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Thu, Dec 24th - 1:04PM

The Top 5 Christmas Rings
Each year, we like to search for and spotlight the top-ranking and best performing winter holiday rings.

This year, we were delighted to find that some classic rings were spruced up, others were merged into much more satisfying rings to explore and others were brand new.

The HOLLY JOLLY Christmas! WebRing
Ho! Ho! Ho! M-e-r-r-y Christmas! Have a HOLLY JOLLY Christmas! It's the best time of the year. I don't know if there'll be snow, but have a cup of cheer! Have a HOLLY JOLLY Christmas! And when you walk down the street, Say Hello to friends you know, and everyone you meet! This ring is to celebrate CHRISTMAS! Santa Claus and The Christmas Spirit!

The Christmas Lights WebRing
This is a WebRing for Christmas Light addicts everywhere. Sites include descriptions and photos of displays, how-to information, or other useful display-related information.

Christmas Ring
Welcome to the Christmas Ring! This festive ring is suitable for all sites dedicated to Christmas. The most wonderful time of the year! Ho Ho Ho MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

A Christmas Fantasy Land
This ring is dedicated to families everywhere who enjoy Christmas and browsing creative Christmas sites.

Christmas Cheer
The community with enough Christmas Cheer to last the whole year round.

What about Other December Holidays?

We didn't forget about the many other holidays that are celebrated throughout the world in December. There just aren't any quality rings out there for the holidays to spotlight.

  • Channukah - Zero rings exist to celebrate the Festival of Lights.
  • Winter Solstice - Two general solstice rings exist, but none specific to winter solstice (or summer solstice for that matter). Also, there are no sites listed in either ring that directly relates to the celebration of Winter Solstice.
  • Kwanzaa - Two rings exist in tribute to this modern African-American influenced holiday. Neither contain any relevant information about Kwanzaa.
  • Boxing Day - Zero rings exist to celebrate this post-Christmas day of goodwill.

Do you celebrate any of these holidays? Are you passionate about them? Create a ring specifically for the holiday and invite new members!

With the introduction of Publisher, new members won't even need a site to join. As long as they have some good content to add to your newly created ring, we have a page for them.

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Wed, Dec 23rd - 10:40AM

Premium Perks - Sites in WebRing Search Results
Until now, we have only ever listed rings in our general search results. After many requests, we have enabled the search function of the overall WebRing System to include Premium member sites.

Where Are Sites Listed?
If you use the search box found at the top of every WebRing page to search the entire system, you will produce a Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

As long as there is a member site to include, it will be listed below the list of rings, in a section labeled "Matching Member Sites."

What Sites Are Included?
Only Premium member sites that are active members of WebRing Communities are included in search results.

How Are Sites Included?
As with rings, our system looks at titles and descriptions for keywords. If a visitor or member searches for a keyword that is included in your site's title or description, your site should appear on the SERP.

Spruce Up Your Site Titles & Descriptions
It's always good practice to write a great title and description for every page that appears on WebRing.

Now, if you're Premium member, it's especially important to craft a title and description for your site that is rich with relevant and likely to be searched for keywords.

Want Your Site Included?
Upgrade to the Premium membership level today!

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Thu, Dec 17th - 11:55AM

Just Say It!
Have you clicked on that green comment bubble that mysteriously appeared at the top of every WebRing page recently? You know, the icon that looks like this?

Don't be shy. Click the bubble. We dare you.

Post Anywhere, Anytime

Say It! is the latest and greatest feature that we've added to your account. As log as you're signed in, you should see something open that looks like this:

Things You Can Do from Say It!

Say It! enables you to remotely post content to a whole bunch of different places:

  • Profile - adds content to your WebRing profile page.
  • Forum - adds content to the general WebRing discussion forum.
  • Shoutbox - adds content to the WebRing General Shoutbox.
  • Email to: - emails your content to the addresses you type in or to those within your different privacy groups on WebRing.

We're also in the process of enabling the system to post content remotely to your blogs, whether hosted on WebRing or elsewhere.

What Kind of Content Can You Post?

Anything that the Say It! Rich Text Editor can handle. Currently, that includes the following:

  • Text (of course)
  • Links
  • Images
  • Videos

Go ahead and give Say It! a whirl. Click the green bubble found at the top of every WebRing page to get started. We dare you!

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Wed, Dec 9th - 8:48AM

WebRing Publisher Is Lifting Off
Welcome to WebRing Publisher! If you have the content, we have a webpage waiting for you. With Publisher, you choose a template, add your content, and then publish your content on the Web.

As an added bonus, we automatically add the NavBar to your page if you join through a ring, as well as finish off the process of completing your join application and registering your URL.

K-Songwriting is a site created so a young songwriter could join the Original Lyrics Writers Webring. The hopeful singer-songwriter used Publisher to publish the first of many songs.

Several other Publisher pages were created specifically for a ring when joining it. Many show promise, but most were incomplete. We look forward to seeing how they blossom.

Here are some pages that were created by members and then added to rings.

Jack'z Place is an introductory page to the works of Jack, a photographer from Palmer, Alaska. After creating his Publisher page, he submitted the page to the Photo Galleries ring.

Satan's Mirror is a synopsis of the latest story written by horror and sci-fi author Roxanne Smolen.  After creating her Publisher page, she submitted the page to the Horror Writers ring.

Have you tried creating a page using WebRing Publisher yet? If not, go to your My Account page and click on the Publisher icon to get started.

Attn: Ring Managers

With the launch of Publisher, two of your biggest issues in building up your rings are effectively resolved - submission of a webpage with relative content and adding navigation code to submitted pages.

All new applicants need is to have some content. When they join, they merely need to create the page and plug in their content. We'll take care of the rest for them, leaving you with one more quality page in your ring.

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