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Sat, Aug 29th - 1:02PM

Understanding Home Jobs India and Domain Registration
Consider the number of entrepreneurs in India, with more and more people getting online daily. A huge number of already internet savvy people looking for home jobs using their knowledge. The number of domain name registrations will be done around India and the world. Global Domains International or GDI has been registering domain names and home affiliates for more than 10 years. Have you seen the Global Domains International 7 minute video?
I refuse to stand here and say that you will earn millions of dollars in a short time with any online home job, home business or MLM system. That would just be wrong, sure I see the GDI leaderboard and people around the world are getting dozens of new GDI affiliates a week and GDI pays a nice bonus for that performance. But over time, GDI video is doing wonders for me!!

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Fri, Aug 28th - 3:10PM Home Jobs
This is a sample of one of the mirror sites and video presentations from Global Domains International Inc. GDI has had over 10 years of Home Jobs / Home Business success, we will continue to grow our focus of .ws website domain registrations in India and China. Visit the actual sites for Global Domains International Inc. and our Home Jobs website template from GDI.
  Home Jobs India is the focus of our affiliate efforts of Online Home Business opportunities in India. The fastest growing in both affiliate marketing and website domain registration are happening in India. The Global Domains International affiliate partnership home business takes advantage of the growth in both domain registration and website domain name registration using the affiliate plan and .ws website domain business

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Thu, Aug 27th - 3:56PM

Home Jobs in India our focus
As you may have seen by visiting our .ws website, our key focus continues to be on the Online Home Business Affiliates in India.Home Jobs India will amaze you with growth. Global Domains International Inc. is in a great position to service India with both a home jobs opportunity and a website domain registration opportunity. What business will grow faster in India than website domain registration? What Home Jobs opportunity is available in India with a 10 years history, PayPal approved and the prime .ws domain registrar in the world?
How is that for a powerful Home Jobs / Home Business is that for India?
View our Global Domains International video and take the FREE trial.
The Domain Registration and affiliate marketing opportunities are exploding in India.
Make your move towards Income For Life in India...Today!!!

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Wed, Aug 26th - 9:30AM

Working at home with an international company
I quickly wanted to touch on the work at home business opportunities that are prevalent outside of the United States.  Global Domains International Inc. has been in the domain registration business for over 10 years. Keep in mind, GDI, is paypal approved and does .ws domain registration and hosting in over 220 countries. India and China GDI partners are quickly catching up in the number of affiliates on the famous Global Domains International Inc. "Leader Board". The leader board are the bonuses paid out both weekly and monthly, beyond your normal commission for providing leads to the Global Domains International Video. The GDI video explains the wotk at home opportunity and the ability to collect income for life from owning your own Online Home Business. Remember both watching the GDI video in any of the offered languages and signing up are 100% free. So give Global Domains International a look, with 10 years in business and the free trial, you might be very surprised.  
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Sun, Aug 23rd - 9:43PM

Global Domains International Inc. - New affiliate program methods.
After working hard to properly place our Global Domains International Inc. Affiliate links strategically placed on numerous types of web 2.0 websites. We have combined our domain registration, advertising affiliate program, web 2.0 student community application. Combined with our blogs with webring and our hubpages accounts, turning all of this effort in to an international affiliate marketing machine. Global Domains International Inc (GDI) has a 10 year history, paypal approved for both payment and payout. GDI international domain registration in India and China is about to surpass the incredible growth they have had over the last 10 years in US, .WS domain registrations.
Enjoy the 7 minute GDI video, let me know what you think and take a look at our partner marketing arm including PayPerz
Our .ws website through Global Domains International pulls most of this information together, giving you a better understanding of our approach to partnership building in GDI.

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Fri, Aug 14th - 10:20AM

China Video and India sign-ups on GDI
Have you visited my new updates on
The site is catering to online home business opportunities in China and India.
I added the global domains international video to my GDI China Page and am seeking
new affiliates in India to create a similar marketing video in the various popular languages of
India. Home Jobs India combined with .ws website domain registration, now that's a winning affiliate program from Global Domains International.

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Tue, Aug 11th - 8:31PM

Instant mind change about Twitter and Global Domains Internation Inc.
OK... Just yesterday, maybe two days ago I started boasting about how twitter was driving some new Global Domains International traffic to my sites and I can't deny that it's true. But damn, if Twitter marketing isn't about the most annoying internet marketing I have toyed with over the last few years. The amount of junk that comes through my multiple email boxes from Twitter is brutal. So yes, my Twitter account is ultimately helping my success with GDI Domain Registration sign-ups, but what a pain in the behind.
Now I know I can turn off the Twitter notifications, but that would stop me from gathering the Global Domain leads that are actually valuable.
So the answer to my Twitter / Global Domains dilemma is still up in the air. I certainly won't stop playing with twitter, but my main concentration on GDI .WS Domain Registration efforts will continue to be driving traffic to the GDI 7 minute movie through my blogs, websites and PayPerz.
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Sun, Aug 9th - 8:35AM

Twitter driving Global Domains International sign-ups!!
I'm getting addicted to twitter!!
Not because I care about Paris Hilton blowing her nose, but it's a direct line
to people with common interests. Online Home Business affiliate junkies are readily
available and they are signing up for Global Domains International in droves.
Combining an affiliate MLM type program with Domain Registration is a pure win.
Just watch watch the GDI video and decide for yourself.
Global Domains International Inc. has the program for online home jobs that you want to be part of.
nothing wrong with a couple extra thousand a month for using your blog and some
basic online knowledge.

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Wed, Aug 5th - 7:45PM from GDI...Home Business
Is GDI a scam? Absolutely Not, with 10 years in business and PayPal approved for payment, you can be confident that Global Domains International Inc. is totally Legit.
My time as an affiliate member or as I say a business partner with Global Domains International Inc, I have had nothing but a very positive experience. GDI has provided both great customer service (almost never found with my past MLM experiences) and on-time payments of all earned monies.
I highly recommend Global Domains International Inc. Please watch the GDI 7 minute video and decide for yourself.

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Sun, Aug 2nd - 3:38PM

Global Domains International Domain Registration .ws
Have you visited Global Domains International? Have you seen the earning power of becoming an affiliate of Global Domains International Inc.?
I highly suggest that you watch the 7 minute video from GDI, the work at home program from Global Domains International focuses on the international growth of domain registration.
Consider the growth of domain registrations in a country like China or India. GDI focuses on domain registrations in both of these countries and around 220 others.

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