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Fri, Aug 14th - 4:34PM

Got sidetracked sorting out hackers on my websites

I had hoped to keep posting regular message here. Over the last 2 weeks however I have been sorting out repeated hack attempts to my many sites including my genealogy sites. Once again the hackers appear to be based in Russia, but there is no way of knowing if the evidence is being masked to hide the real identity.

Anyway now I am here posting this message I hope that the problems have been sorted for the moment.

I have aslo been learning to use Twitter, so my time is being split with many different outlets.

I have also been looking at the Auction List of rings still available but there dont seem to be any genealogy ones left of any use.Unless anyone knows of any?

Thats it for now.

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Mon, Aug 3rd - 2:41PM

The Blog Time is not UK time?
Hi The post times I make are not actual times I make my entries. I am in the UK and the time difference is around +10 hours. So when you see an entry times at 2 am its not me being unable to sleep, I actually made the entry around 12 am.
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Mon, Aug 3rd - 2:36PM

Beware Hackers are about again!

I run my own top list of History & Genealogy sites using software on my own server. I have used it for some years now without any issues.

Today I found that one of my listed sites had had their account accessed requesting a change of URL, email and site description. Needless to say the change of URL was to a porn site and the description had script input for probably some malicious reason.

The software was robust and did not allow the change without the admin intervention so the site owner was not affected and my visitors to the top list would not be greeted with a porn site when they clicked on what appeared to be a genealogy site.

I get many attempts of people trying to join the list and again I block them and delete their requests to join

I have seen a number of other genealogy top lists where they have been hacked in this way with porn and other unwanted sites taking over the list.

The reason for writing this blog entry today is to warn you of the sad people out there who try to ruin good top lists and websites, but mainly to invite genealogy and history site owners to join my list in the knowledge that it is secure as well as run by someone who looks after their listings.

It also gets many hits per day so you should get additional traffic once you have joined.

Look forward to confirming your membership soon. Just make sure your personal password you select is hard to break!

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Mon, Aug 3rd - 3:59AM

Re-designed Genealogy Website

I have recently reworked my site

There are articles, tips and news to help you with your research, plus extensive sections of links to all sorts of resources and recommended sites.

Why not pop in and have a look round, you may find what you have been looking for?

If you have links to good genealogy sites or if you feel your site could do with some free advertising why not contact me so we can set up a reciprocal link between our sites?

Happy Hunting.

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