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Tue, Aug 5th - 10:23PM

Bad Credit Dealership Financing Ė Successful Tips for Car Buyers

Car buying is a pleasurable experience, and car financing is a painful process. We all love cars and hate car loans. But, now there is no need to spend several days in search of a lender. Your local dealer can help you in getting an auto loan.

Dealerships are very common. They provide a second chance to bad credit car buyers. Sadly, most people are scared of dealers because they have heard terrible stories about dealership. But, don't think that every dealer will cheat you. If you remain calm and cautious, you can get an affordable bad credit dealership financing program. To get approval, you should never say these things to the dealer.

Statement 1 - "I don't know my credit score."

You cannot go to a dealership lot without knowing your credit score. Dealers can take advantage of your ignorance and charge high interest rates. So, it is advisable to check your credit score before starting the car buying process.

Also, you must order a copy of credit report and read it thoroughly. It will help you in answering questions asked by the dealer.

Statement 2 - "I want any car. You are my only hope."

When you visit a dealership lot, your emotions should take a back-seat. If the dealer senses your desperation, he will have the upper hand in the negotiation process. Also, never let the dealer select a car for you. He may try to sell you a lemon or an expensive vehicle.

Statement 3 - "I can afford XYZ amount of monthly payment only."

It is not wise to reveal a specific amount of monthly payment to the dealer. If you inform the dealer that you can afford XYZ amount, he will set the same amount as your monthly payment. And, you will not have any chance of lowering it.

You should start discussing finance after selecting the car. This way the dealer will be sure of a sale and will offer you a better deal. Also, it is important to concentrate on the bigger picture. You should not talk about monthly payments only. The dealer may offer you lower monthly payments and high interest rates. So, calculate the APR and then decide whether it is affordable or not.

So, these are three things that you should not discuss with the dealer. If you stay away from saying these things, your loan approval chances will be higher.

Car Destination will help you in getting low rate bad credit dealership financing program. It is ideal for people with damaged credit history as it helps in improving your credit score. Apply now and get ready to be delighted.

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Mon, Aug 4th - 2:40AM

3 Things that make Used Car a better Option for Bad Credit Buyer

In the times of fast food and over-night deliveries, I wonít be wasting your time in sermonizing you on improving your credit score. This article wonít explain you the boring and done-to-death ďimportance of a good credit scoreĒ. You donít have a good credit score. So, what? Most Americans donít have excellent credit score and itís not very important. Whatís important is that you get a reliable car now. And, this piece of writing will help you in doing the same.

Ample Car Options with Bad Credit

Buying any car is easy today. Lenders are offering loans for buying a new car as well as a used car. They even offer loans for a private party car purchase. However, I suggest you to choose a used car. Itís not that your bad credit history makes you default contender for used cars. But, used automobiles are a better choice for people with any credit history.

Why should you buy a Used Car?

Used cars are less expensive than a new car model. And, a lower loan amount means affordable monthly payments. This situation is ideal for a bad credit borrower because it helps in improving credit score.

Even though used cars have clear benefits, people have always evaded them. The reason is that there are higher chances of ending up with a car way past its prime. But today, there are incredible automobile buying programs that help you in choosing a safe and trustworthy car.

1. Cash for Clunker

The 2009 Car Allowance Rebate System (CARS) or the Cash for Clunkers Program allowed automobile buyers to get rid of their old cars. Buyers got credit to buy more fuel-efficient new cars. Because of the program, superannuated cars were taken off the road. This means most used cars that are available in the market are just 5-6 years old. So, why spend a fortune on a new car when nearly new cars are much more affordable?

2. National Motor Vehicle Title Information System(NMVTS)

In 2009, NMVTS was formed to protect consumers from fraud and unsafe vehicles. It also had the goal of preventing resale of stolen vehicles. If you visit the website, you will realize that it is easier to know the history of a vehicle. This system has made it easier to eliminate the chances of buying a broken down vehicle or a scrap.

3. Certified Used Cars

Lexus and Mercedes-Benz started the culture of CPOs or Certified Pre-Owned Cars in 1990s. Today, not only manufacturers but dealers also offer CPOs. There are even third-party agencies that provide the Certification. A certified used car is a better option because it has been thoroughly inspected and includes an additional warranty. This ensures that you stay away from buying a lemon.

With these programs, you can definitely improve your chances of getting the most reliable and value-for-money car. But, donít forget to take the car for test-drive. It is because only you can be the best judge of your car.

So, donít worry about your credit score. Just go out there and buy a used car thatís just perfect for you.

Buying a used car became just more affordable. Car Destination brings easy bad credit auto financing options for buying pre-owned automobiles. Bad credit buyers are eligible for lower rates. Apply now for bad credit old auto financing with this amazing opportunity today.

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