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Fri, Apr 30th - 7:47AM

April 26: Gareth Time

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 806
99.5 miles
84 degrees

100 recordings of 34 types.

Rasmussen: -12: 47/52

Rich had his EKG this morning. The procedure itself didn't take long but he also had a long time with the doctor on call. I was able to finish the book I was reading (a Lois Lowry juvenile) and was checking out the dismal selection of magazines when he finally appeared. 

Then we went to fetch Gareth.  Bernadette and Rob were having new windows put in and needed him out of the way.  The boy was a delight.  We went for a walk (with me having to go back because I forgot to sunscreen him) around the block, most of which he actually walked. (A half mile, and I'd guess he did .3 or more.)

He had --and liked -- leftover bowtie pasta with veggies.  He fed himself. I gave him the yogurt, but he got enough himself to fingerpaint with it on the high chair tray.

He was free to walk in the playroom and he brought out a train which he had fun with.  I still have no idea what happened to Foofa.

Nap Time
And finally, I got him to nap. He had some time in the playpen, then I held him and he conked out. We took him back about 3:30 and Bernarob had also gotten some painting done. The house is so nice and light with the new windows. They're planning to paint it dark, though, so we'll see.
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Fri, Apr 30th - 7:45AM

Weekend Linkage

Victor Davis Hanson, The Remains of a California Day.
After all, in no particular order, we would have to close the borders; adopt English immersion in our schools; give up on the salad bowl and return to the melting pot; assimilate, intermarry, and integrate legal immigrants; curb entitlements and use the money to fix infrastructure like roads, bridges, airports, trains, etc.; build 4-5 new damns to store water in wet years; update the canal system; return to old policies barring public employee unions; redo pension contracts; cut about 50,000 from the public employee roles; lower income taxes from 10% to 5% to attract businesses back; cut sales taxes to 7%; curb regulations to allow firms to stay; override court orders now curbing cost-saving options in our prisons by systematic legislation; start creating material wealth from our forests; tap more oil, timber, natural gas, and minerals that we have in abundance; deliver water to the farmland we have; build 3-4 nuclear power plants on the coast; adopt a traditional curriculum in our schools; insist on merit pay for teachers; abolish tenure; encourage not oppose more charter schools, vouchers, and home schooling; give tax breaks to private trade and business schools; reinstitute admission requirements and selectivity at the state university system; take unregistered cars off the road; make UC professors teach a class or two more each year; abolish all racial quotas and preferences in reality rather than in name; build a new all weather east-west state freeway  over the Sierra; and on and on.

[piece of cake!]

Mark Steyn:
Hence, Bill Clinton energetically on the stump, summoning all his elder statesman’s dignity (please, no giggling) in the cause of comparing tea partiers to Timothy McVeigh. Oh, c’mon, they’ve got everything in common. They both want to reduce the size of government, the late Mr. McVeigh through the use of fertilizer bombs, the tea partiers through control of federal spending, but these are mere nuanced differences of means, not ends. Also, both “Tim” and “Tea” are three-letter words beginning with “T”: Picture him upon your knee, just Tea for Tim and Tim for Tea, you’re for him and he’s for thee, completely interchangeable.
...For a long time, tea partiers were racists. Everybody knows that when you say “I’m becoming very concerned about unsustainable levels of federal spending,” that’s old Jim Crow code for “Let’s get up a lynching party and teach that uppity Negro a lesson.”
...Eschewing such cheap slurs, Time’s Joe Klein said opposition to Obama was “seditious,” because nothing says sedition like citing the U.S. Constitution and quoting Thomas Jefferson.

On the VAT.

Maureen Tubello Well I don't see how an extra terrestrial could do more damage than our own President....

John Hinderaker
Liberals, to put it mildly, are not dealing well with their declining political fortunes.

Doctor Zero

SO MANY CHOICES! (0bamateurism of the week.)

It must be a mom thing but I always tend to vote for the things that indicate he was raised by jackals. He should have gone to the Polish Embassy to deliver his condolences.  Cindy Munford on April 25, 2010 at 9:37 AM

Actually it was a tossup between the image of Mr. President shaking a finger in a foreign leader’s face or golfing instead of paying respect to a dead foreign leader. That sentence says a lot about Mr. President, doesn’t it.
scalleywag on April 25, 2010 at 9:45 AM

Golfing. Seems like Obama is the only one enjoying the Obama presidency.
sherry on April 25, 2010 at 10:21 AM

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Thu, Apr 29th - 7:21AM

April 25: First Communion

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 800
99.0 miles

95 recordings of 27 types.

Rasmussen: -13: 45/54

We started off for Novato in plenty of time, planning to get to the church for Lexi's First Communion by 2.  For some reason, both Rich and Bernadette (on her own with two babies in a different car) thought the ceremony was at 2, even though they initially knew it was 2:30. Then there had been an accident on the causeway, and traffic was moving at 6 mph.  In Bernadette's case, she was stopped for 30 minutes. I'd thought of calling her and telling her to go a different way, but figured she'd be in it just like us. (We'd figured out a detour route but didn't take it -- we probably should have.) Fortunately, the baby slept and Gareth was good. (Rob was coming down with a migraine, which is why he opted out.)  Rich was in a snit, but I knew we had time planned in, just that it was good that Lexi wasn't depending on us for her necklace. We finally got there by 2:10 and found Roni waiting at the pew. (Way in the back on the side.) Monica and Mark and the girls were there on the other side so we went over to say "hi."  The girls were dolled up in their Easter clothes. Apparently Bernadette turned up about 5 minutes later and went up to the balcony. After the 68 communicants marched in, and we had the opening prayer, I went up to check. If it had just been the baby with her, I'd have brought them down because we had a little room in the pew, but Gareth was having a great time walking back and forth, back and forth, and they were better off up there. (Though it's hot up there, and no fans in the church.)

I missed seeing Lexi in the procession, and only got a glimpse of the actual First Communion, but it was beautiful anyway.  For the Gloria and later in the prayers, the congregation can clap. I saw Teddy (who was in a black mood because he'd lost his birthday balloon) wasn't clapping and told him he could.  I don't know what R.J.'s mom thought, since I don't think she's been to a Mass since we stopped the Latin.  It was a nice Mass.  At the end of it, Rich and I were both in the balcony helping Bernadette.  Gareth was thrilled to see Djadja.

Back to the house. Roni had a nice spread, and there was the usual family chitchat.  Monica had given Teddy a Playmobil castle and was putting it together for him, and Gareth thought this was the best place to play, with all the tiny pieces ("This is for 4+", said Teddy. "I know, and Gareth is 2-", I said) and the nice sharp scissors. I finally got him out in the hall.  The place isn't babyproof, so there was an adult with Gareth all the time, but on the whole he was a really good little boy.

RJ's Mom left first, then Monica and all, Bernadette and kids, and us, about 6 or so. A good day!

Lexi     Granddaughters The Richards Family     Krajeski Family Grandchildren with Bernadette


The only major disappointment of the day was that Monica doesn't think we should have Charlotte on her own next Friday.  "She'll whine" because it seems she has to have Genevieve everywhere. This isn't the impression I got from the Christmas letter.  Genevieve tends to take over. I had thought this would be a good idea just to get to know C., who is a stranger to us.  It would also be good for C.  Oh, well, I guess we'll just give her her birthday present Thursday and let Genevieve take it over. 

We'll have them for quite some time on Friday as Monica has a lunch with her boss in San Francisco. This is worrying, I hope it's not a firing lunch.

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Wed, Apr 28th - 8:57PM

April 24: Little House on the Prairie

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 800
98.8 miles

107 recordings of 32 types.

Rasmussen: -9: 47/52. Congress has an 11% rating.

Hubble's 20th anniversary. Google has the best logos.

This morning Surewest had a pancake breakfast at the Community Center. We had no intention of changing phone services, but on the other hand, breakfast is nice.  It was, too, and we got to play a couple of games, then left to go get the camera. (I was mistaken, we got it today, not yesterday.) We only stayed a few minutes, as we had tickets for the matinee of "Little House on the Prairie."

We rode the train downtown, with a couple from Auburn who were also going to the play.  We told them how to get to the theater from the 12th and I stop, but we went on to Cathedral Square.  When we didn't see them in the lobby we were a little worried that they'd gotten lost (it's only 3 blocks, not that easy!)  However, eventually I spied them coming in. We were in the nosebleed seats.

Melissa Gilbert played Ma... she was fine, as were the other actors.  The star of the show for me was Manly, Laura's boyfriend/husband.  He has a really good voice.  The songs weren't bad, though it was hard to understand the words.  The plot followed the books pretty well and the sets and lighting were very good. I'd read a number of so-so reviews, so I didn't have high expectations for the play. It was, therefore, a pleasant surprise.

Reading: Rousseau and Revolution, What If? edited by Robert Cowley, the Bible (Zachariah), Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg,  The Frogs, Aristophanes, The Life of Man with God, Thomas Verner Moore, Don Quixote, Miseducation: Preschoolers at Risk, David Elkind, Low-Carb Dieting for Dummies, Katherine B. Chauncey.

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Wed, Apr 28th - 8:56AM

Links from Last Week

Doctor Zero, Hospice America:

The promises of our self-appointed caretakers are lies anyway, soon to dissolve in an avalanche of impossible debt, crushing taxes, and enemies who have no intention of leaving us to fade away in peace.  There will be no comfortable slide into national oblivion. 

[Yeah, we have to make sure the Democrat Party is the one that is dying.]

It is very difficult for me to offer prayers for this administration, as we do in church every week. We always offer prayers for the administration in power, but as Obama believes I am a home grown terrorist and despises everything I represent (white, middle age, conservative, tea partier), and wants to destroy my way of life, it is almost impossible for me to offer prayers for him.

I know God is all powerful and He will do what He chooses to do with this man, but I see no hope for his spiritual life. He is too arrogant.

manateespirit on April 18, 2010 at 1:47 PM

If only McCain was always stuck in a closely-contested primary, he might be a decent senator.
David Mickelson on April 18, 2010 at 12:03 PM. 

 On McCain's sudden Conservatism
It's a pity Hayworth can't be holding McCain's feet to the fire all the time.
The man is becoming more unhinged with each news cycle that goes by. He desperately needs to retire, before he embarrasses himself any further.

manwithblackhat on April 19, 2010 at 11:04 PM

Doc Zero has more

Timely information.

News you could have used last month

Victor Davis Hanson asks "how could we be so stupid?"  I favor #6and #7, both of which could be true at the same time.  He seems to assume they are sane.

In two ways the outlandish overplay of the socialist hand by the narcissist in the White House is doing at least these 2 wonders that could stop him in his tracks: 1) The USA welfare state will simply run out of money, which has already begun to happen, and it isn’t pretty. States are already severely squeezed with howling teacher unions; the seniors miss their cost of living increase; the arriving bankruptcy of entitlements is downgrading what was promised more and more. 2) With every excess the insanity is ever more obvious to the electorate, motivating them more and increasing the chances of 2010 and 2012 reversals of everything the juvenile would-be big brother is doing. Stopping this train wreck now can clear socialism off of the American table for decades or even permanently.

America is not amused.

George Will
Increasingly, the income tax is codified envy. A VAT is the political class' recourse when the resources of the minority that is targeted by the envious are insufficient to finance ravenous government.


The failure of U.S. policy may be news to Obama, but for some time now it’s been glaringly obvious to most of the planet. While Obama has been yakking, bowing, apologizing for America, humiliating U.S. allies and dismantling both America’s defense capabilities and capitalist system, Iran’s rulers have been mocking him, scoffing at deadlines and flaunting their bomb program. This weekend, in response to Obama’s bread-and-circuses nuclear summit in Washington, Ahmadinejad has been hosting his own nuclear conference in Tehran — demanding that the U.S. be suspended from the International Atomic Energy Agency, the IAEA.

Obama has provided quite a show this past year or so – conjuring crises over U.S. medical care and Israeli housing plans in Jerusalem, while Iran’s rulers have been killing dissidents in the streets and closing in on the bomb. Having been entrusted with the White House, and the defense of America and its constitution, Obama has been treating the world to such statements as his recent observation that the U.S. remains a military superpower “whether we like it or not.” It’s hard to escape the conclusion that he doesn’t like it at all.

...Where’s all this heading? On the current course, the American superpower will have its own citizens staggering under rising taxes and regulatory overload, and burdened with crushing debt. The U.S. will be depending on Russia to ferry American astronauts into space, terrorists will be holding forth in U.S. courts, and Iran will have the bomb. There’s nothing secret about any of this — except, apparently, within the confines of the Obama White House.

This is who they are, and this is what they do.  "there’s some good stuff in George Stephanopoulos’s memoir, All Too Human, on this, too. A lot of people had forgotten this, and the shameful incompetence that led to the Waco massacre that — unlike the blamed Limbaugh, etc. — actually inspired Timothy McVeigh, but by bringing it up again Clinton is reminding people, and undermining the elder-statesman role he was trying to carve out. Bad move. Either he’s losing his touch, or they’re getting desperate. Probably desperate: Rasmussen Presidential Approval Index: Obama Drops Nine Points in Three Days."


"I Love Big Brother."

Ew! or is that EU! Tourism is a human right?

And they’re proposing this on the heels of Greece needing a multi-billion euro bailout and several other EU nations on the verge of bankruptcy?

That would be like our government adding a new multi-trillion dollar entitlement when our existing entitlements are already trillions of dollars in the hole….oh wait.

Doughboy on April 19, 2010 at 10:59 AM

He's just so humble.  Yes, because the first quality that comes to mind when thinking about President I Won, the man who marveled that Tea Partiers weren’t tossing him hosannas, is award-winning humility.  Note to the White House: It’s fine to praise someone else’s humility.  When you praise your own, you’ve negated your own argument.

"Todays Left: Remembering Okla bombing but forgetting 9/11," said RegulusdeLeo on Twitter, April 19, 2010.

32 rounds of golf.

while US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton and Vice President Joe Biden had taken the time to visit the Polish Embassy to sign a book of condolences, President Obama had not yet taken the time out to do so.

He's golfed more in 15 months than any other President, and a third again as much as Bush did in 8 years. And Washington may never have told a lie, but he should have returned his library books!


Gay Hecklers Interrupt 0bama at DNC Fundraiser: Unemployment near 10 percent, federal deficits rocketing to unprecedented levels, U.S. troops still fighting two wars and a showdown with Iran on the horizon, and the big lefty outcry at his fundraiser with Boxer is over a policy the White House is already working to repeal. Perfect.

Some in the press corps suppose they detect a whiff of contempt from this White House.
[No, really??]  If not from Gibbs personally, it seems to be coming from his boss, who, like every president before him, uses the media as whipping boy (or, in Obama’s case, a target of ridicule, which is even worse) when coverage is not to his liking.

Argh argh argh.

Senate Subpoenas 0bama White House over Fort Hood Shootings.

Police chase Reporters away from Protest at White House.

Obama's fifth-quarter Gallup approval slips, among worst 3 of modern presidents.

California's woes.

Mark Steyn:

The voiceover is by US citizen (and spiritual mentor, most recently, to Major Hasan) Ayman al-Awlaki. He is explaining the rationale for killing identified individuals, including the creators of “South Park”.

Mr al-Awlaki says things like, “Harming Allah and his messenger is a reason to encourage Muslims to kill whoever does that.”

Maybe he’d get a worse press if he were to stop pussyfooting around and explicitly incite violence by saying something openly hateful like “I’m becoming very concerned about federal spending.”

Is Boxer Inciting Violence?
A couple of interesting bits in an LA Times item on Boxer and Obama doing some fundraising. They note that Democrats criticized Bush for such efforts, but as with playing golf, Obama is actually doing it more often. 

You can call me Ma'am. (Mickey Kaus is running against Boxer. It's tempting to register Democrat just to vote for him.) He says

Do Obama and Boxer realize they are on the wrong side of a tsunami of voter discontent with a government run by and for the public employee unions?”
...It is all coming to a head this year. Obama and Boxer are on the crushable side of a tsunami of voter discontent. The way to save the Democratic Party is not to milk rich couples for $35,200 dinners--those donors don’t have to send their kids to public schools where they’re taught by mediocre teachers who can’t be held to account.

Ah.  The Nashville Tennessean is apparently the worst rag out there.  That might explain a few things.

Instapundit: ARE SCHOOL LUNCHES A NATIONAL SECURITY THREAT? “The retired officers are saying that school lunches have helped make the nation’s young people so fat that fewer of them can meet the military’s physical fitness standards, and recruitment is in jeopardy.” So the one meal where teenagers are fed directly by the government is a major source of obesity, but we keep being told that the solution to widespread obesity is . . . more government? Uh huh.

And: TAXES ARE FOR THE LITTLE PEOPLE (CONT’D): Tax Court Rejects “Geithner Defense,” Says Reliance on TurboTax Does Not Excuse Taxpayer From Penalty for Errors on Tax Return.

George Will on Chris Christie

Dodd's Plan: 14 Fatal Flaws. I would think the biggest flaw is who wrote it. He should be in jail.

Insty: MEGAN MCARDLE: Health Care Reform makes it harder to balance the budget? “Who could possibly have predicted this shocking and totally unexpected turn of events?”

Daniel Henninger on Armageddon

0bama backs down on Sudan

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Tue, Apr 27th - 1:57PM

April 23: Camera Scare

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 800
98.0 miles

107 recordings of 30 types.

Rasmussen: -8: 47/52

I'm down 1.1 pounds, with low borderline blood pressure.

My heart sank this morning. I couldn't find my camera. I checked in the car... nothing else was missing, but it's possible Rich left the car unlocked. Finally I called Bernadette, and sure enough, whew, great relief, I'd left it there.

Rich was entirely self-involved this morning as he had an appointment with a surgeon to discuss what to do about this boil gone bad on his rear end.  I went along just in case this would be dealt with today.  Not so much. He has a fistula, apparently a blind one since all that's coming out is blood, no fecal matter.  It's been paining him for a couple of months, now.  He'll get an EKG next Monday and they will schedule surgery.  Probably the week after that, since we are going to San Jose next Thursday and Friday.  

Oh, NOW she tells us!

Surprise! 0bamacare will INCREASE expenses.

0bamateurism of the day:
Or — and this is really the point — both the President and VP could have given their speeches from their offices in DC instead of flying into one of the most heavily-trafficked areas in the nation, snarling planes and cars for hours and creating tons of unnecessary emissions, all to lecture us on the need to cut back on energy use. Instead, both set an example of cluelessness rather than conservation.

Doc Zero:
The very concept of public-sector unions is absurd, and only dates back a few decades.  They’re not collective bargaining entities, fighting to save oppressed workers from exploitation.  They’re pumps designed to siphon money out of taxpayer pockets.

Why I am Enlarging my Carbon Footprint


Draw Mohammed Day, as an answer to Cowardly Central.

It'd be nice if he actually enforced the law, instead of  blasting others for trying.

Yes we can.!!

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Tue, Apr 27th - 8:48AM

April 22: Earth Day

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 786
98.0 miles
sunny, warm

107 recordings of 32 types.

Rasmussen: -10: 47/52.

Google did it again for Earth Day.

I didn't make it to the retreat house today. I just stayed home and vegged out. Later in the day we went on down to see the kids. We went for a walk and played in the back.  Bernadette has beautiful roses.

IMG_8476   IMG_8478

Bernadette did a great comparison of the two children at the same ages.

Pelosi had more security than guests?  Hahahaha!

Celebrate Earth Day by honoring property rights.

Joeswife Ahles: I do not like it Uncle Sam, I do not like it Sam I am. I do not like these dirty crooks, I don't like how they cook the books. I do not like when Congress steals, I do not like their secret deals. I do not like the speaker Nan, I do not like this 'YES WE CAN'. I do not like this kind of hope, I do not like it, nope, nope, nope!


Don't do as I do, do as I say.

Celebrate Earth Day by flying two jets to New York City.
Somebody points out that if they both had to go, it's a small price to pay to avoid the possibility of President Pelosi.

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Sun, Apr 25th - 11:16AM

New Element
(sent to me via e-mail.)
Subject: New Element discovered!
> Discovery Announcement ~ The densest element in the known Universe has been
> found!
> Pelosium:
> A major research institution has just announced the discovery of the densest
> element yet known to science. The new element has been named Pelosium.
> Pelosium has one neutron, 12 assistant neutrons, 75 deputy neutrons, and 224
> assistant deputy neutrons, giving it an atomic mass of 311.
> These particles are held together by dark forces called morons, which are
> surrounded by vast quantities of lepton-like particles called peons.
> The symbol of Pelosium is PU.
> Pelosium's mass actually increases over time, as morons randomly interact
> with various elements in the atmosphere and become assistant deputy neutrons
> within the Pelosium molecule, leading to the formation of isodopes.
> This characteristic of moron-promotion leads some scientists to believe that
> Pelosium is formed whenever morons reach a certain quantity in
> concentration, referred to as Critical Morass.
> When catalyzed with money, Pelosium activates CNNadnausium, an element that
> radiates orders of magnitude more energy, albeit as incoherent noise, since
> it has half as many peons but twice as many morons as Pelosium.
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Sat, Apr 24th - 11:15PM

April 21: Country Roads

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 786
98.0 miles
rain, MUD, and finally clearing.

99 recordings of 32 types.

Rasmussen: -10: 47/52

Today I had a plan to start in Woodland and cache our way north on a lot of back roads, getting Knight's Landing and Grimes and Meridian before ending up in Yuba City at the monthly geocache event.  Unfortunately, while they promised us showers, what we got was a thorough, soaking, rain.  We waited about 2 hours but eventually started off.  We had two no-finds in the first three hunts, but after that it got better. 

Except for the MUD. It was the sticky sort that weighs down your shoes and is next to impossible to get rid of. It was all over the car, and my umbrella (which was down by my feet) and everything else. My hands were disgusting.

We found
Los Yaquis in Knight's Landing for lunch. I had a really good taco salad.  And as we ate, the rain stopped.  From then on, the day went better.  We found most of the caches we looked for, though we had to quit before we tackled Meridien.  We saw peacocks along Sycamore Slough (also some beautiful homes.) We got to the event just in time. There was a woman there who will be teaching Geocaching at the summer Academic Talent Search.

29 caches, 8 or 9 no-finds.

Knight's Landing     Yellow

Ed Morrissey:
It’s pretty discouraging. In Obama’s America, killing a fetus is a right, but consuming sodium-rich foods is enough to instigate government regulation. At this point, I don’t know whether to weep or…well, weep. Thanks, 52 percenters, for making this possible.

I have to admit, though. The actions of the president you voted into office haven’t helped my blood pressure all that much.

Oh well, I guess Obamacare will take care of that.

Reading: Rousseau and Revolution, What If? edited by Robert Cowley, the Bible (Zachariah), Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg, Ender's Shadow, Orson Scott Card, The Frogs, Aristophanes,  The Life of Man with God, Thomas Verner Moore, Don Quixote, Miseducation: Preschoolers at Risk, David Elkind, Low-Carb Dieting for Dummies, Katherine B. Chauncey.

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Fri, Apr 23rd - 6:40PM

April 20: Shade

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 786
96.0 miles

96 recordings of 27 types.

Rasmussen: -10: 49/50.

Today I had the last of the Easter lamb.  This was a great cut of meat, starting with the roast leg of lamb on Easter.  Since then I've had:

  • shepherd's pie
  • lamb curry (8 boys: hardboiled egg, bacon, raisins, banana, mandarin oranges, coconut, peanuts, mango chutney)
  • lamb stew
  • toast & gravy, twice, for lunch.

and I still have the unused third  of the leg in the freezer. Also Pharaoh got the bone and enjoyed it.

At last at last the shade was installed.  Brian took maybe 20 minutes. He commented that he likes the color. It was pre-paid, but I did give him a tip, and he wasn't offended. I love it.

Partly Down   Closed Shade
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Fri, Apr 23rd - 11:37AM

"Consent of the Governed"

Better Start Paying Attention:
I was in Washington DC yesterday. With 20 other restaurateurs we visited with the Louisiana congressional delegation. We had an enlightening talk with United States Senator Mary Landrieu, if you're interested in what a member of the Democratic leadership of the Senate had to say to her constituents, then read on.

Talking directly to me because of a question I asked her, concerning the
fact that we will be forced to shrink our workforce and lay off several
hundred employees if Obamacare takes effect she put me in my place. She said the following:

*** We are paying for your employees health insurance now, if you cannot stay in business and pay for them, then we will just continue to pay for them after you are out of business. I think she really believes she is paying for it.she forgets that and I are paying for it.

*** We believe people need insurance more than jobs. I seriously doubt the folks I will have to terminate will agree with that, especially since I pointed out to her that many employees in hospitality are otherwise unemployable since they are unskilled and their alternative is welfare.

*** The law does not differentiate between companies in industries with single digit profit margins like hospitality and industries with much higher profit have to learn to deal with it.

*** If you don't like the bills we are passing then elect others.

*** The bill is law, I do not want to discuss it, deal with it.

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Fri, Apr 23rd - 11:30AM

April 19: Goodbye to Grandma

Patriot's Day, (also Waco and OK City.  I'm sorry we missed the Memorial in OK City last year.(Clinton tried to ignore the connection.)

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 772
96.0 miles

94 recordings of 28 types.

Rasmussen: -11: 48/51.

Rich complained about the birds the other day, about them only visiting our neighbor's feeders.  So it was great today to see them at our feeder!  The goldfinches are SO bright this time of year!

My co-conspirator grandma is going back to Oregon tomorrow, so we stopped by in the afternoon after Rich's bowling. I had a Smith&Noble catalog to give her, and the Yo Gabba Gabba book for Gareth.  She had given him a "fi-truck" which is his absolute favorite toy.  She'd cleaned up the patio and they now take advantage of the outdoors. Gareth absolutely loves it.
IMG_8434     Wistful Gareth Has a Fi-Tuck!     Joanna

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Fri, Apr 23rd - 11:23AM

A Little Story from Bill Tschudy

I asked my neighbors little girl what she wanted to
be when she grows up. She said she wanted to be President some day.

Both of her parents, liberal Democrats, were standing
there, so I asked her, 'If you were President what would be the first thing you would do?'
She replied, 'I'd give food and houses to all the homeless

Her parents beamed.

'Wow! What a worthy goal.' I told her, 'But you don't have
to wait until you're President to do that. You can come over to my house and mow the lawn, pull weeds, and sweep my yard, and I'll pay you $50.

Then I'll take you over to the grocery store where the
homeless guy hangs out, and you can give him the $50 to use toward food and a new house.'

She thought that over for a few seconds, then she looked me straight in the eye and asked, 'Why doesn't the homeless guy come over and do the work, and you can just pay him the $50?'
I said, 'Welcome to the Republican Party.'

Her parents still aren't speaking to me.

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Thu, Apr 22nd - 11:17PM

April 18: Hot Walk

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 764
96.0 miles

90 recordings of 26 types.

Rasmussen: -15: 47/52.
I would seem to have carried Wyoming values with me.

Our substitute priest today lives at the priests' retirement home, or as he called it, the "Home for unwed fathers".

Today, about 3, I thought it'd be a good idea to take Pharaoh for a walk.  Maybe not so much. I forgot to bring water and his bowl, and it was hard to find puddles. He was wheezing and panting, and I was worried about heat stroke. In future, we go out a lot earlier, and I bring water.  Otherwise, it was a good walk.

I looked up Ælfleda on the Web. Ælfleda de Wessex ~878-~923. There's also "Elflady" on the web. I suspect I'll be calling Joanna that sometime.  

Nooooo!  It closed???!!!! We were there last October, looking at feathered dinosaurs!

In the 13 months since the museum reopened in November 2008, its total attendance was 110,000, the third best in its history, and its number of contributions had increased, Thorpe said. But its income in total dollars received declined.


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Tue, Apr 20th - 10:58PM

April 17: How To Train Your Dragon

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 764
93.3 miles

96 recordings of 28 types.

Rasmussen: -17: 45/54

We went to see "How to Train YOur Dragon" today.  Very good, very funny. I laughed out loud when the gamer kid was repeating scores. It must have been fun for the animators to make the Olympic commercials, too.  It would have been easy to just show bits from the movie, but instead they were little short films with the same characters.  I zapped most of the Olympic commercials but definitely stopped for those.

Rich enjoyed the film, too. He particularly liked Astrid, the heroine, voiced by "Ugly Betty."

Afterwards we went and found a cache (a huge very strong magnet... the last time we found it we didn't think it was the cache) we'd missed before.  And from there to Taco Bell for a Yo Gabba Gabba story book.  At last! Yay!!

Colin Bell: Letter in today's Guardian: "Your previous correspondent (Letters, 10 April) is correct: first unrest in Kyrgyzstan and now Eyjafjallajokull erupts. The people who allowed proper nouns in Scrabble have much to answer for."

Mark Steyn on non-proliferation.

How amusing.  Thank you, Mr. President.

Rush Limbaugh:
How come we're supposed to draw (on the basis of no evidence), a connection between conservatism and terrorism, conservative ideology and terrorism?  Where is that connection?  Yet we are told we must reject, despite tons of evidence, the connection between Islamist ideology and terrorism.  So we can't call Islamist fundamentalists "terrorists." We can't even use the word. But we can have ex-presidents and current presidents running around trying to associate conservatives with nonexistent terrorism at peaceful tea parties.  Somebody needs to explain this to me.

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Tue, Apr 20th - 11:58AM

April 16: Joanna's First Doctor Visit

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 759
93.3 miles

95 recordings of 25 types.

I'm a tenth of a pound up, with borderline/high blood pressure.

Rasmussen: -12: 47/52.

Bernadette wants us to come over a lot.  No problem. Joanna had her first doctor appointment today, and she's already lost a pound.  They said to supplement feedings, and to come in tomorrow. I got to hold her, and spent a lot of time playing with Gareth, too.  He really likes his grandma, too. She gave him a duck he loves. We were there about an hour, then picked up a nearby cache and checked on our new one.

Torquemada Waxman is still watching you.

*snicker* Yes, the gummint is so efficient.

Reid trails Republican by 10 points.
Normally when an incumbent reaches this level, he has the good sense to retire with what little grace remains to him. Before the passage of ObamaCare, the White House couldn’t afford to let him do that. Now with both cap-and-trade and immigration reform unlikely to proceed, there doesn’t seem to be any reason to keep Reid in this race, other than sheer bloody-mindedness.

0bamateurism of the day. this particular response from Barack Obama seems to have more than his normal quotient of arrogance and ignorance:

Careful! With the size of Øbama’s head, an island’s likely to tip over!
2ipa on April 16, 2010 at 10:24 AM
Maybe he’d fit right in on Easter Island.
Laura in Maryland on April 16, 2010 at 12:58 PM

Pathologic liar?
We might be overlooking the possibility that he is certifiably insane.
percysunshine on April 16, 2010 at 8:21 AM

Quoting the president: "You would think they'd be saying thank you."
He really means this. Do not mistake the narcissistic rage behind that comment. He really is completely baffled why half the country doesn't want to just shut up and fall in line behind a plan that will spell economic ruin. He genuinely doesn't understand it, and he's angry that we all don't--he's enraged that he can't just will something and make it happen.
Posted by: colagirl | Friday, April 16, 2010 at 08:05 AM

The most shocking signs.... Whiners. I missed this. (video of a protestor yesterday.)

No NASA workers allowed at 0bama's speech yesterday.

Heckuvva birthday!

Reading: Rousseau and Revolution, What If? edited by Robert Cowley, the Bible (Zachariah), Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg, Ruggles of Red Gap, Harry Leon Wilson, The Frogs, Aristophanes, The Life of Man with God, Thomas Verner Moore, Don Quixote, Miseducation: Preschoolers at Risk, David Elkind, Low-Carb Dieting for Dummies, Katherine B. Chauncey

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Tue, Apr 20th - 11:39AM

April 15: Party Like it's 1773

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 746
93.2 miles

96 recordings of 26 types.

Rasmussen: -9: 48/51.  Apparently yesterday was an anomaly. 'In his new book, Scott Rasmussen states that “The gap between Americans who want to govern themselves and politicians who want to rule over them may be as big today as the gap between the colonies and England during the 18th century.” He adds that “If we had to rely on politicians to fix these problems, the outlook would be bleak indeed. Fortunately, in America, the politicians aren’t nearly as important as they think they are.”'

The Volcano in Iceland? I blame George Bush.

Nooooo.  A lying cheating political hack doesn't deserve a ship!

I wish they still did executions for traitors.  (Aldrich Ames comes to mind.)

Ah, humility.

Arizona Doctor Goes Galt 

we can expect to see large number of doctors in all fields following Scherzer’s example, primarily the most experienced who see early retirement as a much better option than dealing with Uncle Obama’s medical-care directives.  What will that leave?  A less experienced and smaller cadre of providers with increased wait times and miles of red tape for everyone.  Scherzer may be one of the lucky ones, at least until he gets sick himself.

PatrickRuffini : For all his skills, Obama hasn't given a truly great speech as President yet.

"You Should Be Thanking Me." Boy oh boy, is he ever touchy.

How dumb does he think they are?

AlGoresBrain : BREAKING: Obama challenges NASA to land a man in each of the 7 missing states before the decade is out.

Today we went down to the Tax Day Tea Party.  I was pleased to see lots of people at the Light Rail station, many more than last year.  I wore my red shirt from the September 2001 "flag" picture.  I also found a button from an election that said "WATCH OUT! I VOTE!"

This year they had stalls set up for candidates and also a bunch of vendors. We ended up getting "tea party patriots" shirts. I wonder if I dare wear this up at Vince's house for the Fourth of July, or will that shame Niki?

Everyone, including Rich, says there were more people this year (5 to 8 thousand.)  It didn't seem like that to me, but I'm no judge.  We saw some friends this year.

IMG_8334     IMG_8349 IMG_8317     IMG_8324 IMG_8326     Flyby Mark Meckler     IMG_8331 Uncle SamRough & Ready

Rough & Ready  seceded in 1850 from the Union when they didn't like a mining tax.  However, then they couldn't get liquor for the Fourth of July, so they rejoined the country.

More signs which I saw but didn't get pictures of:


I couldn't see all this one:

I'm a Real

Come November We the People will say "We Told You So."

This is America, how DARE They Ignore Us?

Republicans Return to Your Conservative Roots.

It IS a Big F***ing Deal, but NOT in a Good Way.

Are You Better Off than You Were 4 Trillion Dollars Ago?

We Should Start Hanging Thieves Again and Not Electing Them to Congress.

There was a t-shirt with "You can put lipstick on a Marxist."  Another one, a Che shirt, said "this shirt brought to you by capitalism."

I was at the Sacramento event at the Capitol. We had a crasher. At least I assume he was a crasher. He was running around the grounds shouting at the top of his voice and there were Tea Party people following and recording him. Couldn’t understand a word he was saying (shouting). Later there was more shouting from behind the podium and all the cops went running. Other than that, there were a few counter protesters on street corners off the Capitol grounds holding signs that said things like “we need solutions, not shouting” and “Obama is a good man.” All-in-all, pretty lame.

Sacramento was an excellent event. Good crowd, good music, terrific speakers (really fine). There was also a candidates’ section which was fun. This year, every Sacramento media outlet had a truck there. Last year, it was FNC and PJTV. What a difference a year makes.

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Mon, Apr 19th - 8:31AM

April 14: Babysitting Gareth

(I had this ready yesterday, but had to change browsers to post it... and I got sidetracked looking at caches in Bend Oregon. It was midnight before I realized it.)

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 746
91.7 miles
clear, pretty clouds

94 recordings of 32 types.

Rasmussen: -8: 50/49.  Wow.

I was trying to get hold of my sister to pass on the news, but her ISP has changed. I tried her handle with, hotmail, yahoo, gmail... no joy. Finally, our brother replied and used her real e-addy. Who knew there were that many email providers?

Maddeningly enough, for some reason my WYSIWYG link button isn't working any more so I have to go in and do them by hand. Grumble.

0bamacare is a tax on the middle class.

What did Obama say about his new bill?  Just this Saturday, he claimed credit for not raising taxes on people earning under $200,000:

President Barack Obama in his Saturday radio address said the healthcare law keeps his campaign pledge to not raise taxes on the middle class. In his bid for the White House, he promised that individuals earning less than $200,000 and joint filers earning less than $250,000 would not see a tax increase under his watch.

In his defense, he probably still hasn’t read it.


Guess who helped Overthrow Kyrgyzstan's Government?
Big question now is why we should sign a new START treaty that will save the Russians hundreds of billions of dollars while they scheme to overthrow governments and shut down our supply lines in Central Asia.  The only benefit that the US gets from START is an ego boost for Barack Obama.

[Like he needs one.]

Argh. The Anchoress says:

I miss the swaggering cowboy. He may have been tongue-tied; he may have screwed up with an errant backrub, but he didn’t bow to royalty, he didn’t give embarrassing gifts to allies, he didn’t show the Dalai Lama the back door. He never said to a visiting ally (paraphrased) “I’m gonna go have dinner with Laura, and if you decide to obey me, I’ll be around.”

He didn’t shove his finger in the face of another country’s prime minister.

But he was considered the boor.

Oh, puke.

Today's "apple to pick" to quote Joan (my co-conspirator grandma) was to go down to babysit Gareth so Joan could go to the hospital to admire Joanna.  But first, we needed to get Bernadette's glasses back to her.  She looked great, and so did the baby. 

Then we went on down to the house.  Gareth was a little drowsy. I watched a Yo Gabba Gabba with him, then played with the blocks. Unlike most trips, I didn't have to tidy up, since Grandma Joan is there.  We read books. We talked about shapes, and he pointed to the circle and star before he decided to do something else. He cuddled with me while we watched "Sleep" but he didn't quite go to sleep. Meanwhile, Rich cleared weeds and mowed the lawn.

IMG_8298     IMG_8309

Rob and Joann were gone about an hour and a half. We decided not to cache afterwards, just to come home.

0bama's approval hits new low.  PPP also has a poll, which says 0bama and Bush are about even.

These numbers suggest some peril for Democrats in making Bush a focus of their messaging this fall. A lot of folks who contributed to the former President's low level of popularity now like Obama even less. Figuring out a way to make voters change their minds about the current President would be a much more effective strategy for Democrats than continuing to try to score points off the former one.

Three More Things we've Learned about 0bamacare.

Mike Pence says it all. (video) However, what was up with the Senate 'pubs not quizzing Holder on health care?

Fruitbat backs down.

"Whether we like it or not, we remain a superpower."  On the plus side he might not have that problem much longer. "In just the three weeks he's alienated India, had an alliance-threatening spat with Karzai, shown "sneering contempt" for Britain, and - part and parcel of his disregard for Europe in general - is said to have built "a wall" between the US and Germany. And of course there's there's the whole Israel thing."

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Sat, Apr 17th - 9:53PM

April 13: Joanna Lynn!

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 746
91.6 miles
clear, pretty clouds

85 recordings of 25 types. (I've apparently been missing Ugly Betty. I hope to get the reruns.)

Rasmussen: -10: 49/50, and the media seems to be turning against him. (46% positive.  Of course, there's always Newsweek.) Obama's disregard for media reaches new heights at nuclear summit
By Dana Milbank  Wednesday, April 14, 2010; A02

The first thing we did today (after I called Bernadette to make sure she wasn't imminent) was to go back to the booksale with a full bag (some of the books that narrowly escaped getting wet).  I was just finished browsing (7 or 8 new ones) and in the checkout line when Bernadette called.  The doctor noted she was 5 cm. dilated and decided she should go into the hospital in the afternoon.  Fine, I said, we'll be there about 3. 

One of my plans was to go to Taco Bell to pick up a Yo Gabba Gabba storybook. Sadly, we tried 3 different TBs and no storybook.  Sulk.  So we had lunch, then stopped by the house for my camera and some books for Rich, and on down to South Sacramento to the hospital.

Bernadette was esconced in bed, getting her IV in (painfully: student nurse had trouble).  Since she was having contractions, it wasn't "inducing" but "enhancing."  She hadn't been aware of the contractions.  They were first giving her an antibiotic: they wanted 4 hours of that before the birth.  The nurse, Jennifer, was the same one she had for Gareth.  We chitchatted and watched the tape, and Jennifer checked in every half hour.  They started the pitocin and the contractions did begin to come closer together. 

At 6:30 Rob sent us on a food run.  Rich spent some time in the parking lot taking his brace off, and then we spent some time looking for Wendy's. I called back and Rob said anything would do, things were speeding up.  So we stopped at Carl's, then went back up. We got there about 7:20.

Things had really progressed. Rich wasn't allowed in the room, as B. was having the last of the epidural.  Her water had broken right around the time we left, and contractions had sped up and become much more painful right then.  I passed Rich his dinner but not in the bag, and no napkins, and he disappeared.  I thought I might get a chance to get a bite or two, as did Rob, but in reality things were moving Very Very Fast.

They broke the bed down, got B. in position with her feet up in stirrups, and told her to go ahead and push. Each contraction was 3 or 4 pushes, and the epidural hadn't kicked in so Bernadette was in a lot of pain.  A *lot* of pain.  My last two kids were too sudden for any pain killer, but I honestly don't remember it hurting all that much.  (breathing, puffing, panting... I'm sure it must have hurt, but all I remember is the pushing.)

This is the first time I've had a good view. I was in the back of the room for Teddy's birth, where they'd threatened a caesarian,  and there were a gazillion people in the room with Gareth since he was stuck. This time it was Rob, the doctor, and three nurses (one extra just in case there was a problem since the baby was big.

Three contractions with the pushing sets, and the head was out.  The doctor turned the baby and eased out her shoulder while Bernadette was asking "do you see her?" "Yes, her head is out" and one more push, and whoosh, it's a beautiful baby girl.  They popped her up on B's stomach and started to wipe her off, and she started to cry.  Beautiful pink and active.  Bernadette said "Oh, my!" Rob said "happy birthday!"

A few minutes later they asked what the baby's name was... she said "Mom, come up here" and told us... "Joanna Lynn Aefleda Durbin."  I'm pleased... she's long said "Joanna" would be a good middle name, since I'm "Janna" and Rob's mother is "Joan" pronounced "Joann."  She'd given me a hint that a middle name was Gareth's companion, so I looked it up and got "Lynette."  Hmm, a good first name, I thought, and one made out of bits of Bernadette Allyn's name.  But, really, "Lynette Joanna" doesn't work, and "Joanna Lynn" does. As for Aefleda... I asked, and it seems she's the first English queen.  Something was wrong with "Elizabeth"?? I kid. They wanted something a bit, uh, different. I think they succeeded.  And since I have a niece who is "Norah Phoebe Umbriel" (none of which she goes by), it seems to run in the family.

Birthday Girls

They sewed B. up and didn't measure the baby and didn't measure the baby. Rob called his Mom and sister... I thought of calling the Pittsburgh folks or my kids, but Rich didn't know. I finally said I was going to see Rich, give me a call when we know the weight and length.  I went to the waiting room and told Rich, showing him some pictures. He wanted to go back to the delivery room... and of course I knew B. was decent, he could. Of course.  So back we went, and I called the Peoria folk, who already knew, (Rob had posted to Facebook). Then I called Roni, ditto. By this time, we knew the weight (8 pounds 15.6 ounces, call it 9 pounds) and height (20.5 inches.)  Beautiful beautiful baby. Somehow, the song from Sweeney Todd, "I Love You, Joanna" is running through my head.

Home much sooner than we thought we would be!  Bernadette called at 11 to ask if I'd picked up her glasses. I had indeed. Oops.

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Wed, Apr 14th - 6:47PM

April 12: Waiting, waiting....

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 746
91.5 miles

88 recordings of 30 types.

Rasmussen: -11: 48/51.

Come on, baby!

0bamateurism of the day: "No one I've met is looking for a handout."

"Doug Franklin and Sue Morgan became fans of How about we stop blaming Barack Obama for everything George Bush did."  Hmm.  How about we stop blaming George Bush for everything Barack 0bama's doing? Also, I'd LOVE to have Barack keep us safe like Bush did, but it certainly doesn't look like it.

Pelosi Finds Cure for Ailing P.O.

Michael Ledeen says it’s a campaign to cut America down to size.

Dear Lord. The Weekly Standard elaborates:

McFaul might want to clarify what the "historic steps" are that President Obama has taken to "improve our own democracy." Obama has had exactly one significant legislative victory, an overhaul of our health care system. McFaul can't seriously mean that passing a bill that no one read and required cutting back room deals with labor unions was an improvement to our democracy, can he?

"I want to be an astronaut.  Should I move to Russia?" This was a sign carried by a small child at Cape Canaveral. Sigh.

The Doctor is Out

A good start.

The Anchoress talks about celibacy.

More on JPII and B16

The Bishop of Wyoming is younger than I am!  Something's really wrong about that!

Brown isn't at the big summit either.

Victor Davis Hanson, a tour through recession America.

The Nevada third party guy is fading.

I’m trying to buy stock in a frim making “aircraft style” reclining sleeper chairs for overnight waits in doctor’s offices. The aircraft design element is so as to cram as many warm bodies into the waiting rooms as possible.
IlikedAUH2O on April 12, 2010 at 2:51 PM

Obama is like a political bug zapper. People are drawn to him and inevitably find the life of their political careers sucked dry. Yet they cannot stop themselves. They just keep being drawn by the cruel light of hopey changey.
MrX on April 12, 2010 at 2:51 PM

60 Doctor-Owned Hospitals Canceled due to 0bamacare.

Hahaha!! (Gotta pass it to see what's in it.)

Ed Morrissey:Perhaps Matthews doesn’t recall this, but America existed before Medicare, and it wasn’t Calcutta West. America before Social Security wasn’t colonial India, either. Instead of relying on government entitlements, people planned for their retirements and paid for their own medical care. Those days were far from perfect, but they didn’t threaten to bankrupt the nation through unsupportable entitlement spending based on Ponzi-scheme financials, either.

The Undermining of the Consent of the Governed

A Hollow Achievement in Prague:
Medvedev had to make some gesture to the Americans over a real issue — stopping the nuclear progress of Iran. But he did so in a way that signals that cooperation is not in the offing. Medvedev appeared to endorse sanctions against Iran last fall only to have his statements contradicted by his foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov. On this occasion, he did not go nearly as far. “Regrettably,” Medvedev said, Iran is not responding to “many constructive proposals.” Russia “cannot turn a blind eye toward this.” Further action at the U.N. cannot be “ruled out.” In other words, the seven-year-old Russian policy of non-cooperation over Iran is unchanged.

0bama & Putin vs. Bush, John Hinderacker.

What, me worry? 

About the best thing that can be said about the new NPR is this: Some in the Administration (the President himself?) wanted to make it even stupider, by forswearing first use unilaterally. But WaPo reported that the Pentagon and the State Department both worried (and rightly so) that such a move would “unnerve” our allies — allies President Obama has already made a habit of ignoring, snubbing or insulting.
The world hasn’t suddenly become a much more dangerous place — only marginally so. But the question is: Why? What pressure, foreign or domestic, did we face to make us change decades of smart defense policy? Answer: None. Stupid, that.

If you didn’t already question Obama’s judgement, now would be a good time to start.

 Adobe Walls
Roger Simon’s two articles “President Weirdo” and “President Weirdo Goes Anti-Nuke” have good insights and many insightful comments regarding the O’s sanity or lack there of. Daily we recieve more and more evidence that supports the majority of commenter belief that that in addition to being a radical leftist he suffers at least some level or personality disorder if not actual derangement. It is my belief that POTUS is literaly cracking under the first pressure he’s ever been exposed to. Hopefully as he decends from disorder to neurosese to full blown psychosis he’ll not be able to take us all with him.

April 6, 2010 - 12:37 pm   Link to this Comment | Reply

Iran mocks 0bama

He's trying to turn the subject from health care, which is rather ironic considering the last 14 months.

Tunku Varadarajan:
Obama’s foreign policy has two pillars: conciliation as a tool for peace (defined as lending a close ear to every recalcitrant nation, while abjuring any American right to be censorious); and an avowed preference for pragmatism over any values-based evangelism (in effect, the elevation of pragmatism to the status of directive principle).
...So one wonders—as Putin embraces Chavez and Karzai plays host to Ahmadinejad; as Russia asserts the right to repudiate any nuclear-arms reduction treaty and China gives us the bird on the yuan; as the alliance with India languishes and the one with Britain experiences unprecedented atrophy; as Israel expresses acrid disagreement with us and Japan seeks to rip pages out of its postwar rulebook—what all the pragmatism has really, truly accomplished…
…other than give our delighted adversaries a free pass and our friends a very rude wakeup call.

0bama, Israel, and Waxman.

Michelle Malkin: Our new national security plan: Weaken, whitewash, and wait for whirled peas.

Death Panels, anyone?

Where do we get the free 0bamacare?

Henry Waxman is confused and afraid.

Waxman is the California Congressman who looks like a fruit bat and heads up the House Committee on Wealth Extraction and Job Disappearance.

Don Surber
From Craigslist: “Giant pile of Pelosi free I will load. Been cleaning the barnyard and have a giant pile of Pelosi bring your truck I will load for free has hay mixed in makes great compost.”

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Wed, Apr 14th - 6:43PM

Foreign Policy Linkage

...and other stuff.

Emanuel Cleaver disavows spitting smear.


Morrissey: Are you kidding me?  Birthers are the best thing that ever happened to Barack Obama.  If they didn’t exist, he’d have to get Organizing for America to find them.  Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to distract people from the very accurate description of his European-style nanny state agenda as socialist.

On Cardinal Ratzinger.

Peggy Noonan on the church. She also points out some problems with Washington.

There are three great groups of victims in this story. The first and most obvious, the children who were abused, who trusted, were preyed upon and bear the burden through life. The second group is the good priests and good nuns, the great leaders of the church in the day to day, who save the poor, teach the immigrant, and, literally, save lives. They have been stigmatized when they deserve to be lionized. And the third group is the Catholics in the pews—the heroic Catholics of America and now Europe, the hardy souls who in spite of what has been done to their church are still there, still making parish life possible, who hold high the flag, their faith unshaken. No one thanks those Catholics, sees their heroism, respects their patience and fidelity. The world thinks they're stupid. They are not stupid, and with their prayers they keep the world going, and the old church too.

The Anchoress on why she remains a Catholic

Don Surber: 

But the federal government now pays more to borrow money (3.93%) than I do on my mortgage (3.375%).

I have better credit.

I actually pay off my credit cards.

Hot Air
They really, truly are going to campaign on the idea that a raft of new federal health-care benefits is a money-saver, despite the glorious experiences of Medicare and RomneyCare and despite poll after poll showing that people expect costs to go up, not down. We can crunch the numbers every which way, starting with the original sin of gaming the CBO estimates to lie about the program’s real pricetag, but it’s actually more useful to revisit that golden SNL skit parodying Obama’s joint presser with Hu Jintao. One line says it all: “I am noticing that each of your plans to save money involves spending even more money.” That’s precisely the gut-level response most voters will have when they hear him talk like this, and it’s a huge reason why the polls on O-Care simply aren’t going to move that much before November.


Is there a word strong enough?

Gee, this is a big surprise. Not. It's just like CNN not reporting Saddam's abuses in order to keep access.

Jammie Wearing Fool
I realize the guy is full of hot air, but how on earth does it take someone over 17 minutes to answer a simple question? He really does like the sound of his own voice, I guess.

Disgruntled Democrats join the Tea Party

ObamaCare will only get less popular.

Morons on the left argue that “Well, it’s popular in Europe, just give it time!”


First of all, its not popular in Europe, most people just don’t realize there could be an alternative. Media and politicians constantly mischaracterize the American system, so the average European has no idea of what the healthcare system here is like. Meanwhile, waiting lines, care and everything else in Europe is truly atrocious in comparison to what we have in the US. Ask any European who has actually experienced both systems (like myself); and I bet you 99% would prefer the private American healthcare system.

Europe implemented government healthcare at a much different time. In the period 1950-1970 when most countries implemented it, Europe had a small elderly population, small federal budgets with almost no debt, flush in cash from the Marshall Plan and strong economic growth. No comparison whatsoever to the US of today.

Norwegian on April 3, 2010 at 1:40 PM
Actually, you can’t lump all of Europe together; each country has a different system. Some are a mixture of public and private health insurance — kind of like the US has now, but organized to be more universal — and are said to work pretty well without breaking the bank.

I don’t know how many have a fully state-run medical system like Britain’s NHS, but it certainly isn’t all of them. And I’m not sure it’s any of them — the NHS is the third largest employer in the world, after the Red Army and the Indian railroad.

S. Weasel on April 3, 2010 at 2:08 PM

Henry Waxman, the Witch Hunter of Capitol Hill

Yid With Lid comments.

Feds on Drywall: Oops, our bad!

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Wed, Apr 14th - 6:32PM

Miscellaneous Linkage

More catchup....

0bamateurism of the day:
But if he can’t be bothered to go to church, Obama should just have the honesty to admit it rather than try passing it off as that he’s such a celebrity that there isn’t a church that could handle him. Maybe I’ll just add that to my prayers for today.

Listen with your ears, not with your mouth


Well, if CNN actually shows a balanced report, the few people who get their news from it will be enlightened.

Heh.  Using the "civil rights" argument on the other side.

Boy, there's a shock!


God help us!
WHAT COULD GO WRONG? Jamie Gorelick Helping Rewrite Privacy Laws.

0bama admits Palin was right.

Summary of drilling plans.  Moe Lane: “Let me put it another way: the White House is implying the promise of jam tomorrow – in reality, it’s just a study to revisit the denial of jam yesterday – in exchange for jam today. Only the jam today is actually a swarm of angry wasps. Try again, Mr. President.”

Palin's latest.

On the Census: 

VizBiz Thursday, April 1st at 12:05PM EDT
I agree that the race question is offensive. I have filled out my form completely, although reluctantly.

The thing that offend me the most however, were all the commercials saying “to get our fair share”. That is such a statist statement and suggests that the federal gov is responsible for the number of “buses” in a community. It’s sickening that now our local gov has the entitlement mentality and the Feds feed it.

Runs with scissors, walks with Wacom.

Gee, what a surprise.

Comment at Hot Air

Now that you brought up Greece, I have have to say I’m concerned that the weight of their debt may cause the islands to capsize.

Aviator on April 1, 2010 at 11:47 PM

They Just Don't Understand
That’s the thing with liberals: They’re not being mean-spirited or anything; they just don’t understand. They see all the anger out there and it just confuses them. It’s like when SarahK and I play Trivial Pursuit on the ground and then our dog comes over all happy to greet us and walks on the board and knocks all the pieces off. We yell at her, but she has no idea what she did wrong.

Which leads to this point: The solution to liberals — shock collars.

Not only do I think out-of-the-closet gays should be in the military, but I think we should create a new branch of the service just for them. The United States Queer Force, maybe? They’d have the best uniforms, the best food, the wittiest cadences… And just imagine the shame Islamic terrorists would feel, knowing they were getting killed by their worst nightmare. Can you even get into Islamic heaven if you get killed by a gay dude? I’m pretty sure they think that’s worse than drowning in bacon grease.

commenter at Hugh Hewitt: I have posted here in TH many, many times that Obama's strongest ally, his ace in the hole, is the GOP. The GOP cannot possibly ever win a majority, or the White House, ever again.

The GOP is genetically predisposed to defeat. Only God knows why. These are the strangest, weirdest bunch of little men that ever formed a political party.

Karl and Patterico have some ideas.

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Tue, Apr 13th - 7:40AM

April 11: SPCA Booksale

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 746
91.5 miles

85 recordings of 28 types.

Rasmussen: -13: 47/53.  Down down down....Netanyahu won't be at tomorrow's nuclear summit.  As his ambassador said: "never walk into an ambush... and if you have, never walk into an ambush twice."

Ha!! Sarah draws blood again!

Sarkozy suggests 0bama might be insane. (This is apparently a suspect source, but the National Enquirer is in line for a Pulitzer, so who knows.)

Reaganite Republican
Isn’t that special?
We finally get a principled ally in France and now OUR guy is a Left-wing nutbag… great.

We took two bags of books out to the SPCA booksale, and unfortunately I then filled two cloth bags. I got myself 15 books and lots of kids' books.  A couple of the older books I got, because I've heard of them but haven't ever read them, were Ruggles of Red Gap and East Lynne (which I understand was the scandalous book of the 1860s!) I also got the Reader's Digest coffee table book about world history.

I went to start packing up some of the books I want to give to Bernadette and Robert, but got sidetracked when I heard a *plop*!  There was water oozing down the wall which is the backside of the chimney.  Argh argh argh. No wonder the paint is peeling there. A box of books next to it has been damp before. I sorted through them... two books are completely ruined and in the trash, some I wanted to keep but I also filled another bag for the booksale.

Clinton Twp, Michigan tea party and Lansing, Michigan.

Neat-o. This is 4 days before the San Francisco earthquake.

Cartoon .

I don't read the Bee any more.  This is why.

Reading: Rousseau and Revolution, What If? edited by Robert Cowley, the Bible (Zachariah), Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg, Ruggles of Red Gap, Harry Leon Wilson, The Frogs, Aristophanes, Nature Girl by Carl Hiassen, The Life of Man with God, Thomas Verner Moore, Don Quixote, Miseducation: Preschoolers at Risk, David Elkind, Low-Carb Dieting for Dummies, Katherine B. Chauncey.

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Tue, Apr 13th - 7:12AM

April 10: Picnic with Gareth

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 746
91.5 miles
cloudy, cool

89 recordings of 34 types.

Rasmussen: -13: 48/52.
The media has turned slightly... he's losing his base!

I think the Polish plane crash suspicious. And now that 0bama has proven he has no spine, I'm afraid Russia will just do what it pleases. Poor Poland.

Generic Ballot Points toward Possible 50+ Seat Loss for Democrats.

Our house tax is due... today. Oops.

Today we started at the Aerospace Museum to see the opening of a new exhibit.  Also, Rich paid for our membership renewal.  Bernadette called while we were there.  We decided after the ribbon cutting to come back another day, and we drove on down to pick up Rob's mother and Gareth to take them to the geocaching event in Lodi.  Gareth was as much fun as I'd hoped. He climbed the steps on the tower and came down them again and again and again.  He falls at the end of this video... that only happened two times, then he had learned how to get off that side. He really was interested in tackling the net bridge, but decided it was too hard. 

He didn't eat anything.  By the time we got over to the zoo, he was in the stroller and just zoning out.  However, he did see a duck and some monkeys and a stone curlew and he was interested.  In the car, he conked out right away.  My co-conspirator grandma (I didn't want to take Gareth away from her as he's the one she really came to see, but we've been planning to take G. to this event for months) won a plant in the raffle.  It was a pleasant day.

Gareth's world is about to crash around his feet, and he has NO IDEA.

Wyoming Catholic Register closing. As is our local Catholic paper.

Victor Davis Hanson asks if there is rhyme or reason to 0bama's foreign policy?  He has 4 possible rationales.  I favor d).

Interns for me, but not for thee.

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Mon, Apr 12th - 10:25AM

April 9: Tick Tock

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 746
89.5 miles

89 recordings of 31 types.

Rasmussen: -14: 48/52.

Sulk, I'm .9 pounds up. (it'll be worse tomorrow since I pigged out on a grilled cheese bacon burger, which turned out not to be as good as it sounded.) My blood pressure is low borderline.

Stupak retiring, Stevens retiring, and Barney Frank?? And SEIU forming a third party in North Carolina? What a joy it is to be a Democrat this year! They brought it on themselves. 

Another insane one.

Cartoon on 0bama's nuclear policy.

CindyCoops: Ha, I knew it. Obama is going to speak today and Fox says in a couple hours which would put it right when Palin is set to give her speech.

Is 0bama Palin's Press Secretary?

A busy day today. I changed the bed and the current sheets have shrunk just enough to make it nearly impossible to get them on. I have to partially put it on and muscle the last corner in, then slide the other corners on.  Rich, of course, didn't hear me shouting myself hoarse for help. I finally managed to get the sheet on by myself. He says "buy a new set." I say that's just silly and wasteful, and that he's turned into our money-is-no-object son-in-law.

Then it was time to babysit Gareth while Bernadette had her doctor appointment.  Rich walked over and put in a geocache to honor the new baby, which we won't activate till she's born. When he got back, we went out in the back yard and Gareth discovered some gourds Bernadette had left out.  He was totally delighted.  Back and forth, back and forth, carrying a gourd, changing it once in awhile.


Bernadette is 3 cm. dilated.  Come on, baby! 

Then we took her and Gareth to Apple for a potluck to honor Robert. We dropped them off, and then we went caching. We located one, then went looking for a few others near a park.  We couldn't find the one that's on the play equipment and left when the little girl (and her mother) came up.  Then we found a really cute one in a snail shell. Then I started off through the tall grass along a trail to find another, which turned out to be across the creek. No, I'm tired, so we stopped at Carls, Jr. for lunch then came home.

We'd been home about an hour and I felt like maybe there was a bug on my back. I had already knocked one off my head.  This time I thought it might be easier if I took a mirror and looked at my back. I shucked off my shirt... and it was covered in TICKS!!!! Ick ick ick. Rich and I looked at each other and got at least 20 off... plus I found three in my hair and kept finding them for another hour. Of course, then I was itchy and crawly the rest of the day.  At night I took another look... I'm not that familiar with moles on my back... but this one crawled. ICK!!!!


That's a knife blade for size.

Krauthammer, talking about Justice Stevens:
"when a Protestant is the only diversity candidate, you know how much America has changed."

Mark Williams: Best sign at a TPX rally in Mich so far.... "STUPAK spelled backwards is KAPUTS"

Poll: Most Americans Remain Against Health Care Overhaul.

Photo essay: A world without nukes.


On April 9th, 2010 at 3:37 pm, mattymatt10 said:
I still contend after seeing Obama’s first “pitch” the other day that Hillary can’t run on being the first female president anymore.

Liz Cheney: "In the age of Obama, it's more dangerous to be America's friend than its enemy"..

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Sun, Apr 11th - 6:49PM

Healthcare/Tea Party Linkage

(When I'm busy, I don't have time to post: will get Friday and Saturday and today's posts up Real Soon Now.)

The New Federal Menu Mandate Meets the Real World.  Ed Morrissey comments:
“Little-noticed?”  Bear in mind that this comes from The Paper of Record, which supposedly publishes All The News That’s Fit to Print.  If these are “little noticed,” it’s because media outlets like the Times didn’t do their job.

Texas HHS Chief says 0bamacare will cost 20 times Waxman's Estimate.

A cancelled Democrat town hall.

Tim (NOT Paul) Ryan, "profile in courage."

Photos from Denver Tea Party.

AP: Federalizing student loans won’t lower tuition

AP: Obamacare kills small business. Oh, gee, NOW they tell us.

Will Dems Sneak a Second Doctor Fix Through Congress.
Either Congress has to write another “doctor fix” to get states off the hook and the governors off their backs, or they have to let the states go bankrupt after 2015 with this new unfunded mandate.  States already suing over the individual mandate may want to figure out how to push back against federal encroachment on this point, but realistically speaking, that train left the station a long time ago.  Either way, the Medicaid reimbursement catch-22 shows the dishonest approach Democrats took in scoring this bill, and why imposing more price fixing on a system already badly damaged by earlier price fixing will doom ObamaCare to failure.

The hits keep coming.
There is no punishment too severe and/or painful for the Democrats who voted for this and who passed this.
NoDonkey on April 1, 2010 at 1:42 PM

I think you guys are missing something here. . . . .

As a physician, let me note that the 21% cut in medicare re-imbursements is a feature, not a bug.

Sure — it will cause more doctors to drop out. But as doctors drop out — that means fewer tests will be ordered, and fewer things will be discovered from those tests, and few procedures will be done — hence the cost of medicare will drop a whole lot more than just the 21% cut to Physicians.

Example 1: If 86 year old Grampa Jones has noticed pain going from his jaw to his neck to his left arm. If he was able to go see his internist, the internist would order a non-invasive stress test which would show critical ischemia of the left main coronary artery, and soon a cardiologist or cardiac surgeon would be doing their thing — all to the cost of tens of thousands of dollars.

But if he can’t get in to see the Internist — instead he wakes up dead in a few weeks, and the cost of his medical care takes a huge drop.

Example 2: Grandma Jones has problems walking. She makes an appointment to see an orthopedic surgeon, but can’t get in for four months — because the orthopedic surgeon decides to limit medicare patients because he can’t survive doing total hips on medicare patients for $1300. So Grandma has to do with a cane — and beside that, no one knows about the anemia that is being caused by a small colon cancer that would have been detected on pre-op lab work and resulted in an expensive colon cancer operation before her total hip. So here medicare saves the cost of a total hip, and the cost of a colon cancer operation — way more than just cutting physician rates 21%.

And because physicians refuse to see Grandpa and Grandma Jones — it’s their fault the two wind up dying, because doctors are greedy SOBs who all golf on Wednesday afternoon, and make $50,000 from chopping off legs and who knows how much from taking out tonsils that don’t need to be taken off. Besides, pain pills dispensed by a nurse are probably all the Jones oldsters really need, anyway. To quote Democratic governor Richard Lamb, “They have a duty to die.”

You can rest assured that’s how Obamacare will work.

Narniaman on April 1, 2010 at 1:56 PM

0bama is still trying to sell healthcare:
According to a Congressional report, the cost of operating Air Force One is $56,518 an hour.  This figure does not take into account the cost of security and transportation of presidential vehicles.  In addition, Maine taxpayers will foot the bill for the state and local police who will provide additional security at the event.  All of this money is being spent to sell a health care reform bill that has already been signed into law to what is sure to be a mostly liberal audience in a deep blue state.  In the middle of a recession, this doesn’t seem like a particularly good use of taxpayer money.

Don Surber

2. From Reuters: “Democrats lie low after health-care victory.”

It’s historic. So was the Hindenburg crash.


...15. From Fox News: “Less than half of the 229 million doses of the [swine flu] vaccine the government bought to fight the virus have been administered, which leaves an estimated 71.5 million doses that will have to be discarded if they are not used before they expire.”

Ah, a preview of Obamacare.


Miscalculating Obamacare costs

From George Hohmann: “Incredibly, I’m told that no one in Washington, D.C., has estimated the cost the changes will have on the federal program.”

(You'd think it wasn't really about health, wouldn't you?)

Heh.  The NSRC ad.

Moe Lane: Since the President is so eager to bring this up: I agree that he’s a natural-born citizen, and so is thus the legitimate President of the United States.  My problem with the man is that he sucks at being both.

Yep. he doesn't take well to dissent. "Via the Right Scoop, this is as snarky as I’ve ever seen him; obviously, America’s cool reception to his world-beating boondoggle has hit a nerve. ...savor the inanity of the situation. Here’s The One goofing on people for worrying about O-Care’s popularity — at a rally he’s been forced to hold to sell O-Care to the public. Not a one-off rally, either: He’s held a bunch already since the bill passed and will hold many more in the months ahead. If he were confident about the glories of our new health-care system revealing themselves in time, he wouldn’t need a perpetual campaign to spin it. "

The Hill:
“Both Maine Senators declined the White House’s invitation to attend President Obama’s event in their home state today, according to White House spokesman Bill Burton.”

Didn't Obama Get the Memo that His Bill Passed?

Ed Morrissey:
Barack Obama has avoided making appearances since his intervention in Massachusetts helped produce the state’s first Republican Senator in almost 40 years. 
...using the CBS poll, Obama’s approval rating has gone down to 34% on what has traditionally been a Democrat-owned issue — among the general population of adults, not registered or likely voters, where it does worse.  Obama’s both unpopular and ineffective on the stump.
Most Democrats at risk of losing their seats in the House and Senate are at risk because of Obama.  They’re trying to figure out how to run against him in their general elections.  The last thing they need is President Obama showing up in their districts and states, talking about himself and his fabulous plan to run health care out of Washington DC, and how he needs the incumbent to help him finish the job.  That kind of endorsement might make tar and feathers fashionable again.

Byron York.

jenniferbinmichigan: Great point, Cindy. For eight years, Bush endured some of the most hostile vitriol we've ever seen heaped on a President, yet not once did we ever hear him call his detractors 'the enemy'... not once did he ever call their Constitutionally protected free speech 'troublesome'... he never labeled them as an 'angry mob'... Yet here in Obama, we have a President who has literally used the words 'the enemy' to describe me - an American citizen! - simply because I disagree with him. MY PRESIDENT has said I'm part of an 'angry mob' because I go out there and peacefully protest against his agenda. My President has told me to 'shut up and get out of the way' when I argue against his policies. This is not only unprecedented, but it's un-Presidential. Obama will go down in history as the most divisive President the USA has ever known.

@fredthompson: Obama: I fought for HC law bc "this country was going to go bankrupt." Apparently not going there fast enough for Obama

Another GREAT Doc Zero piece.

Declaring repeal to be “impossible” is a self-fulfilling prophecy of American decline. A slapdash pile of graft and fraudulent cost projections, passed by a fantastically corrupt Congress that claims it couldn’t hear the muffled screams of the outraged electorate through the thick doors of their smoke-filled rooms, instantly becomes an eternal component of our lives? That will only be true if we make it true… and even then, it won’t be true for long.

One way or another, ObamaCare won’t last far beyond the point where your kids go bankrupt trying to pay for it. The American entitlement state is the world’s tallest, shakiest house of cards.

...Behold the toxic wonder of a bill that forces people to buy a product that it will also cause a shortage of.

Repealing ObamaCare, and replacing it with real and meaningful health care reforms grounded in the fertile soil of the free market, should be the beginning of your commitment to guide your country away from this fate. To compromise with those who showed no interest in compromising their lust for power would be surrender. When you discover people trapped inside a burning car, you’re not doing them any favors by feeding change into the parking meter.

Another of Nancy's little surprises.

CBS poll has 0bama at 44%

Here’s a Newsflash for ya Champ
44% does NOT = B+

huskerdiva on April 2, 2010 at 10:51 AM

No, 44% is an A+ in affirmative action land.

AZCoyote on April 2, 2010 at 11:26 AM

(It's a Friday dump)

The Clintons knew exactly what they were doing when they told Barry he had to pass it. Clintons-1 Barry-0

PrincipledPilgrim on April 2, 2010 at 12:05 PM

Dan Riehl: "Seems our government can't even get the word out about potential health care benefits. Yeah, they're going to run them just swell.

Paul Ryan:

Last week, on March 21st, Congress enacted a new Intolerable Act. Congress passed the Health Care bill - or I should say, one political party passed it - over a swelling revolt by the American people. The reform is an atrocity.
...We are challenged to answer again the momentous questions our Founders raised when they launched mankind's noblest experiment in human freedom. They made a fundamental choice and changed history for the better. Now it's our high calling to make that choice: between managed scarcity, or solid growth ... between living in dependency on government handouts, or taking responsibility for our lives ... between confiscating the earnings of some and spreading them around, or securing everyone's right to the rewards of their work ... between bureaucratic central government, or self-government ... between the European social welfare state or the American idea of free market democracy.

What kind of nation do we wish to be? What kind of society will we hand down to our children and future generations? In the coming watershed election, the nature of this unique and exceptional land is at stake. We will choose one of two different paths. And once we make that choice, there's no going back.

This is not the kind of election I would prefer. But it was forced on us by the leaders of our government.
...Self-government stands or falls on integrity, not only in those who represent you but in the enactment of law. This indecency soiled our freedom and embarrassed the democracy we promote in other nations. And this may not be the last of it. To enact its transformative agenda, this leadership employs the Machiavellian saying that the end justifies the means. America was born in a revolution against that whole idea. Soon it will be the norm.

The Constitution and the consent of the people are all that stand between limited and unlimited government power. Zealous ideologues with the best of intentions brush aside the limits on power in order to get whatever they believe is good for the people ... no matter what the people believe. Our system of freedom can survive an assault, but it won't survive if the people are frightened, or angry, or asleep at the switch. A great Democrat, President Andrew Jackson, once said: "eternal vigilance by the people is the price of liberty." We can thank our current leaders at least for this: they have awakened the nation to the danger of taking self-government for granted.
...Those leaders have underestimated the good sense of the American people. They broke faith with independents, Republicans, and their own rank-and-file. They walked away from the foundational truths that made America the wonder and the envy of the world. The price of their infidelity will be high.

Omaha Tea Party Express stop.

Organizers were expecting a few hundred at the rally but instead there were an estimated 3,000
@snarkandboobs: Obama really is "unprecedented." 1st Pres. who tries to mock me and fellow citizens in *every* speech/interview he gives.

(Yeah, I wondered when Bill said his approval would go up 10 points... Slick Willy is still very slick.)
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Sat, Apr 10th - 7:39AM

We Noticed

(Scopes can't confirm this was actually written by Sherry Hackett, but whatever.)

Sherry Hackett, wife of the late Buddy Hackett, is a dyed-in-the-wool Democrat. I would think that many other Democrats share her position...

This was written by Sherry Hackett, Buddy Hackett's widow.


President Obama:
Today I read of your administrations' plan to re-define September 11 as
a National Service Day. Sir, it's time we had a talk.

During your campaign, Americans watched as you made mockery of our
tradition of standing and crossing your heart when the Pledge of Allegiance
was spoken. You, out of four people on the stage, were the only one not
honoring our tradition.

YES, "We noticed."

During one of your many speeches, Americans heard you say that you
intended to visit all 57 states. We all know that Islam, not America has 57 states.

YES, "We noticed."

When President Bush leaned over at Ground Zero and gently placed a flower on the memorial, while you nonchalantly tossed your flower onto the pile without leaning over.

YES, "We noticed."

Every time you apologized to other countries for America’s position on an issue we have wondered why you don't share our pride in this great country. When you have heard foreign leaders berate our country and our beliefs, you have not defended us. In fact, you insulted the British Crown beyond belief.

YES, "We noticed."

When your pastor of 20 years, "God-damned America” and said that 9/11
was “America’s chickens coming home to roost" and you denied having
heard recriminations of that nature, we wondered how that could be. You
later disassociated yourself from that church and Pastor Wright because it
was politically expedient to do so.

YES, "We noticed."

When you announced that you would transform America, we wondered why. With all her faults, America is the greatest country on earth. Sir, KEEP THIS IN MIND, "if not for America and the people who built her, you wouldn't be sitting in the White House now." Prior to your election to the highest office in this Country, you were a senator from Illinois and from what we can glean from the records available, not a very remarkable one.

YES, "We noticed." 

All through your campaign and even now, you have surrounded yourself with individuals who are basically unqualified for the positions for which you appointed them. Worse than that, the majority of them are people who, like you, bear no special allegiance, respect, or affection for this country and her traditions.

YES, "We noticed."

You are 14 months into your term and every morning millions of Americans wake up to a new horror heaped on us by you. You seek to saddle working Americans with a health care/insurance reform package that, along with cap and trade, will bankrupt this nation.

YES, "We noticed."

We seek, by protesting, to let our representatives know that we are not in
favor of these crippling expenditures and we are labeled "un-American", "racist", "mob". We wonder how we are supposed to let you know how frustrated we are. You have attempted to make our protests seem isolated and insignificant. Until your appointment, Americans had the right to speak out.

YES, "We noticed."

On September 11, 2001 there were no Republicans or Democrats, only
Americans. And we all grieved together and helped each other in whatever way we could. The attack on 9/11 was carried out because we are Americans.

And YES, "We noticed."

There were many of us who prayed that as a black president you could help unite this nation. In six months you have done more to destroy this nation than the attack on 9/11. You have failed us.

YES, "We noticed."

September 11 is a day of remembrance for all Americans. You propose to make 9/11 a "National Service Day". While we know that you don't share our reverence for 9/11, we pray that history will report your proposal as what it is, a disgrace.

YES, "We noticed."

You have made a mockery of our Constitution and the office that you hold. You have embarrassed and slighted us in foreign visits and policy.

YES, "We noticed."

We have noticed all these things. We will deal with you. When Americans
come together again, it will be to remove you from office.

Take notice.

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Fri, Apr 9th - 8:48PM

April 8: Blowing up the Blog

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 746
88.5 miles

100 recordings of 33 types.

OK, I can embed YouTube, I can embed Flickr, but FoxNews swallows the blog. I am a bit chuffed that I figured out how to get it back (go into the source which was also something new for me on the Chrome browser, then highlight the "edit" line and paste it into a different window.) Meanwhile, though, Brit Hume sat at the bottom of the page and smiled at me. Eeeek. I thought I'd lost the blog forever.

I also worked my way to the top 5000th ranking in Hatchlings so I am now shooting for top 1000th.  While some people, in 5 days, have found over 40,000 eggs, I'm working toward 500.  Brad won the Prometheus Award for it in Ohio.  Meanwhile, Farmville is as flaky as ever and I'll never get all my gifts.  At least the Chrome browser does OK with it now.

Rasmussen: -14: 47/53. "Media coverage of the President has become less positive over the past week. The Rasmussen Reports Media Meter shows that just 50.2% of the coverage of President Barack Obama has been positive over the past seven days. That’s down ten percentage points since positive coverage peaked following passage of the health care legislation."

Harry Bell: "And on the eighth day God said, "Okay, Murphy, you're in charge!" --Author Unknown

Allahpundit doubts this, and has a great video. I think Snarlin Arlin is going senile.

Ed Morrissey:
Gallup says that these results are “like nothing Gallup has seen in the past four midterm election cycles.”  The results of this anti-incumbent anger could also be something we’ve not seen before, either, or at least not since 1994.

New Jobless Claims Rise "Unexpectedly."

Pelosi and the refrigerator.

Thin-skinned 0bama reacts to Palin.

A comment from christene on April 8, 2010 at 10:55 PM
Gee,..Can Americans come out and play too?

What do you know about

Hard Work,
July 4th,
National Prayer day,
One Nation Under God!!!

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Fri, Apr 9th - 12:39AM

April 7: #1 Ladies' Detective Agency

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 746
88.5 miles

101 recordings of 36 types.

I had a Fox news clip of a town hall embedded here and the whole entry blew up... and after I finally figured out how to take control of my blog post again, I can't seem to embed it again. It was Brit Hume commenting, but at least the woman had the courage to HAVE a town hall.

I got an apology of sorts (more than I expected) from the "tea-bagger" guy, though it was on the line of "YOU aren't one" ("some of my best friends are ....") However, it's going to make the next time we meet less awkward.

Rasmussen: -11: 48/52.

Can you say "hypocrisy"?

On the other hand, this unusual absence of reasonably expected trivial knowledge lends credibility to his claim of sitting in Wright’s church for twenty years and not remembering a darn thing from that as well. (Less charitable response: Has the man ever been where he was?)
apostic on April 7, 2010 at 8:14 AM

Today I had a church friend over to watch the first disk of the #1 Ladies' Detective Agency.  I'd seen (most of: I fell asleep during part of it) the pilot episode earlier, but we watched it and Episode 2. I just love the casting and the scenery and they did a super job of showing the charmingness of the books in the film. I'm glad I heard about this when Alexander McCall Smith came by to talk last year. 

The Owlets are getting HUGE!

There's a new one-day caching record. It's on the Trail of the Gods, which is about 600 caches all in a straight line on 60+ miles of trail in the Mojave. I want to go try to do 100 in a day there, just for fun.

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Tue, Apr 6th - 9:18PM

"Smart Diplomacy"

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 746
88.5 miles
cool, sunny

103 recordings of 35 types.

Rasmussen: -10: 48/51

I made shepherd's pie last night.  With my own gravy. Yummy.

Bill Whittle on what we can do to restore our freedoms.

There goes another tree! This one was next door to the one removed last week.

One of the Showtime movies I saved last week was The Reader with Liam Neeson. I watched it today. That's a real thought-provoker. I liked it... I think.

Parochially post-American, Mark Steyn,

Hillary Clinton, America’s secretary of state, was in Canada last week. She criticized Ottawa for not inviting aboriginal groups to a meeting on the Arctic, and for not including the facilitation of abortion in the Canadian government’s “maternal health” initiative to developing countries. These might seem curious priorities for the global superpower at a time of war, but, with such a full plate over at the State Department, it’s no wonder that peripheral matters like Iranian nuclear deadlines seem to fall by the wayside.

...The Obama administration came into office promising to press the “reset” button with the rest of the world after eight years of the so-called arrogant, swaggering Texan cowboy blundering his way around the planet offending peoples from many lands. Instead, Obama pressed the ejector-seat button: Brits, Czechs, Israelis, Indians found themselves given the brush. I gather the Queen was “amused” by the president’s thoughtful gift of an iPod preloaded with Obama speeches — and, fortunately for Her Majesty, the 160GB model only has storage capacity for two of them, or three if you include one of his shorter perorations. But Gordon Brown would like to be liked by Barack Obama, and can’t understand why he isn’t.

...The postponement of his Australian trip in order to ram health care down the throats of the American people was a neat distillation of the reality of his priorities: A transformative domestic agenda must necessarily come at the price of America’s global role. One-worldism is often a convenient cover for ignorance: You’d be hard pressed to find a self-proclaimed “multiculturalist” who can tell you the capital of Lesotho or the principal exports of Bhutan. And so it is with liberal internationalism: The citoyen du monde is the most parochial president of modern times.

"Yeah, I know about that abortion stuff, but 0bama wants to talk to Iran!!" (Father H. gets my first can of unicorn meat!)

President Weirdo goes anti-Nuke:

What are we to make of this and the man who is adopting this policy? Does he hate us? Does he hate this country? What would he do if there was, for example, a massive small pox attack on the US? Send in the infantry? Call in the Marines? Try to reason with whoever did it and recommend they negotiate as the fatal disease spreads to millions of people?

Now I detest nuclear weapons as much as the next person, but this approach seems – I hate to repeat myself, but I will – deranged. It also has very little to do with actually reducing nuclear weapons in the world. Again, it seems like the act of an extreme narcissist, someone who wants to parade himself as anti-nuke while ignoring the checks and balances that have, in fact, kept nuclear weapons in their silos for decades.

Deterrence has worked. And now Obama wants to abandon or diminish it at the very moment Russia is modernizing their arsenal. What a strange person. President Weirdo, indeed. As I said in my previous post, “good luck to us.”

So 0bama apparently offended Karzai, who is now flirting with the Taliban.  These guys are terrible!! And apparently ostriches. Our country's in the very best of hands.

The strike plans against Britain, Israel, and Canada he was briefed on immediately, I'd presume.
Posted by: Herr Morgenholz at April 06, 2010 09:44 AM (5aa4z)

Oops, didn't sort this one out last week when I was doing the themed link entries! Worst Secretary of State ever!

Canada, not surprisingly, responded by politely telling Hillary Clinton to pound sand.  The extension of the mission in Afghanistan is politically untenable anyway, but Barack Obama’s snub of Stephen Harper last December certainly didn’t help matters.  Neither does a pointless rebuke at a conference hosted by Ottawa.

So far in this administration, we’ve managed to alienate the UK, Israel, and now Canada, while talking nicely towards Iran and North Korea with no results to show for it.  That, apparently, is “smart power.”

[Ed doesn't even mention Poland and France and Germany and Honduras...]

People keep saying that these guys are smart as a whip and this is all part of some dark secret plan to destroy the USA but I don’t see it. I honestly think these people are just as dumb as they sound and have made their careers possible by being in the correct political party.

Politics have become nothing more than a team sport with the referees rooting for one side over the other. Liberals couldn’t care less as long as their team scores points. That explains it all much better than some evil plot by insane geniuses or something.

Mord on March 30, 2010 at 12:27 PM

Israelis starting to get 0bama. Ed Koch is not pleased, to say the least.

Two years ago was 0bama's Iraq Surrender Day.

Comment (0)

Mon, Apr 5th - 10:33PM

Watch Your Language!

Socialism does not help the poor. Rather, it reduces everyone to the same lowest common denominator of poverty and misery - P. Leo XIII 1891

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 741
88.5 miles
cool, sunny

102 recordings of 38 types.

Rasmussen: -7: (The President's best rating since Feb. 1) 49/51
Opening Day. He's on TV *again*!  I thought the egg roll was enough, but Noooooooooooooooo.

Yesterday my local person who sends funny things sent something about "teabaggers."  I immediately berated him. I won't talk to anyone who is that crude... it's like using the N-word. If I believed in hate speech as a crime, I'd report them.  In any case, it may be awkward the next time I see him around.


Chase said...
The term "teabagger" used by liberal haters is so unacceptable, I have started calling those who use it "dickwads" and "cunts" to their faces. This last Monday, while we visited a friends home, an acquaintance of our friends that I had not previously met started on a rant about teabaggers. I interrupted with "why do cunts like you always insist on using such derogatory terms for "tea partiers". She was stunned - strange for such a mouthy person - not the least because her 11 year old daughter was sitting next to her. Our friend looked at me and said "that was out of line" and I said "exactly - just my point" and then told the 11 year old exactly what "tea bagging" is. The girls mother left the room with her daughter in tow.

Sad when someone else has to educate a liberal"s kids in how evil their parents can sometimes be.

The Tea Party Narrative Just Jumped the Shark.

Tea Party more Popular than 0bama, Frank Rich Hardest Hit.

Ignoring the Tea Party has consequences.

A comment on Ed's article on the Tea Party:

I do think the the GOP will be the benefitiary of the next 6 years. Any Democrat that says he does not love ObamaCare, is tarnished by the current group of Stupaks, Blue Dogs and Landrieu wavering. INCLUDING in school board elections.

If a lefty never wins his first city council/school board election, he will never win the Senate.

barnone on April 5, 2010 at 12:17 PM

Our tigers in Jackson.!  And keeping to the animal theme, HUGE bunny!!!

Comment (0)

Mon, Apr 5th - 2:32PM

April 4: Easter

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 741
88.5 miles
cold, rain, thunderstorm

99 recordings of 36 types.

Rasmussen: -10: 46/53

wouldn't you know it... I just threw out the newspaper pile.  Now Bernadette wants old newspapers!

Hatchlings.  The guy is a computer science senior, and a big success.

I went into the back room to get the cradle out, and saw, oh woe, rat droppings on the floor. It's right under where the ceiling is falling, so I hope they were in the attic, not in the ground floor.  That ceiling fell a long time ago... before the storm which took out the roof, because we could have committed insurance fraud and claimed it was due to the storm. We didn't. We also didn't fix it.

Also, I was looking for some more Easter eggs, and found a couple of them had been gnawed. Rich thinks these are the ones he recently brought from the attic. In the event, I settled for the ones that have been in the front part of the house all along.

We've been spending all this time and $$ on the living room, but we've gotta do something about the back of the house, too. Besides the ceiling falling, the paint is peeling. Now that the baby stuff is gone, I should be able to spend more time in there sorting the mess out.

And with luck, the sonic rat-deterers in the attic are working. Occasionally the dog gets intent on something, but we're hoping it's on the roof, not in the attic.

Bernadette and boys arrived at 2:30.  Gareth was in fine fettle. I showed him the caterpillar I got him, and he reacted "NO!"  Aha.  Guess who's almost 2? He was pretty much the same with the Easter egg hunt, though we did get him to put a couple of eggs in the basket.  Later he discovered there were colored goldfish crackers in the eggs. (Jelly beans are a choking hazard at his age.)

Easter Egg Hunt. Oh, Loot!

Gareth was free to wander into the playroom today, and he brought toys out to the living room.

He liked the peas at dinner, and the lamb, and even the garlic cloves. After dinner he brought toys out of the plato us.

When the cat and dog fought, he would laugh and laugh. I love hearing the glee.

He forgot himself and began to tear a book so I took it away and told him no.  His parents flick his fingers, but this time he did it to himself. Later he was looking at the bookshelf and I took him away telling him "books are not for tearing, THIS (the phone book) is for tearing."  He was there creating confetti for the next 10-15 minutes.  Then he concentrated as hard on turning the crank on the olde-style Fisher Price garage.  He's learning all the time.

Careful Careful Tearing

He was getting sleepy.  We had a call from the Illinois family, but it was time for them to go. I said "you're going bye bye" and he just exploded with excitement.  He ran for his shoes and gave them to me to put on, smiling and excited, then ran for his coat.  What a cutie!

He may have a sister by the next time I see him. He hasn't a clue.

Apparently my daughter-in-law rocks at Spoons, which I didn't know anything about.  S. also said he didn't want an iPad, he wants an iWheel.  WHY?? 

After the family left, Vince called.  They're in Idaho visiting Niki's extended family.

Reading: Rousseau and Revolution, What If? edited by Robert Cowley, the Bible (Zachariah), Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg, The Frogs, Aristophanes, Nature Girl by Carl Hiassen, The Life of Man with God, Thomas Verner Moore, Don Quixote, Miseducation: Preschoolers at Risk, David Elkind, Low-Carb Dieting for Dummies, Katherine B. Chauncey.

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Sun, Apr 4th - 11:59AM

April 3: Butchering the Lambs

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 741
88.5 miles
cold, partly cloudy

104 recordings of 34 types.

Rasmussen: -9: 46/53


Happy birthday to Charlotte, and I also remember my friend who would have been 63 today.

Lexi made it into GATE. No surprise, but nice!

Today I butchered a couple of lambs. Rich brought a 2-ft-long 10# leg of lamb, too big for everything. I figured I could cut it at the joint. I used a knife and my kitchen scissors and sliced and cut, clipped and bent... good exercise for the biceps, and I got 7# for tomorrow and froze the smaller section.

Then I went to make the lamb cake. The ears stayed on, and the cake left the mold OK except for a tiny bit in the stomach area, but the head started to fall off... I supported it while I found toothpicks to put it together, but in the end the head fell onto the frosted green grass... and I had to lie it down... Bernadette suggests "Cake Wrecks." I thought of that. Oh, well, that's another lamb butchered!!

Tonight was the Light Service. Resussitó!
Comment (1)

Fri, Apr 2nd - 8:56PM

Good Friday

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 739
88.4 miles
cold, rain

102 recordings of 33 types.

I've lost -.6 pounds, and my blood pressure is too high.

Rasmussen: -10: 46/53. CBS agrees.
"President Obama's overall job approval rating has fallen to an all-time low of 44 percent, down five points from late March, just before the health bill's passage in the House of Representatives. It's down 24 points since his all-time high last April. Forty-one percent of those polled said they disapproved of the president's performance.
...When it comes to health care, the President's approval rating is even lower -- and is also a new all-time low. Only 34 percent approved, while 55 percent said they disapproved."

Katie Courek's going to have a hard time explaining this.

Abby's birthday was yesterday. I've always assumed she was an April Fool kittie.  So she's 11 years old now.


Google's logo was for Hans Christian Andersen's 205th (?) birthday.  Yesterday it was "Topeka" since Topeka changed its name to Google!

isfullofcrap: When I saw Google's logo today, I wondered "Wait, did the Romans nail Jesus to the cross or sew him to it?"

isfullofcrap Somewhere, a Google executive is saying. "See, we're not anti-Christian. We're pro-Christian... as long as it's Hans Christian Andersen!"

KatMcKinley: It's Good Friday and Google has some sort of fairy and sewing kit up. Good grief. No respect. Makes me sick.

(and, in relation to the owl...)
Even when she isn't doing anything, this is alot better than Farmville
1 minute ago by Mary Yaple

Smith&Noble called me, just about the time I was going to call them, and I have ordered the new blinds for the front room. Spa Blue (almost the wall color) petite honeycomb blinds, cordless. Sadly, the window is 4 inches too wide for me to get a top-down option, it'll just be an ordinarily opening blind. Oh, well.

Sadly, the news isn't as good about the carpeting.  They've decided we might have asbestos and can't work on it. What to do here?  Do it ourselves? I doubt we could do a decent job. I don't think we could afford the mitigation, especially for the tish level of any asbestos. I really don't want to keep this ancient, torn, carpet. Argh argh argh.

I went over to church, which was open 12-3 today. There were about 12-15 people there the whole time I was.  Apart from the occasional cell phone, it was pretty quiet.  That is, until someone went up to the lectern and read out the Passion according to St. Mark. At first I thought she was practicing for tonight, and couldn't she do it later, but then I realized tonight's Gospel is St. John. She just decided to do it. I was partly through the Stations of the Cross and struggled to carry on, ignoring the mic'd voice. She was still at it when I finished, so back in the pew I grabbed a prayer book I'd brought and whispered them to myself which helped me only hear what I was thinking.  She finally finished, and left. That was just completely odd.  And off-putting. I'm trying to be nice and non-judgemental and forgiving on this day of all days. 

Anyway. I finished my prayer book and the Liturgy of the Hours, and tonight's readings. I was there about an hour and a half.  Then I went off to see a friend's granddaughter, 3 months old now.  What a cutie! I held her till she went to sleep. It was really nice to admire this darling baby and also to catch up with the family.  We've had times when we don't get on so well, but last night and today we're nothing but friends, having survived Father H. and Loretto's closing in recent years.  It was a very pleasant afternoon.

I remember going to Gonzaga at Easter of 1994 to hear Vince sing a newly-written Mass. I was so proud of him, and the Mass was such a joy.

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Fri, Apr 2nd - 7:42AM

April 1: March Summary

(This would have been posted on time but Rich forgot to send his information till late!)

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 739
88.3 miles
cool, sunny

Rich's month:



























*a lot of walking in LA.

And, Baseball, rubber ball, plastic ball, Sonicaire toothbrush, mechanical pencil, small stuffed bunny, plastic star, chid's plastic ring, roll of grip tape, fielder's glove, plastic dinosaur, key chain, 2 bottles of wine (Gooma Red), piece of jewelry, black sweat band, 15" bungee cord, 1/4" reversible drive.

For me, 47.1 miles in March, more than doubling the previous total. I'm 1.6 pounds down, with low-borderline blood pressure. I've done 46 pages, 7 books,  1 movie, 1 play, 14 Masses.

We found 117 caches last month, 6770 total. We're 183rd in the world, and 12th locally. Surprising that we're falling when we've been caching so much.

In proofing I'm in 921at (out of 30320 proofers) place in the first proofing round, with 872 pages proofed (8 done in March), 13th (out of 3494) in P2 with 23508 pages (wow, 3 pages!), 483rd (of 817) in P3 with 469 pages, and formatting 506th place (2783) with 1020 pages.

In Flickr I have 33652 pictures, with 77125 views, and 129 sets to work on.

In Netflix, I watched (sort of) The Bourne Supremacy and half the first disk of The #1 Ladies Detective Agency.

102 recordings of 32 types.

Rasmussen: -10: 47/53. Gallup agrees.

This morning I went over to St. Philomene to watch the school do a "living stations of the cross." It was cute: this is Station VI, Veronica wipes the face of Jesus.  There was then a short prayer and we knelt to say a Hail Mary.

Rich had a short doctor visit in the afternoon, and then this evening we went to the Holy Thursday Mass.  Some old friends sat with me and I asked about their granddaughter, whom I haven't met yet. Maybe tomorrow.

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Thu, Apr 1st - 6:21PM

March 31: Return to Saxon

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, p. 739
88.3 miles
rain to sun

100 recordings of 36 types.

Rasmussen: -8: (wow) 48/51

This morning I had trouble with my Gmail: it didn't want to accept me because there was something wrong with my security certificate. Neither browser would work: I finally overrode it just long enough to make sure there was no update from the guy at the ranch in Saxon, since we went to visit him today.

What a fascinating guy! He introduced us to his dogs, then we talked about being a precinct officer.  From there we discussed his new electric pumps, the old diesel ones, his ultralight, the goats, the cats, aluminum smelting (he made an urn for his wife's ashes: she just died 6 months ago and I get the sense he's lonely), case-hardening steel, guns, bullets, farming: and then we went into the house where he demonstrated his interesting approach to detecting toxins filtering in to buildings from groundwater. Of course, it's a lot cheaper than the official method so the State naturally doesn't want to know.  He's going to a conference tomorrow to show his invention. 

He went to Jesuit high school.  He's been on cruises with his wife, and they RV'd to Calaveras Big Trees.  He collects beer cans, and he brews his own beer. I had a half glass, it'd knock you flat but oh so good.

And he has a doorstop that's the feet of the Wicked Witch of the West.  What a neat thing! Interesting visit and we'll be back!

We still had no luck with the multi cache.  Maybe it's a math error, but I give up.

I was a bit more careful with my Burger King lunch this time, settling for a Big Fish. On the whole, it was a great day.

Comment (0)

Thu, Apr 1st - 7:58AM


"Hysteria," huh?

Yuval Levin, Why and how Obamacare must be undone.

The approach to health care just adopted by President Obama and the Democratic Congress thoroughly fails to deal with efficiency and cost, and stands in the way of any meaningful effort to do so. It is built on a fundamental conceptual error, suffers from a profound incoherence of design, and would make a bad situation far worse. It cannot be improved by tinkering. It must be removed before our health care crisis can be addressed.

There were probably more at the rally than actually watch CNN! Maybe even DOZENS more!

Director Blue:

Remember how the President endlessly bragged that health care reform would never -- never! -- impact your existing health plans? You know, the "if you like your plan, you can keep it" shtick? Well, I know this comes as a shock, but he lied.

What no one appears to be pointing out is that DemCare specifically targets private sector union members first.
...Put simply, their promised benefits will be slashed and they'll be forced onto the government-run program. Oh -- and the government-run program will have 30 million more people on the books and spend $500 billion less on seniors, even as the need dramatically increases for the elderly.

Another surprise:

Under those circumstances, will Davanni’s feel compelled to keep the extra three locations open, or to scale back to 19 to avoid the mandate?  Even if they do keep all of their locations, that $200,000 will now get spent on something other than new jobs for teenagers and adults, and customers will pay higher prices for their food.  Local and regional chains with 15-19 locations have a big economic disincentive to expand any further. I don’t know much about Davanni’s bottom line, but I’m pretty sure that even though they make some of the best pizza and hoagies in the area, they don’t have $200,000 lying around the pizza sauce to blow on lab analyses this year, or any other.

Joseph Bottum, Bad Medicine

0bamacare's CLASS Failure.

We're Gonna Let their Freak Flag Fly!

Obama’s Sales Job Flops.  (Someone on FOX thinks the post-sale sale is a great idea.)

This emphasizes just how limited Obama’s ability to move public opinion is. He persuaded 53 percent of the voters to elect him, but he’s convinced them of precious little since then. They don’t buy that the stimulus worked. They don’t think closing Guantanamo is a good idea. (Last January 47 percent wanted to keep Guantanamo open; now 60 percent do.) And they aren’t buying his sales pitch that his monstrous health-care scheme is going to cut the deficit, save them money, or improve their own medical care.

Trying to smother the bad news.

Well, this is par for the course: a complete disregard for the consequences of their own handiwork, the bullying of private enterprise, and the determination to politicize what were once economic and legal judgments. One can see in the Democrats’ fury the desperate attempt to conceal the implications of their monstrous legislation, to maintain as long as possible the fiction that ObamaCare is a great cost-saver, and boon to employers. It’s going to be hard to keep up the charade, for as the editors note, ObamaCare “was such a shoddy, jerry-rigged piece of work that the damage is coming sooner than even some critics expected.”

Summary re: Waxman. Someone suggested all the CEOs should pull a Sparacus and come in to this hearing.

Not enough doctors?  Who could have predicted that?  (Other than everyone.)

Aetna CEO has a warning.

More "great stuff" in the bill. Maybe Rockefeller should have read the law before passing it.

Day by Day Cartoon: Writing out the Declaration of Independence.

I like Pat Sajak!

What a surprise!
On April 1st, the illusion ends.  When those cuts don’t go into effect, ObamaCare becomes a deficit-expanding program — and that’s assuming that the rest of it works as advertised, a very large assumption that flies in the face of experience from every government entitlement program ever created.


Hair of the Dog:The Big Lie and the Big Wet Sloppy Kiss.  Ewwwww.

Health premiums could rise 17 pct for young adults
By CARLA K. JOHNSON (AP) – 17 hours ago

Hope and Change!

Rival rallies. More on Searchlight.

SissyWillis : Con Man in Chief sez he recognizes Tea Partiers have "legit concerns" re "govt tak'g on 2 many diff issues" NOT 2 MANY, BUT 2 INTRUSIVE.

Well, DUH!

Hey, they passed this atrocity, now they have to live with the results. No bipartisanship; gaming the budget numbers; stupid, shady deals; Clintonian parsing of constitutional procedure; and an FU arrogance to the electorate. Any one of those things would be bad enough, but all of them in combination is more than just folly. It is brazen stupidity, the kind of action that causes empires to crumble.

The Dems deserve everything they’re going to get. That unnamed senator deserves to stay unnamed. Anonymity goes well with obsolescence.

EMD on March 30, 2010 at 5:55 PM

 guess these d’s who voted for this bill thought more of this bho than the did for their family, kids, g-kids, and great g-kids! Now you who sold your family under the bus, live with it. Did you get lots and lots of pork for this? Have a good nights sleep, if you can. Our Repbulic is going down the tubs thanks to this bho and your vote.

letget on March 30, 2010 at 6:01 PM

A Democratic senator I can’t name, who reluctantly voted for the health-care bill out of loyalty to his party and his admiration for Barack Obama

I could have sworn that a Senator was to be loyal to the country, it’s citizens and the Constitution of the United States.

They musta changed the Oath.

catmman on March 30, 2010 at 5:58 PM

Four Reasons Repeal isn't Out of the Question  Posted by: Jim. 
Mar 30, 07:06 AM

"For a comparatively small number of obvious beneficiaries, the bill creates a number of real losers as well: People who participate in Medicare Advantage, healthy people who would rather not purchase insurance, and people whose employers stop providing health insurance as a result of the bill, to name a few examples."

Allow me to name some more people sc****d by this bill:

- Those whose premiums will go up
- Those whose employers will be forced to provide inferior health care options because of increased costs
- Those whose taxes will go up to support the illusion of fiscal prudence that the Left has pushed so hard to create
- Those whose disposable income will be practically eliminated if (really, when) we are forced by our creditors to raise taxes to fully fund our entitlements, unless we have the courage to cut them down to sustainable levels.

With time, more and more people will realize how this bill hurts them. You're going to start seeing more and more productive, responsible Americans taking to the streets to oppose this sort of Eurosocialist power-grab.

If we can manage to turn this around -- if we can manage to convince the portion of America that believes in government-provided free lunches that what's "free" for them came from someone's hard work, and that that hard work is more honorable and deserving of recompense than any sense of entitlement -- we will have a new dawn in America, as more people are motivated to work to create what they wish to consume.

We will all be richer once the entitlement mentality dies.

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