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Fri, Dec 11th - 12:07PM

Joseph Brant (1743-1807)

Joseph Brant by George Romney Brant, Joseph was the most well-known North American Indian of his generation. His Native American name was Thayendanegea.

When young he was sent to an Indian school at Lebanon, Connecticut, by Sir William Johnson, a British colonial official who had married Brant's older sister Molly.

Brant's parents were Christians and he became a member of the Church of England. For some time he was a missionary among the Mohawk, translating the Book of Common Prayer into the Mohawk language. He aided the British both in the French and Indian War and in the wars against the Ottawa chieftain Pontiac.

In 1774 Brant became secretary to Guy Johnson, superintendent of Indian affairs and Sir William's son-in-law. Throughout the American Revolution he fought against the Americans, leading Native Americans in many raids. In 1775 he went to England, was presented at court, and was painted in full Native American dress by the painters George Romney (shown above) and Benjamin West.

While in England in 1785, he arranged for a grant from George III to build the first Episcopal church in Upper Canada. St. Paul's H.M. Chapel of the Mohawks was built in the village of some 400 individuals established by Joseph Brant in what is now Brantford, Ontario. Brant's son is buried in the churchyard.

In his later years, Joseph Brant lived at what is now Burlington, Ontario where he translated parts of the New Testament into the Mohawk language.

Grace Presbyterian Church, Millbrook, Ontario

Grace Presbyterian, MillbrookThis southern Ontario Presbyterian Church was officially opened on January 17, 1897. The congregation is faithful in the proclamation of the gospel and the celebration of the sacraments.

Visit Grace Presbyterian Church, Millbrook, Ontario

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