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Tue, Aug 10th - 1:49PM

Research Scare!

E-mail message

From: LaRue) Date: Tue, Aug 10, 2010, 3:27pm To: P
When George Orwell wrote 1984 he gave the world: "Big Brother is watching" plus
"government speak." Today's similarities can be found @ "Want To"

** Look for "shadow government" only if you dare at this finely tuned website WANT TO KNOW. INFO --- There one also runs into a three pointer RE: aliens among us (moreorless).

Thing about PaulaLaRue's web surfing is that it follows feverish urges which every August engulfs said author inside a hot windy search as one torrid subject leads to another. All interest and curiosity driven, of course. Not all the key words here are on the smae site. Using found quite a few. This is the brief version.

So ... let's see, best inform readers of this blog where a recent three day quest's sparks began. Suffice, a tad bit of history first. In the summer of 2007, I agreed to embark on a Lilith story for a popular contest presented by a New England writer. Word limit of 12,000 words was pleasant by all means for traditional short story scripting. Yes, I finished the story boldly @ merely 6K. No, didn't win. However, received a decent reason --- "other stories" had "storms." Truth be told, fighting to keep my head above water research wise in the sumer of 2007, always want to add a bit more, drag the sequence along to encompass more daily time for those characters. Yikes, add to the to do list although slightly irrelevant.

The following March tried to take the bait for a $1,000 prize short story contest. Genre: Science Fiction, offered by the Robert Heinlein Foundation. Maybe three thousand words resulted in an attempt there. Oddly enough took a job in a flower tent that Spring, working straight thru the season until June. Thus did not submit.

So every summer the phenomenal aspect pulls me to dabble into seeking juice for past creations. Heaven forbid, this happen again in 2011 since last week's reading placed me into a misaligned inability to fall asleep. yeah, I became scared seventeen sides to silly for awhile. Napping, nodding off is often @ the drop of a hat for moi.

Bewrare! Lest we ever fudge the latest of our finest written undertakings, research remains key. Those who write without the R & R (Research & story prep Reading) RE: today's markets do themselves a grave disservice.

So sure key finds revolving from "The Philadelphia Experiment" led to "Montauk Project." Skipping "Phoenix Project" altogether, then aiming arrows of my discontent pointed toward Steven Greer's 2004's DISCLOSURE before the then seated Congress. All the way down to: "shadow government." *** Sure, we always felt there was someone or other behind every former president ... and many are suspicious and seriously speaking against CIA involvement ala instigating warfare around the world for decades ...but the list which runs from #a to # small u is the essence of science fiction, is it not? The horror now seems that truth is more terrible than we thought.
Well, not an average sci fic writer, more of a mystery and realism freak myself. Do recall that sci-fic is supposed to include some scientific detail. Tired as a sleepy hound dawg on the back porch of seeing fantasy combined with sci-fic in trite renditions which become labelled by novice writers as Sci-fic/Fantasy when technically there is no such thing.

Technically, Nikola Tesla's 1904 electrical production via his "Magnifying Transmitter" inventions could have saved the world at large a ton of natural resources. Yes, PBS carried Tesla's bio previously in
2008. Nowadays, that shady, nasty stand by the "shadow gov" which probably sits in the font row at the likes of the G-20 events, won't hear of such a thing. Instead the terms: "exploring/ discovering and developing new sources of energy" are stopped and banned by the --- ooops ??? One Percenters? Now, forgive me, raising the chin, brave child in a brave new world rather starting to like passing on the coinage: *** shadow government." ***

So, book on over to link, keys words, subject herein and ... enjoy one moment or perhaps fifty plus moments of staggering revelations.

Oh! Word to the Wise! Do be careful, tie-ins are truly astonishingly sinful.

Myself? I found Jean Ederman's Frenchified "Contact Letter" simply ridiculous.
Off to tackle "ganesh particle."

Cordially, Paula La Rue

Shall update soon.
Must open a few things first. THANKS for reading.

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