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Wed, Aug 31st - 7:55PM

August 29: Boring Monday

"The urge to save humanity is almost always a false front for the urge to rule."---H. L. Mencken

The Age of Napoleon, p. 725
115.1 miles
mid 90s

165 recordings of 48 types. 22% open.

Rasmussen: -19: 45/55.

Rich went early to bowling and I watched TV.  He did have the second highest handicap score but otherwise he didn't really enjoy it. His back is hurting, and he's not eating.
Worry worry.

0bama hits new low in Gallup Poll.

Obama reminds of the guy in the row boat, the boat springs a leak, so he makes another hole so the water can drain out…
right2bright on August 29, 2011 at 9:28 AM

Update: Interesting comment from Radjah Shelduck:

    Ed, this obviously counts as an Obamateurism, but I think it does so for a different reason than you describe. Obama fancies himself a man of the people. Having heard the farmer’s complaint, why on earth couldn’t this alleged man of the people say to one of his staffers, “Okay, I want you to look into this, find the answer, tell me, and then I will call the farmer PERSONALLY and tell him what the policy is.” A politician can gain an awful lot of good will for things like that.

It’s definitely a missed opportunity — and if Obama had said that, I doubt that we would have seen the media follow-up that MJ Lee did in this instance.

So, in Nov 2012, after Obama gets fired and wonders why the heck it happened, we can tell him to call the USDA and they’ll be happy to explain it to him. Apparently, that’s the only language he understands.
ted c on August 29, 2011 at 8:09 AM

    “Folks in Washington” like to get “ginned up” and shout “Look what’s coming down the pipe”

He’s doing his folksy routine again. It’s right up there with Kerry’s “where can I get me a hunting license?” in Ohio.
These people are unbearably condescending. They think they know how the common folk speak because they’ve read a Faulkner novel.
obladioblada on August 29, 2011 at 9:27 AM

The #flag911 project.
In the quest to cut spending, it’s all too easy to be distracted by the size of the defense budget, to forget that the Constitution expressly states that one of the purposes of the federal government is to “provide for the common defense,” to forget that entitlement spending dwarfs defense spending. It becomes a seeming “no-brainer” to cut defense spending, when, in fact, such cuts are foolish if we want to maintain our military readiness.

Thank you, Rich...

The "Republicans are Dumb" Meme.
Notice that these memes never get applied on the other side of the aisle, either.  Did any media question Obama’s intelligence when during the campaign when he made these whoppers?

    The Selma March in 1965 did not contribute to his birth in 1961.
    Kansas tornadoes in May 2007 killed 12 people, not “ten thousand”.
    Afghans do not speak Arabic.
    Within 24 hours, Obama reversed his assertion that Iran did not pose a “serious threat” to the US to an assertion that the threat is “grave”.
    “On this Memorial Day, as our nation honors its unbroken line of fallen heroes — and I see many of them in the audience here today — our sense of patriotism is particularly strong.”
    57 states

No, they didn’t.  Why?  Because the media only uses the weird, scary, and idiot memes for Republican candidates, that’s why.

(I read someone say Perry also says "nu-ku-lar" (I believe 0bama does, too: but I KNOW he says "supposably" and "corpseman" and "down the pipe."))

As I wrote in the headlines, the article actually made me like Perry more. The author had to admit that at the very least he surrounds himself with brilliant people and he’s super competitive at doing the best he possibly can at whatever he’s doing (i.e. as Governor making Texas more attractive to businesses than Louisiana).
If he brings that kind of drive to the White House and shifts his focus from competing with states like Louisiana to competing with countries like China, I have to imagine that’d be a good thing.
cschande on August 29, 2011 at 10:10 AM

Left-Wing Politico Asks: Is Rick Perry Dumb?

Liberal Media Asks: “Is Rick Perry Dumb?”
After all, he’s only created half of all the new jobs in America in the past year.

Early 0bama Letter Confirms Inability to Write. This is a fascinating article.

The response is classic Obama: patronizing, dishonest, syntactically muddled, and grammatically challenged.  In the very first sentence Obama leads with his signature failing, one on full display in his earlier published work: his inability to make subject and predicate agree.

Will Congressman Eliot Ness Please Stand Up?

American Conservatives
Obama's New Economic Adviser who's going to save the economy...developed "Cash for Clunkers" and thinks Cap and Trade will solve our economic crisis!

On becoming a 3rd world nation.

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Wed, Aug 31st - 2:46PM

August 28: RCGDS 10th Anniversary Picnic

The Age of Napoleon, p. 717
115.1 miles
99 degrees

164 recordings of 45 types.

Rasmussen: -17: 46/54

The OOTW is fairly easy, this time.

Our geocaching group, the River City Geocaching and Dining Society, started up with a picnic 10 years ago. In fact, it was the third geocaching event in the United States.
Rich really wanted to go but didn't really feel well, so I said "I will drive" and I carried the heavier stuff and we went.  I think he had a good time chatting. I laughed out loud when he was talking to Mikie P. (one of the early guys, who used to be the speech maker) and said "I have a complaint," and Mikie said he was really surprised.  Heh.

DSC04394     Some of the Old-Timers

Rich did OK, but he really didn't feel well.

0bama and the Imaginary Competency Crisis.

Obama is a fool. Until I see his grades NO one will convince me otherwise. He is also clinically NPD. See symptoms.
Only the blind can’t figure this out.
However, he is a malicious/destructive dummy, with a big agenda. In that regard he is very successful. Now he becomes even more dangerous because his charlatanry, his emptiness have been exposed, the light is making him nervous and the snake is cornered.
This should scare the country a lot.
Here’s what I wish him – a total destruction in Nov. 2012, over 40 stats, so that no one repeats what he did.
The media, who covered this all up should implode professionally and explode otherwise.
The horrific tragedy is that competent blacks and other minorities, due to his charlatanry, will suffer for many, many years to come.
Schadenfreude on August 27, 2011 at 6:13 PM

It’s true that Obama has turned into a wet blanket, and people are less than enthusiastic about his reelection. But the Establishment Republicans plan on running a nondescript squishy liberalish candidate like Romney or Huntsman to handicap themselves. You know to make it fair to Obama/
Dr Evil on August 27, 2011 at 6:22 PM

18 Seconds of Raw Class Warfare

Paul Zrimsek said...    I refuse to fight a class war against unarmed opponent.

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Tue, Aug 30th - 10:10AM

August 27: Saturday Night Church

The Age of Napoleon, p. 712
114.5 miles

167 recordings of 47 types. 21% left.

Rasmussen: -20: 45/54.

I'm 1.3 pounds up. But it was a lot worse earlier in the week. At least I have low blood pressure.

The only thing we did today was go to Church this evening, so as to go to a party tomorrow. We saw a number of our friends, and Rich gave some figs to an old lady friend who was totally delighted.  He's not feeling well today. He doesn't want to recieve Communion wine any more.

How 0bama Spent His Summer Vacation.

This is one of the strangest P.R. debacles in Presidential history. With this middle finger to an America in recession, it’s almost as though he’s trying to be hated.
...White House spokesman John Earnest tried to wave off criticism of the Obama vacation as “cable chatter,” saying the President knows “this is a job that he’s responsible for doing wherever he is, whether he’s sitting in the Oval office, or whether he’s caught on the golf course when an emerging action takes place.”

One of the problems with this defense is that Americans see the current economic crisis as unique, a view the Obama Administration has strongly encouraged.  I would imagine the increasingly disenchanted public remembers all those loud promises that the President “will not rest” until “everyone looking for a job can find one,” especially since they were made as recently as two weeks ago.
...As the vacation wraps up with tales of First Lady Michelle Obama?’s “disgusting” spending sprees - said total over $10 million of taxpayer money over the past year - and reports that some residents of Martha’s Vineyard will be glad to see the Obamas go, you have to wonder how the White House political team failed to realize how awful all of this would look.  Who thought it would be a good idea to cram the huge presidential entourage onto a small island, at massive taxpayer expense, in the middle of a seemingly endless recession?  Is Obama basically daring his last few dead-end supporters to abandon him? 

I know someone who thinks a third-party candidate is a great idea.  He says any Republican would be just as bad as 0bama.

Negative. Even if it’s Romney, all hands on deck for the GOP nominee. Of course, if it’s somehow Huntsman, then I’ll skip the race.
The 2012 race is too important. Do you want the replacement for Kennedy and Scalia to be in Obama’s hands? Obama will get one more shot when Ginsburg retires shortly, fearing Obama might lose. But that’s a trade of an older lib for a younger lib.
If Obama gets to appoint Kennedy’s successor or Scalias’s successor, God help us.
BuckeyeSam on August 27, 2011 at 8:17 AM

Yes, a 3rd party may be a viable endeavor….but not for the next election. We should all focus on getting rid of as much of the progressive infiltration, at all levels , that we can in the coming election. Then we can think about the need for a Conservative Party.
VBMax on August 27, 2011 at 8:36 AM

The malicious candidate will be a wholly owned subsidiary of the Obama reelection campaign. His singular goal will be to garner enough votes away from the Republican candidate to throw the election to Obama.
I am absolutely certain that this will come to pass as that was exactly how Deval Patrick succeeded in winning reelection as Governor of Massachusetts. Patrick is a dreadful politician, every bit as much the affirmative action, guilt assuaging limousine liberal choice as Obama.
Because Deval Patrick is the Beta version of Barack Obama.

Oh my.

Boehner Blasts 0bama over Increase in Regulations.

The Head of the College Board is Paid More than Harvard's President.

MORE ON THE GIBSON RAID: “Why would the government use armed agents to attack one of the few major manufacturers of anything remaining in the United States?” It’s like they don’t want to see the economy recover or something.

UPDATE: What a coincidence! CEO of Gibson Guitar a Republican Donor. And their Democratic-donating competitor, Martin, uses the same wood but wasn’t raided. Well, when you’ve got a President who jokes about tax audits as revenge for a personal slight, it’s hard not to be suspicious, isn’t it?

HOWIE CARR ON OBAMA’S VINEYARD DEPARTURE: Prez exits on wave of ineptitude. “The first family came in separate planes, and they’re leaving, ditto. Hey, it’s only money, our money. Even before Irene, this wasn’t much of a presidential vacation compared to the earlier ones. An Obama vacation on the Vineyard has been downgraded from Cat 3 to tropical storm. It’s hard to get excited about the arrival, yet again, of the second coming of Herbert Hoover.” Ouch.

Unions.  Very bad losers.

Becky92118: The line between these protesters and Fred Phelps' Westboro Baptist Church gets smaller every day.

@krauthammer Charles Krauthammer
Earthquake, hurricane, Obamacare. When does it stop? Seven more and I vote we let the Israelites go.

Hypocrite. (No surprise here.)

Americans for Limited Government researcher Richard McCarty, who was alerted to the controversy by a federal government lawyer, said, “The company has been short-changing the tax collection agency for much of the past decade.   Mr. Buffett’s company has not fully settled its tax bills from 2002-2009.  Yet he says he’d happily pay more.  Except the IRS has apparently been asking him to pay more going on nine years.”

Instapundit: Nebraska reader Gerald Hanner emails about the anti-pipeline crowd:

    Yeah. We have a household of them right across the street.

    The parents are teachers, and their oldest daughter is a college student. What a surprise.

Fund teacher raises with an energy tax and watch their positions moderate . . . .

Vince Yarnot:
It was an iconic moment. The father reading his son a bedtime story. The young son grabs his father's favorite hat from his head and places it on his own. The oversized hat on the young boy's head hinting at the man he is going grow into. It was touching moment ...that is until two days later when the son was found to have lice.

Reading: The Age of Napoleon, Will and Ariel Durant, The Bible (1 Machabees), The True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin, St. Louis Marie de Montfort, Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand, Blue Highways, William Least Heat Moon, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, and White Fang, by Jack London.

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Mon, Aug 29th - 6:06AM

August 26: Miss Saigon

The Age of Napoleon, p. 712
114.5 miles

172 recordings of 49 types. 18% clear.

Rasmussen: -21: 43/56.

t-shirt, 2003 KGO B2B

Nook, 171 items.

It was the last performance of the Music Circus season tonight. We'd never seen Miss Saigon before.  Unfortunately, Rich didn't feel well at intermission so we left, not getting to see the helicopter. 

The singers were great and I could hear echoes of Les Mis in the musical, but there are no memorable songs. It's far too noisy and as far as I'm concerned, too intense.  I prefer my musicals fluffy.  At least they were sold out (which I favor. I want MC to succeed.)

Oshkosh v. Madison.

The unions, which feared Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s looming changes to collective bargaining, were happy with the deals. And AFSCME endorsed Cieslewicz’s campaign.

But now the results are painfully clear for city residents.

City agencies just proposed laying off 38 cops and 27 firefighters while reducing salt and sand on covered streets during winter. The agencies also proposed eliminating the school crossing guard program and reducing lifeguards at beaches while closing some city skating rinks.

...The new mayor now has to make very unpopular cuts in first responders and services, and raise property taxes as well, by 3%. 

No solar panels.
The Bush administration turned out to be more green — or at least more competently green — than the Obama administration.  What. A. Shock.  Apparently, there isn’t any such thing as a shovel-ready project, even at the White House.

Let them eat peas.

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Mon, Aug 29th - 5:29AM

August 25: Chemo Day

I could never forget that when I spoke to the Polish serfs about liberty, they answered, "Certainly we should like to have it very much; but who will feed, clothe, and house us?" ---Napoleon.

The Age of Napoleon, p. 700
114.5 miles

173 recordings of 50 types. 18% clear.

Rasmussen: -24: 42 and no idea, since this is a really low approval number.


0bamateurism of the Day:

one expects a President to be a good steward of taxpayer money and public assets and — especially at a time when Americans are struggling through an economic crisis — keep from wasting any more of either.

In other words, maybe the First Family should make an attempt to fly to their destination together...

Chemo day, and we had an *interesting* drive this morning... Mira Loma high school is back in session, and we made the mistake of driving past it on the way to the clinic. In future, we'll go the other way.  The sun was in Rich's eyes, too.  So we'd been ever-so-slowly progressing along the front of the school as people dropped off kids or turned into the parking lot or came out of the parking strip in front, and semi blind. All of a sudden he turns into oncoming traffic with me screaming "WHAT ARE YOU DOING??" Then he headed to the bike lane, the one on the left, thank God no one was in it.  He stopped the car and yelled "DAMMIT DAMMIT DAMMIT!"  He'd thought we were further along, near our turn. Then he pushed his way back into the stream of traffic, the one on the right, and finally got to the turn (about a half-block further) and finally on our way.

We made it to the clinic on time.  Rich went in while I inventoried the four items I was donating to the Taste of Italy auction. I caught up before he'd signed in. His blood numbers were good, everything having gone up except his platelets. 

Chemo Day
This lady is there every week and they have a lot to chat about.

They seemed to be as slow as possible today.  Finally, we saw the doctor.  Rich had a lot of questions about the side effects, and the doctor seems to think everything is going well enough. We won't know for another month or 5 weeks.

When Rich's chemo was over, the nurse was nowhere to be seen. FINALLY he was cut loose and had his schedule.  All the appointments are later in the morning: so I may just drop him off so I can go to the retreat house.  We then drove to the Retreat House so I could drop off the auction items. 

I was exhausted when we got home.  Rich, all hopped up on steroids, went to the commissary, and all I felt like doing was napping. And the phone rang. It was the sewer pipe people, and the guy would be by soon for his final payment. (In point of fact, the county hasn't gotten its act together, and this might be done next week.)
Once I hung up, I threw a screaming fit.  Used every four-letter word I knew at the top of my lungs. Totally wasted, but it scared the dog.

The King memorial (Which I like), made in China. "I have a dleam."


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Sat, Aug 27th - 3:38PM

August 24: Babysitting

The Age of Napoleon, p. 693
114.5 miles

167 recordings of 51 types. 21% free.

Rasmussen: -23: 44/56

Local news:
(kmarshall) A train tanker fire continues to burn in Lincoln, leaving thousands evacuated, schools closed and traffic a mess. In addition, folks on the east coast continue clean-up efforts, following yesterday's damaging earthquake; all this while they prepare for Hurricane Irene expected to make landfall this weekend. And a small earthquake hit the Bay Area overnight. What's news in your household today?

I babysat today while Bernadette worked.  First off, she brought us a geocoin she'd picked up at WorldCon.  She had given them their breakfast this morning, and told me Gareth had had some luck with pottying, and I should ask him every hour or so.

I gave them lunch individually, put Joanna down for a nap while I gave Gareth his.  Afterwards he wanted the crayons. I gave him paper and a box of crayons.  Sometimes we have a coloring book or the coloring mat but this time I thought just plain paper.

Rob's mother thinks Gareth may have some communication disorder.  She taught second grade for years, so she's filtering it through her experience of special needs kids of that age, and I think (usually) that he's just 3. However, the way Gareth approaches coloring, sometimes I wonder.  He spends all his time putting the crayons into the box and taking them out, naming them, rolling them ("crayon go away." "I see. It rolled away." "Crayon rolled away by the pickles." (Cucumbers)) Finally he actually scribbled a bit on the paper.

No Asperger's kid would volunteer "Grandma, I love you" as he did to Joan. Bernarob are going to have him evaluated to shut grandma up.  This is a win-win, as near as I can see.  Either it's "Told you so" or he'll get an early intervention. I just think he processes things differently and suddenly he GETS it. Talking, for instance.  Going to the zoo and looking at more than the stroller buckles. 

And today, pottying. I missed the first time.  The second time I'd been introducing Joanna to the big scary dog, and I turned around to see Gareth parading around totally nekkid. I popped him onto the potty and he asked for the big toilet, and he went!  And then again, when I put him there. And a third time when Bernadette arrived. She says it's kind of like a light went on.

He came into the living room from the playroom "Nana oh no oh no oh no" so of course I went in to see... he'd knocked down a card game and some crayons. I put them up and told him thanks and that he wasn't supposed to be up on the shelves.  Two minutes later I checked on him and sure enough, he'd knocked down more crayons.  This time I told him "no!" firmly and he cried and cried.  Because he couldn't stop thinking about the top shelves, I banned them from the playroom for about an hour.

Meanwhile, Joanna. She let the dog touch her after she cried the first time. (Not screaming this time, so I thought I'd push it.)  Then she was leaning toward me, and I stopped pointing at her so I wouldn't poke her, but rubbed her head, and she screamed. It sounded like I'd really hurt her, but I couldn't figure out how. Otherwise, she played nicely and sat in my lap for Yo Gabba Gabba and just was a joy.  She's got a little curl...

DSC04376     DSC04372

DSC04364     DSC04375

The 0bama plan.

What about Hillary?
let me be clear: I am against virtually everything that Hillary stands for. I don't want a(nother) President Clinton. But I love this country and the children I one day plan to raise in it, and if no Republican can beat Obama, I would settle for a Democrat who can.

Biden approves of gendercide.


Reading: The Age of Napoleon, Will and Ariel Durant, The Bible (1 Machabees), The True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin, St. Louis Marie de Montfort, Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand, Blue Highways, William Least Heat Moon, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, and Cryoburn by Lois McMaster Bujold.  This Nook has certainly increased my reading!

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Fri, Aug 26th - 5:17PM

August 23: Sewer Pipe

The Age of Napoleon, p. 672
113.5 miles

164 recordings of 47 types, 22% free.

Rasmussen: -26(!): 44/56.

T-shirt: Run for the Seals 2003

0bamateurism of the day

    President Obama has touted three pending U.S. trade deals as measures that could immediately spur job growth, if only Congress would approve them to become law. The only problem: the White House has not yet formally sent the deals to Congress for a vote.

Besides, the “do-nothing Congress” meme Obama clearly wants to push has another problem: Republicans only control the House. Treaties are ratified in the Senate only, and that’s been controlled by Harry Reid and the Democrats for more than four years. And it’s worth pointing out that these trade deals have actually been languishing for almost that long — since they were originally negotiated and signed by George Bush and not Barack Obama

Hens lay the baby chicks and roosters lay the eggs that you eat. (Collin Gosselin)

Life is just one big thrill after another. Today we got new sewer pipes, calloo callay! Actually, they were very quick, quiet, and efficient.  I did have the front door open so they could use the electrical outlet.  We closed it when they left, but apparently not very well.  We went out to see the last Harry Potter movie, and when we came back the door was open and the cat was out.  Fortunately, Spooky comes when he's called. He was covered in dust... I picked him up and *poof* a cloud arose.

I enjoyed the movie. I've re-started my Harry Potter re-reading, which I stopped last February because I needed a break.

I was thinking the east coast folks were wimpy for the panic over a mere 5.8 earthquake, but it seems the old rocks are solid and don't absorb the blow the way ours do, so it was pretty bad after all.  (Unlike the panic over a quarter-inch of snow...)

Depression, not recession.

As Gregory of Nyssa said, "ideas create idols. Only wonder leads to knowing."

Unions Shut Down in Wisconsin.

Carol says:
Very good point, Mikey NTH. Had the TA union felt that they were receiving adequate value from their union they would have kept it. Personally, I think unions take their membership for granted. In the private sector union members have been unemployed for what feels like FOREVER yet their BAs are still drawing a full paycheck every week and driving those member paid for cars and going to conventions in Vegas with all expenses paid by their out of work members. It is about time that members wake up and start asking the union bosses what they’ve done for them lately.

Trevor Thomas: (In the You Know You're From Laramie if... Facebook group.)

All day long, if you listened at all, you had KOWB on your radio with three-in-a-row medleys of Hank Williams and Patsy Cline, Paul Harvey’s noon newscast, and the readings of the Union Pacific train schedule with its litany of “drags and manifests” passing to and from parts unknown. You’d imagine the railroad wives listening and planning for when they would have to trudge down to the depot in coat and slippers to pluck their tired, dusty men off the great long freights whose forlorn whistles punctured the silence of the federal prairies. From sunrise to sunset, our world was bounded by mountains and passing clouds, with KOWB there to tick off the reliable hours of Laramie’s unchanging days.

But as night fell, the city’s teens waited impatiently in the twilight for the mysterious moment when the atmosphere realigned, and there it was, last button on the right, faint and crackly: KOMA Oklahoma City. Suddenly, our bedrooms and cars were pulsating with rock ‘n’ roll, news of wondrous concerts and exotic temptations and, if you stayed up late enough, eventually the thrilling, dangerous voice of Wolfman Jack, tantalizing us with images of a vibrant youth paradise somewhere beyond the expanse of stars in the southern horizon. I could imagine no place more electrifying and seductive than Oklahoma City, and I longed for its adventure. Too soon the morning came again, and KOMA vanished like a wraith into the static. You’d sigh and punch up KOWB in time for the morning Stockman’s Report: cattle futures are up, feed prices are down and, oh, a manifest is due in at 6:32 a.m.


Postcard from the Staycation.

Tweets Turn Negative on 0bama.

From my reading... "PHSADE". Love it. A new and different way to spell "facade."

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Thu, Aug 25th - 6:16AM

August 22: File Maintenance

The Age of Napoleon, p. 672
113.5 miles

161 recordings of 46 types. 23% left.

Rasmussen: -24: (lowest, reached one other time.) 44/55.

A set of 0bamateurisms.

“But when we’re divided, we end up having a bunch of self-infected problems” – Self-inflicted, champ, and by the way, this country has been divided since before it was a country.  Democracy and representative democracy aren’t needed as consensus management tools; they are needed to settle conflict over policy.  If Obama is shocked, shocked to find out that this country is divided after spending half a term in the Senate and another half a term as President, then that only speaks to his own cluelessness, not the state of the country.
...No wonder he went on vacation.  After creating that many gaffes in 100 seconds, he’ s got legitimate reason to feel as tired as the country has become of him.

The cleaners came today. I was the last one for the day, so they didn't come till 12:30.  They were here about an hour, and the house looks great.

Then, about 4 or so, I decided I needed to transfer everything to the terrabyte external drive, as well as back up the last couple of months to the BUSlink. I backed up 159,034 files (167 GB). This took about 4 hours.

People against the Canadian pipeline must think we can get our power from unicorn farts.

0bama's Defense of Lawlessness Why is it so hard for the Obama administration to comprehend the word “illegal”? If the Campaigner-in-Chief can handle a great big word like “redistribution,” what is it about “illegal” that he just can’t get?

Reading: The Age of Napoleon, Will and Ariel Durant, The Bible (1 Machabees), The True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin, St. Louis Marie de Montfort, Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand, Blue Highways, William Least Heat Moon, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (I stopped my re-reading last Feb. 2, time to get back to it), and A Lantern in Her Hand, by Bess Streeter Aldrich.

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Tue, Aug 23rd - 7:38PM

August 21: The Inspection

The Age of Napoleon, p. 663
113.5 miles

157 recordings of 47 types. 26% left.

Rasmussen: -22: 44/55.

Another hard choice for the 0bamateurism of the week, especially between the photo and the Made in Canada bus.

First we went to church, where there were 4 more Baptisms.  The babies are so cute!

My Favorite Usher

My favorite usher.

Then I walked over to the geocache with Pharaoh (actually, I overshot it, completely zoning out) to trade travel bugs.

Then this afternoon, after Rich's nap, we went to see the babies and Joan. It wasn't actually an inspection, though occasionally it had that feel. Joan tends to repeat herself a lot, so it sounded like she was apologizing.  Gareth had a couple of bumps on his face, unexplained.  She lets the kids wander in and out on their own, so I went out once to get Joanna out of the area of the backyard where she doesn't belong. I also added the toys to the water table and showed Gareth how it makes the wheels spin.  Joanna was playing with Joan's curlers, including some sharp and swallowable pins, which I took away.  But on the whole, things seem to be going well, and thank goodness Grandma came so that Bernarob could enjoy the WorldCon.

Hasn't he quit already?

I wish.

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Tue, Aug 23rd - 11:13AM

August 20: Surprise!

The Age of Napoleon, p. 661
112.3 miles

162 recordings of 49 types. 23% left.

Rasmussen: -21 (21% strongly approve. Who ARE these people?):45/53

T- shirt: 2002 B2B.

Roni had a pool party for Lexi today. I'd forgotten it was to be a surprise, and we were a few minutes late.  My cousin came up at the same time, and said "we hope we're here before Lexi."  I still didn't remember it was supposed to be a surprise... in fact I didn't remember until everyone was hiding. Oh, right.

I got all ham-handed and instead of zeroing in on Lexi's priceless astonishment, I turned the video off, most annoying.  She really was surprised.

Monica had her homegrown heirloom tomatoes for Rich. We spent a lot of time talking.  Hamilton Pool, recently rebuilt, is beautiful.  Roni had gotten a cake (in a fabulous box with a lifter!) with Disney fairies, all of them stamps.


Rich and I went out and got a cache nearby. This was supposed to earn us a "souvenir" on our cache page, but I don't see it. Oh, well.  Lexi opened her presents (from us, a kit to make friendship bracelets, and a stacking doll), I helped clean up a bit, and we left.  Rich was tired but still able to do the driving.

Arne Duncan Should Look at his Own Troubles before Messing with Texas.

Ed Morrissey
Do you know what’s even more valuable to a White House than a Friday afternoon news dump that avoids that evening’s media cycle?  A Friday afternoon news dump that takes place while most of the White House press corps is either covering a presidential vacation or on one of its own.  Fortunately for Barack Obama, he had just that opportunity yesterday to have Defense Secretary Leon Panetta announce that Obama would break one of his core campaign promises and keep troops in Iraq for at least another year:
...But was the prospect of a perfect news hole so attractive that Panetta jumped the gun?
...Why would Panetta tell Stars & Stripes about a deal with Iraq that hadn’t been finalized?  It’s impossible to overstate the delicate nature of negotiations about the presence of American troops in Iraqi politics.  The Iranian-backed Moqtada al-Sadr could start a civil war over it unless the issue is handled properly, and it’s not as though this country is thrilled about the idea of extending our presence in Iraq, either.  Even those of us who support the idea do so out of a realistic view of the threat Iran poses to Iraq and the rest of the region, not because we think it would be a fun environment for our sons and daughters and a great place to burn money we don’t really have.


Obviously, Øbama will do whatever it takes to avoid the appearance of losing Iraq before the election.
petefrt on August 20, 2011 at 8:53 AM

I was told that If I voted for McCain, we’d still be in Iraqin 2012, and they were right.
simkeith on August 20, 2011 at 8:54 AM

Life sure was easier when you could just stand on the sidelines and snark at Bush about his “unjust” Iraqi war, wasn’t it Barry?
AZCoyote on August 20, 2011 at 8:55 AM

I was listening to the radio driving yesterday. His most loyal don’t care. “He deserves this vacation!” “Bush ruined the economy.” and of course “Bush started the wars.”
Nevermind that he talked like correcting each and every little single thing was going to a snap for the Messiah Genius.
He has accomplished nothing except explode the budget to our demise. He has only dolled out other people’s money to them. And for those idiots, I guess that’s enough.
hawkdriver on August 20, 2011 at 9:18 AM

If we leave Iraq now, they’ll devolve into civil war. If we leave Iraq in a thousand years, they’ll devolve into civil war.
We should have left long ago.
Bugler on August 20, 2011 at 10:02 AM

0bama in the Valley.  He's a robot?

Imperial Presidency, Mark Steyn

If I understand correctly the justification advanced by spokesgropers for the Transport Security Administration, the reason they poke around the genitalia of three-year-old girls and make wheelchair-bound nonagenarians in the final stages of multiple sclerosis remove their diapers in public is that by doing so they have made commercial air travel the most secure environment in the United States. In that case, why can’t the president fly commercial?
...Let us take these whiny excuses at face value and accept for the sake of argument that Obama’s Recovery Summer would now be going gangbusters had not the Libyan rebels seized Benghazi and sent the economy into a tailspin. Did no one in the smartest administration in history think this might be the time for the president to share in some of the “bad luck” and forgo an ostentatious vacation in the exclusive playground of the rich? When you’re the presiding genius of the Brokest Nation in History, enjoying the lifestyle of the super-rich while allegedly in “public service” sends a strikingly Latin American message.
...Instead of demonstrating the common touch — that Obama is feeling your pain Clinton-style — the motorcade tour seemed an ingenious parody of what (in Victor Davis Hanson’s words) “a wealthy person would do if he wanted to act ‘real’ for a bit” — in the way that swanky Park Avenue types 80 years ago liked to go slumming up in Harlem. Why exactly does the president need a 40-car escort to drive past his subjects in Dead Moose Junction? It doesn’t communicate strength, but only waste, and decadence.

Richard Reed  : How dare mere Americans criticize Lord Obama? A pox upon you, conservative infidels.

Lord Obama is our Glorious Leader. Lord Obama is a miracle worker. Lord Obama will go down in the annals of history as the man who almost instantly transformed America into Something Different while on vacation the entire time.

JEM: Barack the Growth-Slayer. That is the best description I have ever heard.

I see that Howard Dean has predicted that Obama's team will destroy Rick Perry. Seems very likely to me. This same team has destroyed the U.S. economy, destroyed the U.S.'s reputation overseas, destroyed small business, destroyed the credibility of the office of the Presidency, destroyed our credit rating, and the list goes on, so how much work can it possibly be for them to destroy one guy from Texas?

0bama is powerless.

Roger_the_Shrubber: Want to improve the economy?
Don't vote for a communist. Even if he isn't white.

Reading: The Age of Napoleon, Will and Ariel Durant, The Bible (1 Machabees), The True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin, St. Louis Marie de Montfort, Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand, Blue Highways, William Least Heat Moon, Footsteps in the Dark, Georgette Heyer.

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Mon, Aug 22nd - 8:53AM

April 19: The End of Self-Pity Week

The Age of Napoleon, p. 661
111.5 miles

158 recordings of 47 types. 25% free.

Rasmussen: -20: (a big comeback!) 45/53.

T-shirt: Doggy Dash 2001.

158 books (maybe) on the Nook.  The B&N archived ones apparently still count.

Today Rob's mother and I took Gareth and Joanna to Fairy Tale Town. The weather was great. I got there a bit early and Joan wasn't dressed yet, so there was a bit of a flurry at first, especially since Joanna needed a diaper change badly and for some reason J. had bought her pullups. I couldn't get it fastened, and needed one of the actual diapers. And I couldn't find the ointment and J's had so much fruit her bottom is red and raw. And Joan allows them access to the bathroom which is, uh, really hazardous.  We ran out of kiddie sunscreen so J. had me use hers on Gareth. Finally we got out the door, and that's when the fun really began.

We couldn't figure out which kid went in which seat, and Joan didn't remember how they were yesterday. It took three tries before we got it right.

When we finally got the show on the road, though, it was easy. We put the kids into the double stroller to get them to Fairytale town, then took Gareth out. He liked the Little Old Woman's shoe, after I showed him where the steps were.  Then we went to the Crooked Mile.  Joanna couldn't make it the whole way. Gareth did it three times. Then to his favorite, the twisty Owl's House slide.

I was in charge of Gareth and Joan had Joanna, but one time I was lifting J. into the Cinderella coach and G. got out of sight.  Sure enough, he was back at this slide.  Then just before we left he went on it again.  He twisted on the last turn and smacked his cheek on the side of the swing. I was there immediately to commiserate, give him a snack and kiss it better.  Then he went back on the slide twice.

Joanna liked the little slide on Jack and Jill's Hill and the tunnel slide in the beanstalk.  At the end we went to the playground in Sherwood Forest where she had a good time.  This movie doesn't show her "bouncing" on this bridge. Then we could see she was tired after about 90 minutes, so it was time to go home. Joan and I work very well together. I had declared this the end of Self-Pity Week, and it worked.

Jim Treacher: In the interest of fairness, some conservative mom should push her little kid in front of Obama and whisper, "Ask him how jobs are created."

Lingering questions about the magical Misery Tour.

ABC's Stephanopoulos says Perry is 'a carbon copy' of Bush. If it brings back 4.5% unemployment and 5.5 years of steady growth, heck I'd settle for sketch of Bush on back of a napkin. --Fred Thompson

Tonight Rich and I went to "I Do, I Do!" done by Matthew Ashford and his wife.  I really liked it.  The only familiar song is "My Cup Runneth Over."  The actors were great.  Rich made it through the whole play this time.

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Sat, Aug 20th - 6:13PM

August 18: Chemo, Couch Potato

The Age of Napoleon, p. 661
110.5 miles

157 recordings of 51 types. 25% left.

Rasmussen: -23 (the strongly approve has gone down to 19%. 1% True Believers have cracked?) 43/54.

Canadian bus.

John Hawkins: So why is Obama not riding across the country on an electric powered bus?

Michelle Malkin mocks.

T-shirt: 2001 KGO Bay to Breakers.

Chemo day! I had plans to go to the Retreat House and buy our Taste of Italy tickets, and to find the person in charge of the auction and give them the items I have.  Well, but the nurses were slow and they didn't get the information to Rich till it was too late for me. His red blood cells are down and the other numbers not good (except for the platelets.) 

I was disappointed, and just needed to go somewhere else and sit with my book. I found a nice bench near the hospital and decided it was time I called GoE's father.  Of course, the minute he answered the phone the lawn mower started up, so I got to walk around. He says G's friend from Florida is in town for the WorldCon (I don't remember her at ConJose) and wanted to know how to get to the tree.  He'd suggested she call me. My first thought was "no freakin' WAY!" but I came to the realization that's silly so I'll try to find it on Google Earth.  (Rich had the coordinates for the tree and we located the road in. I phoned Don back with them.)  He was sad to hear about Rich.  And we agreed GoE would have loved this convention. We miss him.

I also tried calling Casey's foster mom again.  Her answering machine message says "I'm making a change in my life... if I don't get back to you, you're part of the change."  That's rather dire.

After about 40 minutes I went back, a bit refreshed.  Chemo lasted till noon, a LONG day. Fortunately, by calling Bernadette I was able to get Rob's mother's cell phone so I could organize tomorrow without having to go down to Elk Grove and talk to her in person. (She's babysitting while Bernarob are in Reno.)

The TV shows on my "record" list:

19 Kids and Counting
24 Hour Restaurant Battle
After the Catch, all three not showing right now.
American Pickers
American's Next Great Restaurant. I wanted the Indian Food Guy to win. I wonder how the winning restaurants are doing. No new shows. I'm just keeping it on the list in case there will be one.
Antiques Roadshow.
Body of Proof. I haven't really gotten into this one.
Burn Notice ++ one of my favorites
California's Gold with Huell Howser
Combat Hospital
Come Dine with Me (I wish this one would start up again, I loved it.)
Covert Affairs
Criminal Minds (I have seen every one of these shows, so this is for new episodes.)
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
CSI: Miami
Dancing With the Stars
Deadliest Catch
Desperate Housewives
Eat Street
Extreme Chef
Fairly Legal
Food Network Star (I wanted Vic to win, oh well.)
FOX News Sunday with Chris Wallace
Grey's Anatomy
Harry's Law
Hawthorne (still learning about this one)
Hell's Kitchen
Hoarding: Buried Alive
How the States Got Their Shapes
Ice Road Truckers
In Plain Sight
Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution (an odd one.)
Justified +++ my absolute favorite.
Kate Plus 8
Kitchen Nightmares
Law & Order (I have the movie and 3 episodes from '93 and '94 left, and they never seem to come up, but we live in hope.)
Law & Order: LA (which I just removed from the list.)
Law & Order: SVU (5 episodes I haven't seen, two of which will be up this week.)
Law & Order: UK
Leverage: ++ another favorite.
Life is Worth Living with Bishop Fulton Sheen. I wish they had the older ones, in B&W, which were the best.
Mad Men
Masterchef (at least arrogant Chris didn't win)
Memphis Beat, ++ another one I like.
Men of a Certain Age
NCIS: This is the one I'm working on now. I'm currently watching all the first two seasons, in order, even the ones I've already seen. Then I'll go back to only watching the ones I haven't already seen.
Necessary Roughness
Renovation Realities
Restaurant: Impossible (nowhere near as entertaining as Kitchen Nightmares)
Rizzoli & Isles
Road Trip with Huell Howser
Rocco's Dinner Party (I really like this one. I think of my "signature dish"-- avocado with shrimp and cocktail sauce -- and suspect I wouldn't make the cut!)
Special Report with Bret Baier
Storage Wars
Stossel (which I can get once a week)
Surprise Homecoming
The Biggest Loser
The Celebrity Apprentice
The Choir (I hope someday they have another season)
The Glades
The good Wife
The O'Reilly Factor
The Tudors (will they ever get past Anne Boleyn?)
Top Chef
Top Shot
Two Fat Ladies
Warehouse 13
Whale Wars (a pox on both their houses)
White Collar ++ another fave.
Who Do You Think You Are?
Worst Cooks in America. (I don't think I'm eligible for this one, either. Thank goodness.)

"Smart Power"

Hosni Mubarak got eight days of protests before Barack Obama demanded his resignation in a speech.  Libyan thug Moammar Gaddafi got 16 days before Obama called for him to leave power, and eventually went to war to push for his removal.  Today, one hundred and fifty-six days into Syrian protests and brutal crackdowns that have left hundreds and possibly thousands dead, Obama finally got around to demanding Bashar Assad’s ouster as dictator of Syria … in a written statement..

Oh No, Not Again.

Such an AWFUL woman.

There’s no sense complaining about how searingly demeaning this is to Herman Cain. Garofalo’s smart enough to realize that and obviously doesn’t care, and no doubt Cain’s built up a thick skin to it after years and years and years of similar insults from Our Moral Superiors.

I Love My Country More than I Care About 0bama's Feelings.

0bama's Spin of the Day.

roberty bob says: August 18, 2011 at 7:20 PM
The President will lose due to BOREDOM.
Clearly he is bored being the President.
Clearly he is boring when he speaks to America as the President.

Johnny Quest says: August 18, 2011 at 7:31 PM
He may be bored being President, but I bet he still digs all the freebies that come with the job (world’s largest corporate jet, unlimited free golf, free meals, a wait staff, personal protection, etc.).

Reading: The Age of Napoleon, Will and Ariel Durant, The Bible (1 Machabees), The True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin, St. Louis Marie de Montfort, Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand, Blue Highways, William Least Heat Moon, Laramie (or the Queen of Bedlam), Charles King.

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Fri, Aug 19th - 5:30PM

August 17: Be Specific

The Age of Napoleon, p. 655
110.2 miles

150 recordings of 51 types. 28% left.

Rasmussen: -22: 43/55

Poor Baby.

“When you listen to what the federalists said about the anti-federalists … those guys were tough. Lincoln, they used to talk about him almost as bad as they talk about me.”

T- Shirt: 2001 B2B. Those were the days, before GoE died, before 9/11.

A couple of bumper stickers:

Except for ending slavery, Fascism, Nazism, and Communism,
WAR has never solved anything.

Stop Global Whining

We went to see "Cowboys and Aliens" today.  In the morning, I said I thought we should leave early so we could stop by the dentist and sponsor Stephanie who's doing a breast cancer walk. "How much?" Rich asked. "I don't know" and we dropped the subject.  30 minutes later I found him out on the carport and said "if we're leaving early, we need to go now."  Then, on the way to the car, I asked if he had the checkbook. (To be fair, he didn't hear that.) So he turned toward the theater and I said no, we need to go the other way, the car didn't know.  He said "*I* didn't know."  I said how come and reviewed the earlier conversation and he said "You should be specific."


The movie was OK. It wasn't quite what I thought it would be, but it was entertaining.  When we got home we passed a gazillion police cars, so I looked it up...

Jaime Rubio
Ok so please tell me has anyone heard what is going on at Watt Ave and Edison Ave? There are 22 cop cars there! Looks pretty bad.

It turned out to be a carjacking or a suspected carjacking.

Then this evening we went to Yuba City for the geocaching event.  We wore our Team Yarnot shirts and took the program.  Some of the usual suspects weren't there, so we'll have to do it again next month.

It's the Vacation, Stupid.

On Day 938 of his presidency, Obama says he'll have a jobs plan in a month or so Old and busted: "Ketchup is a vegetable". New hotness: "Food stamps are a stimulus"

Hahahahaha!!!!! Boy are they scared!

0bama ordered the buses last year. Why?

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Thu, Aug 18th - 8:25PM

August 16: Caching, Casino, Commissary

The Age of Napoleon, p. 648
110.1 miles

169 recordings of 52 types. 20% left.

Rasmussen: -23: 43/54

Mr. Government Motors.

You know, we used to have a country where companies manufactured products, consumers made their choices, and government just collected the taxes on the transactions.  If companies got it wrong, they went out of business and others bought the assets and made better decisions.  Now we have a government that wants to tell manufacturers what to make, tell consumers what to buy, and collect a whole lot more taxes so that they can bail out companies and run other industries into the ground.  And that’s bad enough, but Obama’s marketing plans have all of the success of his economic plans, and baby, that ain’t good at all.

If we can’t be NUDGED they’ll PUSH us. Either way, we’re going down that Progressive road of Control of individuals (Cars/SUV’s/toilet flushes/faucets and removing handles from them/shower heads and how much water flows out/gasoline cans and what the caps look like/seat belts/etc).

Buckle up boys and girls, it’s a bumpy highway.
PappyD61 on August 16, 2011 at 8:56 AM

So, can we expect a Cheap Plastic Deathtraps for All Act of 2011 or 2012?
SKYFOX on August 16, 2011 at 9:18 AM

The Cash for Clunkers, Shovel Ready, Leading from Behind Pimp will put out an economic plan…”in September”…2011…I’d laugh if it were appropriate. But, it isn’t for all who have no jobs, no homes, no food. The irony and hypocrisy that he drives constantly in big cars and that bus, which looks like a hearse, escapes this Fool. May he be punished. Get this cortege out of our lives, out of our faces, and especially out of our ears.
Schadenfreude on August 16, 2011 at 10:06 AM

T-shirt: 2000 Doggy Dash

It's all beginning to wear me out, the constant worry, the extra work, the special diets. We can't do much for most of the week, so when Rich feels up to something, I'd better be ready.  Today it was caching, which we decided to do close to Thunder Valley Casino because the first cache of the day was #7777. We found that, then decided to stop in at the casino, which we'd never seen. I was itching to play some of the slots, but Rich didn't want to stop, and he'd already said "no" to stopping there for lunch. (Rats. We haven't eaten out since Yosemite.) And then on down the road to find 4 other caches and fail to find 2 of them. At the last one we were looking for someone stopped to see if we were stealing wire.

Then Rich said OK, we're going to the commissary. Argh.  Well, if we must, we must, so instead of just picking up a few things, I made a real trip of it. We needed meat and a number of other things. I always hate the commissary and it's even less fun when there's nothing to cook... Rich doesn't like anything I like at all, any more. We didn't get home till 1:30, but I didn't gnaw Rich's arm off anyway.

After lunch I packed up the meat.  Pork tenderloin tonight, so at least that went well.

Don Surber,  Nancy Pelosi's Anti-Worker Agenda

her major piece of legislation was an economy-wrecking, anti-free market piece of socialism called raising the minimum wage.

Time after time, Democrats propose this and time after time conservatives warn that it will trigger a recession.

And time after time, history proves conservatives correct.

Unemployment overall rose from 4.6% to 9% on her watch.

Unemployment overall rose from 7 million people to 13.9 million people.

Unemployment for teens rose from 15% to 25.7%.

Unemployment for blacks rose from 8% to 15.7%.

Unemployment for women rose from 4% to 7.9%.

Conservatives also warned that extending unemployment benefits would lengthen the recession.

And that has proven to be true.

...Nancy Pelosi elected Speaker. Women, minorities hardest hit.

Allahpundit: Fair enough. How about apologizing for everything else?

Best of the Web Today.

Obama in Iowa yesterday: "We had reversed the recession, avoided a depression, got the economy moving again, created 2 million private sector jobs over the last 17 months. But over the last six months, we've had a run of bad luck."

Robert Heinlein, in "Time Enough for Love," 1973: "Throughout history, poverty is the normal condition of man. Advances which permit this norm to be exceeded--here and there, now and then--are the work of an extremely small minority, frequently despised, often condemned, and almost always opposed by all right-thinking people. Whenever this tiny minority is kept from creating, or (as sometimes happens) is driven out of a society, the people then slip back into abject poverty. This is known as 'bad luck.' "

One Nation, Under the Bus tour.

Aw, too bad, the fleebaggers held on in Wisconsin.

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Thu, Aug 18th - 7:16PM

August 15: Rapidly Devolving Day

The Age of Napoleon, p. 643
109.6 miles

167 recordings of 52 types. 21% left.

Rasmussen: -22: (who the heck are the 20%? I suspect I know their ethnic makeup) 44/54.


It is the Feast of the Assumption.  Going to Mass this morning was the highlight of my day, and it went downhill from there. 

Rob posted that his Mom had brought a trampoline and I immediately thought of all the injuries and accidents that could lead to. I said as much and Monica argued with me (I've seen pictures now and can't find anything that suggests a lower age limit, so I'm shutting up about the safety issue) and in the process said "better a broken arm than a fat kid."  Apart from the fact that's a false dichotomy, I think it shows seriously skewed priorities... especially as she has expressed concern in the past over Genevieve's obsession with being skinny.  So I'm worried on one hand about the babies getting hurt and on the other hand that G. will get anorexic.

Meanwhile, Rich, with his chemo brain, managed to spill a full glass of lemonade all the heck over my books, nook, papers, me, chair, and floor. Nothing (especially the Nook) was permanently hurt, except possibly for my nerves.  I finally said to Monica that I was too upset and was leaving the conversation. 

The 1937 Canard.

There is nothing great about our good nation being kneecapped by political ambition and hostility toward capitalism.

pablo panadero says: August 15, 2011 at 8:48 AM

Everyone is missing something basic here.

We don’t have one problem (i.e. bad economy), we have multiple problems that each have sources that point back to growing government. Instead of addressing these problems, we have tried to smooth them over by throwing money at them. For example, the housing crisis was caused by lending money to people who could not afford to pay the loans. Conservatives say that this was caused by government policy in forms of both carrot (Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac) and stick (Redling lawsuits by quasi-government groups like ACORN). While we have thrown money at the problem and tried to keep interest rates low, we have not addressed the fundamental problem 3 years after the crash. Thus, the money has been wasted and will result in a second crash.

In engineering, the first thing you do is find the root cause and eliminate it from being a problem, either by changing the design or the process. Three years later, we still have a plan that requires a miracle to occur.

Debt End Bus Tour. [Actually, you would think the President would avoid buses, since everyone talks about all the people he's thrown under them.]

In the guide, the RNC calls President Obama’s debt plan “A Big Ol’ Hunk of Nothing on Two Thick Slices of Nada.”
...that Obama has chosen to respond to chronically high unemployment with yet another tour and no concrete plan — more talk, that is, but still no action — just leaves him that much more vulnerable to the RNC’s apt criticisms. A thinly veiled series of self-promotional bus stops in blue states aching for a real economic recovery sounds a very “off” note right about now. No matter how hard Obama tries to spin his economic record (or how hard DWS tries to spin it for him — she said at the fair that the economy has “stabilized” under President Obama’s leadership), he can’t disguise that he’s grown the debt at an unprecedented pace or that unemployment, which the stimulus was supposed to have reduced to less than 8 percent in short order, remains 9.2 percent. In other words, at every turn, he’ll run into a dead-end. Excuse me. Debt-end.

Run For Your Life!  He's Creating Jobs!

Jim Treacher
1.) Demonize opponents
2.) Concede to their wishes
3.) Whine that they're meanies for thwarting you
4.) Repeat


Monty Wolf
time to stop making excuses for obama; he is either an idiot or a traitor.

oprah says he's brilliant, so he must not be an idiot!

Jim Treacher: Paul Krugman finally finds a scenario in which his ideas might work: an attack on Earth by space aliens.  Paul Krugman for One Welcomes Our New Alien Overlords

From Joe Kemec: The first testicular guard, the "Cup," was used in Hockey in 1874 and the first helmet was used in 1974. That means it only took 100 years for men to realize that their brain is also important.

Late Night Jokes

Nobody's stopping Warren Buffet from writing a bigger check to Uncle Sam.  I'd take him more seriously if he actually did it.

Jay Lamborn There's a nice article out already showing how Buffet would benefit from this.

(A funny thing is that Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway benefits from high taxation, especially on a high estate tax that is basicly a tax on the rich. This is because he sells tax-insurances to rich people.)

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Wed, Aug 17th - 7:27AM

August 14: Hello Kids What Are Doing?

The Age of Napoleon, p. 636
109.6 miles

165 recordings of 50 types. 22% left.

Rasmussen: -22: 44/54.

Gonzaga Mom t-shirt.

Another All of the Above.

We had Gareth again.  Nick's parents came by and gave us a Wyoming poster.  We talked about new grandchildren.  They can hardly wait for their new granddaughter. Gareth was quite polite in his own way.  He mostly ignored them but did say hi and goodbye.  Then, when they were gone, we took him out in back to the new wading pool.  This was great fun!  He especially likes the sprayer part. The kids in back were in their pool, which we could hear.  "Hello kids what are doing?" he said.  This was good for about an hour, with me looking at his lips to make sure he wasn't too cold. 

(Oops. I didn't give access to the video, it's "family only" on Flickr. And I'm keeping it that way, sorry.)

I'd given him an old Bank of America checkbook folder.  "'merica book!" he read. Oh, and he can spell velociraptor.

More from Laramie...
Kyle Arnett: I remember in Jr. High, we had to start football practice by chasing the antelope off the practice field.

I was trying to remember the six Holy Days of Obligation, and only came up with 5.  Rich could only remember the same ones... Christmas, New Year's, Ascension, Assumption, and Immaculate Conception.  How could I forget all saints' day??

Reading: The Age of Napoleon, Will and Ariel Durant, The Bible (1 Machabees), The True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin, St. Louis Marie de Montfort, Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand, Blue Highways, William Least Heat Moon, Stitches in Time, Barbara Michael.

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Tue, Aug 16th - 5:26PM

August 13: Saturday at Home

The Age of Napoleon, p. 636
109.6 miles

171 recordings of 54 types. 19% left.

Rasmussen: -22: 44/54

T-shirt, 2000 B2B.

Argh, I found a box of stuff I meant to give to Vince when he was here.

I love the web. Connie Willis' characters were horrified with the Albert Memorial and so I looked it up. There are lots of pictures. I never saw this!  How did I miss it? (and actually, I kind of like it.)

Jim Treacher: Jason Cherkis goes back 22 years to catch a Rick Perry reversal. With Obama, you only have to go back 22 minutes.

Jim Treacher:: 1. Approach gumball machine. 2. Demand unicorn egg. 3. Insert quarter. 4. Gasp at gumball. 5. Shriek: "This thing is broken!" #liblogic

Robert Smith: 6. Approach gumball machine. 2. Demand unicorn egg. 3. Insert a billion quarters. 4. Gasp at gumball. 5. Shriek: "Racist!" #progressive policy

Taranto, the Great Deflation

    Like a leaky balloon, Barack Obama keeps getting smaller.

Taranto compares Obama’s lofty rhetoric during the 2008 campaign, when he grandly proclaimed that “this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal” to Obama’s more recent whiny complaining.

Glenna Yarnot
Dr Seuss for 2011 - I do not like this Uncle Sam, I do not like his health care scam. I do not like these dirty crooks, or how they lie and cook the books. I do not like when Congress steals, I do not like their secret deals. I do not like ex-speaker Nan, I do not like this 'YES WE CAN'..I do not like this spending spree, I'm smart, I know that nothing's free. I do not like their smug replies, when I complain about their lies. I do not like this kind of hope. I do not like it. nope, nope, NOPE!

Jay Cost

For what it’s worth, this is what I think Obama should do. He needs to track down Dr. Emmett Brown -- I think he still lives in Hill Valley, Calif. -- and see if he’ll loan him his DeLorean. Then, the president should travel back in time to 2009 to talk himself out of all the terrible mistakes he made that year.
...Obama, on the other hand, has not taken either course. He has not followed Truman’s lead, and fought the Republicans “on the beaches, on the landing grounds, in the fields, and in the streets.” Instead, he has cut deals again and again with the GOP – on the Bush tax cuts, on government spending through 2011, and now on the debt ceiling. Yet he has not been like Clinton, either, who smartly offered his own balanced budget plan to counter the Republican onslaught, thus enabling him to dominate the agenda through the budget battles of 1995 and 1996.

Instead, Obama just seems to…gripe:

Jim Hoft: Let’s face it. Democrats hate success. They smear it, bash it, and demand their fair share. They believe success can only be reached through theft so they steal it.


GM is not building a plant in Poca, West Virginia.
It is building one in Indonesia.
I guess that $50 billion bailout helped create jobs in the president’s boyhood home country, not Poca.
All we got was the bill.

They aren't accepting defeat. Instead, they're beating up on older women.

    Lincolntf said...

    So these meth-head looking lowlifes get their jollies roughing up women of a certain age, and then mocking her cries for police assistance? Classy people in Madison, real classy. Solidarity, indeed. Every one of you shitheels who encouraged and excused the violent mobs of the Spring are those guys boon compadres. Be very proud of yourselves, you worthless sacks of shit.

Boy, he's having a great week.

Heading for Jimmy Territory.

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Tue, Aug 16th - 5:16PM

August 12: Half a Play is Better than None

The Age of Napoleon, p. 636
109.6 miles

177 recordings of 60 types. 18% left.

Rasmussen: -22: 43/55

T-shirt, Bloomsday 1999.

155 books on Nook. I accidently bought All Clear when I did have it. (The title was "All Clear Award Docs" so I thought it was just a bibliography or something. Oops, but the epub version is better than the .pdf. That's the first money I've spent on this after buying it. I'm still trying to decide if the battery is a problem. It could just be these dense books with the need to turnthepagesrealfast because I want to see "what happens next."  (That doesn't explain the draining when it's sitting still, however.) The Friday free book is a kid's book, so I'm skipping it this week.

Rich was in pretty good shape today till we arrived at Music Circus. He made it through the first act of "Annie Get Your Gun" but then we decided to go home.  The musical was really entertaining. I'm hoping he'll be OK for the next couple of weeks: it's "I Do I Do!" next week, and "Miss Saigon" the week after.

0bama says Congress should put Country over Party. I think he should look in the mirror sometimes when he's lecturing.

But in case The One’s referring to tea-party congressmen (as he surely is), what was amazing about the “don’t raise the ceiling” crowd during the debt debate is that they were prepared to absorb a ferocious backlash against their own party in the name of doing something significant, i.e. Cut Cap and Balance, to solve America’s debt crisis. Time and again they were told that the GOP would bear the brunt of public anger if we didn’t make a deal, but they preferred that outcome to a weak compromise because at least there’d be important reform as a result.
...The grand absurdity of this critique, of course, is that every move this guy has made in recent memory, from yanking troops out of Afghanistan by next year to offering a budget so timid that it received not a single vote in the Senate to deliberately refusing to offer his own deficit-reduction plan during the debt-ceiling debate, is geared towards maximizing his odds of reelection.

you are aware, for instance that he hasn’t published anything in the law journal he edited, right?…likewise, he never published anything while an instructor at the University of Chicago Law School later on…the only thing he has ever published is his two sets of memoirs…don’t you find this a little strange, coming from a law scholar schooled at one of the best law school in the country? I find it most bizarre….
jimver on August 11, 2011 at 8:08 PM

0bamateurism of the Day. NBC’s Jeff Greenfield calls this “the lamest single line of his Presidency,” and asked, “What next? ‘American’ ends in ‘I-CAN’’”?”

Hey Barry, maybe it’s time you called for a tow. Triple-A my A$$.
JimK on August 12, 2011 at 8:09 AM

Pretty typical of the liberal mind on economics – thinking “the pie” will always just be there and they can go on divvying, redistributing and looting without consequence.
Kinda like Geitner’s “failure is not an option” comments.
Failure is most definitely an option. It’s a certainty with their policies.
forest on August 12, 2011 at 8:13 AM

Obama Administration Votes Not Present At UN Palestinian State Declaration Hearing. Every Single Day, a new horror.

The debt pool (video)

Yeah, like THAT'll ever happen.

Reading: The Age of Napoleon, Will and Ariel Durant, The Bible (1 Machabees), The True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin, St. Louis Marie de Montfort, Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand, Blue Highways, William Least Heat Moon, All Clear, Connie Willis.

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Mon, Aug 15th - 6:06AM

August 11: Chemo Day!

The Age of Napoleon, p. 636
109.5 miles

179 recordings of 62 types. 17% free.

Rasmussen: -22: 43/56.

"Hanging curve ball."

Obama hasn’t cut discretionary spending.  He hasn’t even cut the rate of increase of domestic spending.  This is such an easily-refutable argument that it just demonstrates that Obama has run out of excuses, and is simply mailing it in now.

Chemo day!  The last week has been so rocky we were pretty sure his blood count wouldn't allow them to treat him.  That shows what we know!  All his counts were up. Only one of them was still flagged. This was an emotional boost, for sure.

Oh, my, looks who's on TV. The Creep-in-Chief, that's who.

Blanchard Springs Caverns still exists.  When we went there and got on the elevator, Monica asked if we were going to Hell. Heh.

In 2011, Laramie was named as the best city to retire by Money Magazine due to its scenic location, low taxes and educational opportunities[4]. [Apparently they ignored the weather.]

Staycation Nation Gets to see the 0bamas Take another Vacation.

Jay Carney assures that Americans don’t mind it when their president jets off to a vacation very few other Americans can afford. And that the Obamas do this after lecturing other Americans to eschew high-paying jobs to do social work just adds a bit more vinegar.

3. Buzzsawmonkey
I can understand Obama spending extended time at the Vineyard; he needs to replenish his stock of sour grapes.

Karl Rove:
Rather than holding out for a "grand bargain" on entitlements, Mr. Obama could have proposed passing reforms one or two at a time, building confidence inside Congress for even more difficult actions. As his own outgoing Council of Economic Advisers Chairman Austan Goolsbee said Sunday, "Can't we wait on the things that we're going to yell at each other about and start on the things that we agree on?"

[No, the perpetual Adolescent-in-Chief can't do that, he has to have it ALL! NOW!!]

...Off-camera, Mr. Obama could have taken two other important steps. First, stop teeing off on congressional Republicans whose help he needs to accomplish anything this year. And second, attend far fewer fundraisers until Congress goes out in December. He must rescue his presidency by spending more time on his job, not his politics. These steps, however, are probably beyond the president. This West Wing is almost completely focused on the president's re-election, not on policy.



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Sun, Aug 14th - 7:50AM

August 10: Long Day with the Babies

The Age of Napoleon, p. 636
109.5 miles

165 recordings of 59 types. 23% free.

Rasmussen: -21: 43/56.

Tea Party T-shirt to celebrate Wisconsin.

Leftist special-interest groups see more than a state senate in play: If they can diminish Walker, other conservative governors will hesitate to reform state labor laws. Wisconsin Democrats also need a big win to get them motivated after 2010, when Walker won and Republican Ron Johnson, a first-time candidate, snagged a U.S. Senate seat. That was a shock to the Left, especially after President Obama won Wisconsin by 14 points in 2008. In 2012, Obama will almost undoubtedly need to win here again…

Unions go 0 for 2.

That narrowly denied unions in Wisconsin (and let’s not kid ourselves, nationwide) the ultimate victory they needed — a change in control of the state Senate that would have produced gridlock for at least the next several months.  In the end, they could only capture the Senate seat from a strong Democratic district and another from a scandal-plagued Republican, and neither one of those impressively.
...It doesn’t help these progressive activists that Walker and the GOP produced the best budget proposal in 15 years, and that the PEU reform has already begun to save Milwaukee $11 million this year and much more across the state.  It also doesn’t help Democrats to have President Obama “leading” us into a credit downgrade, massive deficits, and no apparent plan to pull us out of the economic stagnation his policies have produced.

What part of "democracy" is unclear to these people?

Can we get them to flush a bunch of money down the toilet next year that might otherwise go towards reelecting Barack Obama in a crucial swing state? Yes, we can.

Jim Treacher: In a way, they're both winners. But in another, more accurate way, the Republicans are the winners.

What a long long day!  Bernadette dropped the kids off at 7 and I was thinking she'd be back about 3:00 or 3:30.  By 4:45 I was beginning to look up her work phone number when she finally pulled in.  Whew!

The kids were good.  I basically shut off the playroom so Joanna had a few tears about that, and Gareth cried because I wouldn't let him play with his little cars (because of Joanna).  I had the enormous set of big Lego out. I'll be giving most of the wooden blocks to St. Vincent, since they're never really played with, only to make a mess. Both kids ate the two meals I fixed.  We watched two Yo Gabba Gabbas. Joanna had a nap and Gareth played a little with the magnets in the kitchen.  Rich kept an eye on him.

I was so tired when they were gone!

Joanna Plays the Piano     DSC04326

Judy Salas
If you bought $1,000 of shares in Delta Airlines one year ago, you would have $49.00 today! If you bought $1,000 of shares in AIG, you would have $33.00. If you bought $1,000 of shares in Lehman Brothers, you would have $0.00 today. But, if you purchased $1,000 worth of beer and drank it all, turned in the aluminum cans for recycling, you would have $214.00. Therefore the best current investment plan is to drink heavily & recycle. It is called the 401-Keg Plan.

A quote from the Laramie group: After all, WY isn't REALLY a state. It's a small town with REALLY long streets!

Reading: The Age of Napoleon, Will and Ariel Durant, The Bible (1 Machabees), The True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin, St. Louis Marie de Montfort, Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand, Blue Highways, William Least Heat Moon, All Clear, Connie Willis, Aunt Dimity & the Family Tree, Nancy Atherton.

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Sat, Aug 13th - 10:52AM

August 9: Corn!

The Age of Napoleon, p. 636
109.5 miles

161 recordings of 59 types. 25% remaining.

Rasmussen: -21: 45/55.

T-shirt, KGO B2B 1999.

I started off today with church, then I came home and picked up the dog and walked over to a cache of ours that someone didn't find last week. I thought it would still be there, and indeed it was. A pleasant little walk for me. Rich got home from his softball scrounging and went off to the dentist.

The project today was to freeze corn. I actually should have done this Saturday or Sunday, but didn't really feel like it till today.  When I was looking it up to see how long to blanch it, I discovered there's a way to freeze cobs.  So eventually I did 9 packs of corn cobs and then 5 packs of kernels.  It took all day, one way or another.

Big money for me, but not for thee.

One of Barack Obama’s favorite themes is the nasty influence of wealth on the American electoral system. Right next to that — or perhaps even surpassing it — is Obama’s insistence on expanded government spending.

Jim Treacher: Are you better off than you were four days ago?

If it wasn't for the Tea Party, we would have been rated BBB.

In a time of Crisis, Obama Plays Politics.

gbandy Collapse
I listened to Obama and his empty headed blame speech. He is the biggest failure in US history and only can blame anyone and anything for his lack of leadership. Blaming the whole mess on the Tea Party is like blaming the sun for a sunburn. He and the Democrats have spent the trillions not the Tea Party. Now only the real mentally challenged would believe anything out of his un-experienced socialist mouth.

“The administration’s knee-jerk responses are somewhat inconsistent: if S&P was wrong to downgrade the debt, and the downgrade was based on a mathematical error, then it is hard to see how the downgrade can also be the Tea Party’s fault. (In the legal world, this is known as pleading in the alternative: when sued for borrowing a neighbor’s pot and breaking it, the defendant answers that he never borrowed the pot; the pot was never broken; and the pot was already broken when he borrowed it.)
What is most ludicrous is the Democrats’ effort to distract attention from the fact that they controlled Congress from January 2007 until January 2011. The first Congress that had any ability to be influenced by the Tea Party movement has been in office for only six months. Do the Democrats seriously expect anyone to believe that S&P’s downgrade of U.S. debt arises out of something that Republican Congressmen have done in the last six months? We expect the Democrats to appeal to ignorance at all times, but this is ridiculous.”
-- John Hinderaker @ Power Line

“So the argument for re-election is going to be ‘Don’t blame Obama, he was no match for the Tea Party’?” --James Taranto

Recall Day in Wisconsin.

    That is what Republicans across the state need to do today. They need to organize, turn out, and ask their neighbors if they prefer leadership that produced the best budget in 15 years and millions of dollars in public savings to the kind of leadership that produces downgrades and massive deficits.

Let’s hope they show up. It would set a very bad precedent for 2012 if the Dems retook the Wisconsin Senate based on nothing but demagoguery and millions in forced contributions from union coffers. Because that’s gonna be the national gameplan for the Democrat Party next year.

Doughboy on August 9, 2011 at 8:49 AM

Good timing, public sector leeches, you managed to have a recall election built on getting your expensive perks back at the exact time that the nation just got a massive credit wallop because of overspending.

Don’t worry though, if the night doesn’t go your way you can always beat the crap out of some innocent passerby, burn down a building or two, vandalize the state house, and take a crap on Scott Walker’s front lawn. That will show ‘em!

Bishop on August 9, 2011 at 8:52 AM

Obama at Fundraisers.

Jim Treacher: Paul Krugman kicks it up a notch in feud with reality.

We are rudderless on a captainless ship.

@lheal: If the #teaparty is to blame for the #downgrade, the doctor is to blame for your lung cancer.

The morning update.

Monty Wolf:
Does anyone know how to cancel a bid on E-Bay?
I put in a $7 bid for a "Mickey Mouse Outfit", and now it seems I'm only nineteen minutes away from owning Obama's entire Cabinet.

The Anchoress.

The hot topic, everywhere, is Obama’s horrific ten minute exposition, yesterday of a man wholly at a loss, and either completely out of touch with the people, out of his depths, lacking the skills of mature leadership, or all three.

Really, I think it’s all three.

...The sharp-dressed politico who Hillary Clinton once derided as receiving too much glory because “he gave a good speech, once,” exposed himself as an aching void of a man, bereft of ideas or energy; a lonely planet, spinning as it fades away.

...I am concerned about Obama. The guy I saw yesterday seemed barely in control of himself — he seemed angry, frustrated and terribly frightened — like a lightweight who had been thrown into a heavy-weight competition and knew he’d survived this long on luck and kindness, and was anticipating the bell which, this time, would force him to either fully engage or get knocked out.

...But an incumbent whose competence and ability to win re-election is seriously in doubt, and against whom a primary challenge would be ill-advised, is a terrible albatross for an ideology that, three years ago, had anticipated decades of political dominance, and hates letting a good crisis go to waste. I wonder if someone can convince him to decide against running for re-election, maybe for medical reasons, and let him start his post-presidency — a life of perks and prestige without all the pressure.

Roundup on the speech.

Dana Milbank.

It’s as if, in some sort of national spasm of carelessness and self-deceit, we elected a guy entirely unqualified by experience or personal characteristics to the single most important office in the land, to serve during a period of unusual troubles that he was not equipped to address.

Obama's Speeches.

Barack Obama's weakness is thinking he can talk his way in or out of virtually any opportunity or difficulty.

Being a Real Good Talker helped him get the job heading the law review. And entering politics. And succeeding early there, albeit within Chicago's rigged system. And being an RGT thrust him onto the national stage at the Democratic National Convention in 2004 when delegates had the foolish notion that John Kerry and John Edwards could win.

[A RGBT, in fact.]

...When in trouble, give a speech. Even if there's no visible audience. his Monday remarks the president said this:

    I intend to present my own recommendations over the coming weeks on how we should proceed.

Over the coming weeks? The need for a balanced, long-term approach was clear the day he took office $3+ trillion dollars ago and sometime soon he'll share his plans?

Obama is still saying, 'Yes, we can.' But he never explains why we haven't.

Instapundit comments... I’m definitely sensing a shift in the tone here. . . .

Reader Robert Burnham emails that an MSM preference cascade may be underway:

    I think this week and last will be seen as when Obama lost the MSM. His inexperience and political incompetence have become too obvious to ignore, even for them. He’s become a liability to the Party. They won’t turn on him viciously because they invested so heavily in him before. But we’ll see a chilling of tone in regard to him, and simultaneously a warmer response toward Democrats who appear more electable.

    Another matter is that Democrats looking farther down the road may actually not want to jump into 2012, figuring that a primary fight against a sitting president will be fratricidal to the Party — and perhaps also that a political reversal next year has become highly probable anyway.

Is Obama Smart?

I just think the president isn't very bright.

Socrates taught that wisdom begins in the recognition of how little we know. Mr. Obama is perpetually intent on telling us how much he knows. Aristotle wrote that the type of intelligence most needed in politics is prudence, which in turn requires experience. Mr. Obama came to office with no experience. Plutarch warned that flattery "makes itself an obstacle and pestilence to great houses and great affairs." Today's White House, more so than any in memory, is stuffed with flatterers.
...Then there is Mr. Obama as political tactician. He makes predictions that prove false. He makes promises he cannot honor. He raises expectations he cannot meet. He reneges on commitments made in private. He surrenders positions staked in public. He is absent from issues in which he has a duty to be involved. He is overbearing when he ought to be absent.

Mr Cool is Rather Cold

That’s precisely what most of us on the Right said about the odd love affair with a one-term backbencher with no executive or business experience in the 2008 presidential race.  Cohen and other liberals in the media saw a black man running for President and filled in their own narrative, as Cohen admits here.  Those of us who challenged that narrative with the facts about Obama’s record (and lack thereof) were dismissed and often slimed as racists, a narrative that continues to this day.

The Empty Podium Presidency

These columns all have one thread in common: Obama has run out of ideas.  He has no Plan B.  Instead, he only has generalities and platitudes so threadbare that even his usual allies are forced to notice it.

A President at a Loss

Joe DeVet says:
Sadly, it was very clear to anyone who had eyes to see that candidate Obama was little more than an empty suit, and a hopeful emblem which could never deliver on the hopes projected onto him. A clear vision of the man and politician would have revealed that incompetence and inexperience were only the beginning of trouble--add to that the fact that, where something like policy ideas could be discerned, the policies were absolutely toxic to the Republic. As a final negative, but not necessarily the least important, he was the most pro-abortion presidential candidate available.

All of those problems, which could be clearly seen at the outset, have been borne out in the actual fact of his presidency. Alas, the one positive accomplishment attributed to him, that finally a black man could be elected president and put our racist past behind us, has failed as well. If anything, the animosity and mistrust between races has been increased by this presidency--for the reason cited in the article. Those who defend him, having no rational arguments, fall back to calling names. Many, I fear, don't realize this is simply the rhetoric of those who can't find rational arguments, and do actually believe that racism is behind the criticism.

Elizabeth displays the attitude that we should all try to adopt toward this "man-child" who sits in the Oval Office. Pray for him, for his safety and salvation. Calmly and firmly criticize what must be criticized for the good of the country.

Randy says:
Even though I didn't vote for Barack Obama, I was proud on Inauguration Day that America--born amidst racial slavery, could finally hand the reins of power to a black man. But I also knew, there were at least five thousand black men (and women) in America who were more qualified than this man. Maybe one who at least had built or run a large business, and had to make payroll every week--a capitalist. Bill Clinton showed that a liberal can at least understand how the economy works, even if they still feel compelled to guide it with a too-heavy hand. Obama knows--thinks he knows--lots of things about the economy, but most of them aren't true. If he doesn't know why he's making small business owners nervous, he doesn't know much.

Janice says:
I've thought many of the same things Mrs. Scalia has written about here, including wondering if our woebegone president fears for his safety or how his wife takes the constant attacks on her personality (read that "sourpuss").

The thing that rings most true to me is that Mrs. Scalia is a better Catholic than I.
I wish the man no dire ill will, but I do wish he'd find another job....


Conservatives are “terrorists,” and the Dems have to “kill” them. Also, George Bush is the bad guy for actually killing actual terrorists. It all makes sense when you don’t think about it.

Experience Matters (Video)

I'm reading "Blackout" by Connie Willis, and got into the crossword clues. They weren't important to the story but I wanted to know what they were. In the process, I ran into the D-Day Crosswords.  Fascinating!  More.

Reading: The Age of Napoleon, Will and Ariel Durant, The Bible (1 Machabees), The True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin, St. Louis Marie de Montfort, Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand, Blue Highways, William Least Heat Moon, Blackout, Connie Willis, Aunt Dimity & the Family Tree, Nancy Atherton.

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Sat, Aug 13th - 7:10AM

August 8: Library Day and Cleaning Day

The Age of Napoleon, p. 636
108.3 miles

171 recordings of 61 types. 21% free.

Rasmussen: -18: 46/52.

T-shirt, Recycle Rex.  This to appeal to Gareth, as it was, first, library day! Bernadette picked me up and we went over there. I had books to give them, and bought more. I also checked out another Aunt Dimity, despite the dismal episode of Aunt Dimity Down Under. I just hope she just was off her stride for the one book. Meanwhile, Gareth was so eager to get there and see "Miss Barbera." (She spells it that way.)  He hugged her goodbye, too.

He thought he was coming to Nana's house and I explained he wasn't today, but Mommy was buying some food and having a picnic at Seely park with its sprayground. They're coming back on Wednesday. 

Then I went home to wait for the cleaners. I think in future if library day and cleaning day are the same I will not ask them to come later. I'll leave a note or Rich could wait 15 minutes before he goes bowling. They didn't get here till almost 2.  They did appreciate the new bathroom tile. Lilia is also agitating to start in the master bedroom. No, I'm not ready. They took about an hour and it's SO NICE to have a clean house!

Happy days are here again.

Oh, he's back on the Hobbits' side?

Democrats refused to listen in 2009 when voters revolted over the addition of another massive entitlement program; voters spent all of 2010 revolting over Obamanomics; and they punished Democrats in November for not listening to them.  Democrats still aren’t listening, and the way they are reacting now, 2012 may make 2010 look like a good year for the Democratic Party.

They found the first body at Yosemite.


Why we should give 0bama the higher taxes he wants.

    Were I a Republican senator or representative, I would be agitating to repeal the “Eisenhower tax cut” on the movie industry and restore the excise tax. I think I would also look at imposing similar taxes on sales of DVDs, pay-per-view movies, CDs, downloadable music, and related products.

    I’d also look at the tax and accounting treatment of these industries to see if they were taking advantage of any special “loopholes” that could be closed as a means of reducing “tax expenditures.” (Answer: Yes, they are.)

    America, after all, is facing the largest national debt in relation to GDP that it has faced since the end of World War II, so a return to the measures deemed necessary then is surely justifiable now.

    The president’s own rhetoric about revenues certainly suggests so. Perhaps the bill could be named the “Greatest Generation Tax Fairness Act” in recognition of its history.

    Should legislation of this sort be passed — or even credibly threatened — I think we can expect to see Hollywood rediscover the dangers posed by “job killing tax increases,” just as pro-tax-increase Warren Buffet changed his tune once his own corporate-jet business was threatened.

There's a group on Facebook that has just exploded: "You Know You're from Laramie when..."

I remember Butch Smith who was in my Kindergarten class and then he moved to Cheyenne. The next year he was riding his bike home from after school sports, caught his pant leg in his bike chain and before the lady who's house he stopped at could get her scissors to cut his pants loose, his lungs froze and he died.
That's always stayed with me... ? Changed the after school sports rules for the state... you could no longer leave w/o someone picking you up.

Matt Gray posted toNews10 Sacramento
I just returned from Greece, and the violence there against American tourists is flagrant -- even amidst Congress' efforts to gift U.S. tax dollars to Greece for a bailout using IMF funds. Greek police do nothing about attacks on Americans. Why should our hard-earned tax dollars be used to prop-up any entity which then subverts the safety and security of Americans who travel abroad?

Party time!
Obama will make two public appearances this evening, Mary Bruce notes … at two fundraisers.  With no cameras allowed.

    Addendum: I predict that Obama will change his schedule and make a public statement sometime today, only because I can’t imagine any White House allowing this much of a vacuum between a major event and some demonstration of leadership.

If I were them, I’d rather keep him off the radar.

As his last few public appearances have proven, it’s better to be thought of as a fool than to open your mouth, remove all doubt, and double down by telling the media exactly how to cover what you’re saying.
teke184 on August 8, 2011 at 9:30 AM

Yeah go after S&P – that will help.

What can he say anymore honestly? I think a majority of American people don’t believe one word that comes out of his mouth anymore.

I would rather he speak on the SEALS that were lost but I’m not holding my breath on that either.
gophergirl on August 8, 2011 at 9:32 AM

"Obama Blames..." in Headlines Rush comments:
RUSH: Let me count the pages here. One, two, three, four, five, six pages -- six pages of hits for "Obama blames."

Jim Treacher: Bush. Cheney. Limbaugh. The Koch brothers. Corporate jet owners. Now the Tea Party. It's always everybody's fault but Obama's.

Jim Treacher: "If anybody wants to make a case for America continuing to live beyond our means, without accusing me of being a terrorist, that'd be great."

Anticipating the Coming Convulsions as the Welfare State Dies.
“The problem with the Tea Party is not what it does – at best, right now, it can only make a moral and political case; it does not have the numbers to make anything happen without non-Tea Partiers joining it. The problem with the Tea Partiers, in the eyes of the liberal establishment and the pet moderate GOP enablers, is that it dares to point out the indisputable truth that must be hidden at all costs: That the social welfare state is unsustainable and will collapse.”

The Big Speech:

“Horrifyingly bad.” “He was a half hour late. His head turned from side to side as if he were attending a tennis match. He practically never looked in the camera, as if he were averting our gaze. And those were the strong parts of President Obama’s disastrous speech. It was a bit like a slow-motion car crash. After a while, one stopped listening to the blather and simply watched the stock ticker go down and down. And down some more.”

Shorter Obama: “Standard and Poor’s are a bunch of stinky poopie heads, and the US still has a AAA rating with the Slient Majority.”

I don’t know why he gave this speech except as a way to check the “president comments on unprecedented downgrade” box. Jen Rubin calls it horrifyingly bad, which is true, just as it’s also true that the best he could do today in terms of a concrete response to the downgrade is promise forthcoming deficit reduction “recommendations.”

Tina Korbe
It certainly didn’t help that BHO arrived at that podium more than 48 minutes late. Before he even opened his mouth, Obama’s tardiness touched off a Twitterstorm.
...The president didn’t even have the decency to open his remarks with condolences for the families of the Navy SEALs who lost their lives this weekend. Instead, he gave that pride of place to reiterate the rightness of the “solutions” he’s been suggesting for the nation’s debt and deficit crisis from Day 1.

Wisconsin will save Millions in Health Care Costs.

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Fri, Aug 12th - 1:08PM

August 7: What That Says That?

The Age of Napoleon, p. 628
108.3 miles
85 degrees!

164 recordings of 56 types, 25% open.

Rasmussen: -16: 47/51.

My Nook got through a whole week before getting to 70%. Now, of course, the battery's draining again. I wish I could figure this out. I've had two good times and the rest of them, not so much.

We had Gareth over today. He played quietly the whole time. He wanted the foam books I took away when he was tearing them.  "S O F T what that says that?" "Soft." "S H A P E S what that says that?" "Shapes." "Soft Shapes Colors."  and later "Soft shapes on and off." OK then.

Obviously, he had these books too young.  Lunch went well. We hadn't policed the yard so he didn't go out, and while he sat on the potty twice, I didn't catch him. Oh, well.

Jim Treacher: "The global warming alarm spread by Al Gore & the UN is in utter scientific collapse."  B-b-but... the poley bears!

0bama and the Narcissism of Big Differences.

0bama is trying to escape the blame for the credit downgrade.

Two reasons why our "sense of decline" has deepened: For the first time in our lifetimes we have a president who (1) has low regard for the principles on which our nation was founded and (2) does not find America exceptional. Whenever he tells us how great we are and that we can do anything we set our minds to, he sounds false and unconvincing. The president doesn't like us very much or our nation. He instead is enamored of his own vision of America, one that reflects him, his values, his ideology. It's been his goal from the beginning, oft stated during his campaign, to fundamentally transform our nation. It's a mystery to me why so many voters didn't seem to catch onto this.

Ronald Reagan loved this country unabashedly. When he told us we were a great nation that could accomplish anything, we believed it because we knew he believed it.

0bamateurism of the Week The gazillionth pivot to jobs was tempting, but I believe in change, next century. 

"If the US Government was a family, they would be making $58,000 a year, they spend $75,000 a year, & are $327,000 in credit card debt. They are currently proposing BIG spending cuts to reduce their spending to $72,000 a year. These are the actual proportions of the federal budget & debt, reduced to a level that we can understand." - Dave Ramsey

Obama reacts to his downgrade. August 7, 2011 by Don Surber

It has been a little over 48 hours since S&P announced that President Obama’s reckless spending caused the U.S. government’s credit to degrade to AA+ from AAA.

His reaction so far:

From Tom McGregor: “President Barack Obama, a Democrat, enjoys spending time on the golf course on Andrews Air Force Base, which is nearby Camp David. Regardless of circumstances, Obama loves to play golf. The U.S. stock exchanges are plunging and the S&P has just downgraded the credit rating of United States federal government debt. So, how does the President respond to recent developments of the Obama Depression? He plays golf.”

Instapundit: "When you’re using your MasterCard to pay your Visa, it’s the person who doesn’t want the limit raised who’s the REAL problem."

Mark Boehm President Obama's schedule for Monday only has two DNC fund raisers on Monday evening..... at least he'll be doin' something he's good at tomorrow.......and hopefully we will be spared another TV appearance sometime tomorrow!

President Part-Time

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Tue, Aug 9th - 1:19PM

August 6: Sloughhouse Corn!

The Age of Napoleon, p. 623
108.3 miles
85 degrees!

174 recordings of 67 types. 18% left. Time to clean out the HBO movies I haven't found time for.

Rasmussen: - 14: 47/54.

I'm up 1.4 pounds for the week, with high borderline blood pressure.

T-shirt, 1999 Bay to Breakers.

We started this day at the Fair Oaks Harvest Festival.  This year Rich didn't enjoy it much, since he was tired, and couldn't taste any of the stuff.  I liked a number of things in the silent auction, but at the moment am not in acquisition mode, but in cutting down mode.  (Just ignore the little trip to the library twofer booksale I went to yesterday after I'd dropped Gareth off.)

Then we went caching on our way to Sloughhouse. Reading Bernadette's history book I learned about
Jared Sheldon and Sloughhouse, and it reminded me that we haven't had any sloughhouse corn this year. Rich discovered there were 8 caches along Jackson Road going there, so he put them into the GPSr. We had also stopped for a bowling quiz cache on the way to Fair Oaks.

We managed all the caches.  Then we got 54 ears of corn (and 4 bell peppers.) Oh, and the corn on the cob is every bit as tasty as I remembered.

Reading: The Age of Napoleon, Will and Ariel Durant, The Bible (1 Machabees), The True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin, St. Louis Marie de Montfort, Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand, Blue Highways, William Least Heat Moon, and Blackout, Connie Willis.

Versailles West. The Evil Bush had had 7 fundraisers by this time, to 0bama's 65+.

Is the cost to attend this party more than the average wage or median wage, per individual or household in America? I just want to know to what extent BO is telling us “Let them eat cake.”
AnotherOpinion on August 5, 2011 at 9:30 PM

DeMint Calls for Geithner's Resignation in Wake of Credit Downgrade.

0bama Partisans Ignore the Facts when Bashing Bush.

"Everybody talks about how much the Bush tax cuts 'cost,'" says one GOP strategist. "We're saying, no, they led to a huge increase in revenue."

And deficits shrank. After beginning with a Clinton-era surplus in 2001, the Bush administration ran up deficits of $158 billion in 2002; $378 billion in 2003; and $413 billion in 2004. Then, with revenues pouring in, the deficits began to fall: $318 billion in 2005; $248 billion in 2006; and $161 billion in 2007. That 2007 deficit, with the tax cuts in effect, was one-tenth of today's $1.6 trillion deficit.

Deficits went up in 2008 with the beginning of the economic downturn -- and, not coincidentally, with the first full year of a Democratic House and Senate.
None of this is to say that George W. Bush had a good record on spending. He didn't, and he's fair game for criticism. But is it honest to condemn reckless spending in "eight years of Republican rule" when Democrats controlled the Senate for four of those years and the House for two? Is it honest to talk about the "cost" of the Bush tax cuts when federal revenues increased significantly while they were in effect? And is it honest to refer to Bush's ballooning deficits when deficits actually trended down for much of his presidency -- at least before Democrats won control of Congress?

Of course Obama partisans would like to pin the president's troubles on Bush. But they should get their facts straight first.

Aha.  Now we're not racist, tea-bagging terrorist hobbits, now we're actually insiders.  Yeah, right.

Can we Grow Our Way out of our Debt Crisis?

a similar problem, which is the Obama administration and its allies.  If anyone doubts that, today’s Wall Street Journal interview with Eric Cantor makes it very clear indeed.  Cantor describes a White House that sees American productivity as something to loot rather than something to promote:
...the Left’s “singular focus” is clearly not on job creation or economic growth. They’re too busy pursuing their own notions of “economic justice” to promote growth, and the underpinning of “economic justice” is punishing the people who provide growth in the first place. 

John Hawkins: What's it say about our press when the people who spent away our AAA rating are sure they can blame it on the people who tried to stop them?

Don Surber: 

4. From Politico: “One day after lowering the nation’s platinum triple-A credit rating, Standard & Poor’s analysts warned Saturday that the U.S. government could face a second downgrade if the economy continues to struggle and the government fails to make the cuts outlined in the debt ceiling agreement.”

A wise president would unveil a plan to cut spending immediately.

Instead of a wise president, we have a smart one. Sigh.

John Hawkins: Reelecting Obama in 2012 would be like electing Hurricane Katrina as the Mayor of New Orleans.

You Picked a Fine Time to Lead us, Barack (Video: in questionable taste in a couple of places.)

Frank J. has a great idea.

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Tue, Aug 9th - 11:36AM

August 5: We're Going to the Zoo

The Age of Napoleon, p. 619
107.8 miles
85 degrees!

169 recordings of 67 types, 20%.

T-shirt, Sacramento Science Center Dinosaurs.

It was so exciting going to the Zoo, I guess, I completely forgot to check on Rasmussen.

Today I took Gareth to the Zoo.  While Bernadette was slathering him with sunscreen, Joanna was upset, so I took her to Gareth's room and distracted her with the helmet.  Unlike Gareth, she thinks hats are great fun.

Gareth enjoyed the Zoo.  He said "no" when I asked if he wanted a train ride, and didn't really want to at first, but we went into the coal tender and once it started, he was delighted.  Later we rode the carousel. I started him on a polar bear but it was too big and then he went onto a grasshopper... the jury is still out on if it was fun or not.

We also went on the dump truck.  He still has no idea it runs, and I'm not telling him. We came back to it later in the day. He also had fun buckling the stroller buckles. We had a chicken strip and fries basket for lunch and he was really good about throwing the basket out when we were done.

Oh, yes, we saw some animals, too. I had to tell him what the ostrich was but he correctly identified the zebra behind it. I showed him how the flamingos stand on one leg and asked if he could do it... he picked up one leg in both hands and held it for maybe a second.

He was ready to go home after 90 minutes or so. I avoided the playground, which bores me, and home we went.  A good day!

Joanna     On the Carousel

Not enough rich to cover the deficit.  Duh.

The Global Economy Comes to the End of Its String.

This is a much better analysis of the problem than that put out by political pundits.
It's not just a perception problem caused by the Tea Party. It's a real problem, pointed out by the Tea Party. Somebody has to insist that we do something about it.

You Might Be a Terrorist...

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Sun, Aug 7th - 6:51AM

August 4: Be Not Afraid

The Age of Napoleon, p. 619
107.8 miles
85 degrees!

168 recordings of 66 types. 21% left.

Rasmussen: -18: 45/54

Today Rich started the new chemo protocol.  I looked up the new drugs, Cisplatin and Taxotere.  Pretty dire.  The Cisplatin is a stronger version of the Carboplatin he was on, and it apparently often has great effects at first, then builds up resistant cancer cells.  That's what the taxotere is to take care of.  They have to monitor his kidney function, too, and he has lots of extra hydration both by mouth and needle.  The side effects he has had may be increased and he could lose his hearing.

But if it works...

When we got there, Rich's platelets were really low. We were concerned that they wouldn't start the treatment, but the doctor said OK.  His baseline blood test for the kidney stuff had a scary high blood glucose --- scary high till we remembered it wasn't a fasting blood test. Oh, OK, it's not bad.  The other thing that was way high was LD. I knew that couldn't be lead, but had to get home to find out it's
lactic acid dehydrogenase.  You don't want a way high one, but it's one of the symptoms of lung cancer, so there it is.

I left late for church at the Retreat House but made it in time, and had time to try to center and stop worrying.  Then the first song was "Be Not Afraid." I really needed this time.

The treatment took all morning. I came back and Rich was telling the old lady all about my Mom.  He seems to feel pretty well: he mowed the lawn, front and back, today. 

The gazillionth pivot to jobs.

Is this gonna be a hard pivot or a soft pivot?

I know he said he is gonna focus…but I’d rather he did not.

coldwarrior on August 4, 2011 at 8:11 AM

Ed Morrissey
I'd like to wish President @BarackObama a happy birthday & dozens more as a retired one-term President.

Keep this quote handy.

    We also made sure that these cuts wouldn’t happen so abruptly that they’d be a drag on a fragile economy.

Keep this quote handy, we already need it.

Scott Ott I suppose the Left, in order to maintain their class-warfare narrative, pictures these luxury items being manufactured and sold by the wealthy to the wealthy.

See the garment factory where the obscenely-rich seamstress earns her fat paycheck by sewing $9,000 coats for her sisters on Mansion row. Watch as the cash-corpulent baron of industry rolls up his sleeves to earn his seven-figure income by driving rivets into the fuselage of a corporate jet within which his brothers in the leisure class will lounge as they jet about the country to board meetings.

Don Surber remembers 1961

President Kennedy took office on January 20 with a stunning and upbeat inauguration speech that vowed that our nation would “pay any price, bear any burden” to fight for freedom and he implored Americans to be self-reliant and giving (“ask not what your country can do for you…”) notions that two generations later probably seem so foreign to you that you probably cannot believe they were spoken by a Harvard man.
It is hard to tell which of those events marked the West’s low point in the Cold War. Suffice it to say, the low point was hit that year. You wanted to hit the reset button in U.S.-Russian relations.


We won the Cold War.

Why give them a chance for two-out-of-three?
While you have the right not to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, why not do so? Why not wear a flag lapel pin? Why not call this the greatest land of all?

Happy 50th birthday, Mister President, and may you live to have another 50 and then another 50 after that. May yours be the longest ex-presidency in history.

And may that ex-presidency begin on January 20, 2013.

World ends.  Women and Children Hardest Hit. -- The Onion.

Polls: Obama lost the debt deal. Big time.

If he thought pushing the country to the brink of bankruptcy would save his sorry excuse for a presidency, well, then mark it up as just another thing he was wrong about.

...The elbows were sharper against Bush 43. Somehow he survived.

This wuss won’t.

Mike Huckabee
People have said it was insensitive of the President to hold a lavish fundraiser when Americans can’t find jobs or scrape together enough money to pay their mortgages...but in his defense…it does take a lot of campaign ad money to convince 14 million unemployed people the economy has turned the corner and is back to creating jobs!

The Elite is Revolting [great article, as is usual with  Taranto]

Life Imitates the Onion--I

    "Nation Ready to Be Lied To About Economy Again"--headline, Onion, May 4, 2009
    "Wasserman Schultz: 'We've Really Begun to Turn the Economy Around' "--video title,, Aug. 2, 2011

...If Only He Felt That Way About Everything Else
"Obama Says No Need to Be Know-It-All on Cyprus"--headline, Agence France-Presse, Aug. 4

Obama’s Fall to Earth

One of the first magazine articles Scott and I wrote was titled “Dan Quayle For President.” I believe Quayle was the vice-president at the time. The title was somewhat tongue in cheek; the theme of our piece was that conservative presidents may be derided as stupid, but somehow they keep having successful presidencies. Liberal presidents, on the other hand, may be praised as brilliant, but somehow they keep failing. The explanation, of course, is simple: conservative policies work, and liberal policies don’t.
If you are a liberal, there are two ways of looking at this: you can conclude that liberalism is a failed ideology, or that Barack Obama isn’t as smart as you thought. It’s no surprise that most liberals prefer the latter choice:

    So, as the liberal presidency of Mr. Obama becomes increasingly indefensible, the liberal is faced with an unthinkable dilemma: acknowledge the fundamental failure of his collectivist liberal philosophy, which tends toward socialism, or blame its failures on a single man whom, until just recently, the liberal deified.

Lyndon Joslin · Houston, Texas
Another possible third explanation: liberalism IS the one true path and obama IS brilliant, but he "inherited" too big a problem from W, and the Tea Party "terrorists" are interfering with his ability to govern effectively. But then they have to explain how a "stupid" president like W can create a problem that a "brilliant" one like obama can't fix, and how the "stupid" Tea Party can stymie such a "brilliant" man. I confess it's enjoyable to watch them twist in the wind. It'd be more fun if only he were wrecking somebody else's country.

Mark Lindholm · Westbrook, Maine
They are not faced with any dilemma of the sort. If a leftist politician fails, it is ALWAYS because he wasn't leftist enough. Good luck getting any lefty to agree that Obama's policies are socialist. If they are disenchanted with the guy, they will just tell you he is in the pockets of the evil corporations.

mccanlesm (signed in using AOL)
I think that the Democratic debacle cannot be completely explained until we factor in why the Democratic Party nominated Obama in the first place. They nominated him because he was black. Look the Democratic Party straight in the eye, and what do you see: a party that is deservedly paranoid about two things: (1) it is historically the party of slavery (therefore a black democratic president is a must); (2) the democratic party is historically the party of the aristocratic south which brought us the Civil War (therefore the democratic party must trash the wealthy and must be the advocate for the food stamp stratum of American society). Just watch what they accuse conservatives of being: (1) white and (2) wealthy. Conclusion: don't make politics out of your historical guilts.

Being Conservative:

Today is Obama's birthday. He gave the American people a 500 point drop in the stock market because the debt deal didn't cut spending enough to demonstrate a serious effort to fix our problem. We need to vote this guy out my friends! He might not be all of the problem but he's a big chunk of it.

Weasel Zippers: “Federal Government Borrows $239 Billion On Tuesday, U.S. Debt Has Largest One-Day Bump In History. Borrowing Now Tops 100% Of GDP.”


14. From ABC News: “Afghanistan War: Hobbyists’ Toy Truck Saves 6 Soldiers’ Lives.”

The 101st Hot Wheels Division strikes again! They die so our soldiers don’t have to.


...From Michael Graham of the Boston Herald: “Matt Damon is not a genius. He just plays one in the movies.”


0bama's Catch-2012: The only way for Obama to stimulate the enormous private sector job growth needed to ensure Obama’s reelection is for Obama to announce he is not running for reelection, which would unleash a wave of investment and economic activity not seen since the Great Depression.

Disapproval of Congress at 82%.

Jim Treacher: All but the dumbest lefties now realize we were right about Obama the whole time, but they can't admit it. Enjoy their cognitive dissonance.

Dow Jones plunges 512 points; but don't worry, President Obama's birthday parties unaffected

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Sun, Aug 7th - 6:29AM

August 3: Cars 2

The Age of Napoleon, p. 614
107.8 miles
sunny, hot

168 recordings of 66 types. 22%

Rasmussen: -19: 44/54.

Today we went to see Cars2. For awhile there we were the only people in the theater but by the time the show started, there were about 15 of us.  I liked the Toys 3 Toon that led in.  And then, for awhile, it was confusing with the cars, but soon enough we got into the swing of the movie. I glanced at Rich and he was laughing, so good to see. 

We stopped by the post office, sending a package to Vince and Niki for their anniversary, and a Czech geocoin home to the owners. Less money than you might expect.

TSA Testing Israeli-Style Screening in Boston

When security screeners are discouraged from using their judgment, use profiling to narrow threat detection, and are more concerned with appearances than results, then we get security theater rather than actual security.

Oh, that Joe.  (I use Giffords as inspiration: "It is wise to acknowledge miracles.")

He does a lot of amateur, embarrassing stuff. I’ve never had much respect for Biden and his performance as the second Ø hasn’t improved my opinion. He’s too stinking stupid for me to really, viscerally hate him, though. Mostly, I just wish he would get lost on his way to the office one morning and nobody would miss him until, oh, late January of 2013.
ExpressoBold on August 3, 2011 at 12:12 AM

Tina Korbe.  It sounded just like the speech he delivered in the same location about a month ago — and I was calling that a repeat speech of an earlier speech. Gotta say this for the guy: He stays on message. The president’s unchanged remarks reveal just how little the debt deal accomplished.

He doesn't like the system.

Actually, the standoff shows that our political system seems to be improving.  Representative government works best when elected officials listen to their constituents — and clearly, Congress heard enough from voters in the last midterm election to understand that we see spending as the problem, not undertaxation.

    Actually, the standoff shows that our political system seems to be improving.
I was thinking the same thing. The government is, once again, in fear of the people and that is a good thing–especially when Harry Reid looks frustrated…or constipated.
ted c on August 3, 2011 at 8:13 AM

Pew: 37% think less of Obama over the debt  August 3, 2011 by Don Surber

I thought nothing could be worse than the $787 billion failure called President Obama’s Stimulus.

The P.O.S. was an expensive blunder that cost $300,000 per job LOST.

No one could top that, I thought.

I underestimated President Einstein.

New civility.

Dr. Charles Krauthammer accurately diagnosed the condition on last night’s O’Reilly Factor.  It’s what happens when the intellectually challenged lose:

Biden, "terrorists"

Todd Honig · Lots of different things,including acting at Freelance Filmmaker
first they called us racists and crackpots and lost their majority in the Congress. Now they're calling us terrorists. I guess they really really want to lose the Senate and White House too. And we plan on giving them what they want. Goodbye Joe Biden, Barack Hussein Obama and Harry Reid. I'd like to say these past couple of years have been fun but the fact is they've been pretty lousy.

"Dear Obama. I hope you'll get a country that you love for your birthday so you can stop destroying ours. Sincerely, America." - Mark Boehm

dankennedy_nu: Geithner can't quit yet. His work isn't finished.  Some people still have jobs.

Another woman I can't stand.

Obama’s ready to “pivot to jobs” for the 15th time in his presidency.

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Fri, Aug 5th - 8:59AM

August 2: Babysitting

The Age of Napoleon, p. 607
107.8 miles
sunny, hot

165 recordings of 64 types, 23%. 

Rasmussen: -18: 44/54

T-shirt, starting the 4th rotation. It looks like I do about one a month. B2B 1997.

I babysat at Bernadette's today. I went over early, after Mass, so I could talk to her, tell her what the good news was, discuss the gut-punch of last week. And play with her and the kiddies.  Joanna dropped Gareth's toy cell phone over the back of the couch and said "uh-oh!" and Bernadette laughed, so it was totally predictable.

Meanwhile, Gareth is really interested in the camera: and in anything with letters on it.

Then we all went outside for some time.  Then Bernadette left for the dentist and we watched a Yo Gabba Gabba episode I hadn't seen ("Space.")  Then I fed them (well, I put food in front of Gareth, not that he ate it) and myself, and they were playing in the bedroom with me in earshot but not hovering in sight when B. came back. (I think it's important they learn to play themselves, not needing adult affirmation every minute.)
Back at home I finished another book on the Ook!Nook. Again I tried writing a review... hit "back" once when I didn't want to and had to start over. I said something about how the book read more like "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" (honestly, the protagonist won a lot of money so we got a list of all the wonderful things he bought... BORing) than like a suspense novel.  This time the review went through and I got to read it. Yay!

Expectedly, personal income drops. August 2, 2011 by Don Surber

Rush has O’s campaign theme.

Buck O'Fama says:
August 1, 2011 at 7:02 PM
Well, of course… how the hell are we going to get high speed rail going if all you short-sighted narrow-minded rubes are spending your money on food and clothes?

Pep Talk 3.

Mark30339 | August 2, 2011 at 8:35 am

While POTUS has signed nothing yet, the left joined in pushing an actual bill over in the House — and they wouldn’t do that without White House endorsement. The enforcement mechanisms are striking. The baseline for a 2013 tax hike, due to sunset of the Bush tax rates, is a bit concerning but that anxiety was here anyway — the rates were going up unless both houses and POTUS changed the law (and perhaps the 2012 election will make that change possible). POTUS gets a lot more debt to work with, but he can only spend on appropriations bills that actually pass both houses.

Obama’s strutting and scolding and distorting only confirmed his impotence to the deal-makers and weakened the left’s hand. I went with the head-fake; I really thought he would welsh on T-Bills the first chance he had. But he caved when poll numbers exposed his histrionics for what they were.

nlynch | August 2, 2011 at 8:38 am

Thanks for the pep talk….I woke up to that familiar feeling of impending doom that I have had since Nov. 2008. That rock in my gut seems to be building to the size of a boulder! 2012 can’ get here soon enough but I can’t seem to shake the feeling that it might be too late.
God Bless America.

DINORightMarie | August 2, 2011 at 8:47 am

Hang in there @nlynch. I had that feeling for days during 2008, and quite often since, as well. But, there is great hope. Boehner had to work with TEA Party patriots who are determined to right the course of our nation. Reid was frozen out. Cutting spending is the phrase making the Left so crazy that they have resorted to the terrorist ad hominem attacks – yet again. A sure sign of success! :D

We are on the right path. But it is a slow, painful process to slay Leviathan.

DINORightMarie | August 2, 2011 at 8:40 am

This is my view as well, as I noted in one of your prior blog posts (not even sure which one – Pep Talk 1, perhaps?!).

This is going to be a long political war. Each battle takes us toward our goal, toward victory. Even small gains in ground are progress; our victory in this was holding the conversation to cutting spending – no mean feat with these ravenous spendthrift monsters. Remember – this is one skirmish, one sortie, one battle in the necessary war to win back our country, to shrink Big Government and save our nation from economic destruction.

Prepare for more to come. The economy is the key issue for the 2012 election. It will not go away as long as this man is president, as long as the Senate is in the hands of the Democrats. And they will NEVER quit. Tenacity is their mantra. They worship Alinsky, so be prepared for the mud-slogging long haul. Think Bataan (the 2nd time). Think Iwo. Think D-Day. Politically, of course. ;)

Priorities. Perseverance. Perspective.

“Never give in. NEVER give in! NEVER GIVE IN!!” –Winston Churchill

profshadow | August 2, 2011 at 8:57 am

Let’s remember the lessons of Sun-Tzu about attacking a superior force.

You don’t tackle it head on, since that leads to defeat. Instead you flank and snipe. You chip away at your enemy.

Let’s enjoy a cup of tea with our hairy feet up for a moment before we go back to battle.

The war of a thousand battles has just begun.

"The Tea Party was racist, then it was stupid, then it was elitist, then it was violent, then it was dying, then it was a terrorist organization." -- Bill Whittle

PJTV adds: Don't forget labeling the Tea Party as a bunch of "hobbits" ... and don't forget, the hobbits won.

Jim Treacher: So we're terrorists for "holding the country hostage"? Okay, then: For what you're doing to future generations, you are pedophiles. Own it.

To Hell With You People. I must agree, I've had it.


Reading: The Age of Napoleon, Will and Ariel Durant, The Bible (1 Machabees), The True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin, St. Louis Marie de Montfort, The Golden Hub Sacramento, Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand, and County Line, Bill Cameron.

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Thu, Aug 4th - 7:04AM

The Age of Napoleon, p. 600
107.8 miles
sunny, hot

169 recordings of 63 types, with 23% open.

Rasmussen: -19: 44/55.

The Spam King.

One thing I did coming home yesterday was to stop outside Raley's and give some more money to the kids selling root beer floats for the Mira Loma Dance Club. We'd gotten the floats in the morning and afterwards we thought we hadn't donated enough.

Today I started early with the zucchini pickles.  Having all the ingredients and the proper tools, it was fairly easy. I did drop one jar as I was removing it from the bath, but it didn't fall to the floor and spread hot pickles and broken glass all over, just dented the lid (so, of course, this is the one I opened.) I canned 8 pints.  They're OK, though I think they need more sugar. I was done with the hot water and steam by 11 AM, so that worked out fairly well.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (VT): "Despite Democratic control over the White House, despite Democratic control over the Senate, despite overwhelming opposition from the American people, a small minority of the members of the Republican-controlled House have successfully pushed an extreme right-wing agenda onto the American political landscape.


"WE" got nothing!

It’s possible O’Donnell’s outburst will make Republicans more at ease with supporting the bill, but it certainly won’t help the president.

Taranto reads Maureen Dowd so I don't have to.

What if this is all a cruel joke on us? What if the people who hate government are good at it and the people who love government are bad at it?

Taranto comments:
Times have changed. In the 1930s, government was small. Expanding it massively in order to solve problems might or might not have been a good idea, but there's no denying it was innovative. Today government is sclerotic. Those who believe more government is the solution to America's problems are at best unthinking reactionaries. The Tea Partiers, having clearly identified this problem, are today's true progressives (to employ the term in its literal rather than ideological sense).

They are not, however, "good at government"--or, more precisely, at politics. Their purism cost the GOP as many as three Senate seats last year, and if a competent Democrat were in the White House, it probably would be helping him to re-election right now.

... Contrast that to Barack Obama. In addition to a left-liberal ideology that is decades out of date and a Gingrich-size ego, he came to the presidency with virtually no relevant experience. True, he has the "mainstream" media on his side, but that almost certainly hurts him more than it helps. Their flattering but false narratives--he was the "adult in the room," polls clearly showed the American people were on his side--likely encouraged him to mistake his weaknesses for strengths.

Don Surber:
Thiessen emphasizes, “The reported debt-limit deal appears to be a victory for the Tea Party. . . . To appreciate the scope of the Tea Party’s victory, consider: When Barack Obama came into office, he went on a bender of government spending. He signed an unprecedented $821 billion stimulus spending bill. His first budget increased federal spending to 27 percent of gross domestic product — the highest level as a share of the economy since World War II. He then proceeded to ram through Congress Obamacare, a massive government intervention that adds $1.4 trillion in new spending over the next decade alone. Democrats openly talked about passing a “second stimulus.” And five months ago Obama submitted a budget to Congress that tripled the national debt, raising it by $10 trillion over the next 10 years. Today, no one is talking about tripling the national debt or passing a ‘second stimulus.

The Spending is Nuts (Video).

Elizabeth Scalia

I don't want to hear another. damn. word. about. tone. 40 days before we recall 9/11, this idiot Biden reduces his fellow Americans -- mere political opponents -- to terrorists? I can't believe I was ever a Democrat, and that I once actually thought he was smart. Sucker, I was.....
And Vice-President Joe Biden, veteran legislator, onetime plagiarist, calls his fellow countrymen — mere political opposites — “terrorists.” His fellow-democrats who are also throwing the word around are miscreants, political opportunists or the most insensitive of idiots.

But Biden is the Veep. He’s supposed to be competent to fill the Office of the President in a moment of crisis. And he is comparing his countrymen to the sort of people we send Navy SEALS to kill.

Is he that vile, or just stupid?

Glenn Reynolds calls him a “sad, pathetic, hateful little man”.

Vile, too. Just vile.

[first he denied it, then he sort of apologized. As well he should.]


If the Tea party are terrorists why hasn’t Obama bowed to our King Rubio?
…why isn’t Eric Holder(D)’s law firm representing us Pro Bono?
…if the Tea Party are terrorists how come the ATF isn’t selling us guns?
DANEgerus on August 1, 2011 at 6:11 PM

I’m going to look pretty stupid wearing a Hobbit costume AND an explosive vest.
Bishop on August 1, 2011 at 5:48 PM

Why Obama actually cared about the Aug. 2 deadline.
posted at 10:00 am on August 1, 2011 by Tina Korbe

To be fair, the president did cancel a couple of fundraisers to remain in Washington over the weekend (how good of him to do his job, right?), but, now that the barest of bargains has been all-but-signed-sealed-and-delivered, the president can afford to quit thinking about the country’s financial future (never mind that it’s looking scarcely less grim than it did yesterday) and start thinking about the financial future of his campaign.

Honestly, I think the glittering fund raisers, the pricey Vineyard vacation, and the expensive birthday bash are going to be bad optics for Obama. Lots of media outlets, as they caption photos of Barry and his wide wife dancing the night away, will note, unintentionally, that this is why Barry wanted a deal done so fast — he had a party to go to! People tend to make sense of these things without really knowing that’s what they’re doing. The country was on the brink, we’re broke and this deal really isn’t addressing that, unemployment is still growing — and the president is out partying?! The Obamas think they are royalty — they think their subjects enjoy watching them party and dance and toast themselves. They’re wrong.
Rational Thought on August 1, 2011 at 10:09 AM

I simply must correct myself.
Obama has indeed accomplished something on his own.
He made Jimmy Carter look good.
coldwarrior on August 1, 2011 at 10:17 AM

Ed Morrissey
There is no doubt about who lost this fight.  While Republicans had to eventually agree to a massive debt-ceiling increase, they kept new taxes off the table, the one demand that Obama made publicly and repeatedly throughout the entire impasse.  Obama got his wish in a credit limit that will take him through the next election, but now has to order the second installment himself, with a mechanism that allows Republicans to register their disapproval painlessly.

Furthermore, the process itself damaged Obama most.  Instead of demonstrating leadership by putting his own plan on the table, at times Obama appeared to be lost amidst the changing parameters of the debate. 

Go away, just go away.

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Wed, Aug 3rd - 6:37AM

July 31: Errands

The Age of Napoleon, p. 587
107.8 miles
sunny, hot

171 recordings of 65 types. 23% types.

Rasmussen: -21: 44/56....Strong Disapproval of the president is now at the highest level since November 9, 2010.

I can't decide what the 0bamateurism of the Week should be.  Will no one rid me of this terrible person?

T-shirt, Gonzaga Mom.

After church we picked up some spices and a red pepper for my zucchini pickles experiment. Then later, when Rich was sleeping, I went out to run a couple of errands.  Hallmark read my mind about the 16-year-old grandson: eek!  He'll be driving!  I'd been going to tease him in the card, but I didn't have to since Hallmark did it for me!

Then I went to Bed Bath and Beyond looking for some tongs that would hold a hot Mason jar. I did find some locking ones that I thought might work.  At least they were metal: all I had was nylon ones, nowhere near strong enough.  Rich had offered the tongs from the barbeque set... when I got home and he was awake I checked it but it would have slipped. I just hope these work. I also browsed around a little, seeing a lot of great stuff at Ross.  There was a cheap Gordon in the Thomas Railway set, but he was blue, too. We already have two blue trains (Edward and Thomas) so need red James or green Percy or some other color.

OK, that was enough, I'll do the pickles tomorrow.

Scott Ott: Why do I not feel an on-rushing overwhelming sense of relief that our crisis may have been averted? Note near the bottom of the story, that spending cuts would hit a constitutional mandate (defense) harder than it would hit an arguably unconstitutional enterprise (government-run health insurance).

Tell me again, no death panels.

Some managers insisted that longer waiting times would lead to overall savings as “experience suggests that if patients wait longer then some will remove themselves from the list”. Interpreting this statement, the panel noted: “We understand that patients will ‘remove themselves from the waiting list’ either by dying or by paying for their own treatment at private sector providers.”

They’re just not doing it right, we know better over here because we have Obama in charge/ crr6
txmomof6 on July 30, 2011 at 12:38 PM

The end of Harry Reid as we know it

Whatever else these negotiations yield, the end of Harry Reid as we know it is one positive outcome.

The TEA Party didn't start the fire, they sounded the alarm.

Bill Anderson
Back in 1990, the Government seized the Mustang Ranch, a brothel in Nevada , for tax evasion and, as required by law, tried to run it. They failed and it closed.
Now, we are trusting the economy of our country, our banking system, our auto industry and possibly our health plans to the same nit-wits who couldn't make money running a whore house and selling whiskey?!"

John Hawkins
Send me back everything I've paid into Social Security and Medicare & I'd be happy to forego both programs

William Johnston: "Fathom the hypocrisy of the Obama Government that requires every citizen to prove they are insured……but not everyone must prove they are a citizen”

Guess what Happened to that Obama Recovery?
We have been saying for two years that the Obama “recovery” has been smoke and mirrors, and the revisions in the GDP reporting make that pretty clear now.  The other clear takeaway from this is that the Keynesian stimulus bill utterly failed to produce anything more than a temporary, artificial spike in economic indicators, and not a particularly impressive spike at that.

The Obama Recovery was thwarted by racists, that’s what happened to it.
Bishop on July 31, 2011 at 2:35 PM

Obama has been too busy fundamentally transforming our nation to socialism to worry about jobs or the economy, and now we have neither. If he gets another 4 years we will become like North Korea because polution controls and mileage requirements will prohibit farming. Bo is an idiot!
tim c on July 31, 2011 at 2:41 PM

ATF GUNRUNNING SCANDAL UPDATE: Associated Press covers Gunwalker. “The article needs to be read in its entirety to get the full impact, but one notable point is that firearms dealers made sales of AK-47 type weapons that they normally would not have, because they were encouraged to do so by ATF. . . . The Obama administration’s cover-up continues to this day, as Eric Holder’s Department of Justice stonewalls Congress, seemingly in order to prevent the investigation from reaching into the highest levels of the administration. If the media’s need to protect the fast-sinking Obama administration were not so acute, this would be quite a scandal.”

Holder must go!!!

0bama has top general tell troops in Afghanistan that they might not get paid.

Marsa McCool-Solis No other President in history has done this before, some Commander in Chief. I guess he doesn't think those that captured Bin Laden should get paid, those that are in harms way as well. Worst Commander in Chief in history. On that same note he said the same thing to a group of Disabled for Life Veterans. :( They do their duty, its our sacred honor to uphold our duty to them.)

Only Libertarianism can save us!

Tina Korbe.

As I’ve watched the Sunday shows, as I’ve listened to this senator or that senator express cautious optimism about a deal, as I’ve heard news that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has supposedly signed off on an agreement “pending caucus approval,” I’ve found myself increasingly disgusted. Had the Senate done its duty months ago, had it produced a budget resolution as it is required to do by the Congressional Budget Act, Congress need not have been so frantically at work on both the Saturday and Sunday before the rapidly impending Aug. 2 deadline — because Senate budget priorities would have been clearly articulated in its budget resolution and the House would have had a more concrete starting point for its plans to raise the debt ceiling.

Doug Ross:

I spent some time with the highest tenured faculty member at Chicago Law a few months back, and he did not have many nice things to say about "Barry." Obama applied for a position as an adjunct and wasn't even considered. A few weeks later the law school got a phone call from the Board of Trustees telling them to find him an office, put him on the payroll, and give him a class to teach. The Board told him he didn't have to be a member of the faculty, but they needed to give him a temporary position. He was never a professor and was hardly an adjunct.

The other professors hated him because he was lazy, unqualified, never attended any of the faculty meetings, and it was clear that the position was nothing more than a political stepping stool. According to my professor friend, he had the lowest intellectual capacity in the building. He also doubted whether he was legitimately an editor on the Harvard Law Review, because if he was, he would be the first and only editor of an Ivy League law review to never be published while in school (publication is or was a requirement).

So who got him the job?  Soros?

David Eichner Such a deal...instead of adding 1.5 TRILLION DOLLARS to the debt EACH AND EVERY YEAR, we are only going to add 1.2 TRILLION DOLLARS to the debt EACH AND EVERY YEAR. Boy, that should reassure the debt markets and avoid a downgrade of our credit rating. They must really believe that the American public are a bunch of idiots.

Ann Althouse.

Palladian said...

    "The chant in Tahrir Square today: "Islamic, Islamic. Neither secular nor liberal."

    Hey, look how far Islamic has gotten every nation that's used it as a basis for governance! Who wouldn't look at places like Iran, the Palestinian territories or Afghanistan and say "Gee, let's turn our relatively modern, successful country into that!"

E.M. Davis said...
    Welcome to round 2 of World War IV.
    Oh, it's coming. And it will be terrible.
    7/29/11 8:53 PM

ricpic said...
    As long as they don't get overly violent...that's okay.

    Right, slim chance a bloodlust cult will get overly violent. After all there's hardly any track record.
    7/29/11 9:18 PM

Reading: The Age of Napoleon, Will and Ariel Durant, The Bible (1 Machabees), The True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin, St. Louis Marie de Montfort, The Golden Hub Sacramento, Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand, and Sudden Death, Michael Balkind.

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Tue, Aug 2nd - 7:19PM

July 30: Funeral

The Age of Napoleon, p. 587
107.8 miles
sunny, hot

172 recordings of 66 types.

-18: 46/54.  The number who Strongly Disapprove of the president has been at 40% or higher for fourteen consecutive days. That’s the first time since November that the Strong Disapprove total has been so high for so long. Fifty percent (50%) now say the president is doing a poor job on the economy. 

I'm .3 pounds up, with high blood pressure.

We had a funeral to go to today. We've known this guy since we came to St. Philomene's.  They were very active in the parish, and were the people who talked us into Marriage Encounter. Then they did the RCIA (adult Catholic education and conversion.) 

Renee is further along the path I've found myself on. I'm in no hurry to catch up. In fact, I'm dragging my feet.  She and Bill had 60 years together. That's a good start.

I was the Girl Scout leader for their youngest child, and it was nice to see Sara and her family. 

The reception went well. I took my salad over in an aluminum box recycled from the reunion picnic.  I'd carefully arranged the cherry tomatoes, but in the event they re-bowled it, and threw out the pan, oh, well.  I'll know more how to do this next time.

We will miss Bill.

Video: Presidential Leadership Fail.

Vince Yarnot
Fear not citizens of New Texaforkia! Your Shadow Regime has raised the debt ceiling to $253.75. We can buy that new Blu Ray.

John Hawkins
Since cut, cap, & balance can't pass, we're having a big fight to decide which plan that won't fix our problems is going to become law.

John Hawkins
Democrats are selling your children into slavery so they'll have more cash to give to bribe their supporters with.

Alexis Garcia catches up with Dana Loesch, host of The Dana Show, at the Smart Girl Politics Summit in St. Louis.

How much legislation do Republicans have to pass before Obama tells us his plan?

Rich put the tile down in the closet.  I'd put Abby out so she wouldn't be scared about the bathroom and then misbehave in the bedroom.  So when we were done, we put the dog out, Spooky into the pink bedroom (where he especially likes to lie on the pink comforter and shed black hair) and then I left the kitchen door open so Abby could slink in and hide in the bedroom.  All fine and dandy. I remembered I had to get her some new food and did... then let the other animals out.  Then I was looking out the front window and saw Pharaoh out on the driveway... the one thing I'd forgotten to do was to CLOSE the kitchen door.  And I went out to get the dog and he went selectively deaf.  I ended up yelling at him.
When I got close, he suddenly decided to behave.  Grrr.

2012 presidential scoreboard update July 30, 2011 by Don Surber

9%. Barack Obama. Unchanged from 9% four weeks ago. His petulance and arrogance aside, his repeated cries of “corporate jets” are giving the other candidates a Bachmann-sized migraine, which hurts their chances of toppling The Won. On the other hand, his approval rating dropped to 40% on Friday’s Gallup Poll.

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Mon, Aug 1st - 8:07PM

July 29: Two Little Savages

The Age of Napoleon, p. 581
107.6 miles
sunny, hot

178 recordings of 71 types. 19% left.

Rasmussen: -18: 46/54

Programs that everybody likes? Who is this everybody??

I saw an 0bama12 sticker on a car yesterday.  Some people are just too stupid to vote.

112 Nook books plus 3 or 4 pdf files and some pictures. I'm going to be pissed if I have to do this over again because of a bad battery. (Even though it'd be easier all at once.) My Nook on the PC account is giving me trouble... they say "hello, Jan" but won't allow me to log in. I tried changing the password and it's impossible. I'll have to call them up. Some other time.

I finally got around to looking up a rumor I heard at that chocolate party.  Someone said McDonald's is the biggest importer of cow's eyes. Snopes debunks it. But most everybody at that meeting will believe the rumor and pass it on.

My school had a camp where we went in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade. It had been a CCC camp, and the first years I went we slept in barracks: we were to take an orange crate for our stuff. This worked out well for me because I didn't have real shelves, I had orange crates.  In the mornings, it was SO COLD (Wyoming, 8000', May) till the caretaker came in and started the wood stoves.  The toilets were 10-holers: 5 on each side of a partition.  They'd built a lodge, with a huge fireplace, where we ate and met. There was a little tiny building which was our post office and library. There were probably about 10 books in the library, but I was the kid it was made for. In fact, I don't remember what we did during the days... I think there was a horseback riding day in there. Other than that, and eating, and the Friday night dance, I'm unclear on activities. I remember sitting by the brook and enjoying it.

Anyway, back to the library.  There was a poster on the wall that said "If you expect to rate, don't expectorate."  Which I think about every time someone spits on the sidewalk.  And there was a book that intrigued me, TWO LITTLE SAVAGES by Ernest Thompson Seton.  I never did read it all: I now have a hard copy and put it onto the Nook.  How I'm enjoying this!  Seton knew a lot about nature and scoutcraft, and made it interesting, at least to me. 

I got a call, with some good news I can't talk about yet. After the last few days, that was nice, and needed.

Tonight's play was Anything Goes.  The libretto was written by P.G. Wodehouse.  I told this to a couple who were reading the plot synopsis and they'd never heard of Jeeves. How is that possible?

At intermission, my Nook froze. I couldn't do anything.  A guy came by and said to turn it off... I tried that and it didn't work either.  ACK!  But when I got back to my seat I tried it again. It didn't turn off.... but it turned on, and then it worked.  Whew!

Oh, and this was my favorite Music Circus production, so far.

More bad news for economy and Obama; can he change the subject?

After how-many-months-and-billions-is-it-now of the economy and jobs being Job One for the Obama White House, the Commerce Department reported Friday morning that the economy's second-quarter growth for 2011 was only 1.3%.

Not good. Again.

Also, 2011's first-quarter growth, originally reported at 1.9%, was revised way down Friday to 0.4%.

Would it were a parody, but it's serious.

I don’t mind being called a terrorist. I’ll admit, I go a little berserk when I catch a bunch of jerks breaking into my grandbabies piggybanks.


Somebody tell the Republicans.

Well, maybe if he'd DO his job...

Unexpectedly.  So he changes the subject with the debt ceiling and fuel standards (?!)

...and make 1000 new jobs in China.  Thank you Nancy Pelosi.

James Taranto.

You know how when you have the hiccups and then they go away, for a while it feels weirdly unsettling not to hiccup? That's kind of what it's like when Barack Obama, the most ubiquitous president in American history, disappears from the TV screen for 3½ days, as he did this week.

President Twit  Yes we Spam.

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Mon, Aug 1st - 4:25PM

July Summary

Rich's stats last month:



























And: Baseball, whiffle baseball, 7 hairbands, Smart Links toy, pair of earbuds, toy football, metal hairclip, toy plastic turtle, split ring, Mercedes insignia.

For me, 17.6 miles in July, .3 pounds down, 166 pages.  Last month I read 6 books, went to 0 movies, 3 plays, 10 Masses.

We found 42 caches last month, and we're at 7767.  We're 226th in the world (big drop) , and 15th locally (that will change if LilDevil actually ever logs his caches! (Like that'll ever happen!)).

I felt guilty downloading so much to the Nook, so I did visit Distributed Proofreading and did 2 pages. Gotta really get back to it. I'm in 1027th (out of 36253 proofers) place in the first proofing round, with 873 pages proofed, 16th (out of 4302) in P2 with 23509 pages, 545th (of 900) in P3 with 469 pages and formatting 631st place (3404) with 1020 pages.

In Flickr I have 40775 pictures, with 89026 views, and 190 sets to work on.

In Netflix, I watched Conspiracy, which was terribly scary.

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