Or the plans for an American base in Iraq to control the flow of Gulf oil. Shouldn't someone be a little surprised by these (non-existing) documents?

Posted by Dom at December 11, 2010 07:56 PM

There were a few terrorists who did some, in reality, very limited but high profile actions.
As a result air travel has become extremely tedious, spy cameras on every street normal, extended security forces powers normal and acceptable. Any form of travel is subject to routine close surveillance.
Looking suspicious has become a dangerous thing to do. Any form of eccentricity is regarded with suspicion, and one can only survive so much suspicion. One begins to go lu lu.
Financial transactions are fairly closely monitored and any transactions over a few thousand pounds have to be explained. All bank accounts have to be identity verified.
That and far more is the legacy the control-orientated have managed to extract from a few attacks on civil life.

Any chaos, resulting from Assagne's activities or for any other reason, is playing into the hands of those that would control.
To see liberty resulting from chaos one has to go to the post-apocalyptic phase. And I think those scenarios have been grossly over romanticised!
Not saying that no good things have come from the leaks but this is not playing with fire - it is playing with fissile material in a reactor that is already partly out of control.

Of Course: Cancun Temperatures Drop To 100 Year Low For Global Warming Summit

And I believe they chose Cancun partly for the low-cost, moderate-quality escorts, but mostly because they wanted to avoid the typical spectacle of a global warming summit blanketed in six feet of snow.

No luck.

Even atheist scientists must be starting to wonder if God is suggesting that they re-check their math.
Posted by Ace

On television I saw the "Square up", which really looks interesting.  Not that we could use it with our antique cell phone, but other people could.

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Wed, Dec 15th - 9:07AM

December 10: Gareth to the Zoo

(Apparently I will never be able to get caught up and STAY caught up!!)

The Age of Napoleon, p. 159
259.1 miles
cool, gray

98 recordings of 56 types.

Rasmussen: -12: (guess that shows the "power" of the Progressives!) 46/53.

What’s it going to take for Mitt or Huck to bounce out to a five-point lead? Iranian nuke test? Federal default? Bizarre, tone-deaf White House press conference in which The One hands the mic to Bill Clinton so he can go drink eggnog with Michelle? What?

I'm .2 of a pound down this week, with high borderline blood pressure.

Today, since Rob was home, we said we just wanted to babysit Gareth and Joanna could stay with her daddy.  The weather was just right to take G. to the Zoo. He loves to go "byebye car" and really doesn't care where. 

Bernadette forgot to leave us the monkey leash, but we figured that wouldn't matter in the Zoo itself.  We did pop him in the stroller to cross the street and enter the Zoo. Of course, we couldn't find the center strap (which was dangling down in front) so we improvised a way to fasten him in.  Once in the Zoo, we let him out to ride or walk as he pleased.

The animals were all out where they could be seen.  Gareth actually looked this time: last time I took him he was heavily into checking out the stroller.  They had the discovery room open in the morning, with a lizard and a snake and a hedgehog relative that was cute as the dickens.  I petted it.  Spiky!

Gareth saw the tiger, the lion, the giant anteaters, the otters.  Later we managed to see the new, stinky, lesser anteater.  We saw giraffes, orangutans, chimps.  The zebra was hidden from him, so we didn't try that.  He likes the "mingos." We had lunch at the restaurant. I'm appalled at their kiddie choices: you can do better at McDonald's. Corn dog, hot dog, and PB&J.  There IS fruit in the case.  I settled for a chicken strip basket for me which he could eat. No straws, so the milk was chancy... next time I bring my own straw.

There were very few people at the Zoo, another benefit of the weather, so I thought Gareth would enjoy a chance to play on the dump truck ride. I had the coins to make it go, but suddenly realized that he was having a great time, and when he learns it's a ride, he'll never again enjoy it the way it is.  So we just let him play and play, at least five minutes worth.  Unlike the last time he was there, no other child came to have a turn. 

I found a nice display that plays sounds so he had a lot of fun looking at the numbers and pictures and pushing buttons. After this he ran and ran, and eventually climbed back on the stroller.  He was beginning to wear down.  We stopped at the playground. He still isn't brave enough to try walking on the frog's tongue, even with my help.  Then up the concrete slide once. (I'll never understand why the kids all love it so.) And through the reptile house and home.  He had a really good time, as did we.

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Sun, Dec 12th - 5:14PM

Weekend Linkage

Mostly about the President deciding to deputize the former President and then going to a staff party. The FOX news commentators didn't seem to think this was weak and stupid, but the pages I read are definitely unimpressed.

Krauthammer on the big swindle.  SHHHHH!  Don't give it away!

In an amazing display of ignorance and of Palin Derangement Syndrome, Richard Wolffe mocks Palin and C.S. Lewis as just “a children’s author”.

Allahpundit: Great News, Bill Clinton is Apparently President Again.

The depressing truth: Given the alternative, it really would be great news.
... What I don’t get is why he’d leave him alone to address reporters, suggesting either (a) that Obama doesn’t respect a former president — who’s doing him a favor — enough to change his schedule to accommodate him or (b) Obama’s confidence in his own ability to influence the caucus is now so low that he figures the tax deal will stand a better chance if he just gets out of the spotlight entirely. The second option seems implausible given what we know of The One’s ego, but after yesterday’s revolt in the House and after a full year of epic fail in selling ObamaCare to the public, who knows what he’s thinking anymore? As a presidential scholar said to McClatchy, putting it mildly, “He is not a great persuader.”

now that Obama is President…well we should understand that we are asking way to much for him to actually do all the things he bragged about doing while running for President.
He!! this guy even made his own Presidential seal before he was elected. [Baxter Greene]

Don't Ask Don't Tell Repeal Fails.

[Reid] spent a day negotiating with them and then gave up, choosing to ignore their demands and force a vote by bringing the bill to the floor anyway. And it worked! … in Collins’s case. Brown and Murky voted no but she ended up voting yes, even though (a) Reid gave her nothing in return and (b) she pledged last week not to approve any bills until the tax cuts deal is settled. So not only is she exposed as a liar and a chump, she didn’t even get a successful repeal here as a consolation prize. That makes her our official sucker of the day, with Reid a close second for not delaying this vote until after the tax deal is done, when there might be time to satisfy Brown’s and Murkowki’s procedural demands. Take note, gay activists: He’s happy to postpone a vote on DREAM to improve its chances of passing, but when it comes to DADT, the mere gesture of a vote will suffice.

40% of Physicians will Leave under 0bamacare.

They apparently heard me muttering "defund them!" And disband THESE creeps!

Friday's 0bamateurism of the Day.
Theodore Roosevelt once said the key to power was to speak softly and carry a big stick.  Obama’s talking trash while toting a broken stick, and it’s not impressive.

And Saturday's.
Normally I don’t do OOTDs on the weekend, but I suspect that if this isn’t on the list for tomorrow’s poll, the comment section will be filled with links back to it anyway.

[Gee, ya THINK?]

How important is this deal to Obama?  Less than a Christmas party and dealing with his spouse’s irritation.  The picture on the front page says it all — he’s diminishing into a background player in his own presidency, largely because he just can’t be bothered to do any lifting for himself.

But if his excuse about ditching work to go partay was manufactured, it was absolutely the worst choice PR-wise, since it underscores the rap on him that he is an apathetic slacker who is detached from the problems of the little people in flyover country.

Junior voted “present”, again.

He is a weak man. He cannot take negative feedback. He cannot take pressure. He cannot learn and adapt. He is lazy. He is incurious. He just wants what he wants and expects to get it, with accolades of his brilliance.

He is intellectually and emotionally incompetent for this job. If he had more guts and honor, he would resign.

He is a classic case of self-esteem way out of line with real skills and accomplishment, and he feels very threatened, I think, that he is going to be forced to face up to this gap, that he will be found out.
Harry Schell

This present voting slacker has his books written by others, he never wrote an article for the HLR, he never holds a press conference and takes questions.

This fraud is pissed and he just gave the whole country the middle finger because they aren’t on their knees accepting his pronouncement of how this deal will go down.

The Messiah EXPECTS his lessors to follow not question. When they do not he flips them off as he did in this instance.

The Left's rage comes full circle.
Once you start marinating in this nastiness, it starts to seep into how you think and speak, and perhaps you can’t turn it off. It is now defining the Left. Michael Moore. Bill Maher. Joy Behar. It didn’t just stay in the grassroots and celebrities; it came to the halls of Congress with Alan Grayson.

(comment)The standard “outrages” to liberals that are constantly pushed by NPR and other similar outlets, now spring up repeatedly in every conversation. For example, my friends now insert vicious smears of Sarah Palin and George Bush into every topic, be it a new restaurant, the weather, a movie, clothes, travel, sports, or anything else. I find that it has moved from being merely boring, to being irritating, to being completely off-putting.

Clinton said “I’m still relevant.” Faced with a similar situation, Obama said, “I’m outta here.”

No surprise, the 0bamateurism of the Week.
It wasn't even close, but usually the hostage-takers would be up there. Or the "politics of the moment."

Were it not for his abdication to Bill Clinton, the Hostage Taker one would have been my choice.

But exiting a presser to go party and leaving a former president to do your job makes you look incredibly weak, foolish and generally purposeless.

Heck…just the act of calling on a former president in the first place to do your job while you stand there like a prop makes you look incredibly weak, foolish and generally purposeless.
powerpro on December 12, 2010 at 9:10 AM

These choices are all good, but leaving a presser so as not to keep the first lady waiting is unbelievable! I can’t wait for 2012. I hope the Republican party nominee makes a campaign ad out of the footage of him leaving the presser and letting BJ do his job for him.

I think he loves the trappings of the job, just not the work.
armygirl on December 12, 2010 at 9:18 AM

Leaving Clinton with the press to attend a party now wipes away all the crap (well deserved at the time) McCain took for suspending his campaign to deal with TARP. Candidate Obama said that a president needed the ability to multi-task and now says that he can’t handle the actual duties of the presidency along with the ceremonial aspects of the presidency.
myrenovations on December 12, 2010 at 9:34 AM

Four of the losers in this poll would have won against almost all of the competition for Obamateurism of the Year, so far.

It was a good week for Obamateurisms.
cozmo on December 12, 2010 at 9:49 AM

New York Post:
“As Obama looked on and fidgeted, the master schooled the pupil on being presidential.

“He was open, easy, funny, confident. Never teachy, preachy, defensive or arrogant. Clinton had total command of the small details but never wandered from the high perch of the big picture…

“As one observer noted, ‘Instead of leaving, Obama should have stuck around to see how it’s done.’”

Didn’t Clinton tell the congressional Dems that the reason they got wiped out in ’94 was because they didn’t pass Hillarycare and if they passed Obamacare things would be wonderful? Why should the Dems believe him?

lizzie beth on December 11, 2010 at 10:38 PM

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Sat, Dec 11th - 5:57PM

I would write up the trip to the Zoo yesterday, except I'm sorting pictures in Flickr, which will make finding these pix more easily in the future.  However, currently I have 340 more pictures to go through, 5 clicks per, before I can upload yesterday's pictures. AND tonight I better feed my Hatchlings (Facebook game) and I still am trying to see certain TV shows before I lose them tomorrow. Soon, soon!

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Fri, Dec 10th - 9:51PM

TV Trauma

Well, the DVR has been acting up, especially with live TV.  It's like the pixels got stirred with a big stick.  So Rich called, on the phone for about an hour.  After trying a number of things, they have decided to replace our machine.  This means I lose all my recordings. I have till Sunday afternoon. I'm going to try to see the five episodes of "The Event" and the four "Burn Notices." I'm sad to lose my exercise shows and all the Yo Gabba Gabba episodes and other kids' programming, especially the HBO stuff which I can only grab when they're having their free weekends. Oh, well.  The other shows I can catch on re-runs.

A list of the recordings:

Chopped (3 episodes)
White Collar - In the Red
Burn Notice (4)
CSI (2)
NCIS: Los Angeles (3)
Hawaii Five-O (3)
Yo Gabba Gabba! "Dress Up"
Yo Gabba Gabba! "Christmas"
Brothers and Sisters
Desperate Housewives
Sarah Palin's Alaska (2)
CSI: Miami (4)
Miracle on 34th Street
Qi Gong for Beginners (2)
The Good Guys (2)
Grey's Anatomy (2)
Ah, Wilderness
Law and Order: Los Angeles
YGG! "Imagine"
The Event (5)
November Christmas
Gilad's Bodies in Motion --Hips, Thighs, Abs 2
Namaste Yoga - "Firebird Sequence"
G's Bodies in Motion- Hips, Thighs, Abs 1
California's Gold with Huell Howser (2)
E.T., the Extra-Terrestrial
Total Body Sculpt with Gilad - "Buttocks, Thighs, Chest and Abs"
Harold and the Purple Crayon (2)
Classical Baby: The Music Show
Classical Baby: The Art Show
The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything
HBO Storybook Musicals -- "Mike Mulligan"
It's Complicated
Great Migrations (7)
YGG! "Circus"
YGG! - "Robot"
Circus (2)
YGG! - "Fairytale"
NOVA - "Building the Great Cathedrals"
YGG!- "Superhero"
Ice Road Truckers (13)
YGG! - "School"
9/11: Timeline of Terror
YGG! - "Baby"
Deadliest Catch - "Captain Phil Harris Tribute"
Classical Baby (I'm Grown Up Now): The Poetry Show
Goodnight Moon & Other Sleepytime Tales
Gilad's Bodies in Motion: Back Biceps, Abs 1 (The only one I ever used.)
YGG! "Sleep"
Qi Gong for Weight Loss
G's Bodies in Motion - "Hips, Thighs, Abs

And the series I've been recording: (the list I'll have to replace)

19 kids and Counting
Brothers and Sisters
Burn Notice
California's Gold with Huell Howser
Cold Case (now cancelled)
Come Dine with Me

Covert Affairs
Criminal Minds on CBS and ION
CSI: Miami
Dancing with the Stars
Dark Blue
Deadliest Catch
Desperate Housewives
Detroit 1-8-7
Fox News Sunday
Great Migrations
Grey's Anatomy
Hawaii Five-O
Hell's Kitchen
Hoarding: Buried Alive
Ice Road Truckers
Kate Plus 8
Law & Order
Mad Men
Miami Medical
My Generation
Outlaw (cancelled)
(That reminds me, gotta put Men of a Certain Age back on)
Rizzoli & Isles
Road Trip with Huell Howser
Sarah Palin's Alaska
The Amazing Race 17
The Apprentice (is over)
The Biggest Loser 10
The Choir
The Colony
The Defenders
The Event
The Good Guys
The Good Wife
The O'Reilly Factor
The Whole Truth
Top Chef
Two Fat Ladies
Warehouse 13
White Collar

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Fri, Dec 10th - 6:52AM

December 9: Shopping

The Age of Napoleon, p. 159
257.1 miles
rain, then sunshine

100 recordings of 59 types.

Rasmussen: -14: 46/53

After Mass at the Retreat House I went shopping for a birthday card for the Tomboy, who is almost 15.  In the process, I found the trinkets to give to the local grandkids. Then I went through Ross to get back to the car, found that they have treasure boxes and dinosaurs and, lookie there, Christmas cookie cutters!  So I got a gingerbread man, woman, and house, and a candy cane. I'll make gender-appropriate gingerbread cookies for the Christmas get-together.

Back at home, I was just settling in for some good vegging out time when Bernadette called.  She'd been to a lot of stores looking for a dinosaur for her Giving Tree gift. So out I went again for the dinosaurs I'd seen at Ross.  Then I thought I'd go to another Goodwill store to check out the kiddie books... but I didn't remember where it was, so home I went.  Rich was putting up the tree.

When I finally did get some veg-out time, I got to looking at Burwell with Google Earth Street View. I saw our old house, which has changed a bit, and the neighborhood and the church and Auntie Dot's old cottages... how narrow the High Street is!  How I miss the place!

Then I started to sort the "Journal Pictures" set, which is over 1600 pictures. I thought I'd peel off the 2010 ones and later sort the rest by year, but I made a serious mistake on how to do it and took at least 200 pictures out of the set. So I spent at least 2 hours repairing this and still have more to do. Argh.

Not the politics of the moment. Just what can be done right now.

 Physical Geocaches in National Parks.


Makes one wonder if the bloom has come of this rose because of his defeat in the November elections, or if folks on the left have finally figured out what a buffoon he is.

Either way, it sure was entertaining seeing him torn to shreds by folks on his side of the aisle on the network that does its darnedest to advance a far-left agenda.

Kind of, yeah.

Good intentions.  What could possibly go wrong?

Simon's cat and Christmas!

Is breaking a pledge the same thing as LYING???
The truth is Obama lied all over the place to try and
get the peoples support behind the ill conceived healthcare
reform the Democrats FORCED on us. They didn't mind then.

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Thu, Dec 9th - 11:27PM

December 8: The Fours Meme

The Age of Napoleon, p. 159
256.9 miles

102 recordings of 60 types.

Rasmussen: -14 (this surprises me. He's upset everyone.) 46/53.

I don't as a rule do these, but nothing else went on today and this is from an old friend (my second-grade boyfriend, in fact.)

Four Jobs I have had in my life

1. Kindergarten teacher in Blytheville, Arkansas.
2. Retail sales at Books, Inc.
3. Telephone catalog sales for JCPenney's.
4. Teacher for homeless children, Mustard Seed School.

Four places I have lived

1. Laramie, WY
2. Alamogordo, NM
3. Burwell, England
4. Blytheville, AR

Four favourite drinks

1.Coffee coffee coffee coffee
2. Leinenkugel Sunset Wheat
3. Diet Pepsi
4. hot Chai Nog.

Four All Time Favorite TV Shows

1. Northern Exposure
2. Leverage
3. Amazing Race
4. Gilmore Girls

Four Places I have been

1. Kilauwea Volcano, HI
2. Grand Canyon
3. Oberammergau, Germany
4. Stonehenge

Four of my favorite foods

1. Enchiladas
2. Sirloin steak
3. Liver and Onions
4. Oatmeal

 0bamateurism of the day a curious blend of petulance, impotence, and capitulation.  Let’s call it capitulance. In demonstrating it, Obama gives up forever his ability to spin this as any sort of victory for him, and practically writes the meme that Republicans while in the minority managed to kick his butt, and good.  That’s not just amateurish, it’s bizarre, and calls into question any notion that Obama has any real political skills or instincts at all.

(He's such an adolescent.)

This coming from the same man who told Republicans “I won” while shutting them out of the room. This is the same man who told Republicans they can come along for the ride, get on the same bus, but must sit in the back of the bus and stfu.

This man has no character and is an embarrassment we will never live down.
Keemo on December 8, 2010 at 8:12 AM

In physics, there’s a thing called the Planck length. Given our understanding of the universe, it may be the smallest measurable unit possible. Or it was; the world since discovered the Obama skin thickness.
apostic on December 8, 2010 at 8:15 AM

We can but hope.

Smashing Unions? Bankrupting CA? You make that sound like a bad thing! The Teamsters and guys like incoming Gov. Moonbeam have driven the Golden State right into the ground. Ken Dart is going to move his yacht from Cayman Islands to right off of Malibu, buy all of CA’s debt for pennies on the dollar, then treat Jerry Brown like he treats Charles Taylor of Liberia.
Posted by hurricane567

0bama Opens Door to Raid Social Security.

Rand Simberg, Get that man a teleprompter.

More popcorn!

(This is the cacher who came to visit us in August) JB Faby On the Dream Act:
ARE YOU F***ING KIDDING ME??????????? And what about people who are going to school LEGALLY, who bring money to the country not costing a dime, and who have to go through all that immigration crap afterwards, with many struggles, and low chances to be able to stay due to short delays???

This crap better not pass... I'd be SUPER pissed... if it does, and that I'm getting kicked out ...

Jim Geraghty
The news that President Obama had struck a deal with congressional Republicans to avert a brutal tax increase came as a pleasant surprise. We didn't think Obama had it in him to compromise. It turns out we were right, even though he has compromised. Having decided to compromise, he has shown that he hasn't the foggiest idea how to go about doing it.

Harsanyi: This is the thanks Obama gets?

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Wed, Dec 8th - 9:59PM

December 7: Nativity Set

The Age of Napoleon, p. 159
256.9 miles
clear, warmish.

99 recordings of 58 types.

Rasmussen: -13: 47/52.

I've been reading Gareth books about the Christmas story so today I brought out the Fisher-Price nativity set. He's thrilled, especially since it plays music.


It was a generally poopy day.  Joanna's been constipated, coming up with tiny bits.  She finally got it going.  This was 5 or 6 diapers. Gareth really tried to use the potty but to no avail, but he ended up walking past a bit the cat left out. She's using the box but probably got scared before she was done. Two poopy diapers for him.

Gareth informs me "camel soup is good."  I have no idea how he knows it's Campbell's soup.  And meanwhile, Joanna sat from a crawl a couple of times so she could nosh on the toy hay bale from the nativity set. 

DSC01811     DSC01819

Rich was trying to get over the gate and spilled his Pepsi all over the carpet. It's lasted longer than I thought it would, and better sugar-free Pepsi when we can deal with it than wine at the party! 

0bamacare waivers up to 222.

If the US passes a law that then requires the government to issue over two hundred waivers in the first few months to avoid disastrous consequences for enforcement, doesn’t that indicate a problem in the law itself? 

Elizabeth Scalia
I don't think it is good for an American President to sound like Eddie Haskell in a pout.

                 Warren Jewell Of course not - but Eddie may have been marginally more mature.

Oh, come on, it's a silly dancing show.

Palin: just say no to state bailouts.

Chart of the year.

0bamateurism of the day:
He misquoted the Declaration of Independence twice, and now Obama gets the national motto wrong.  Do high schools in Hawaii actually teach civics?  And can anyone in the White House do basic fact-checking research on Obama’s speeches before he delivers them?

Qayle misspells one word, Ford stumbles out of a jet, Reagan takes a nap, Bush says “nuculear”, Palin say anything, and all of those get major responses…skits on the tv shows for years.
This goofball makes a mistake every week, a major gaff each week and the tv pundits never hear it.
right2bright on December 7, 2010 at 8:20 AM


    This a really bad day for Democrats, the hits just keep coming! Monday of misery for them one might say.
    bluemarlin on December 6, 2010 at 9:05 PM

I forgot to add how enjoyable it is for me to watch them melt down.
bluemarlin on December 6, 2010 at 9:06 PM

Hahaha! Or as Monica points out: "all we are is ducks in the wind."

"We have to see this as a wake-up call."  Seems to me they keep putting it on snooze, since we've had this wake-up call for years.

Somebody still reads TIME?

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Wed, Dec 8th - 4:41PM

December 6: St. Nicholas Day

The Age of Napoleon, p. 159
256.9 miles
rain, clearing, warmer

98 recordings of 57 types.

Rasmussen: -16: 46/54.

So for St. Nicholas Day, I got a bottle of Merlot and a pack of shortbread, and Rich got a box of almonds... for the box, a treasure chest, which is to hold the geocoins on the bar.

Gingerbread Men

I had made gingerbread men yesterday, so once Joanna was asleep for her morning nap, I told Gareth the story and then gave him his own gingerbread man.  He doesn't like it. That's OK, I do.  He did like the story. He thinks Nana is funny.

He brought out the box of Megablox, which is in a Lego carrier. He looked at the picture of the little boy playing and said "Gareth Lego Table."  So he put a few of them on the table, but it's much easier to play on the floor. "Green is sad." (I think it was coming apart.) "Green is happy."

Joanna gets up on hands and knees, but still does the commando crawl, or even a butterfly stroke.

The New Ted Kasinski.


One of my FB friends:
This is NOT the jackass that I voted for, it's just a weird kind of Republican. And I don't like him any better than the regular kind... at least we know who they are.


I started watching "Stephen Fry in America."  What fun! I've found some places I now want to visit in New England.

Rich put out the solar Christmas Lights. They're really pretty but it doesn't cover much of the rosemary.  It kinda looks like it wants to be a Christmas display when it grows up.

Our neighbor, who is going in for major heart surgery on Wednesday, got a new car, a black mini SUV. It doesn't have enough cup holders. Otherwise it's nice.

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Tue, Dec 7th - 8:57PM

December 5: Mud, Mud, Glorious Mud!

The Age of Napoleon, p. 152
256.9 miles
cold, rain, storm!

95 recordings of 27 types.

Rasmussen: -16: 46/54

A couple of reactions from reading Facebook this morning:

1.I will never understand BDS.

2.And there are some progressive links that are very Big Brotherish... "anti-democratic" is "democratic", "night is day", we have always been at war with Eastasia.

After church there was a pancake breakfast.  We found out that some friends will have to sell their house and move somewhere smaller: two reasons, the kids have moved out and it's way too big, and they've been living on a line of credit because his landscape architecture job isn't paying the bills. Sad.  They always have a terrific Christmas party and will have to scale back on that, too, so we're looking forward to the last one.

This afternoon we left a bit early and stopped at the Wetlands to take our cache out for the season. Only 4 people found it this year, but they enjoyed it.  We picked up a LOT of mud on the car, which came off on our pants when we stopped at the Yolo Fruit Stand (lots of interesting stuff. I want to go back!)

Then we saw "Annie" at Davis. They did a real good job, but I saw most of it through a haze.  These 5-6 hour nights catch up with me.

Repeal the 16th and 17th amendments!

Do as I say, not as I do!  Take a look at the slide show.

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Tue, Dec 7th - 7:24AM

Pearl Harbor Day

Bernadette transcribed these and posted them on her blog years ago.  Thank goodness, because I have no idea where the originals are now.  She (my mother, Jane) was at Pearl Harbor, as were my Nana and aunts.

Transcript from the diary of Jane Doyle Hawes:

Sunday, Dec 7, 1941

We are at war with Japan. Early this morning a flight of bombers attacked the island of Oahu—treacherously, while their ministers talked peace in Washington. They came out of the rising sun to spread death and destruction in a sleeping city.

Mary and I were asleep—it wasn't nine o'clock—on a Sunday morning—and the telephone kept ringing downstairs. Finally we woke up enough to send Christine down to answer it. She came back and said a lady wanted her momma, and Mary went down. I don't know why—maybe it was the mixture of sounds—the guns in the distance—the voices in the yard—the odd sound of Mary's "No! Caroline!" and telling Chris to turn on the radio—but I got up fast and put on my dress and shoes and went down. Mary looked at me so funny. "Caroline says we're having an air raid." All I could think of was that men from Mars scare of so long ago—I said—she's crazy—and tuned in the radio. It was warm and sputtering. The announcer panted "Keep off the streets! Do not use the telephone! We are being attacked! Keep off the streets!" Even then it didn't seem real. I went to the back door and saw Toots and Anne in the yard looking up. Toots said, "It's time you got up! We're having an air raid!" I remember saying "Yes— I know—" and right then I guess I did know.

I looked up and could see smoke puffs in the sky—and little dots they said were enemy planes—presumably Japanese—we could hear the anti-aircraft guns—big guns—or maybe they were bombs—Mary told Caroline to try & get down if she was scared—and to bring the baby—

I decided to move into my new apartment in spite of the Japs. Thought I'd better get my things out of the car in case we needed it—or someone had to have it—so I lugged suitcases, boxes and stuff for about a couple hours. I had to stop and look up at the sky every once in a while—I used to think how nice it was to know it was only the mailman—but I guess those days are gone for good—or bad—

We got orders on the radio to fill everything in sight with water. The radio went off the air too—just came on to give orders and information—we filled the tubs in the yard and all the pots and pans in the house—just in case the water mains got hit.

Caroline came in about then with the baby. She was plenty upset—and came in from her house with her baby. She was honestly scared silly—just trembled and shook—and I've never seen anyone so pale and terrified looking. Anne and I went over to her house, to listen to the short wave broadcast. We kept hearing of planes coming in. Anne heard one report while I was out, of five troop transports lying off Barber's Point—and I heard a call for the police to get a man armed with a knife in Punaho Campus just across the street—so I went home to tell them to be careful. I looked out the window and saw three women trudging up Punaho Hill—with big bundles tied up in bed sheets—one of them was old, and had a bandana tied under her chin—it looked like the pictures you see of refugees in Europe—and they were refugees from some bombed section of the city.

Greg came home from the office picking glass and dirt out of his hair. Just after we got up Toots called him and asked him to come home—he laughed and said it was a joke—but it seems a bomb lit down there on Beretania—killed a woman twenty feet on the other side of him, and almost blew him out of the building—he was convinced.

About this time the evacuees began to come into the Hotel from Hickman Field and Pearl Harbor—when I left and got back to Mary's, she had given my apartment away, and I had to move out again. I didn't mind doing it—but I should rather have offered to myself, not to get told it was already done—but this is no time for little gripes.

Caroline and I got permission from the cop on the corner to go up to her place and get things for the baby—stopped for groceries on the way home—got reports over her radio of parachutist landings on Punchbowl and in the mountains at the end of Manoa Valley. When we got back to Mary's I finally managed to get through to Mother on the telephone. She and the girls are all right. Naturally her big worry is Dad. Seems they got attacked at Manila at the same time.

I went out and got permission from the same cop to go pick up some clothes. It didn't dawn on me until much later the the policeman himself was a Jap. Lord what a job these men have on their hands. Imagine trying to control a city waked out of a sound sleep by bombs—not a city at war—one at peace and totally unprepared—with all its varies races and people—can they keep it in hand? I hope to God they can—it will be hell if they don't!

Anyhow, I drove up to Mother's and picked up the warmest of my clothes and my slacks in case they evacuate us into a culvert like they have some people. Mrs. Studebaker and her three boys have moved in with Mother—they were living at Waikiki near DeRussy, but the incendiary bombs drove them out. I suggested to Mother that she and the girls each pack a small bag in case of evacuation.

When I got back to Mary's I packed a suitcase myself. Toots came over with bandages for us to fold and Mary, Caroline and I tried to do that. We spent the afternoon that way. Later Toots brought us some tea. They are planning to use the Main Hotel building for a hospital in case of need.

Anne brought over a kettle of stew and we all had supper together—but I forgot to eat—and by the time Mary came downstairs it was too dark to see or eat—we had no lights at all being totally unprepared for a blackout. I went with Anne to put Mike to bed, but it was so dark and eerie, and she couldn't lock her back door—so she decided to pack a case and come back over here. We stopped to listen to her radio. We could get the Mainland—and heard an unconfirmed report that the West Virginia was gone.
Transcript from a letter by Gertrude Doyle:
I'm writing this today—you know that we are O.K. here.

Sunday A.M. Dec 7 Darling,

We were awakened this morning by Pearl Harbor being bombed by the Japs. We haven't heard a thing as to what has happened or how it was made possible. The radio said the planes shot down had the "Rising Sun" on the tip of the wings. Oh! Pal how did they ever get in here. Guess it was going on before we waked up—I didn't sleep half the night, heard the clock strike five, so guess when I did finally get to sleep I was sleeping quite soundly and didn't hear the first part of it as it was mostly in Pearl Harbor.

At the present time I can again hear the anti-aircraft guns.

It's terribly nervewracking darling and everything on an emergency basis. The Army has warned everyone to keep off the street, no phone is allowed to be used. They want all the lines open for the emergency. Just called for about fifty doctors to report to the Tripler Hospital, saying that they were needed there on account of casualties. Whether they needed all of them there, or just some, they didn't say—But they did say they needed doctors there on account of casualties.

What else has gone on at Pearl Harbor they haven't said, so up to date we don't know—I could see puffs of black smoke in the air from our side bedroom window. It must have been from the anti-aircraft guns. The air seemed to be full of planes and we could hear the guns firing.

Pal, I can't understand how we were surprised like this. Then to think that these horrible Japs had the nerve to try an attack on these islands. They don't seem to fear us to attack without declaring war. Of course the place has been placed on an emergency basis. What makes it so dreadfully heartbreaking to me is that this is war and now you will actually be in it. O darling Pal, that is my most terrible worry—your safety—God protect you my darling Pal and may you come through this terrible situation safely. We have the radio on. They are doing a grand job of it trying to keep the people calm, play jazz music, etc. Whenever necessary broadcast instructions to the people and report all necessary news items. We are told to keep the radio on for information, also that they will soon tell us what to do for tonight's blackout. They are calling all militia, Legion members, emergency ambulances, doctors etc. to their emergency stations. All Inter-Island ships and planes to the other Islands have stopped. All cars ordered off the streets. Can't even park them—If you haven't a garage, they are to be driven onto the lawn. Don't know why.

Katie Roper called me just before the order for everyone to keep off the streets—asked us over there—we were dressing to go but thought better of it so remained at home—Stoney isn't here.

They say that we have the situation well in hand. Maybe we won't have another attack. Where are they coming from and how many are there? The Governor just announced his proclamation for a full emergency. He was terribly upset or scared—you could scarcely understand him. Sounded like he was ready to cry. I'm scared honey, I don't mind telling you. It affected me like an earthquake. Everything right now so calm—Don't know when another attack will come—and quiet. This is Sunday. Officers having no duty were home, others out "fishing", etc. Like Fred and Allan—so guess they got the word from their spies. We are at war at last. Out U.S. and these beautiful Hawaiian islands threatened by Japs. I can't go on. I'm just stunned.

A man came around to tell us to fill everything with water. Told us that the Phillipines were being bombed—and God help and protect you my darling. Oh! I could just scream. You must be protected by God I couldn't bear it otherwise—if I only knew how you were out there—all my love is yours.
Gertrude and "Pal" survived the war, as did their daughter, Jane, and her husband Fred. Fred's sister, Mary, lost her husband Allan on the Franklin in March of 1945.
Comment (0)

Mon, Dec 6th - 1:42PM

December 4: The Last Day

The Age of Napoleon, p. 152
256.9 miles
cold, clear

100 recordings of 57 types.

Rasmussen: -19: 43/56

This was an all-round good day! We started by going to the Friends of the Library booksale.  I ended up with 28 kids' books (one of which is a duplicate, it turns out.)
One that I picked up what I really wanted was The Little House, by Virginia Lee Burton, which I would have sworn we had but which I haven't been able to find. I was all excited about a Gingerbread Man book but decided against it... it was a variation and I want the traditional tale. I can tell it, anyway. I think it's important to tell stories so as to build kids' listening skills and letting their imagination grow.

From there we went down to Galt, where I had 43 possible caches listed. We only needed one for the Days of the Year challenge, as December 4 is the last day we needed.  Once we found that, it was all gravy. We ended up with 18.5 caches found (the .5 is the first stage of a multi, but we couldn't figure out the second stage (an ultraviolet light would have been helpful.)  We also had 4 no-finds.  We had lunch at Wholly Ravioli, which was really good.

Then at the Elk Grove Capitol Nursery (Rich had a coupon) we found a Blenheim apricot which he wants. So we loaded the tree in. Then we stopped at Trader Joe's where I got the Sugar Cookie Workshop which has three decent cookie cutters in it!  Onward to Raley's where I got gingerbread cookie dough. I keep looking at the recipes and deciding it's really more complicated than I want to deal with.  So now I can make gingerbread men for St. Nicholas day!

A totally good day, and it started to rain just as we were finishing up.


Drilling Moratorium: I am beginning to believe that indeed, 0bama DOES hate America and will do anything to ruin it.

OH, Lord! No, Aslan is NOT Mohammed!

Hypocrisy, much?

What Happens When You Don't Let A Crisis Go To Waste.

Comment (0)

Sun, Dec 5th - 12:42PM

December 3: Gareth's New Obsession

The Age of Napoleon, p. 152
255.0 miles
cold, clear

100 recordings of 57 types

Rasmussen: -18: 44/55. Hot Air:

It isn’t often that one man can bring the Israelis and Palestinians together, but Barack Obama has managed the near-impossible, according to Ben Smith at Politico.  Obama hasn’t brought them any closer to peace — just the opposite, in fact.  But at least they’re both blaming the same guy.

I'm .7 pounds down, with borderline BP.

Today's babysitting was another mixed bag, that ended badly.

Joanna, after cereal and 4 ounces of milk, was still not asleep. (but Rich was) She really has no idea how to fall asleep on her own. It's a pity Bernadette and Rob never did the music thing. 

We watched the Yo Gabba Gabba "School" episode. Then Gareth brought out a couple of alphabet blocks, identical ones. Joanna finally fell asleep at 10:50 and Rich went bowling.

For lunch, Gareth had broccoli walnut, tomatoes, yogurt, milk. We saw the garbage trucks, and one guy tooted his horn at us. 

Meanwhile, I'd shown Gareth a Very Hungry Caterpillar book and game which I thought I should watch over, since he could break it so easily.  He fell in love with it, and began to cry when I put it away, so I asked if he needed a nap and he seemed willing.

Rich thought this would be a good time to put the chandelier back up.  He'd thought it would be a simple job and not disturb G. too much.  Ha.  Once he got it up, I asked to see the dimmer work... it didn't, and while he was trying to figure that out, we both smelled burning plastic. At least one of the sockets wasn't replaced and should have been. So down it came again. About a half hour of in and out and griping all through the back room.  No way was Gareth going to sleep.

At one point he was saying something and I wondered what he was doing when the dog gave a sharp bark and Gareth started to cry. Rich thought maybe he'd been nipped. I checked, no blood, and Gareth was willing to pet Pharaoh. In fact, later when he got out of the crib(!),  he was playing with the dog.  So the crying was likely because he was surprised by the bark. Whew!

When he got up he kept telling me "read a book."  I read him a number, but didn't realize it was his new obsession.  He was next to the china cabinet looking up and I thought he was looking at the crystal in it. "Pretty things, and they're breakable," I said, and he started to go down, bumping his nose on the little ledge.  I still didn't get it, till he was climbing on a chair saying "read a book. Pillar."  Oh, the "pillar" book! And then Mommy came and it was time (after what, 6, 7 readings?) to leave the book.  The howls were terrible. Total heartbreak.

It can't be that important to save it so it doesn't break. He's trying to be careful. This book comes down all the time.

Meanwhile, I have a new love myself, The Christmas Baby. I got it at one of the thrift shops. It has a nice dedication to someone, and since it is a 2009 book, the people must have given it away immediately. I can't believe it.

Once they left, we went down to Old Sacramento. They have a light show we wanted to see. It's nice enough, would be special with children. Mark Twain reads "The night before Christmas."  We wandered through the shops.  Christmas cookie cutters are way too expensive.  (Whatever happened to mine?)


We were thinking of eating down there but Rich didn't stop when we were close to good places, so then we were thinking of the Old Spaghetti Factory, only I didn't remember where it was.  So back to our own stomping grounds, and we ate at the Elephant Bar.  Now, when we did this in the San Diego area, I wasn't all that impressed, but this time it was really really good. (I had a Thai high grilled chicken salad. I thought about going for the more nutricious ahi tuna, but really wanted this. Yum.)

Now don't get me wrong, I think the President SHOULD go to Afghanistan, but honestly, has he spent an entire week at one time in the White House?

(Annoyingly enough, since YouTube joined with Google, I can no longer access my account.)

Holder Must Go

Kevin A. Lehmann ?"The cat is out of the bag. The cables are public. Deploring them or trying to explain them away, a la Clinton, is merely pathetic. It's time to show a little steel. To show that such miscreants don't get to walk away." I agree 100% Charles. But it starts with Obama. He is the miscreant; he has no backbone. he lacks the steel spine and leadership chutzpa to go with his vainglorious fame.

Close the Washington Monument!

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Sat, Dec 4th - 7:32AM

December 2: Secret Shopping

The Age of Napoleon, p. 152
253.1 miles
cold, clear

97 recordings of 55 types.

Rasmussen: -17: 44/54.

I went out to the Retreat House and this time talked to Phil, the guy who has a new granddaughter (two weeks old today) who lives in Wyoming.  After that, I went shopping, more about that later. Of course, Rich was right there when I returned. Usually he's in the back yard or back room and I can sneak stuff in, this time I had to use my jacket to smuggle my purchases in.

His surgery is being delayed. I guess the surgeon wants a longer Christmas vacation. Sure, let's not have a distracted doctor, let's let him have what he wants!

Perhaps President Obama should have decided exactly what he wants to be when he grows up before running for President.  (Great line!)

World Cup.  0bama loses another one, but shouldn't he be focusing on more important stuff?

Lindsay Graham's Hearing Has Improved.


What 0bamacare Needs is Death Panels.

Heh.  Definitely look at this video of babies tasting lemons.

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Fri, Dec 3rd - 6:53AM

December 1: A Walk in the Woods

The Age of Napoleon, p. 152
253.1 miles
cold, clear

104 recordings of 61 types.

We've been really lax about caching of late. I decided that today we should go get the physical challenge cache that we'll probably finish on Saturday. (Find a cache on every date of a year.  That doesn't mean in one year, but we only lack December 4.)  The final is off Salmon Falls Road next to a thumb of Folsom Lake.  And there are other caches along there, as well. So I ran a pocket query of the six caches near there, plus four others, just in case. It turned out we couldn't have gotten to two of them anyway since the area is closed for the season.

Pharaoh was all excited, since he came along as well. What a nice day!  It was a bit chilly in the morning but soon got to just right, and we wore layers. I took one of the little backpacks we got at Bark in the Park, carrying a couple of mandarins, water, and Christmas cache goodies. The trail was a little muddy but not at all bad, and it's too cold for snakes and the stickers were minimal.  Just a great day for a walk, and we found all the caches, which were a good size.  We left travel bugs and found travel bugs.  We ended up walking a little over 3 miles. It was great!

Afterwards we stopped for lunch, leaving the dog in the car (in the shade, of course). He's a lot better behaved than Sailor was. We also stopped at Capitol nursery to look for a new dwarf apricot tree, but they don't have any. I may have to plant it myself if we wait till January.

Ann Matzkanin It just doesn't seem you have to have any qualifications to be president anymore except how to say, when is the next vacation. Does this man ever work, these tax cuts should have already been done, I mean tax books, etc. have already been printed have they not, so now you keep the cuts (which I agree with btw) or you don't, if you extend the cuts, does this not mean a couple more million dollars to reprint all these books, why was this not done before they were printed to start with, wasteful spending..

Food Safety Bill may not pass the House. I hope.

Meanwhile, the issue will continue to draw attention to Democrats’ continued expansion of the regulatory state while ignoring jobs and the budget.

The morons that voted for the crook Reid should have to wear a scarlet “HR” on their foreheads.
darwin on December 1, 2010 at 8:57 AM

Isn’t it just great that we are so big, powerful and flush with cash that we can work so far down on the priority list with something so important such as “food safety.”

I’m quite certain that, if passed, there will be more hungry Americans as a result. Then again, that’s probably the intended result.
ted c on December 1, 2010 at 9:17 AM

Reid was too busy working on his University of Nevada football team spiel to notice this screw up.
Thank God Democrats are dumber than sh*t.
BuckeyeSam on December 1, 2010 at 9:18 AM

oh get real, we don’t need no stinkin’ Constitution. We’ve ripped up that stupid document with the mandate to purchase obamacare, purchase car companies, forcing taxpayers to bail out private industry, body scans and pat downs……… on December 1, 2010 at 9:32 AM

    The hubris! The arrogance! The stupidity! And, they think no one is watching? DO they not realize that they have awoken a sleeping giant, and the American People are pissed?
Of course they do – they endured November elections. This is now PAY BACK! on December 1, 2010 at 9:33 AM

Eric Holder Focuses on Important Legal Challenge: The 2022 World Cup.

Holder must go!

Actually, it'd be a good idea if 0bama did, too.

Does anyone in the White House actually bother to learn about our allies before talking with them?  Or are they too busy bragging about how they’ve repaired relations with our allies to bother?

It's still some new horror every day: for two years!

Obama's off-again, on-again, off-again oil drilling moratorium is back on -- again.

Good thing drilling for oil in deep ocean waters to help achieve national energy independence is such an easy thing to do -- finding the oil, building the King Kong platforms and maneuvering them into position, drilling a couple of miles down and employing thousands of skilled Americans.

Because otherwise the Obama administration's go-ahead-no-wait-it's-off-no-wait-OK-back-on-but-wait-again-it's-off drilling regulations could cause confusion and economic mayhem in coastal states that just happen to be governed by Republican governors.

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Thu, Dec 2nd - 8:27AM

November Stats

Rich's stats last month:



























Plus: Baseball, whiffle softball, super-ball, metal mesh sleigh, heart pendant, 'SF' embroidered emblem, 3 hair clips, 4 pens, plastic lime slice bottle opener, wristwatch with no band, magnet, metal thimble, martial arts figure, 2 small electric motors, Matchbox car, 2 tokens, set of ear buds, large white towel, red elastic eyeglass retainers, marble, large plastic bead, knit cap, lighthouse ornament, plastic flower barrette, plastic game picture, box cutter, 4 sockets, driver bit, wire stripper, wire cutter, open end wrench.

For me, 9.9 miles, -1.1 pounds, but BP way way high. Not good. Perhaps I shouldn't forget to take my pill! 48 pages, 3 books, 0 movies, 2 plays, 8 Masses.

We found 12 caches last month, 7383 total. (I'm a little surprised it was that many! I thought yesterday's caching had outdone the whole month.) We're 198th in the world, and 13th locally.

In proofing I'm in 976th (out of 32752 proofers) place in the first proofing round, with 872 pages proofed (0 done in November), 14th (out of 3818) in P2 with 23508 pages (0), 516th (of 847) in P3 with 469 pages, and formatting 559th place (3037) with 1020 pages. I really have to get back to this.

In Flickr I have 37927 pictures, with 83540 views, and 171 sets to work on. (added 4). On Netflix I watched Waiting for God season 3, started Looney Tunes: Stranger than Fiction and didn't like it, and Captains Courageous. I continued with The Six Wives of Henry VIII on instant view.

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Wed, Dec 1st - 10:56PM

November 30: A Pretty Awful Day

The Age of Napoleon, p. 152
250.7 miles
cold, clear

101 recordings of 58 types.

Rasmussen: -17: 46/53

This was a pretty awful day.

Frustration with potty training. Gareth with tears streaming down his face because he didn't know what he was supposed to do. Joanna was in the other room screaming. And, of course, Rich wasn't here. I was fixing some solid food and a bottle for the baby after we gave up on the potty, and she was still shrieking, and I was crying myself, having a major meltdown. There's other stress in our lives right now, and sometimes it's just too much.

That time Gareth had had a tiny bit in his diaper so I thought maybe I could catch him.  Later he looked like he might be going, so we tried again, still nothing.  Should I wait
before going to the Explorit museum in Davis?  No, might as well take a chance.  Rich stayed with a sleepy Joanna and I took G., who loves to go bye-bye in the car, not much caring where he ends up. 

This was Toddler Tuesday, but there were only about 5 or 6 other kids, just the right amount, I think.  Gareth mostly played with blocks and the Robotix pieces.  He still doesn't quite get the pattern beads. He did put a block into a toy frying pan and told me "I cook." When he was really interested in something a little girl was playing with, I took him to the big room where he enjoyed the gears.  Then back. He was beginning to wear down so we started home. It was almost exactly an hour, that's about his limit. 

Back at home, Joanna was just beginning to wake up. I fed Gareth cheese and spinach ravioli and tomatoes and yogurt and milk.   I was cleaning up in the kitchen and got a look at Gareth, and he had That Look, so I raced him to the potty where he finished the job. Now he's been told what he's doing (and praised mightily), maybe we'll begin to get somewhere.

While he was "napping" our neighbor came over and Rich took her to run an errand, so I had to turn off the computer to tend to Joanna.  She was down on the floor playing with the toy telephone when Gareth was done. I put him over the gate and let the dog in. He had muddy paws so I was trying to deal with that when I saw Gareth had the telephone. "Give it back to Joanna", I said.  So he did, dropping it on her head. Shrieks. Tears. I head in to hold her and Gareth cries too, and I'm trying to comfort her and get him to say "sorry" (he says "I sorry" whenever he's hurting) and comfort him and the dog's paws are still muddy... and Rich finally comes in saying "was the baby crying?"

Another time I made her cry by reaching to pick her up and shocking her nose. She definitely has a penetrating shriek and she knows how to overuse it.

So apart from the museum and the potty success, it was a pretty awful day. Gareth cried at leaving because he always wants to go with me. I didn't go out with them this time in the hopes he wouldn't get the wrong cues, but it didn't work. My ears were still ringing.

DSC01719     DSC01723

Suddenly 0bama wants to prosecute WikiLeaks.

Why is this round of leaks any different than previous leaks about the military?  It seems that the release of the diplomatic cables, unlike the earlier releases which identified hundreds of informants in Afghanistan and exposed them to mortal danger, embarrasses Obama administration officials.  Apparently it’s fine to blow military operations and the cover of those in a war zone who help the US, but when you make Hillary Clinton blush, well, look out.
...At least an indictment would start the ball rolling on arresting or capturing Assange and his Wikileaks team to stop any further damage to American security.  Waiting until this moment to start pursuing an indictment is a demonstration of impotence and incompetency.

Have I mentioned, Holder must go?

Gawd, he's an embarrassment!

Someone please push the reset button for a new president
cmsinaz on November 30, 2010 at 8:10 AM

Defenders of Evil in the Dark.

Comment (0)

Wed, Dec 1st - 10:52PM

November 29: Monday, Monday

The Age of Napoleon, p. 137
250.2 miles
cold, gray

102 recordings of 57 types

Rasmussen: -16: 47/52.

I discovered a tear in the crib. I hoped Gareth wouldn't enlarge it during his nap. He didn't, so I mended it this evening during Monday Night Football.

Joanna has a hard time settling. She always needs a top-off and sometimes a top-off of the top-off. Rich held her with a bottle.  Down about 10:30.

Gareth set up a Yo Gabba Gabba show. I guess he remembers it.

Watching the Show!     There's a Party in my House!

Joanna woke up for YGG "Baby" on the telly.  She had a blowout which involved a change of diaper, clothes, and bedding. Of course, Rich was gone (bowling) while I was trying to deal with this. She really does want to go to sleep! 

Gareth had alphabet soup, tomatoes, yogurt and milk for lunch.

The real Wikileaks scandal.

Thanks so much, Nevada.

Well, THIS should be interesting.

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Wed, Dec 1st - 7:59AM

November 28: End to the Weekend

The Age of Napoleon, p. 137
250.2 miles
cold, gray

97 recordings of 51 types. On the crime shows I'm trying to see in their entirety, I have 14 Law&Orders and 2 repeats left (these are ones I've seen but they have actors from last summer in them), and 8 Criminal Minds from previous series. I'm not going to start getting the Law and Order: SVUs until after Christmas.

After church, it was a simple veg-out catch-up get-ready day.  Hard to believe my nice long weekend is over now!

You know, I was thinking about  this at the Yo Gabba Gabba concert. Scary, but you gotta live your life.

Mark Steyn filling in for Rush Limbaugh on Nov 18th said;

“terrorist spectrum ranges from Pakistani Muslims named “Mohammed” to Yemeni Muslims named “Muhamed”"
“We have nothing to go on…we have no leads.”
Electrongod on November 27, 2010 at 8:14 AM

Pity. I thought if Alan Simpson were on the commission, he'd bring tried-and-true Wyoming cowboy values.

Homeland Security Seizes Domain Names, Begins Shutting Sites

Kathy Mann: so instead of protecting our border, they are worrying about fake handbags?

More. Still More.

    So the DOJ can seize domain names for potential copyright infringement but can’t seize Wikileaks’ domain name for possible treason? What is wrong with this picture?
    eaglewingz08 on November 28, 2010 at 9:04 AM

Precisely. Criminal publication of national and international secrets is just fine with our rulers, but something that SHOULD be limited to the civil courts is seized and put under dumbass Holder’s jurisdiction.
LegendHasIt on November 28, 2010 at 11:52 AM

Big smile!  but with scary implications

How I miss Steven den Beste!
The Mid-East Peace Process
Why are we Americans even involved in this?

If both the Israelis and Palestinians truly want peace with each other, then they can negotiate an agreement without our help. And if they don’t both want peace, there isn’t anything we can do about the situation. That’s what the last 35 years of futile efforts on our part have shown. So why are we wasting our time like this?


So, if we’d actually dealt with Assange after he released the military documents we wouldn’t be in this mess. The chickens are coming home to roost Bammy…

Oh, and I have to give Obama some credit here…he is failing in ways I even never predicted…
18-1 on November 28, 2010 at 1:35 PM

    Who keeps giving Wikileaks these documents?
    irishspy on November 28, 2010 at 1:34 PM

Remember, this is the administration that was duped by a Taliban imposter.
SouthernGent on November 28, 2010 at 1:40 PM

I agree this has to be more about personal embarrassment for Obama than national security or people’s lives. We already know Obama couldn’t care less about the latter.
rrpjr on November 28, 2010 at 1:45 PM

Update: Ben Smith calls the revelations “a moment of remarkable impotence” for American diplomacy but finds a silver lining in the fact that it happened on Obama’s watch instead of Bush’s. True enough: The One’s international influence ain’t what it used to be, as his trip to Asia demonstrated, but he doesn’t draw the sort of venom abroad that the Bushitler did. That ought to make damage control marginally easier. On the other hand, it gives true anti-American factions ammo to persuade the Bush-haters that the problem isn’t Bush, it’s America. Under Dubya, this sort of mega-clusterfark could be spun internationally as further evidence of his personal incompetence, recklessness, malignancy, etc, but under Obama — who famously framed his foreign policy as, er, “smart power” — it’ll be proof that, as a systemic matter, U.S. national security isn’t nearly as secure as it should be. If you’re a foreign diplomat of whatever level, but especially among the higher ranks with political exposure at home, I don’t know how you’d trust the State Department to keep your confidence after this. Remarkable impotence indeed.

Pay no Attention to those 63 newly Republican Seats.

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