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Sat, Dec 29th - 9:30AM

William Duncan and Bishop Ridley

William Duncan (1832-1918), a young schoolmaster, was sent from England by the Church Missionary Society to be a missionary to the Indians on the North Pacific coast. In 1862, Duncan established a colony at Metlakatla, an ancestral Tsimshian village, teaching the Indians trades as well as religion.

For 17 years, Duncan worked with little oversight. This changed in 1879 when William Ridley (1836-1911), vicar in Huddersfield, England, was appointed the first Bishop of Caledonia.

Bishop Ridley came into conflict with Duncan's low-church evangelicalism and emphasis on secular progress. Of great concern in particular was Duncan's refusal to offer his parishioners holy communion because Duncan felt it would whet their appetite for their recently abandoned practices. The situation degraded to the point that Bishop Ridley asked for protection from the Government, and a gunboat was sent. Finally, in 1887, Duncan along with 800 Indians withdrew to American territory in Alaska to set up an independent, nondenominational church leaving 100 or so in Bishop Ridley's charge.

In July 1901, a fire destroyed the church at Metlakatla built by Duncan in 1874. Some sources indicate that the fire was started by a band of Alaska Tsimshians under Duncan's orders. The fire broke Ridley emotionally and led to his early retirement and return to England in 1905.

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Thu, Dec 20th - 8:19AM

Deanery of Essex, Ontario
The Deanery of Essex in southwestern Ontario covers Windsor (metro. pop. 323,342) and the surrounding county. It contains 27 Anglican churches.

The Rev. Canon Jane Humphreys has been appointed Archdeacon of Essex, effective January 1, 2008. The service of collation will take place on Monday, January 14, 2008 at 7 p.m. at her church St. Mary's Walkerville, Windsor (right).

The Ven. Jane Humphreys became rector of St. Mary's, Walkerville in September 2007. Before that, she was rector of St Luke's, Broughdale and Archdeacon of Middlesex.

St Mary's Church was erected in 1904 by the three sons of Hiram and Mary Walker as a memorial to their parents. Hiram Walker built the first St. Mary's Church in 1870 and supported it until his death in 1899. Hiram Walker had founded the town of Walkerville and Hiram Walker & Sons distillery in 1858. His distillery introduced Walker's Canadian Club Whiskey in 1884, which by 1910 had become Canada's top export whiskey.

Regional Dean of Essex is Rev. Susan Paulton, rector of St. David's and St. Mark's Anglican, Windsor, Ontario. The St. Mark's congregation was established in 1926 with the current church building constructed in 1959.

St Mark's Anglican, Windsor, Ontario
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Thu, Dec 13th - 11:38AM

U.S. Diocese Leaves ECUSA for the Southern Cone

The Diocese of San Joaquin in California voted overwhelmingly on Saturday to cut ties with the U.S.-based 2.4 million member Episcopal Church and temporarily align itself with the Anglican province of the Southern Cone in South America. San Joaquin ultimately wants to become part of a new Anglican province of North America. Two other dioceses, Pittsburgh and Fort Worth, have taken the first steps to seceding from the Episcopal Church.

The Diocese of San Joaquin, with 47 parishes and 8,800 members, stopped contributing to the Episcopal Church budget after the consecration of a homosexual as Bishop of New Hampshire in 2003. They considered the Episcopal Church's ordination of Bishop Robinson as the latest and most galling proof of its rejection of biblical authority.

In Canada, even though June's General Synod confirmed the Anglican Church of Canada's prohibition on same sex blessings, three Canadian dioceses, Ottawa, Montreal and Niagara, recently voted to allow homosexual marriage.

Earlier this year, Bishop Don Harvey, formerly of the Diocese of Brandon, and Bishop Malcolm Harding, formerly of the Diocese of Eastern Newfoundland and Labrador also joined the Southern Cone as an interim step to forming a new Anglican province in North America in the next 2 or 3 years.

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Thu, Dec 6th - 11:52AM

Archdeaconry of Middlesex, Ontario

The service of collation for Rev. Canon Dr. Tim Connor as Archdeacon of Middlesex will take place today at his church St. George's Anglican, London, Ontario. The archdeaconry is made up of the deaneries of Brough and Medway. It covers the north part of London, Ontario and an area north of the city.

St George's Anglican, London, Ontario
St. John the Divine, Arva, OntarioThe Deanery of Brough consists of 11 churches in 7 parishes including St. Paul's Cathedral, London, Ontario.

The Deanery of Medway consists of 15 churches in 11 parishes including St. John the Divine, Arva (right). The Arva congregation was established in 1822 when Charles James Stewart, who 3 years later became the second Bishop of Quebec, conducted a service for 250 in a barn. St. John's has been the 'mother church' to six new parishes.

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