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Tue, Dec 30th - 4:22PM

Talbot Settlement Churches

Port Stanley, OntarioThe Talbot Settlement Churches are Anglican churches in Ontario that were built along the north shore of Lake Erie before the middle of the 19th century. Similar in design, they include St Peter's, Tyrconnell, Trinity Church, Port Burwell and Christ Anglican Church, Port Stanley, Ontario.

The 27 Talbot settlements were established by Thomas Talbot (1771-1853). He was from a wealthy Irish family and first came to Canada on a military commission exploring what was then known as Upper Canada with Governor John Graves Simcoe. In 1803, Colonel Talbot sold his military commission in return for being given 5,000 acres he had seen while working for Simcoe. Talbot set in motion an aggressive settlement plan for his land, insisting that the people to whom he donated land clear the property and build dwellings. They did not receive the final deed to the land until this was done. In some cases, land for churches was given directly by Talbot, in others the land was donated by persons designated by him to do this.

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Thu, Dec 18th - 5:32AM

Christmas with Parish of the Holy Spirit

Shown left are children from St Thomas, Seaforth; St Paul's, Clinton; and Trinity, Mitchell... they spent two week-ends reenacting those days in Bethlehem so long ago. Through the generosity of two local farmers the reenactment was filmed on rural farms. There was a changing cast of characters depending on who was there that day. Thanks to appropriate costumes you always knew at least the person with the blue shawl was Mary. One farm provided soft fuzzy bunnies and two angelic donkeys to help set the stage for the trip to Bethlehem. The other farm provided Gracie the horse, Hubert the Billie Goat, many curious kittens, and a flock of sheep for the shepherds to herd. Since the sheep or children were not accustomed to so many of each other it is hard to say who was more alarmed by this, shepherds or sheep! Angels were on "high" (with a boost onto large bales of hay) in the stable, they serenely overlooked the gathering below.

Children and production staff were from in and outside of Clinton, Seaforth and Mitchell all members of the Parish of the Holy Spirit, Ontario.

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Thu, Dec 11th - 10:33AM

William Bertal Heeney

St. Luke, Winnipeg BellsWilliam Bertal Heeney (1873-1955) was an Anglican clergyman and author. He was born at Danford Lake, Quebec and educated at McGill University and the Montreal Diocesan College.

He was ordained a priest of the Church of England in Canada in 1901. He was Rector of Christ Church, Belleville, Ontario, 1901-05; Rector of St. George's, Newport, Rhode Island, 1905-08; Rector for a short time of Barrie, Ontario.

In 1909, Rev. Heeney became Rector of St. Luke's, Winnipeg where he stayed 34 years until his retirement in 1943. Two years after his arrival at St Luke's the church was presented with a chime of bells (shown right) and in the spring of 1911, the tower clock was put in place.

Rev. Canon Heeney wrote novels for children, such as Pickanock (London 1912), and was an active historian of the early Anglican Church in Western Canada publishing a number of books, including Leaders of the Canadian Church.

On his retirement he moved to Montreal and died 12 years later in Ottawa.

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