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Mon, Dec 10th - 3:01PM

Sneak peak of my new book.
I got a request for a sampling of my new book, The Incomplete List of Action Movie Clichés, here on WebRing.

So here is a peak at a couple of the clichés:

Plate Glass:
If there is a large, lovely glass window or door in an action movie, you can be sure someone or something will fly through it. And of course the glass will shatter into a thousand bits. This breakage also applies to car windows. Just once I wish something would bounce off that glass.
Film Examples:
- Lethal Weapon 2
- The Rock
- The Transporter
- The Bourne Identity
- Live Free or Die Hard
- The Marine

Wrong Place, Wrong Time:
What is a Hero to do? He can be minding his own business, visiting a friend, at the airport, and wham, he is knee deep in Bad Guys. But do not worry; he’s up to the job. He even comes complete with clever quips. Ah, you got to love coincidence, the backbone of the action film.
Film Examples:
- Con Air
- Die Hard
- Die Hard 2
- The Marine

Ringing Cell Phone:
Is the action hero really too busy to switch that phone/pager to vibrate? And must the call come at precisely that moment the Hero is trying to hide? Haven’t they heard of voice mail?
Film Example:
- Die Hard 2

If you would like to preview the book Go Here:

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Fri, Dec 7th - 1:27PM

New Book
My new book, The Incomplete List of Action Movie Cliches, is Published.

To see the Preview go here: The Incomplete List of Action Movie Cliches
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