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Sat, Aug 23rd - 7:58AM

Genesis Week of Creation

Arthur Custance subscribed to the Gap Theory, which says there was a considerable amount of time between Genesis 1:1 and Genesis 1:2. and that the cosmos was originally created long before the creation week in Genesis.

He provides some justification of this view in Arthur Custance's translation of Genesis Week of Creation. Dr Custance takes into account one important point of Hebrew syntax that had been consistently overlooked, which is the use of the verb "to be". It is particularly significant in many key verses in Genesis 1:1 to 2:4.

Dr Custance, who had an M.A. from the University of Toronto in Hebrew and Greek, concludes his paper by writing:

I believe these verses in Genesis are telling us is that God deliberately planned a world peculiarly suited for man, over which he was to be given dominion. For reasons which are only intimated elsewhere in Scripture, when the earth was just about ready for man's introduction, it came under judgment and was desolated.

The six days of Genesis were, I believe, days of re-creation and re-appointment, at what was clearly an enormously accelerated rate.For all we know, only the area comprising the Garden of Eden need have been completely furnished when man was created and placed in it. The rest of the world outside the Garden may still have been partially disorganized.

The command that man should multiply and fill the earth in order to have dominion over it may be the reason why the earth was designedly left unsubdued. Man's duty was, perhaps, to extend the boundaries of the Garden until the earth became a paradise. This was to be the means whereby he would grow to maturity and turn innocence into virtue. But man failed in the first great test, and with his failure the whole world of nature suffered by default. In this sense what disruption still remains is due to the fall of man and his consequent failure to be lord of the earth. We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ, as the Last Adam, will yet complete the purposes of God in this respect.

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Mon, Aug 11th - 8:01AM

Doorway Papers

The 62 Doorway Papers by Arthur Custance were published privately between 1957 and 1972. In One Man's Answers to Prayer Dr Custance writes:

University College, Toronto Doorway We had begun the rather large task of producing the Doorway Papers. It has been a giant undertaking for us - some 2 and 1/2 million words - and there have been not a few very low periods when it hardly seemed worth carrying on. For weeks on end no orders came in. Some months our total sales might be five dollars or ten dollars and no more. And all the while we watched others having their efforts to publish rewarded in all kinds of ways with large circulation and reviews in all the important places: or so it seemed to us. We were simply being ignored, save for the occasional letter of commendation which encouraged us immeasurably.

But this was a particularly low low! We scarcely felt it worth looking into the mailbox at all. In fact, we actually didn't, at times. One night, quite late, I lay on my bed wondering and complaining to the Lord about it all. As I lay there I reached out to a bookshelf for that wonderful little collection of verses called Daily Light, which at that time I was not reading faithfully as I do now. I opened it quite at random, and my eye was captured by a portion of God's Word which had been chosen as a heading for a morning reading. This is what it said: "Take this child and nurse it for Me and I will give thee thy wages" (Exodus 2:9).

It seemed an extraordinary verse to apply in such a situation! Yet it came to me so very personally and with wonderful freshness The Doorway Papers were indeed my "child" by now, and it seemed to assure me that if I nourished them and brought them up for Him, He would give me my wages. I was not to faint. I went to sleep with a sense of peace about it all. We would press on . . . and we have done so. Only one paper remains to be written when the present one is finished.

Yet, on this occasion, in the cold light of morning I found my spirits again depressed. I wondered whether such an interpretation of a passage like this could possibly be justified - or whether perhaps I was simply boosting my own morale by a somewhat wild interpretation. So I wrote to a very dear friend of mine whom I had known almost since I came to Canada, a very wise and experienced man of God. I asked him whether he thought I was kidding myself, imagining things, distorting the plain sense of a verse which had a very pragmatic context. He wrote back at once, very simply: "The Word of God is not bound." How wonderful it is! Praise God! It is true.

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