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Wed, Dec 30th - 8:29AM

Genealogy Resolutions on the web 2010's Genealogy by Kimberly Powell 10 Top Genealogy Resolutions
My Heritage Blog by Robert Seven Tips for Keeping Your New Years Genealogy Resolutions
Carnival of Genealogy: New Years Genealogy Resolutions:
"The 87th Edition of the Carnival of Genealogy is accepting submissions through Friday, January 1, 2010. The theme: New Year's Resolutions! This year is almost over and a new decade is knocking on the door. This is the perfect time to make your New Year resolutions, goals, aims, declarations, intentions, aspirations, objectives, plans, targets, schemes, wishes, or whatever you want to call them!"  -Geneabloggers

With all of those lovely suggestions, where would one possibly begin?

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Fri, Dec 25th - 6:29AM

Christmas family pages
Google says: 121 pages in pertain to "genealogy AND Christmas".

121 from for genealogy Christmas

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!

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Fri, Dec 25th - 6:25AM

Today's genealogy Google
2,730 from for genealogy.
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Sat, Dec 19th - 12:45PM

New - genealogy people on

- Salvarola Homestead: Welcome to Cindy's Garden
Family, Italian-American Genealogy (Abruzzo-Molise, Foggia, Calabria), Genealogy, Recipes, Crafts.

- Barrhead Obituaries
I have obituaries for Barrhead Alberta from 1928 to the present. They are from the Barrhead Leader, the local newspaper.

- Barry Dunagan's Genealogy and Military History
My genealogy and military history of Gibson County, Tennessee

- Genealogy Webspaces on WebRing
Genealogy Webspaces on WebRing Home Page # The Genealogy Box - Genealogy Network Genealogy Network, Twitter, Facebook, genealogy blogs, more and more genealogy. # A Genealogy WebRing Blog Genealogy and family history WebRing Webspaces # Surname Search in Genealogy Groups Search for your surname in several yahoo genealogy groups here. If the surname is listed more than once, this indicates either a different researcher or a different location for this surname. Over 5,000 surnames listed. # Beginning Genealogy Webspaces Help Basic instructions and help with creating a website on A few beginning genealogy tips. WebRing help and links to genealogical standards for sharing information on Genealogy Webspaces. # GEDCOMS - Genealogy Webspaces on WebRing GEDCOMS - Genealogy Webspaces on A list of sites that have GEDCOMS to view on # Yahoo Genealogy Yahoo genealogy sites and members of # Family Home and Genealogy on Facebook Group Genealogy friends on Facebook Common Interest - Friends Description: Genealogy on # WebRing's Unofficial Genealogy WebRing's unoffical genealogy. # Surname Search in Genealogy Network NING Search for your surname on the Genealogy Network NING. Use your browsers, "Edit", and "Find" feature to find a member of the Genealogy Network NING researching your surname. If your surname appears more than once, it is due to the multiple persons researching that surname on the Genealogy Network NING. #Geneabloggers WebRing Add your genealogy blog! Other genealogy and history rings that genealogy1 manages include: A Step Back In Time America's Civil War American Civil War Prisons Australian Tree Canadian Genealogy Canadian Heritage Emerald Isle Genealogy and History Genealogy Web Site Awards Genealogy Webspaces on WebRing Mississippi Civil War - AHGP Mississippi Civil War Missouri Civil War Reenactors and Associations WebRing New York in the Civil War Ring Pommerian and Prussian History The War Between The States

- Family History & Choctaw lines
My family history and Choctaw history with Pushmataha information. Maps to choctaw lands both Mississippi and Oklahoma Territory.

- Our Extended Families
This site features my earliest efforts at researching the extended families of my husband's and my own birth families. It is a public site.

- BURKETT Genealogy
Centers on the Burkett surname from Jefferson County, Pennsylvania.

- Munn Family Tree
This site contains the Munn Family Tree dating back to Donald Munn Sr. who came over from Scotland in the 1790's. It contains links to famous Munn Family members like Russ (Munn) Wheeler, and Catherine Karnes Munn. This Munn family tree site has a forum so if you have information on someone listed, that is not on the page, post it there.

- Witts Family and Descendants
Alfred Dyts WITTS Descendants Family Tree, Jones Family- Diaries, Stories, History, Photos, Paul's VK2JPL HamShack

- Haupt Family Origins
Haupt Family History involving surnames: Haupt, Houpt, Houpe, Houp, Haub, Hoppt, Hape, Hawpe, and many others.

- The Genealogy Home Page of Robert Tofts
The Tofts family history from East Lothian Scotland

- Whittaker Tree and Branches
Whittaker, Whitaker and all variations, mostly in Nottinghamshire but spreading out. Plus many other Nottinghamshire families.
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Sat, Dec 19th - 12:41PM

Genealogy Blog Wish List
1) A BULK comment delete button for the SPAM comments on this blog.
2) A million zillion pages on pertaining to genealogy.
3) One of those virtual fireplaces so that when I'm on the web, my feet can be fooled into thinking that they are warm. lol
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Sat, Dec 19th - 12:37PM

2,840 from for genealogy.

Something is awry here, there are over 1,000 pages missing from Webspaces - or were they re-allocated to a different catagory?
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Wed, Dec 2nd - 8:23AM

Room to grow - Ad Free Webspace - New Templates
3,310 from for genealogy

Genealogy Webspaces "Want us to transfer your Angelfire, Tripod, and FortuneCity sites to your ad-free Webspace? " From -

WebRing Genealogy Webspaces Big news from WebRing in its monthly newsletter. Introducing a new webspace Publisher with templates.

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