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Thu, Aug 30th - 10:37AM

St John's Cathedral, Newfoundland

Construction of the cathedral in St John's, Newfoundland was begun in 1847 by the second Bishop of Newfoundland, Edward Feild, who had raised funds in England after the previous church was destroyed by fire. The nave was consecrated in September 1850 which served the Anglican community for 35 years until the fourth Bishop of Newfoundland, Llewellyn Jones, raised funds to complete the transept and tower in 1885.

On July 8, 1892 a great fire swept St John's, 10,000 were left homeless, including Bishop Jones and 5 clergy, and the cathedral roof, floor and all but 2 of the windows were destroyed. By 1895, the chancel and transept had been rebuilt but the financial collapse of the colony of Newfoundland that year meant that it was not until 1905 that the nave was fully restored.

The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist is 200 feet long, with a 60-foot wide nave and a width of 99 feet at the transept. Where nave and transept cross, the floor-to-ceiling height is 57 feet; outside, the roof stands 80 feet high at the ridge.

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Wed, Aug 22nd - 7:25AM

Sacred Expressions

Last June in Winnipeg, for the first time, there was an art show during the General Synod. Anglican artists from across Canada interpreted the Synod’s theme, "Draw the Circle Wide. Draw It Wider Still!" 50 pieces were selected from over 200 submissions, with 6 of the pieces part of a silent auction raising funds for the Anglican Journal, the Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund, and other ministries.

The booklet Sacred Expressions with photos of the artwork and notes from the artists is available for $15 from the Anglican Foundation of Canada.

top left: Labrador Churches by Graham Hill
top right: Welcome Widening World by Garth C. Panting
bottom left: The Centre ... Still by Lynne P. Hollingsworth
bottom right: Peter's Vision at Joppa by Fran Sawton
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Wed, Aug 15th - 7:18AM

St. Patrick's, Edmonton, Alberta
St. Patrick's Anglican Church began in 1980 as a mission supported by the Diocese of Edmonton. Initially the congregation met in a public school; in 1989 they moved to a shopping mall and in 1995 they moved to the auditorium of a hospital. At the end of 1999, they moved into their present building, remodelled for use as a church, and this year the building was purchased. There are 85 families on the parish list.

Outreach has been a priority with the parish. In the past the parish has provided a supper for a group of visiting native students, supplied sandwiches and volunteers to the Bissell Centre, collected clothing for WIN house, helped PATCH Place set up a collective kitchen, run a food depot out of Millwoods for the Food Bank. The parish has sponsored community kitchens in the parish hall, provided lunches for Habitat for Humanity, and given financial support to Our House Addiction Recovery Centre, the L'Arche Community and the Anglican Diocese of Malawi in Africa.
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Tue, Aug 7th - 4:41PM

Bishop Victoria Matthews Resigns
Bishop Victoria Matthews

In an August 2 pastoral read at churches August 5, Bishop Matthews of Edmonton announced her resignation.

Six weeks ago she came in a close second in the election of a new Primate. Bishop Matthews chaired the Primate’s Theological Commission that produced the St Michael report on same-sex blessing that concluded that it was consistent with the core doctrine of the Anglican Church of Canada. The Canadian Synod voted against the report by continuing the prohibition on same sex blessings. At the time Bishop Matthews was quoted as saying about the vote 'I don’t think there were any winners. We know that people on both sides . . . leave tonight with a profound sense of sadness that the body of Christ is broken.'

In the pastoral, while she says she is not making any kind of protest against the Anglican Church, she is resigning without knowing what she will do next.

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