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Tue, Dec 23rd - 4:40PM

Anglican Cathedrals of Ontario, Canada
St Paul's Cathedral, London, Ontario
Ontario has 8 Anglican Cathedrals:

Diocese of Algoma
- St. Luke's Cathedral
Diocese of Huron
- St Paul's Cathedral
Diocese of Keewatin
- St Alban the Martyr Cathedral
Diocese of Moosonee
- St. Matthew's Cathedral
Diocese of Niagara
- Christ Church Cathedral
Diocese of Ontario
- St George's Cathedral
Diocese of Ottawa
- Christ Church Cathedral
Diocese of Toronto
- St James' Cathedral

The Dioceses of Algoma, Huron, Niagara, Ontario and Toronto are entirely in the civil Province of Ontario. The Dioceses of Moosonee and Ottawa are also partly in Quebec while the Diocese of Keewatin is also partly in Manitoba.

The Diocese of Keewatin is in the ecclesiastical Province of Rupert's Land while the other 7 dioceses form the ecclesiastical Province of Ontario.

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Tue, Dec 9th - 2:26PM

Deanery of Kent, Ontario
David White, Walpole Island
The Deanery of Kent is in southwestern Ontario in the Diocese of Huron. Dean is Rev Paul Millward of Christ Church, Chatham.

The Deanery includes Walpole Island. Native dancers participated at the Diocese of Huron's Sesquicentennial service at the John Labatt Centre in 2007. The sacredness of Creator's presence was enhanced by the traditional dancer David White (shown right). With each part of his regalia having meaning, he brought his gift and the gift of his ancestors to the service. David is a member of the youth drummers of Walpole Island led by Leonard Shognosh.

Kent Deanery has 20 congregations organized into 10 parishes:

Christ Church, Chatham
Holy Trinity, Chatham
St Paul's, Chatham & St Thomas, Dover
Church of the Ascension, Comber & St Andrew's, Tilbury
St Stephen, Mitchell's Bay
St Peter's, Moraviantown

Parish of Rondeau Bay
Trinity Church, Blenheim; St Paul's, Erieau; Grace Church, Rondeau Park

Parish of the Transfiguration
St John's-in-the-Woods, Aughrim; Christ Church, Dresden; St Matthew's, Florence; Church of the Redeemer, Highgate; Church of the Advent, Ridgetown; and St Stephen's, Thamesville

St James the Apostle, Wallaceburg & St James the Apostle, Port Lambton
St John the Baptist, Walpole Island

(for photos of most of these churches, see Anglican Churches of Chatham-Kent)

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