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Mon, Aug 20th - 9:16AM

Flatters little girl !

On a Friday afternoon, I and several friends exit eat meal, in eatsmeal drinks, with the friend clinks glasses was not careful for roseon the leather shoes the liquor. After, the friend had looked my shoeshave all spend, everybody proposed neighbor the market entranceflatters. We arrived have flattered the beach, also on the unitsplace, my shoe has been all wet, walked slow, to a there not master inthe stall, I also had first to sit down make the foot. By now, sideflattered aunt on to shout the sound towards the market entrance: Qinqin! Comes! Only sees seven, eight year-old little girl has not madethe work in sun's entrance, hears to hurriedly to yell to tidy up, hasrun. Just started us all to think she was this nobody beach host'sdaughter, after but she came faced me to smile, squatted down flattersfor me, her small hand moistened has filled the black shoe polish,flattered the start movement was such skilled, simply did not likeonly then comes out, moreover Before this also has scratched very manyperson of shoes. By now my heart has sunk down, I ask the little girl:How are you on vacation from school do not go home. The little girl has stopped down, both hands pull pants corner were saying:" My mother has gotten sick, I must make money give me mother tosee a doctor. " I also asked that, " You cannot be onvacation from school your family member not to worry? " Littlegirl's naive reply that, " My paternal grandmother knows me inhere. " My " Oh " Under, also asked that, " Thenyour father? " The little girl's tight held by now pants corner, sounda little hoarse saying: " My daddy died! " Said lowers thehead continues to flatter, I also do not have was asking, only is myheart is a little ashamed, a such young child, facing the like thisdifficult position, all can such strongly depend on own both hands,comes out makes money to mother sees a doctor. The shoes scratchafter, I have given the little girl ten dollars, she must look for methe pocket money, I actually confiscated walk. The afterwards day, Igo to there to ask her to flatter, but all has not seen her. Possibleshe is goes to other place to flatter, also possibly had good intention people to tohelp them, I also only could hope she had good intention people to help them.
  In this, lets our everybody for her pray, pray for heavenly blessingher together, wishes her mother to be a bit faster good, wishes her tobe able to have a happy childhood, has a happy family.
  Evaluation: The little girl flatters which with the article incompares, whether we do have to be much happier? Lets, your my sideall which we treasures has.

Is willing to hand over the world: Bird

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